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132 examples of  stick with  in sentences

132 examples of stick with in sentences

Her bed was made of a few sticks with some corn shucks thrown over them.

She was sensibly dressed in a short tweed skirt, high shooting-boots and a tam-o'-shanter hat, while I also had on an old shooting-suit and carried a thick serviceable stick with which I could prod likely spots.

The Colonel selected the ditty of "Wapping Old Stairs," which charming old song he sang so pathetically that even the professional gentlemen buzzed a sincere applause, and some wags who were inclined to jeer at the beginning of the performance, clinked their glasses and rapped their sticks with quite a respectful enthusiasm.

INGREDIENTS.1-1/2 lb. of bacon, stuck with cloves; 1/2 oz. of butter, worked up in flour; 1 small fowl, trussed for boiling; 2 oz. of vermicelli, 2 quarts of white stock, No. 107.

Put in a large bunch of all such sweet herbs as are used in the cooking of a turtle,sweet basil, sweet marjoram, lemon thyme, winter savory, 2 or 3 bay-leaves, common thyme, a handful of parsley and green onions, and a large onion stuck with 6 cloves.

Place 2 or 3 slices of bacon in a stewpan, put in the brains, the onion stuck with 2 cloves, the parsley, and a good seasoning of pepper and salt; cover with stock, or weak broth, and boil them gently for about 25 minutes.

Put this into a jar; add the pieces of fried hare, an onion stuck with six cloves, a lemon peeled and cut in half, and a good seasoning of pepper, cayenne, and salt; cover the jar down tightly, put it up to the neck into a stewpan of boiling water, and let it stew until the hare is quite tender, taking care to keep the water boiling.

INGREDIENTS.1 hare, a bunch of sweet herbs, 2 onions, each stuck with 3 cloves, 6 whole allspice, 1/2 teaspoonful of black pepper, a strip of lemon-peel, thickening of butter and flour, 2 tablespoonfuls of mushroom ketchup, 1/4 pint of port wine.


The ladder, which was placed against the stable under their house, at first seemed to him too high to climb, but seeing the multitude of delighted spectators who went up and down without accident, he resolved to try it, too, and so successfully that he was able after a few attempts to carry a stick with him, stand on the highest rung, and poke up the pigeons.

But, once and for all, you stick with me.

And always he had a stick with him.

And then he is so modestHe will play at one and thirty, and ride upon a stick with little Tommy all day long.

"But how will you make a living if you stick with him?" "I dunno," Pete sighed.

Basically one has to hold the tail with one hand and control the snake using the snake hook (a long stick with an iron hook at the end) with the other.

His other possessions were an ebony walking stick with a gold head and what he referred to in moments of expansion as his "library."

To clinch his argument he offered to allow the ringleaders to return home, taking the stick with them; but told them that they would be dead within twenty-four hours, and the stick would come back to him.

Something is needed which can be placarded on a card, stuck with a wafer, and which can be read in a minute.

And he pointed to the oaken stick with its red tip blazing against the white shimmer of sand behind it.

" "But I did stick with it," replied the shadow.

Upon my faith, Lovelace, the subject sticks with me, notwithstanding I find I have not the honour of the lady's good opinion.

They were sitting in the deep, deep heart of a woodan enchanted wood that was heavy with the spring fragrance of the mountain-ash,and Piers, the while he peeled a stick with the deftness of boyhood, observed with much complacence: "Well, we've done that old Whalley chatterbox out of a treat anyway.

Piers resumed the peeling of his stick with minute attention.

COMMUNIS SENSUS, MEMORIA, PHANTASTES, ANAMNESTES, HEURESIS, as before; OLFACTUS in a garment of several flowers, a page before him, bearing his target, his field Vert, a hound Argent, two boys with casting-bottles, and two censers with incense, another with a velvet cushion stuck with flowers, another with a basket of herbs, another with a box of ointment.

"I left 'im there at ten minutes to, and at five minutes to, punctual to the minute, I see 'Arry coming along swinging a thick stick with a knob on the end of it.

"I left 'im there at ten minutes to, and at five minutes to, punctual to the minute, I see 'Arry coming along swinging a thick stick with a knob on the end of it.

To you I owe, that crowds of boys Worry me with eternal noise; Straws laid across, my pace retard, The horse-shoe's nailed (each threshold's guard), 30 The stunted broom the wenches hide, For fear that I should up and ride; They stick with pins my bleeding seat, And bid me show my secret teat.' 'To hear you prate would vex a saint; Who hath most reason of complaint?' Replies a cat.

He swore to himself that in such a case he would stick with his companion, no matter who deserted.

No, sir, he'll stick with Jig and see him through.

On one of its church towers, over a gas light, is represented a candle stick with the rays emanating from its light.

They had painted their faces and bodies; and their hair was stuck with feathers.

"I'll stick with you," said Desmond.

Mrs. Smith prefers, however, to stick with her rebel lawyer whom she loves and admires.

The drum used is a raw hide stretched over a keg, on which a regular beating of time is made with a short stick with a head to it.

But the ball is not thrown by the hand, each woman has a long stick with a circular frame at the end of it; this they call a bat stick, and, simple as it looks, it requires great skill to manage it.

Ye'll just sae how yez'll loik the batin' ye'll get, noo;" and he proceeded to cut a stick with which to administer the "batin';" but Jerry interrupted, and ordered Patsey to once more mount the mule, then, riding his own horse into the water, the mule followed without the least difficulty.

A gang of coolies (generally Dangurs) were put into the vats, having long sticks with a disc at the end, with which, standing in two rows, they threw up the liquor into the air.

Then holding with one hand and one foot to a timber of the cage and to the stick with his other foot, he swung outward as far as possible and reached the banana with his free hand.

Paris of the street and gutterParis, Gavroche and blackguard, rolls with laughter before the caricatures which ingenious salesmen stick with pins on shutters and house doors.

They all had swords, some of them being also armed with spears, and they carried sticks with lanterns and torches; but when they set off they only lighted one.

I was afraid to stick with my game any longer.

I'll stick with Haines.

"It was their turn now, and so they both threw their magic sticks with such force that the great bony armor of the wolf was crushed in and he was killed.

"Now, Souwanas," said Minnehaha, "we are all ready for the story at the same time, and if your pipe goes out I'll hand you a burning stick with which you can light it again.

The Moose people had such confidence in their champion that they had all brought with them very heavy sticks with which they intended giving the Elks a great beating in return for the two previous defeats.

I hear him long before I see him, for he carries a stick with jingling bells at the end to frighten away animals as he comes through the jungle.

Discs are often made almost solid and then fixed to the stick with an iron hasp, which is apt to snap or to split the stick.

The waving of anything (a flag or stick with an article of clothing attached) six times in a minute, repeated after an interval of one minute without signals.

" So that day he went out and made about thirty traps, of sticks with nooses attached, to snare jungle-fowl.

On the afternoon of the day before her departure Gianluca came, walking with difficulty and excusing himself for bringing his stick with him into the drawing-room.

But that doesn't mean that we can stick with just the most popular texts and get a proper ebook revolution.

" "Well, I'll do my best to stick with you.

Satisfied that her dwelling was safe, she drew one hand through the old man's arm, and prepared to ply her crutch-stick with the other.

A third figure mounted to where I now sat listening to the easy, swinging, confident steps, as they fell fainter and fainter upon the ear; it was the shoemaker himself who had shod my two sticks with spikes and my boots with formidable nails; and we exchanged a few words in a mixture of languages which I should be very sorry to reproduce.

and she looked at her brother, who was whittling a stick with his new knife.

She was only seventeen, and she hadn't any kind of a weapon, not so much as a little stick with her.

You stick with me, Sis, and you'll wear diamonds.

You stick with me, and you'll wear diamonds.

A theory has recently been put forward to the effect that the picture character represents a stick with a bit of coloured rag tied to the, but it will hardly commend itself to any archaeologist.

Had I told him that I carried no other arm but my oak stick with iron spike, he would have been still more vehement.

A second meeting was called by the Working Men's Committee for March 10th, and a large force of medical students, roughs, militia-men, and "gentlemen", armed with loaded bludgeons, heavy pieces of iron, sticks with metal twisted round them, and various sharp-cutting weapons, went to Hyde Park to make a riot.

The person who thus descends takes a large stick with him, to beat off or intimidate the old eagles.

The first thing that occurred to make a weak link in their chain was the acknowledgment of a certain witness that the stick with which the murder was supposed to have been committed was not left on the spot by the accused, but by himself.

We tried the slender chop-sticks with laughable failure and then, declaring that fingers were made first, we had no further trouble.

'Sticking with a lance is a fit fate for hogs.

She picked up her walking-stick with a certain tightening of the lips.

In the morning the man sent his wife and son to dig roots, and the woman took the stick with her.

"That he shall stick at nothing, nor nothing stick with him.

To Dave Cowan on Monday morning, standing at his case in the Advance office, nimbly filling his stick with type, following the loosely written copy turned in by Sam Pickering, the editor, had portentously come a messenger from the First National Bank to know if Mr. Cowan could find it convenient that day to give Harvey D. Whipple a few moments of his time.

Jone said we'd better tattoo Corinne, for them marks would always be there, but I wouldn't agree to have the little creature's skin stuck with needles, not even after Jone said we might give her chloryform; so we agreed to stamp initials on her with Perkins's Indelible Dab.

He was the primitive man, living like one of his ancestors of the Stone Age, except for the fire-stick with which he was armed and the knowledge of the arts and beauties of modern life in his hunter's head.

"It seems just like last summer," she said, chopping sticks with Sahwah's hatchet.

"These peach trees," said Clara, "look like sticks with pink flowers all over 'em."

Now, our man held aloft a stick with the houseboat's burgee on it, and a photograph was taken that we might not forget where our diverted road came out and where to go to meet the "friggetts" that might be coming in almost any time.

He used to walk through the woodlands on the slopes of the fells above Mardykes, muttering to himself, picking up the rotten sticks with which the ground was strewn, breaking them in his hands, and hurling them from him, and stamping on the earth as he paced up and down.

It is usual for Europeans to carry long sticks with them, for the express purpose of keeping off the chosen people.

Near the close of his life he wrote in his will: "My fine crabtree walking-stick with a gold head, curiously wrought in the form of a cap of Liberty, I give to my friend, and the friend of mankind, General Washington.

Anyway I'm going to stick with you till you've found her or lost her for good.

cried Charles, breaking the stick with which he was playing tennis with the Duke of Guise and Teligny, the admiral's son-in-law; and he immediately returned to his room.

It will stick with the more ignorant and the populace, though men of wisdom may smile at it; and the reputation won with many will amply countervail the disdain of a few....

"The chap thinks because he can manage a sharp needle, he must be able to yield a broadsword; but let me tell you, my brave boy, that a stick with a sword hurts worse than a prick with a needle.

" His poverty made him the slave of Don Antolin, and in the last third of the month he came almost every day to the cloister, trying to soften Silver Stick with his prayers and induce him to lend a few pesetas.

Silver Stick with his love of authority was delighted to hold a priest and an equal under his thumb, so that those in the Claverias should see that he did not order about the small fry only.

His majesty carried in his left hand a large stick with a plated knob, and in his right a small broom to drive away flies, the handle of which was enriched with pearls.

After boiling, skin the ham, sprinkle it with crumbs, stick with cloves and roast in a moderate oven, thirty minutes, basting with a liquor of half vinegar and half water.

I looked up surprised to see her chin cupped in her hands, in the attitude which was characteristic of her when she was studying some problem, her eyes following the man as he made his way slowly down the street, swinging his stick with a pre-occupied air.

When this is finished the boy's eye runs along the stick with a calculating squint.

Now he lays the knife aside, and grasping the stick with a firm hand below the ring in the bark, with the right hand he holds the pounded end.

It was by boring a small hole through the vessel's bottom, and pushing up a stick with a handkerchief attached, that they were enabled to attract the attention of a passing ship, by whose people they were cut out.

In nine months from the opening of the blossom, the fruit, which resembles in appearance and shape an unripe peach, is gathered from the tree, by means of a long stick with an iron hook at the end.

If you do, I will not stick with you for an oath.

She had lifted from the floor the stick with its leathern thong with which the man had castigated the tender body of his motherless child.

"Your horses will stick with mine," said Lorry.

An old servant, dressed in a grey coat and wearing shoes, traversed the whole room deliberately and noiselessly, placed two slender candle-sticks with wax tapers in them before the icons, crossed himself, bowed, and silently left the room.

And this is the difficulty that seems chiefly to stick with the most reasonable of those, who from a mere scruple of conscience refuse to join with us upon the revolution principle; but for the rest, are I believe as far from loving arbitrary government, as any others can be, who are born under a free constitution, and are allowed to have the least share of common good sense.

She had a basket, plate, and cup for her own use, and a stick with which to scratch her head, for she might not scratch it with her fingers.

In the pleasant summer evenings he often came to see Valentine, and while the latter sauntered about with a cigar, he would carve faces on a stick with his knife, walking beside him.

As they are carried out of the hong, a fellow stands ready, and, as if about to stab the packages, thrusts at each one two sharp sticks with red ends, leaving them jammed between the ratan and the tea-box.

They fought with wooden swords, sticks with hardened points and sharp javelins, but not with arrows; for the river population of the west side of the gulf do not use arrows in fighting.

They also carry sticks with burnt points, which they throw with great skill.