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9057 examples of  stolen  in sentences

9057 examples of stolen in sentences

"Ou des sauvages," returned the governess, who, in spite of her ordinary intelligence and great good sense, had several times that day cast uneasy and stolen glances into the bits of dark wood they had occasionally passed.

"Now, it might be," he started to say, again looking serious, "that all this fuss ain't worth the candle, and that nothin' 's going to happen; but I believe in shuttin' the door before the hoss is stolen; it's too late afterwards.

My fire is dead, and snowy white 55 The water which beside it stood: The wolf has come to me to-night, And he has stolen away my food.

If you want to know what the study of physical science has done for man, look, as a single instance, at the science of Sanatory Reform; the science which does not merely try to cure disease, and shut the stable-door after the horse is stolen, but tries to prevent disease; and, thank God!

I do not ask him to imitate the boy who, cliff-bred from his youth, used to spend stolen hours on the house-top, with his back against a chimney-stalk, transfiguring in his imagination the roof-slopes into mountain-sides, the slates into sheets of rock, the cats into lions, and the sparrows into eagles.

shouted the other, wringing his hands, "some wretch has stolen my camera, and films!" CHAPTER XXII "LOOK PLEASANT, PLEASE!" "What's that?" exclaimed Andy Lasher, jumping up from the side of Frank, where he had dropped to lend Jerry a helping hand.

"My camera's stolen!

" "So would you," Betty informed him, "if you were starving after a morning's work and your lunch was stolen.

But how many stories it recalledhampers of poor little creatures brought up from the provinces and deposited at the hospital by carriers; the stolen babes of Duchesses, here cast into oblivion by suspicious-looking men; the hundreds of wretched work-girls too who had here rid themselves of their unfortunate children.

It was the pillaging beginning afresh; life and hope were again being stolen from Paris.

This was her little secret store, stolen from the still-room.

faith, [I] love the princely youth; Tut, you must taste stolen pleasure now and then. ROB.

Bet had stolen not only the counterpane, but five other articles.

After many years the man Captain Wegg had wronged, or stolen from, or something, discovered his enemy's hiding place.

Wiser women had thought so when he assumed the caressing air with which he beguiled them into the little revelations of character he liked to use, as the south wind makes flowers open their hearts to give up their odor, then leaves them to carry it elsewhere, the more welcome for the stolen sweetness.

Obviously the colts had been stolen.

Ajax suggested that we should employ old man Dumble to help us to recover the stolen property.

" I was positive now that Laban had stolen the steers, and that his wife was privy to the theft.

A faint, very faint colour had stolen into the clear pallor of her cheek, her eyes were downcast.

There should be some nice peopleAh, Mr. Howard, we've stolen a march on you!"

And the story has a fine romantic setting; that is, its incidents take hold of our fancy and charm us;a little girl stolen in war and carried to a foreign country and put into the house of a great general, who falls very ill and is cured in a wonderful way, and so on.

When Tobit heard the voice of the kid bleating, he said: See that it be not stolen, yield it again to the owner, for it is not lawful for us to eat ne touch anything that is stolen.

When Tobit heard the voice of the kid bleating, he said: See that it be not stolen, yield it again to the owner, for it is not lawful for us to eat ne touch anything that is stolen.

"I'm sureit's been stolen!" "Lost it!"

Then I called the maid, Julie, and told her something had been stolen.

" "And it was stolen?

But fortunately the note was not stolen.

" Susie had listened wide-eyed, and had stolen a glance, once or twice, at his set face.

She looked at mankind from a cynical altitude of worldly wisdom; her wit grew keen and swift as d'Artagnan's rapier; her bon-mots had a way of passing into proverbs, or of being stolen by more distinguished contemporaries.

Into this choice company one frivolous modern novel had stolen its way.

You have no knowledge of it, you tell me; yet you come to me with it in your pocketthe necklace stolen from Raoul du Laurier, days ago, in Amsterdam or on the way there.

He would almost certainly have described to Maxine the box or case which had been stolen from him, and if the thing pulled out from the sofa-hiding-place had recalled his description, she must have betrayed some emotion under the keen eyes of the Commissary of Police.

If through a porter or cabman I could learn where they had gone, I might have a chance even now of getting back the stolen treaty.

If I could say something now which, when the blow fellif it did fallmight come back to Raoul's mind and convince him instantly that it was Godensky, not I, who had stolen the treaty and broken him!

With a sense of unutterable relief which almost made up for everything endured and still to be endured, I slipped the document back into the pocket from which it had been stolen.

Of course he denies killing the man: says the fellow had stolen something from him, on the boat crossing from Dover to Calais yesterday, and that after applying to the detective, he got a note from the thief, offering to give the thing back if he would call and name a reward.

only I. A thing of value was stolen from him, it seems, a thing he was anxious to get back at any priceeven the price of looking for it on a dead man's body.

He was satisfied with my story; that through a person employed by mea person whose name could not yet be mentioned, even to himthe necklace had been snatched from the thief who had stolen it.

The ancients have certainly stolen the best ideas of the moderns; this very thought may be found in the works of that ancient-modern, Waller: That eagle's fate and mine are one, Which on the shaft that made him die, Espied a feather of his own Wherewith he wont to soar on high.

Now, sir, she being but lately come to this town, and so nearly watched by the jealous eyes of her friends, she being a rich heir,[406] lest she should be stolen away by some dissolute prodigal or desperate-estated spendthrift, as you have been, sir ILF.

The Indian woman holds before him a bit of looking-glass, stolen from the house!

But let me tell you it's putting it pretty hard over on a police officer to make him try to track a stolen flying machine.

Those who are to be bought in that manner, are either such as are taken in war, or stolen by the Tartars from Russia, Circassia, or Georgia, and are such miserable, awkward, poor wretches, you would not think any of them worthy to be your housemaids.

" *** Someone has stolen the clock from St. Winefride's Church, Wimbledon.

During the night the house he was in was broken into, and all they had stolen.

Now it appeared by the evidence, that many hundred slaves had been stolen from time to time from Jamaica, and carried into Cuba.

His wife has gone to live with the Satyrs, and a villain has stolen his money.

Their legitimate food had been stolen from them by the Queen's own neglect.

He is horribly ambitious, and thinks himself a man of cultivated taste in most branches of murder, whereas, in fact, he has not one idea on the subject, but such as he has stolen from me.

That Easter festival, which man had denied to her languishing heartthat resurrection of spring-time, which the darkness of dungeons had intercepted from her, hungering after the glorious liberty of forestswere by God given back into her hands, as jewels that had been stolen from her by robbers.

She was often found in places where she had stolen away to be alone.

She was thinking about it one April afternoon, when she had stolen out of the house for a walk in the budding woods.

Time has stolen on unobserved, and I am the head boy now in the school, and look down on the line of boys below me with a condescending interest in such of them as bring to my mind the boy I was myself when I first came here.

Has anything been stolen?

Meanwhile, the sandpiper has stolen away, I know not when or where.

One of Galileo's fingers, stolen from his body, used to be kept here, in a glass case, and may be here still; but I did not see it.

They are badly tended, and many are stolen by the passing sailors.

I The King of the Air was in terrible rage, For some one had stolen his ring;

"Be off!" said the King, "go and join in the search; Would you slight such a ruler as I?" Then up spoke the fly with his little wee voice: "The ring is not stolen," he said.

In an incredibly short time Denham brought back not only Dr. Dennis, whom he had caught just setting out for a stolen game of whist with Mr. Upjohn, during the absence of that gentleman's wife at prayer-meeting, but also Soeur Angรฉlique, whose mere presence in a sick-room was more than half the cure.

She rejoices at her escape from the old man, and his two wives; while he is always making speeches to his men, commencing by saying he is a great chief, and ending with the assertion that Red Stone should have respected his old age, and not have stolen from him the only wife he loved.

After much discussion it was resolved that a more minute search should be made, under pretence of seeking for stolen goods, in order that no suspicion might arise if nothing should be discovered.

I gave her a rupee, which afterwards I regretted when Autolycus pointed out she had stolen a sheet.

The morning service had stolen pleasingly through him, and somehow it seemed to the little lad as though their ship had been guided into a wonderfully quiet harbor.

Or think what a picturesque and tragical scene it was, and what a beautiful poem it will make, when we have thrown it into an artistic form, and bedizened it with conceits and analogies stolen from all heaven and earth by our own self-willed fancy?

I had a remarkably quiet and docile elephant, which one day came home loaded with branches of trees for provender, followed by a number of villagers, calling for mercy (their usual cry when ill used); complaining that the Mahout had stolen a kid from them, and that it was then on the elephant, under the branches of the trees.

On his return, she suspended her hair in the temple of the war-god, but it was stolen the first night, and Conon of Samos told the king that the winds had carried it to heaven, where it still forms the seven stars near the tail of Leo, called Coma Berenices. Pope, in his Rape of the Lock, has borrowed this fable to account for the lock of hair cut from Belinda's head, the restoration of which the young lady insisted upon.

" "Thenthen, sir, you have stolen it!" Fields bowed.

"I have stolen it.

I now surrender to you the one hundred thousand dollars, which you thought I had stolen.

He utters a cry of triumph, and, hastily collecting other twigs and dry reeds, he leaps for joy around his fire, which, like another Prometheus, he has just stolen, not from heaven, but from earth!

He has never felt so happy as when, with his hands behind his back, he walks smoking, among his beds, in which nothing has as yet appeared; but he already sees, in a dream, his trees covered with blossoms; around these blossoms are buzzing numerous swarms of bees; he reflects upon the means of compelling them to yield the honey of which they have just stolen from him the essence.

Cupid, if lovers are thy care, Revenge thy vot'ry on this fair; Do justice on her stolen charms, And let her prison bemy arms.

He made his escape, however, the first night, and returned in a very business-like manner to receive two crowns which were due to him on account of the sheep he had stolen.

Since February last, notwithstanding a vigilant watch, the rooks have stolen sets of potatoes from a considerable breadth of ground at Widford Hall.

He was numerously supported in speeches whose main burden was that the United States government must not become the receiver of stolen goods.

Mr. Lloyd of Maryland thought the death penalty would be out of proportion to the crime, and considered the extract from Exodus inapplicable since few of the negroes imported had been stolen in Africa.

The negroes offered might prove to be kidnapped freemen, or stolen slaves, or to have been illegally sold by their former owners in defraud of mortgagees.

" That night his pack was stolen from him.

A party of sailors whose boat had been stolen put out to sea and were eighteen hours afloat in a crazy craft made out of a large basket woven with boughs such as they could pick up, and covered with their canvas tent, the inside being plastered with clay to keep out as much of the water as possible.

My Bertha's gone, Has disappear'dbeen carried off by stealth Stolen from amongst us by their ruffian hands! STAUFF.

The breeze had stolen a strand or so of her hair too, and strained its red-tipped brown across her cheek.

The Phoenicians, who by their navigation spread abroad the first works of civilization, instituted this service, reaping their reward by filling their barks with stolen women, rich merchandise of easy transportation.

The first effect was to provoke a complete boycott of Austro-Hungarian goods and trading vessels throughout the Ottoman Empire, which was so harmful to the Austrian export trade that in January 1909 Count Achrenthal had to indemnify Turkey with the sum of ยฃ2,500,000 for his technically stolen property.

The stolen corduroy coat covered blacksmith's muscles now made doubly powerful by dementia.

" To which her husband added, laughingly: "She wouldn't risk having her new car stolen for anything.

CHAPMAN, FREDERICK T. The stolen oracle.

SEE HEBERDEN, M. V. The stolen squadron.

Zorro's stolen steed.

They ranged half wild in the woods in summer and he once expressed the opinion that fully half the pigs raised were stolen by the slaves, who loved roast pork fully as well as did their master.

If thou wilt be responsible that nothing shall be stolen, thou art welcome to use my parlor as a watch-house."

The articles stolen were brought into court.

When Thurlow rose to cross-examine the leading witness, before he asked a question, he merely, bending his black brows upon the man, turned round, and desired to look at the things that were said to be stolen.

"I mean," said he, with well-assumed ignorance, "the things that this unhappy woman is accused of having stolen."

When he got home he found that the sacks which he had stolen were full of gold coins.

The Stolen Treasure.

Once upon a time three jars full of money were stolen from a Raja's palace.

At the time that the Raja's money was stolen his wife was on a visit to her father, and after she had been some time away, he went to fetch her home.

At this his father-in-law could do nothing but have another fowl killed and give him supper; he was naturally astonished at the Trickster's powers of dreaming and insisted that he must certainly go and try his luck at finding the Raja's stolen money.

Twice he ran away to escape being whipped and hid in asparagus beds in Sparta, Georgia until nightfall; when he returned the master would not whip him because he was apprehensive that he might run away again and be stolen by poorer whites and thus cause trouble.