31 examples of stick around in sentences

WHAT PERSHING THOUGHT OF HIS YANKS An American newspaper man who returned from Europe about the time hostilities ceased was informed that General Pershing suggested to Marshal Foch in June 1918, that he thought it bad policy to stick around waiting for the boche and that he felt the time had come to jump in and

The Indians Tied Pa to a Tree and Began to Pile Sticks Around Him.

The council of war sentenced pa to be burned at the stake, and they tied him to a tree and began to pile sticks around him, and pa told me to go to the circus lot and give an alarm, and send the hands to rescue him.

[Illustration: The Indians Tied Pa to a Tree and Began to Pile Sticks Around Him.]

Had stuck around for a while gettin' his call through; had eaten supper with Jim; had gone back into the woods just about dark.

Feed him if you feel like it, and let him stick around for a word with Gratton if he wants.

" He just kept pushing the stick around, then he said, "If you're such a good friend of his, instead of trotting all around and sticking your face into every cabin like an old maid hunting for a thimble, why didn't you find his trail and follow it?" I said, "I don't know why I didn't" "If you thought he just went off to be by himself, why didn't you trail him and make sure?"

For a minute he just kept moving the stick around and then he said, "What would be the use of telling you?" "Because I've got a reason and I want to know," I said.

he said, all the while moving the stick around on the roof.

He looked all around and moved the stick around on the shingles, as if he was thinking.

He paused a moment, and then continued: "The dress of that foreigner of whom a story says he bound a native of our land, and heaping dry sticks around him, kindled a fire at his feet!"

They go out and fill up on beefsteak while we have to stick around and drown our sorrows in a cheese sandwich.

She sticks around and gives him the swift, remorseful glance from beneath the drooping eyelashes and generally endeavours to convey to him that, if he wants to get together across a round table and try to find a formula, she is all for it too.

Stick around a while, and I'll see you as soon as I play first-aid.

We'll advise her to stick around and go out when she hears the whistling again.

"Stick around," Kate said.

Didn't stick around to marry me.

The light shone brightly on the grass and sticks around.

They are the only people who, as the Wayne boy would say, 'stick around.'

Huh? Stick around here and take dirt from the bunch of you!

" "Oh, we'll stick around!"

" "Just the same," Ned replied, "I'm going to stick around this town until I get what I want.

They're so old I don't know what to talk to 'em about, but I made up my mind I'd stick around 'em even if I didn't know what to say.

They'll be sticking around home just about often enough to suit me....

Anything else?" "You might stick around and cheer Stella up a little.

31 examples of  stick around  in sentences