473 examples of stoke in sentences

He also vanquished the army of the pretender at Stoke, in June, 1487.

The captain, as he hastened down a companionway, muttered angrily beneath his breath about water in the stoke room.

I don't believe you'll care to go into the stoke-hole.

From that position he could look down into the stoke-hole and see the black, grimy, sweating, half-clad men at work there.

He landed in the stoke-hole without being severely injured.

"I was attacked from behind and thrown into the stoke-hole," Merry explained.

" "Thrown into the stoke-hole?" "Yes." "From where?" "The grating at the foot of the first ladder.

Now if you go out and tell you were thrown into the stoke-hole, there'll be any amount of fuss over it.

" "Did you see the man who threw you into the stoke-hole?"

"No one can swear I attacked this fellow and threw him into the stoke-hole!"

Spent cartridges at the head of the stoke-hole ladder told of a desperate fight there, probably before the attack on the bridge by the engineer and his men.

Who that has ever visited the village of Stoke Poges in Buckinghamshire will forget the lane by which he approached the home and last resting-place of the poet Gray?

Very similar to the quiet and leafy lane at Stoke Poges is the brook below the waterfall at A in the Cotswolds.

This school was at Stoke Newington, a quiet, old-fashioned country town, only a few miles out from London.

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Azuma-zi, answering or misunderstanding the questions of the people who had by authority or impudence come into the shed, was presently sent back to the stoke-hole by the scientific manager.

LYNAM, C., F.R.I.B.A., Stoke-On-Trent.

Of Norman chancel arches and doorways retained when the body of the church has been re-constructed the examples are numerous; noteworthy are those at Glastonbury, Milborne Port, Stoke-Courcy, Lullington, Huish Episcopi, Portbury, St Catherine, South Stoke, Flax Bourton, Langridge, Clevedon, Chewton Mendip, Englishcombe.

There are E.E. arcades at St Cuthbert's, Wells, and further illustrations of E.E. work are furnished by Compton Bishop, Creech St Michael, Stoke St Gregory, etc.

Othery, East Stoke, Ile Abbots).

It has a fine church resembling in plan its neighbour of Stoke St Gregory, being cruciform, with a central octagonal tower.

473 examples of  stoke  in sentences