9005 examples of stirred in sentences

"The youth must be stirred to greater industry in this matter, by clogging the wheels of the law.

But I have heard that thou hast reason for discontent, and that thou speakest openly, on the Lido and among the islands, of affairs that the patricians like not to be stirred among men of your class.

Thou hast thyself been borne hard upon by the world, or thou would'st not have bethought thee of an old and despised man, when the shouts of triumph were ringing in thy ear, and when thy own young blood was stirred with the feelings of pride and victory.

To carry out these aims we have introduced the following features: (1) A brief, accurate summary of historical events and social conditions in each period, and a consideration of the ideals which stirred the whole nation, as in the days of Elizabeth, before they found expression in literature.

Every father must respond to the parable of the prodigal son; wherever men are heroic, they will acknowledge the mastery of Homer; wherever a man thinks on the strange phenomenon of evil in the world, he will find his own thoughts in the Book of Job; in whatever place men love their children, their hearts must be stirred by the tragic sorrow of Oedipus and King Lear.

When he heard the story, Beowulf was stirred to go and fight the monster and free the Danes, who were his father's friends.

Wrongs stirred to the depths their moody tempers, and filled them with a brutal longing for indiscriminate revenge.

Its profitable nature was the chief reason why the British persistently clung to the posts on the Lakes, and stirred up the Indians to keep the American settlers out of all lands that were tributary to the British fur merchants.

But though the successful struggle had laid deep the foundations of a new nation, it had also of necessity stirred and developed many of the traits most hostile to assured national life.

If we look farther back into History we shall find, that Alexander the Great wore his Head a little over the left Shoulder; and then not a Soul stirred out 'till he had adjusted his Neck-bone; the whole Nobility addressed the Prince and each other obliquely, and all Matters of Importance were concerted and carried on in the Macedonian Court with their Polls on one Side.

Not a breeze stirred the atmosphere.

"Flee!" Neither Mrs. Weldon nor Hercules stirred.

The sight realized also the descriptions given in modern novels of the capture of towns, and I could easily imagine the great excitement which would lead daring men to the execution of deeds, almost incredible to those who have never felt their spirits stirred and their arms nerved by danger, close, imminent, and only to be mastered by the mightiest efforts.

A survivor of the generation which it stirred so deeply may not have much that is new to tell about it.

He stirred a cupful of mustard and water and drank it down.

Other aspirations now stirred in him, somehow becoming undefinable.

This Claire Lenoir which appeared in 1867 in the Revue des lettres et des arts, opened a series of tales comprised under the title of Histoires Moroses where against a background of obscure speculations borrowed from old Hegel, dislocated creatures stirred, Dr. Tribulat Bonhomet, solemn and childish, a Claire Lenoir, farcical and sinister, with blue spectacles, round and large as franc pieces, which covered her almost dead eyes.

But the I.G. immediately stepped between, showed his revolver, and threatened to shoot the first man who stirred a step nearer to the boys.

" I was so interested, aroused and stirred, I felt I must express to you some of the appreciation I feel for the work you have done and are doing.

From these words the Youth Conceived a terror; and, by night or day, Stirred nowhere without weapons, that full soon 125 Found dreadful provocation: for at night When to his chamber he retired, attempt Was made to seize him by three armèd men, Acting, in furtherance of the father's will, Under a private signet of the State.

Stirred no where without arms.

[G] The thirst of living praise, Fit reverence for the glorious Dead, the sight 340 Of those long vistas, sacred catacombs, Where mighty minds lie visibly entombed, Have often stirred the heart of youth, and bred A fervent love of rigorous discipline.

He seemed not to breathe, no vibration of life stirred him except in the movement of his lips.

There remained behind a faint sweet odor of lilac which stirred his soul and set his blood tingling.

He flung aside his hat as he paced back and forth; his shaggy hair fell upon his shoulders; huge veins stood out upon his foreheadand Nathaniel sat mute as he watched this lion of a man whose great throat quivered with the power that might have stirred a nationthat might have made him president instead of king.

9005 examples of  stirred  in sentences