10208 examples of storm in sentences

Well, it's easy to understand, Eric, how things would go when the East sea storm commenced to wrestle with frail butterfly-wings.

" LITTLE KARL'S ISLAND THE STORM Friday, April eighth.

We have wandered about in the storm all day, and it would be very good to be allowed to stop here to-night."

"I believe that it would be better for you to fly about in the worst storm than to stop here.

It was not pleasant, by any means, to venture out in the storm again, and it wasn't good to remain in a house where such guests were expected.

Such a lot of crows fluttered about him that the air rustled like a wind-storm, but he didn't look up.

"It is here that your kind are in the habit of seeking shelter from cold and storm," said Karr.

He drew on his coat and went out in the storm.

The storm without, with its biting wind and snow-blended rain, was terrible, and his old horse was standing in this storm without so much as a blanket to protect him!

The storm without, with its biting wind and snow-blended rain, was terrible, and his old horse was standing in this storm without so much as a blanket to protect him!

There was a terrible storm raging in the district north of Lake Mälar, which lasted several days.

In no place does it spread into a storm centre, but seems to have been created only for pleasure trips, yachting tours, and fishing.

A snow storm had fallen and the weather was exceedingly cold; the mountain air had sharpened our appetite, but we could get nothing but fish and eggs as it was a jour maigre, and the Valaisans are rigid observers of the ordinances of the Catholic church.

From all parts of the church rose snatches of hymns, exultant shouts, groans, and prayers; and, in the corner, the shrill chants of the old women were fitfully heard through the storm of discordant worship.

They were both a good deal shaken by the storm they had passed through.

But he did not intend to slip away in any cowardly manner, and leave Annie to bear alone the brunt of the second storm.

He felt sure that such a storm was impending, and he was also quite certain that its greatest violence would break upon him.

"What has come over her?" "I am sure I don't know," said Annie, and with this she burst into tears, and cried as she would have scorned to cry, during the terrible storm of the day before.

One might have imagined that he was taking in all possible sails; close reefing the others; battening down the hatches; and preparing to run before a storm; and yet his demeanor did not indicate that he expected any violent commotion of the elements.

All being ready, eleven o'clock on the night of the 12th of January found us standing on the platform of the Tiflis railway station, awaiting the arrival of the Baku train, which had been delayed by a violent storm down the line.

On some occasions horses, and even camels, have been blown over, and caravans are sometimes compelled to halt until the fury of the storm has diminished.

It was here that Baker Pasha was brought some years ago in a dying condition, after being caught in a wind-storm on the Kharzán Pass, and lay for three days in the house we were lodging at.

His fiddles brown and pipes of brass May LULLI now forsake, While I make music on the grass Before the storm-clouds break; He stops his ears and cries "Alas!" Because he cannot make With all his fiddlers fine A melody like mine.

As yet no intestine war had broken out, but there existed a sullen undercurrent of discontent and disaffection which threatened, like the sound of distant thunder, to herald an approaching storm.

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10208 examples of  storm  in sentences