9057 examples of stolen in sentences

On his return, she suspended her hair in the temple of the war-god, but it was stolen the first night, and Conon of Samos told the king that the winds had carried it to heaven, where it still forms the seven stars near the tail of Leo, called Coma Berenices. Pope, in his Rape of the Lock, has borrowed this fable to account for the lock of hair cut from Belinda's head, the restoration of which the young lady insisted upon.

" "Thenthen, sir, you have stolen it!" Fields bowed.

"I have stolen it.

I now surrender to you the one hundred thousand dollars, which you thought I had stolen.

Cupid, if lovers are thy care, Revenge thy vot'ry on this fair; Do justice on her stolen charms, And let her prison bemy arms.

He made his escape, however, the first night, and returned in a very business-like manner to receive two crowns which were due to him on account of the sheep he had stolen.

Since February last, notwithstanding a vigilant watch, the rooks have stolen sets of potatoes from a considerable breadth of ground at Widford Hall.

He was numerously supported in speeches whose main burden was that the United States government must not become the receiver of stolen goods.

Mr. Lloyd of Maryland thought the death penalty would be out of proportion to the crime, and considered the extract from Exodus inapplicable since few of the negroes imported had been stolen in Africa.

The negroes offered might prove to be kidnapped freemen, or stolen slaves, or to have been illegally sold by their former owners in defraud of mortgagees.

" That night his pack was stolen from him.

A party of sailors whose boat had been stolen put out to sea and were eighteen hours afloat in a crazy craft made out of a large basket woven with boughs such as they could pick up, and covered with their canvas tent, the inside being plastered with clay to keep out as much of the water as possible.

My Bertha's gone, Has disappear'dbeen carried off by stealth Stolen from amongst us by their ruffian hands! STAUFF.

The breeze had stolen a strand or so of her hair too, and strained its red-tipped brown across her cheek.

The Phoenicians, who by their navigation spread abroad the first works of civilization, instituted this service, reaping their reward by filling their barks with stolen women, rich merchandise of easy transportation.

The first effect was to provoke a complete boycott of Austro-Hungarian goods and trading vessels throughout the Ottoman Empire, which was so harmful to the Austrian export trade that in January 1909 Count Achrenthal had to indemnify Turkey with the sum of £2,500,000 for his technically stolen property.

The stolen corduroy coat covered blacksmith's muscles now made doubly powerful by dementia.

" To which her husband added, laughingly: "She wouldn't risk having her new car stolen for anything.

Zorro's stolen steed.

They ranged half wild in the woods in summer and he once expressed the opinion that fully half the pigs raised were stolen by the slaves, who loved roast pork fully as well as did their master.

If thou wilt be responsible that nothing shall be stolen, thou art welcome to use my parlor as a watch-house."

The articles stolen were brought into court.

When Thurlow rose to cross-examine the leading witness, before he asked a question, he merely, bending his black brows upon the man, turned round, and desired to look at the things that were said to be stolen.

"I mean," said he, with well-assumed ignorance, "the things that this unhappy woman is accused of having stolen."

Twice he ran away to escape being whipped and hid in asparagus beds in Sparta, Georgia until nightfall; when he returned the master would not whip him because he was apprehensive that he might run away again and be stolen by poorer whites and thus cause trouble.

9057 examples of  stolen  in sentences