59 examples of stradle in sentences

" Another, he fancies his Text to be extraordinarily like to "an orchard of pomegranates;" or like "St. MATTHEW sitting at the receipt of custom;" or like "the dove that NOAH sent out of the Ark." I believe there are above forty places of Scripture, that have been "like RACHEL and LEAH": and there is one in Genesis, as I well remember, that is "like a pair of compasses stradling."

Papers defil'd with Court hand and long dashes, Or Secretarie lines that stradle more Then Frenchmen and lesse wholsome to the Client.

Captain Stradling.

Captain Stradling.

Come, come, Mistress Stradling will have no reason to complain!'

Captain Stradling had not failed to be among them, happy at the opportunity of once more meeting and embracing his former friend.

Among others, he recapitulated a certain affair in which he and his friend Stradling had captured a Spanish galleon, laden with piastres.

The enamored Stradling, always impassible, contented himself with replying: 'It is well!'

He found her already enthroned in her leathern arm-chair, her hair neatly braided, with two small curls on her temples; in a toilette which the early hour of the morning did not seem to authorize; but it was the famous third day, and she was awaiting Stradling.

Their skin was of another color, their heads woolly; this was a profitable traffic, recognized by governments; but when he saw Stradling seize the property of others to refill his empty hold, he could not control his indignation and boldly expressed it: 'It is for their salvation,' replied the captain, without emotion; 'we will make Christians of them.'

It was not without a secret object that, in his course through the Southern Sea, Stradling had first of all aimed at California.

As if to increase his uneasiness, Stradling became daily more severe and more exacting towards his chief officer; he imposed upon him rude labors foreign to his station.

This Stradling prohibited, uttered a formidable oath, and commanded the young man to bring the log-book.

Stradling, still spying, began to whistle God save the Queen; then he called his monkey and made it gambol before him.

By way of reply, Stradling ordered him to be confined in the hold.

'Young man,' said Stradling, 'I have been obliged to be severe for the sake of an example; but you have been sufficiently punished by the time you have passed below there,'and

When he was in the depths of the hold, was he not better satisfied with his fate than when surrounded by those coarse sailors who composed the worthy crew of the Swordfish? To-day he is no longer the prisoner of Stradling, he is the prisoner of God!

If Stradling had only given him a good stock of tobacco, he would have pardoned all; he no longer feels courage to hate him.

Yes, Stradling has prolonged his voyage in these regions.

After having satisfied a duty of humanity, that which he had regarded as a debt contracted towards a friend, Selkirk, among other inquiries, let fall the name of Stradling.

In pursuing his voyage, after having coasted along the shores of the Straits of Magellan, Stradling, surprised by a frightful hurricane, had seen his vessel entirely disabled.

Now it was that of Catherine, scolding her servants; now that of Stradling, of Dampier, or one of his college tutors.

When he ceased to speak, holding out his hand to him, he said: 'My boy, the lesson is a rude one, but let it be profitable to you; let it teach you that ennui on board a vessel, even with a Stradling, is better than ennui in a desert.

It is he who is standing up with an apron on.' 'Stradling!' exclaimed Selkirk, with sparkling eyes.

Englished by Sir John Stradling.

59 examples of  stradle  in sentences
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