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10208 examples of  stormed  in sentences

10208 examples of stormed in sentences

Butas a soldier, and one of much and varied experience, as one that hath stormed Belsaye ere nowwith divers other towns, cities, keeps, and castles beyond numberas a soldier, I do think it but a gloomy business and foredoomed to failure" BELTANE.

Ah, my lord, 'twas but five years agone he stormed Belsaye and gave it up to pillageand on that daymy wifewas slain!

glory be to God, there doth trusty Eric tell us he hath made an end of such as stormed the breach.

Outer and inner bailey were stormed and so at last came they, a desperate, close-fighting company, into the great tilt-yard before the castle.

Critics who have little history and less war have been accustomed to attribute Byron's lingering at Cephalonia to indolence and indecision; they write as if he ought on landing on Greek soil to have put himself at the head of an army and stormed Constantinople.

The ramparts were turned, the intrenchments stormed.

The Austrians marched against them; but French troops had also been despatched to defend the Pope, and it was the French who, first reaching Rome, stormed and captured it.

In October, 1848, Government troops stormed the city of Vienna as if it had been a foreign capital, and defeated the students and citizens, who fought the soldiers from street to street.

The allies' commissary and sanitary departments could hardly be managed at all; their troops died by thousands, and, though they finally stormed and captured Sebastopol, it was a barren victory.

The fortress was stormed in spite of the most stubborn Russian resistance.

On September 4 the German forces under General von Beseler stormed and captured the bridgehead at Friedrichstradt, the most important defense of Riga.

Fort Douaumont stormed by Brandenburg corps, then surrounded by French, but relieved by Germans March 3. 8.

The mortality on both sides was described as frightful, but the Russians continued to make headway and the capture of thousands of Teutonic prisoners was of almost daily occurrence, the total reaching 172,000 before June 18. Czernowitz, the capital of Bukowina, fell into the hands of the Russians at midnight of June 17, after the bridgehead on the Pruth river had been stormed by the victorious troops of the Czar.

On September 15 the British took Flers, Martinpuich, the important position known as the High Wood, Courcelette, and almost all of the Bouleaux Wood, and also stormed the German positions from Combles north to the Pozieres-Bapaume road, arriving within four miles of Bapaume and capturing 2,300 prisoners.

A two-mile trench system, believed to be impregnable, was stormed by the Allied forces near Thiepval September 17, while south of the Somme the French took the German trenches along a front of three miles.

On October 25 Von Falkenhayn's army stormed the Vulcan Pass and pushed nearer the railroad at Kimpolong, seventy-five miles from Bucharest.

Two months they lay before Cairo, and then, after an indecisive engagement, Hasan stormed the gate, forced his way across the ditch, and attacked the Egyptians on their own ground.

But her sympathy and love and passion, all that was womanly emotion, stormed at her intelligence and refused to listen to it.

" He ceased, then Húmán: "Vain, fantastic thought, Oft have I been where Persia's Champion fought; And thou hast heard, what wonders he performed, When, in his prime, Mázinderán was stormed; That horse resembles Rustem's, it is true, But not so strong, nor beautiful to view.

" "Darry," stormed Farley, "you've simply got to withdraw your fool remarks when the class comes together again.

At first Beauchene fumed, stormed, denied, equivocated, almost blamed Mathieu for interfering, talked too of blackmail, and put on all sorts of high and mighty airs.

The Bulgarian infantry stormed the redoubts in the moonlight.

He will read of emperours, who, when they have been addressed in this manner, have neither stormed, nor threatened, nor kicked their ministers, nor thought it majestick to be obstinate in the wrong; but have, with a greatness of mind worthy of a Chinese monarch, brought their actions willingly to the test of reason, law, and morality, and scorned to exert their power in defence of that which they could not support by argument.

His heart now beats, once more, at the sight of those walls which he formerly stormed, and he shows the wounds which he received in the mine, or on the breach.

The old baron stormed, but the young one was firm, and would not listen to a marriage without love; but pleaded for Minna, wished his rival success, and set out again on his travels.

" "I remember, sir, when your honour led out two companies of ours, with one of the Royal Irish, a major's command, of good rights, to observe the left flank of the French, the evening before we stormed the enemy's works at Ty" "Your memory is beginning to fail you, Joyce," interrupted the captain, smiling.

"Then you will not telegraph to my cousin Ferries?" "Ferries ought to have written to me, and not taken the word of a mere boy, like Peter," stormed Sir Timothy.

In vain the old man stormed.

she stormed, near to tears.

On the arrival of Virginia, however, he lifted his finger, and Society stormed at his doors.

The hissing missiles cut through the canvas of their wings, beat upon the side of the fuselage, and even nipped the Air Service Boys more than once as they stormed past.

In Caen the people stormed the citadel and killed the officers of the salt-tax.

Ibrahim, powerfully reinforced with twenty-five thousand men, by sea and land stormed battery after battery; yet the Greeks held out, contending with famine and pestilence, as well as with troops ten times their number.

No sensitive soul in this generation, conscious of the sacrifice of the millions of young lives who "stormed Heaven" in their willingness to die that others might live, can doubt this.

Jackson waited until three thousand Tennessee militia, for whom he had urgently sent, arrived at Mobile, under the command of General Coffee, one of his efficient coadjutors in the Creek War, and Colonel Butler, and then promptly and successfully stormed Pensacola, driving out the British, who blew up Fort Barrancas and escaped to their ships.

He has stormed the Heights of Chlumthe Culp's Hill of that battlefield.

The Aedui, as they could not defend themselves and their possessions against them, send ambassadors to Caesar to ask assistance, [pleading] that they had at all times so well deserved of the Roman people, that their fields ought not to have been laid wastetheir children carried off into slaverytheir towns stormed, almost within sight of our army.

He marveled, he stormed, that his projects should encounter objectors, but consoled himself with the reflection that the man who is worth enemies has them, and revenged himself by attacking and tearing to pieces any project, good or bad, presented by others.

That the position could not be stormed, is proved by the result of the actual attempt.

They had scarcely time to run to their muskets, which were stacked near at hand, when Rodes burst upon them, stormed their works, over which the troops marched almost unresisted, and in a few minutes the entire corps holding the Federal right was in hopeless disorder.

On the next morning Early's division attacked the forces of Milroy at Winchester, stormed and captured their "Star Fort," on a hill near the place, and so complete was the rout of the enemy that their commander, General Milroy, had scarcely time to escape, with a handful of his men, in the direction of the Potomac.

They returned the fire from the breastworks in their front with a heavy volley, and then, with loud cheers, dashed at the enemy's works, which they reached, stormed, and took possession of at the point of the bayonet.

These advanced in a heavy charging column, through the half darkness of dawn, passed silently over the Confederate skirmishers, scarcely firing a shot, and, just as the first streak of daylight touched the eastern woods, burst upon the salient, which they stormed at the point of the bayonet.

The Roman fleet conveyed a division of the army from Brundisium to Epirus; Oricum was recaptured from the king, a garrison was thrown into Apollonia, and the Macedonian camp was stormed.

He had returned, to find Barnaby taken, and at once announced that the prison must be stormed.

" In vain Lucretia stormed.

We reached it about two o'clock in the night after cruising about for fourteen hours before the entrance; and we were obliged to remain here at anchor for a fortnight, as it rained and stormed continuously for that period.

The coffins were broken to fragments, the vessels dashed to pieces, and the skeletons thrown into the sea; and the remaining caverns were stormed with like results.

The contemporaries of Captain Garcia speak of a number of forts or pucarás which had to be stormed and captured before Tupac Amaru could be taken prisoner.

It is probably one of the forts stormed by Captain Garcia and his men in 1571.

The enemy seeing they could not, by coming up to Hasdrubal's camp, draw him out to a battle, nor assault it without great difficulty, stormed Asena, whither Hasdrubal, on entering their territories, had laid up his corn and other stores.

An enterprise of some daring to storm the castle: but he had stormed it.

Kit gave the letter to the president, whose dark face flushed, and for a few moments he stormed with Spanish fury.

I stormed at him, irritated that I should have to shout my business for the benefit of the loafers in the hotel office.

Sometimes the boys laughed, sometimes they stormed, and Tom was more than once obliged to beat a rapid retreat to escape a volley of boots and other missiles.

He endeavored to point out places where mines had been exploded, where ravelins had been stormed, where the assailants had been successful, and where they had been bloodily repulsed.

Let me within, and all henceforth behind remain, That, charged with doom, till now darkly hath round me stormed!

"The Golden Legend" tells us how Lucifer and the Powers of the Air stormed about the spire, and how he cried,

" "And endanger all our plans," stormed old Otto.

"Lay on," stormed the commander.

The overseers domineered over them, and stormed at them as violently as though they were the most abject slaves.

April 18 he stormed the heights of Cerro Gordo.

he stormed.

"I was going to arrest him, sir," replied the other eagerly, "but" "Will you never learn your business?" stormed Pougeot.

he stormed at Gibelin.

They are sincerely moved at the thought of their loved ones putting a long distance between them, and I saw a score of young and old sobbing bitterly when the Noa-Noa left for San Francisco though they stormed the stokers lustily when aroused.

"Then he is causing us to be delayed for purposes of his own," the officer stormed.

Vainly he stormed up and down the line of the Ozark Central with its thousands of labourers.

So he stormed the place and installed himself by force of arms.

You know, we French stormed Ratisbon: A mile or so away On a little mound, Napoleon Stood on our storming-day; With neck out-thrust, you fancy how, Legs wide, arms locked behind, As if to balance the prone brow Oppressive with its mind.

We saw also a "crater" which was to be bombed and stormed.

She meant to show him that the day had not stormed her heart of hearts.

In A.D. 1204, Constantinople was stormed by a Venetian flotilla and the crusading host it conveyed on board, and more treasures of Ancient Hellenism were destroyed in the sack of its hitherto inviolate citadel than had ever perished by the hand of Arab or Slav.

Those who before invaded pastures and stormed houses, now begin to enrich themselves by unequal contracts and fraudulent intromissions.

Here, after the position had been several times stormed by artillery, the Zouaves made one of the most brilliant bayonet charges of the day, dashing up the steep banks and through the breeched walls.

The great and little Chatelet were stormed, and the prisoners massacred.

he stormed.

Here you see your target which is so rare these days when British infantrymen have stormed and taken trenches without ever seeing a Germanand the target is a bird, a man-bird.

While engaged in the Hôtel de Ville in signing death-sentences which were to furnish fresh victims to the guillotine, he was arrested by the Jacobins and National Guards, who had stormed the gates and penetrated into the building, and the attempt to blow out his brains with his pistol miscarried.

"A few thousand you'll never touch as long as you are my wife," stormed Dicky.

A party of tipsy Americans one night stormed a Parisian guard-house, disarmed the sentry, and sent the guard flying in desperate fear, thinking that a general émente was in progress.

They smelled gunpowder and heard the noise of victory, and would have stormed heaven at that instant.

After several days bombardment, in which about four thousand shot and shells were discharged against the fortress, to which the people had fled for refuge after burning down the town, a breach was reported to be practicable, and the castle was accordingly stormed.

Sergeant Wilson scolded, stormed, and almost swore at me.

As Nissr's flight stormed eastward, and these gnats drove to the west, their total rate of approach must have been tremendous; for even as the men watched, they seemed to find the attackers growing in bulk.

Up they stormed.

Mrs. Kean stormed at me, slapped me.

The Evil Spirit's wrath, however, seemed implacable, for it stormed worse after the performance of these propitiatory rites than it did before.

Although his natural disposition was to be domineering to inferiors and irascible under the small provocations of life, he now gave his orders in a gentle tone, never stormed at the drivers for their blunders, made light of the bad cooking, and was in short a model for travellers, lovers, and husbands.

CONRAD OF THÜRINGIA, a proud, quick, fiery-tempered magnate, seized the archbishop of Mainz once, swung him round, and threatened to cut him in two; stormed, plundered, and set fire to an imperial free town for an affront offered him; but admonished of his sins became penitent, and reconciled himself by monastic vow to the Pope and mankind about 1234.

TUSCULUM, a ruined Roman city, 15 m. SE. of Rome; at one time a favourite country resort of wealthy Romans; Brutus, Cæsar, Cicero, and others had villas here; was stormed to ruins in 1191; has many interesting remains.

Then, "last scene of all," the Cantonese stormed the Portuguese Consulate, pillaged and wrecked the building, and were just climbing on to the flat roof to haul down the flag when a stately white cloud appeared far down the river, serenely floating towards the disturbed city.

It stormed violently, and father was vexed because a horse must be sent through the storm for her.

He rushed to Burlington House, tore down his picture from the wall, stormed at the astonished members of the Hanging Committee, carried off his property, and vowed that he would resign his Associateship.

During the terrific fighting at Baranowitchi in the great Russian offensive last summer, at a time when the Russians repeatedly but unsuccessfully stormed that important railway junction, some Prussian units found their right flank unsupported one morning at dawn, because two Bohemian battalions had changed flags during the night.

The colonial soldiers stormed his fort and killed a thousand Indian warriors.

stormed the young man.

To this end we stormed the seas, tack for tack, and burst Through the doorways of new worlds, doubtful which was first.

King Christian stormed the town at the head of his army and took it.

In vain they stormed the heights.