10208 examples of stormed in sentences

" "I remember, sir, when your honour led out two companies of ours, with one of the Royal Irish, a major's command, of good rights, to observe the left flank of the French, the evening before we stormed the enemy's works at Ty" "Your memory is beginning to fail you, Joyce," interrupted the captain, smiling.

That the position could not be stormed, is proved by the result of the actual attempt.

They had scarcely time to run to their muskets, which were stacked near at hand, when Rodes burst upon them, stormed their works, over which the troops marched almost unresisted, and in a few minutes the entire corps holding the Federal right was in hopeless disorder.

The Roman fleet conveyed a division of the army from Brundisium to Epirus; Oricum was recaptured from the king, a garrison was thrown into Apollonia, and the Macedonian camp was stormed.

He had returned, to find Barnaby taken, and at once announced that the prison must be stormed.

" In vain Lucretia stormed.

Kit gave the letter to the president, whose dark face flushed, and for a few moments he stormed with Spanish fury.

April 18 he stormed the heights of Cerro Gordo.

"Then he is causing us to be delayed for purposes of his own," the officer stormed.

Vainly he stormed up and down the line of the Ozark Central with its thousands of labourers.

So he stormed the place and installed himself by force of arms.

"A few thousand you'll never touch as long as you are my wife," stormed Dicky.

A party of tipsy Americans one night stormed a Parisian guard-house, disarmed the sentry, and sent the guard flying in desperate fear, thinking that a general émente was in progress.

They smelled gunpowder and heard the noise of victory, and would have stormed heaven at that instant.

After several days bombardment, in which about four thousand shot and shells were discharged against the fortress, to which the people had fled for refuge after burning down the town, a breach was reported to be practicable, and the castle was accordingly stormed.

Sergeant Wilson scolded, stormed, and almost swore at me.

As Nissr's flight stormed eastward, and these gnats drove to the west, their total rate of approach must have been tremendous; for even as the men watched, they seemed to find the attackers growing in bulk.

Up they stormed.

He rushed to Burlington House, tore down his picture from the wall, stormed at the astonished members of the Hanging Committee, carried off his property, and vowed that he would resign his Associateship.

During the terrific fighting at Baranowitchi in the great Russian offensive last summer, at a time when the Russians repeatedly but unsuccessfully stormed that important railway junction, some Prussian units found their right flank unsupported one morning at dawn, because two Bohemian battalions had changed flags during the night.

The colonial soldiers stormed his fort and killed a thousand Indian warriors.

stormed the young man.

To this end we stormed the seas, tack for tack, and burst Through the doorways of new worlds, doubtful which was first.

King Christian stormed the town at the head of his army and took it.

In vain they stormed the heights.

10208 examples of  stormed  in sentences