9231 examples of stores in sentences

Betty, too, was eager to be off, so with many warm thanks, they again packed the coach and said farewell to the hospitable Beebes, who had insisted on adding fresh stores of provisions to their hamper; and Billy's last act of friendliness was to slip into Betty's hand a package of taffy, of his own manufacture, which he assured her "was not over-sticky, provided you use care in biting it.

"I am off at once, as I carry an order to General Wolcott for quartermaster's stores in Litchfield.

The town was of that kind which hardly requires or deserves description; a straggling line of brick and wooden stores on one side of the railroad track and some cottages of various sizes on the other side constituted about the whole of it.

Then there came a day when they had to take a load of stores up beyond the second portage, to the house of Astor M'Kree, and they decided to bring a load of fish back with them if possible, as the store which Katherine had bought from Waywassimo was beginning to run low.

There was only one sledge to-day, but that was piled high with stores of various descriptions, from a barrel of flour to a roll of scarlet flannel, and from canned pineapple to a tin of kerosene.

Then she went out to help her brother to bring the stores in, and Mrs. M'Kree came to assist also.

Two days later Katherine was in the cellar overhauling the stores, which were getting so shrunken that she was wondering how they could possibly be made to hold out, when she heard Phil calling, and, going up the ladder, found a tired-looking Indian standing there, who had a bag of mails strapped on to his back.

Phil set to work hauling out the stores, but Katherine as usual went in to chat with Mrs. M'Kree, who looked upon her visits with the utmost pleasure.

"But in case the ice is troublesome, and we can't get a canoe through for a week or two, we have brought you double stores.

Stores had to be taken down to Seal Cove, and there was some bargaining to be done for some tusks of narwhal ivory which 'Duke Radford had been commissioned to obtain if possible.

Katherine and Miles delivered as many of their stores as they could.

He wanted more stores than could be immediately supplied, and promised to come back for them later.

All this time he was pursuing his Patristic and other historical studies with unflagging vigour, always writing new lectures, always maintaining his love of abstract knowledge and his eager desire to add to his already vast stores of learning.

" "Are they worse than at other stores?" asked Mr. Day, sullenly.

Her principal work is to trot around in other stores and learn all she can about their 'specials' and prices, and get all the information possible in order to keep her employers posted on what their rivals are doing, and besides that she is expected to prowl around this store at irregular intervals, and we are not supposed to know that she isn't a legitimate customer.

We have to know when stores are lacking in either of the things mentioned.

She would stand outside the stores as the girls were coming out at night.

And as they talked, there passed before Katie, as in review, the things she had seen that summerpassed before her the worn faces of those girls who night after night during the hot summer had come from the stores and factories where the men of whom her uncle was so jubilantly speaking made the money which they were able to subscribe to the church.

Twenty years before, Wellington had been the world's greatest shipping port for naval stores.

A number of them sought to arm themselves, but ascertained, upon inquiring at the stores, that no white merchant would sell a negro firearms.

First, she has given away, to starving rascals, The stores of grain she might have sold, good lack!

Women dared no longer send their children to school or to the grocery stores for food.

Her crew and nearly all her stores were saved, but by this misfortune the number of the party was increased from twenty-five to forty-seven, without any corresponding increase in the quantity of provisions for their subsistence.

The sledges that I had ordered from Gizhiga reached Penzhina late in December, with about 3000 pounds of beans, rice, hard-bread, and assorted stores.

The Moquis, to whom some stores and small presents were distributed, overflowed with hospitable offices.

9231 examples of  stores  in sentences