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9694 example sentences with  stirred

9694 example sentences with stirred

Dark the storm-sun grew, Waxed the winds up, grinded waves; Stirred the surges, groaned the cordage, Wet with breaking sea."

The half-voiced objection to the route had stirred all the sleeping devil in him, and the big stubby fingers crooked as if certain they would be called upon to grip Holman's throat.

The polished slide and the ledge along which we had passed to the cavern stirred his imagination concerning the wonders that were before him, and he convinced himself that he had the god of his ambition by the heel.

We sensed that Barbara Herndon was feeling her way toward her sister, and presently the younger girl gave a shriek of alarm that stirred a million echoes in that place of terror.

Plum-pudding unity, on the other handthe unity of a number of ingredients stirred up together, put in a cloth, boiled to a certain consistency, and then served up in a blue flame of lambent humourthat is precisely the unity of Getting Married.

"I don't think you stirred all night long."

The short turf by the side of the road was fragrant under his heel, and a light wind stirred the blueness of the sea.

Miss Nugent sat dazed at his impudence, and for the first time in her life doubts as to her father's capacity stirred within her.

Someone stirred.

In silence, Izdubar the warning heard; His blood with terror froze, and then was stirred

My word is spoken, thou hast heard, For thee, my favor thou hast stirred.

Indians, as a rule, have great self-control, but this sight so stirred them that there was very nearly a lynching.

He had started off in pursuit of the runaways with a resolve to punish them for this serious breach of home discipline, but his alarm at their danger and his thankfulness for their escape had so stirred him that he could not punish them nor even chide them at the time.

Nothing stirred, not even a native was visible; the whole world seemed asleep in the heat.

Jot looked back to his sleeping companions and held his breath as one of them stirred uneasily.

But Old Tilly had only stirred in his sleep and struck out a little jarringly against the back of the narrow gallery pew.

Kent stirred uneasily and threw out his arm with a smart rap against the side.

Old Tilly stirred and rose on his elbow.

There were three loads, and the last one was safely stowed in the haymow before the little old lady in the house had stirred up her breakfast cake.

The girls were silent for a little, stirred by memories of the schoolmate who had passed into the life beyond.

"I say, Alice," he said, as she stirred, "you remember when first I told you I could paint?" "Yes," she said.

And England held its breath; and even Scotland paused, expectant; and Ireland stirred in its Celtic dream.

But no one stirred.

However, ere the Doctor could be stirred out of his boozy slumbers, and thrust into his clothes by his wife, the schoolmistress was safe in bed at her mother's house; and the man, weak, but alive, carried triumphantly up to Heale's door; which having been kicked open, the sailors insisted in carrying him right upstairs, and depositing him on the best spare bed.

In the text we shall see St. Mochuda, whose Life is a specially sane piece of work, cursing on the same occasion, first, King Blathmac and the Prince of Cluain, then, the rich man Cronan who sympathised with the eviction, next an individual named Dubhsulach who winked insolently at him, and finally the people of St. Columba's holy city of Durrow who had stirred up hostile feeling against him.

My young friend on the bench stirred.

Also in some dim far-off way Mr. Moggridge's mind had, all unconsciously, been stirred by vibrations of what we call the New Spirit.

Never voice nor look nor touch of woman had affected Theophil before as the least tone or glance or movement of Isabel stirred him to the centre of his being.

It was this that stirred Cicero's ire, and Cicero did not hesitate to expose the man's career.

The handsome Marcel certainly was no longer there, with his sweet and unctuous voice, his evangelic piety, and his eyes which stirred their hearts.

We never stirred, but waited for the sun to dry us out again.

Because a half-witted Negro attempted to murder a white man, a large mob stirred up the city again.

The mass is then stirred up every morning and evening with sticks for ten or twenty days.

Man spoke to man there, and both the male Whipples stirred guiltily; feeling base, perhaps, that mere sex loyalty had not earlier restrained them.

Her eloquent appeals, both in England and America, in behalf of the perishing millions of the East, and her history of the Burmese Mission, prepared during her visit to the United States, stirred up missionary zeal in the heart of Protestant Christendom, and gave an impetus to the cause of missions that has gone on accelerating to the present time.

So Parsifal went forth into the world, Naught knowing of the meaning of it all Except the new-stirred pity in his heart.

Ethel stirred and he turned his eyes to watch what she was about to do.

And then she stirred and murmured indistinctly a foolish name she had given him.

The deepening current stirred at last among the roots of speech.

At Migwan's remark Veronica stirred restlessly and made an emphatic gesture with her hand as she replied firmly, "That was all nonsense.

Sahwah's soul was being strangely stirred in many ways these last few days.

Malet-Marsac blinked and stirred.

If a breath of air stirred, it made no sound here; for there was not a holly, not an evergreen to rustle, and the stripped hawthorn and hazel bushes were as still as the white, worn stones which causewayed the middle of the path.

Far and wide, on each side, there were only fields, where no cattle now browsed; and the little brown birds, which stirred occasionally in the hedge, looked like single russet leaves about to drop.

"I would have looked up at him, or held out my hand, or said a soothing word; but I was afraid, if I stirred, I should either laugh or cry; so odd, in all this, was the mixture of the touching and the absurd.

I vainly reminded him of his protracted abstinence from food: if he stirred to touch anything in compliance with my entreaties, if he stretched his hand out to get a piece of bread, his fingers clenched before they reached it, and remained on the table, forgetful of their aim."

Percival Nowell took things as coolly as it was his habit to take everything, while his father carefully concealed whatever deeper feeling might be stirred in the depths of his heart by this unexpected return.

He had loved her after his own fashion once upon a time, and had grown weary of her and neglected her after the death of that short-lived selfish passion; but something, some faint touch of the old feeling, stirred his heart as he looked at his daughter to-night.

It should be well stirred in, after the day's work is done, when the bath will be in proper condition for working next day.

As soon as the liquid is free from copper, it is left alkaline and well stirred so as to facilitate peroxidation and removal of iron, which forms a film on the bath.

When I stirred it up it jumped to a small twig, catching hold with the disks of its finger-tips, and balancing itself with unexpected ease for so big a creature, and then hopped to the ground and again stood motionless.

And so, there I was, in for it; and I just staid through, and it was well I did,for Dinah, she wouldn't have put near enough egg into the coffee, if it hadn't been for me; why, I just went and beat up four eggs with my own hands and stirred 'em into the grounds.

"You will say to me that I brought foreigners into England, that I misguided the King, that I stirred up strife between the King and his barons.

Their imagination is of a dull-gloomy quality, and they seemed never to be stirred by the emotionslove, pity, admiration, fear, wonder, joy, enthusiasm.

Jhore made no answer, so Bajun took the spoon from him, saying "Let me feel how it is getting on", but when he stirred with the spoon he heard a rattling noise and when he looked into the pot he found no rice but only three wooden measures floating about; then he turned and abused Jhore for his folly, but Jhore said "You yourself told me to put in three measures and I have done so."

Each little band of pioneers had its own leaders, and was stirred by its own motives.

Its profitable nature was the chief reason why the British persistently clung to the posts on the Lakes, and stirred up the Indians to keep the American settlers out of all lands that were tributary to the British fur merchants.

We have had all sorts of military shows, which change the atmosphere in which the quiet about us had been for months and months only stirred by the far-off artillery.

And he looked as Lazarus might have looked when first he heard the Voice and stirred.

Mutilated, clumsy, or treacherous issues of the Abrege de l'Histoire Universelle had already stirred the bile of the clergy; there were to be seen in circulation copies of La Pucelle, a disgusting poem which the author had been keeping back and bringing out alternately for several years past.

"Now in the fervid noon the smooth bright sea Heaves slowly, for the wandering winds are dead That stirred it into foam.

Neither stirred a particle, but in the silence the hunter heard their regular breathing.

Something stirred in the bushes near the hunter.

They had not stirred an inch in the night, and there was no sign now that they intended to awake any time soon.

The white lad stirred and murmured a little as he awoke.

The three stirred in the niche, and Robert felt a little relief.

" He paused to watch his words take effect and they obviously stirred the soul of the savage chief who moved uneasily.

Being after this sort animated and stirred up, they think themselves abundantly endued with faith, and that the rest is now to be finished and made perfect by works.

We spent a few days with Mrs. Mona Caird, who was then reading Karl Pearson's lectures on "Woman," and expounding her views on marriage, which she afterward gave to the Westminster Review, and stirred the press to white heat both in England and America.

There were several problems in social ethics that deeply stirred the English people in the year of our Lord 1890.

In 1837 came the poem on the death of Pushkin, that stirred the aristocratic world and caused his banishment to the Caucas by the Emperor Nicholas I.

He now felt responsibility for two, and in the depths of his queer, confused, little mind stirred the thought that possibly after all the great adventure he sought was only the supreme adventure of a very wonderful Love.

All nature knew, from the birds that started out of sleep into passionate singing, to the fish that stirred in the depths of the sea, and the wild deer that sprang alert in their wintry coverts, scenting an eternal spring.

The tops of the leafless trees stirred gently with a whisper of wind that stole up from the distant sea.

He glanced with rapid eyes That hurried all abroad, They looked like frightened beads, I thought; He stirred his velvet head Like one in danger; cautious, I offered him a crumb, And he unrolled his feathers And rowed him softer home Than oars divide the ocean, Too silver for a seam, Or butterflies, off banks of noon, Leap, splashless, as they swim.

But when the trouble came nearer home, when he found that in Jerusalem itself, amongst those whom he had loved and for whom he had sacrificed so much, there were actually to be found traitors, then indeed Nehemiah's soul was stirred to its very depths.

The wrath of a strong, deep nature, thoroughly aroused, is sublime; its grief, when stirred to its depths, is awful.

His face fairly beamed with a light that came from within, where his soul stirred now free from sin's fetters.

He sate down in the chair opposite me, and stirred the fire.

" No one stirred.

A light breeze, lazying over the plain, stirred the fronded tufts of the date-palms' thick plantations.

Chonita looked like a water-witch in pale green covered with lace that stirred with every breath of air; her mantilla was as delicate as sea-spray.

The creature stirred, but did not open her eyes.

In the beginning he had been hardly more than infatuated with her originality and her curious beauty; at Santa Barbara her sweetness and kinship had stolen into him and the momentous fusion of passion and spiritual love had given new birth to a torpid soul and stirred and shaken his manhood as lust had never done; now in her absence and exaltation above common mortals he reverenced her as an ideal.

" They watched him out of sight before either stirred.

It was assuredly a spot for a pipe and a mood, and as the shadows crept through the wood before me and the water, stirred by the rising wind, began to beat below, I invoked the one and yielded to the other.

"Our whole neighborhood has been stirred up," said the regular reader.

What stirred it up?" "Plowing," said the farmer.

The shrubbery, which shaded a window, stirred; and presently, the young stranger, already so well known in the former pages of this work, and in the scenes of the brigantine, appeared in the low balcony.

My whole soul was stirred to its depths by the intensity of passion which rang through this delicate creature's words.

I must thank you for the account of Cavour in The Athenaeum, which stirred me strongly.

Before the house stirred, the books were back on their shelves, the door locked, and no one was the wiser.

What thoughts of the great world without it stirred in the boy he never told.

But no experience of the soul is ever wasted or effaceable; and as the sound of the bells now reached her across the garden, they reawoke the spiritual impulses which had stirred within her at confirmation.

Nearly half an hour went by before he stirred at all.

There was not a leaf that stirred.

She knew that during the seconds that followed, his eyes never stirred from her face.

She stirred then, ever so slightly, a movement wholly involuntary, instantly checked.

Not have I stirred up strife.

"To see him be disrespectful to those families, that kind of stirred something up in me that I thought, 'This is the time.