86 examples of strange sound in sentences

Of a sudden, while standing there not daring to breathe lest I should betray my presence, a strange sound fell upon my eager ears.

"We listened from time to time," explained Max, "but were never sure that we heard any strange sound.

One day he heard a strange sound far up the cavern, and perceived in the distance a wild beast.

And, as you shall perceive and understand, I was all unknowing of the lore of that Land; so that I knew not what to think of this strange sound or that, neither knew I what they might portend, but only that, as I did say, there were Monsters abroad.

Some people about here have told us that that sound has been heard for years and they say that there is an old legend connected with it to the effect that many years ago an Indian girl, pursued by an unwelcome suitor, jumped off this bluff and drowned herself to escape him, and that ever since that occurrence this strange sound has been noticeable.

" A strange sound, half laugh and half cry, broke from the lips of the over-wrought Mrs. Dowson.

It is a weird, strange sound, cry after cry echoing far away, distance beyond distance, till it fades into faintness.

We had in the meantime formed many conjectures on the origin of this strange sound, which were as contradictory as they were extravagant.

It had a strange sound from the lips of a Westmoreland peasant.

At this instant a terrible gust rattled the icy branches of the syringa-bushes against the window, with a noise like the click of musketry, and above the howling of the wind there came a strange sound which sounded like a voice crying, "Burn, burn!" Uncle Jo and I both heard it, and both sprang to our feet, white with a nervous terror.

He had gone so far in his mind when he was called back by a strange sound.

It was more of an effort with Theophil, and the voice that made home for Jenny had a strange sound in his own ears, as though it were still talking to Isabel; but the effort was soon made, and though Jenny teased him a little and said she believed he had quite lost his, that was to say her, heart to Isabel, of course she believed no such thing.

You know that,you believe that, Delphine?" "Why, what a strange sound!

As to that illuminated figure I saw in the wood" My speech was interrupted by a strange sound from the other end of the house.

That night, as she sat reading at eleven o'clock, a strange sound arose in the back part of the house; it was a man's voice, hilariously mirthful and breaking into rude song.

Perhaps they can smellblood!" He spoke with a laugh, but it had a strange sound.

" The Leading Gentleman tried the other side of the double-edged blade, continuing obstinately, and Moussa Isa contrived a strange sound which died away on a curious bubbling note and he grew faint.

The strange sound they had heard from the midst of the forest, like the rumble of a storm or the far-off trembling of a furnace, had quite ceased.

I was feeding quietly near the pales which separated the meadow from the railway, when I heard a strange sound at a distance, and before I knew whence it camewith a rush and a clatter, and a puffing out of smokea long black train of something flew by, and was gone almost before I could draw my breath.

* * "A Scottish schooner made the port The thirteenth day at e'en: 'As I am a man,' the captain cried, 'A strange sight I have seen; "'And a strange sound heard, my masters all, At sea, in the fog and the rain, Like shipwrights' hammers tapping low, Then loud, then low again.

Or whence the might of this strange sound?

It was a strange sound, this English hail, to hear echoed in these wild hills, where only the shrill cry of the savage had been borne on the blast before!

As they passed the caravan door his quick ear noted a strange sound within.

Their music all has a wild, strange sound to a foreign ear, but it conveys to the mind in some way a sense of sorrow, and vague, unavailing regret for something that has for ever passed away, like the emotion excited by a funeral dirge over the grave of a dear friend.

I came, after a little, to a great cliff that overhung the sea, with room for the road to pass beneath; and as I drew near I heard a strange sound, a low roaring, a deep-toned reverberation, that seemed not to come from the breaking waves, loud on the beach: it was a more solemn, a more piercing and continuous sound.

86 examples of  strange sound  in sentences
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