11976 examples of storie in sentences

Why do I stand relating of the storie Which in the doing had enough to grieve me? Tell on and end the tale, you whom it pleaseth; Mee mine own sorrow stops from further speaking.

But come, I pray; the storie of your sight.

What storie she will for her tapet** take.

She made the storie of the olde debate 305 Which she with Neptune did for Athens trie: Twelve gods doo sit around in royall state, And love in midst with awfull maiestie, To iudge the strife betweene them stirred late: Each of the gods by his like visnomie* 310 Eathe** to be knowen; but love above them all, By his great lookes and power imperiall.

That all the gods admir'd; then all the storie She compast with a wreathe of olyves hoarie.

From thence reade on the storie of his life, His humble carriage, his unfaulty wayes, His cancred foes, his fights, his toyle, his strife, His paines, his povertie, his sharpe assayes, 235 Through which he past his miserable dayes, Offending none, and doing good to all, Yet being malist* both by great and small.

To tell my Storie.

As Chaucer's monk says, before he begins to "biwayle in maner of tragedie": Tragedie is to seyn a certeyn storie Of him that stood in great prosperitee, And is y-fallen out of heigh degree Into miserie, and endeth wrecchedly.

La. O, wench, I had almost undone my selfe, Come o'tother side, reach me that peticote; Ile tell the storie as I make me ready.

In a puppet play, Were but my storie written by some scholler, Twould put downe hocas pocas and the tumblers And draw more audience than the Motion Of Ninivie or the dainty docile horse That snorts at Spaine by an instinct of Nature.

You paint your flattering words, [Lord] Lassinbergh, Making a curious pensill of your tongue; And that faire artificiall hand of yours Were fitter to have painted heavens faire storie

In the Middle Ages, this was thought to be the very essence and meaning of tragedy, as we may see from Chaucer's lines: "Tragedie is to seyn a certeyn storie, As oldë bokës maken us memorie, Of him that stood in gret prosperitee, And is y-fallen out of heigh degree Into miserie, and endeth wrecchedly.

" Then he began an apologia which I heard repeated identically again and again, as if it were learned by rote: "The Germans had peacefully entered the land; boiling hot water was showered on them from upper stories; they were shot at from houses and hedges; many soldiers had thus been killed; the wells had been poisoned.

He was immortalised in a composition as harrowing as any of Poe's stories, or as Huneker's "The Lord's Prayer in B," the torment of one high note that rang in his head unceasingly, until it drove him mad.

She was still, however, the child to him; the child whom he used to frighten with his gruesome ghost-stories, especially of his "Doppelgänger," a name, Clara afterwards took to herself.

Constanze could always read to him, and tell him stories as he liked to have her do while he composed, and she could cut up his meat for him lest in his absent-mindedness he carve off one of his valuable fingers.

It came round about the fences, and up to the gravel walkspeople could not walk to Webb's and Storie's.

The cage bird and other stories.

[Sidenote: Iames Storie their painter.]

dayes, Iames Storie went into the monastery of S. Paul, where he remaineth, and is made one of the company, which life he liketh very well.

But I do not truly know what women make of it, Andrew; She has a face looks like a story, The storie of the Heavens looks very like her.

Are we craven crows to be scared by such windy effigies?" Thus having caught their attention by light weight stories, I gave them broadsides of facts and arguments until I won the greatest political fight of my life.

Appresso tomato a Venezia, dipinse la facciata de' Grimani; e in Padoa nella chiesa di Sant' Antonio alcune storie ... de fatti di quel santo: e in quella di

Why there: O the whole storie Would be a wildernesse to loose thy selfe For ever; O pardon me deare Father, For all the idle, and unreverent words That I have spoke in idle moodes to you: I am Arbaces, we all fellow subjects, Nor is the Queene Panthea now my Sister.

His first serious effort was 'Le Prime Storie' (The Primal Histories), written in 1845.

11976 examples of  storie  in sentences