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863 example sentences with  strangled

863 example sentences with strangled

As a lamp is choked with a multitude of oil, or a little fire with overmuch wood quite extinguished, so is the natural heat with immoderate eating, strangled in the body.

"There is a Nemesis, and it cannot choose but grieve and trouble thee, to hear that I have either strangled or drowned myself for thy sake."

"Rather to be strangled and die, than to be in his bonds."

After the reception of this intelligence, Atabalipa was strangled by the orders of Pizarro.

Three people had been strangled in itan ancestor of his and his wife and child.

You see, I never forgot that three other people had been strangled in the bed close to me, and the fierce slamming of the door I had heard myself.

He did so, and in the morning his wife and child were found strangled in the bed, in the very room in which I stood.

He also was strangled.

There was an incipient lye strangled in the birth.

The smile fled from his face, and his broken English nearly strangled him in his efforts to pour out enough of it to acquaint Holman of the nature of the agreement which he had entered into with Barbara Herndon.

Many men met their death in these encounters, and of the women some were strangled and some were seized and carried off.

I was with my father, then governor of Cilicia, and could not comprehend what they meant until I learned that Sextus's brothers had been, as it were, strangled by Commodus (who later emulated Hercules), just as Hercules, when an infant, is related to have strangled the serpents sent against him by Juno: similarly, the Quintilii were hanged; I learned also that Sextus was a fugitive and was being pursued by a more powerful adversary.

I was with my father, then governor of Cilicia, and could not comprehend what they meant until I learned that Sextus's brothers had been, as it were, strangled by Commodus (who later emulated Hercules), just as Hercules, when an infant, is related to have strangled the serpents sent against him by Juno: similarly, the Quintilii were hanged; I learned also that Sextus was a fugitive and was being pursued by a more powerful adversary.

Later Severus gave Narcissus also to the beasts, making the proclamation (verbatim): "This is the man that strangled Commodus."

"Well, good-bye, Henry," said Myrtilla,it was rather a strangled good-bye,and then, in an evil moment, she caught sight of the Dante's head which, hidden in a recess, she had not noticed before.

[Fry: strangled.

Attend mee, reverend father, and you all Of this assembly: for som spleene conceiv'd Against the Fryar deceast, I strangled him; The cause why no man heare importun mee: For many reasons to my self best knowne I hold fitt to conceale it, but I murdered him

Am I to wait to be strangled by invisible hands, rather than make an easy and graceful exit?

I do not know what they do to prisoners,"and Betty strangled a swift sob,"but

His wife, daughter of a former Prime Minister of Persia, who was strangled by order of the present Shah, died a few years ago, having borne him a son, the "Jelal-u-dowleh," a bright, clever boy, now about eighteen years old, and three daughters.

Women are usually put to death by being strangled, thrown from a precipice or well, or wrapped up in a carpet and jumped upon; but the execution of a woman is now, fortunately, rare in Persia.

Grand Vizier strangled.

Advice from Smyrna, that the Grand Vizier was first of all strangled, and afterwards beheaded.

Mr. Nisby of Opinion that the Grand Vizier was not strangled the Sixth Instant. Ten at Night.

He saluted Lady Bearwarden gravely, but with perfect confidence, and she was obliged to give him her hand, though she felt as if she could have strangled him with pleasure, then and there, by the scraper.

Some of the water went down his throat, and he choked and strangled.

The half-strangled boy was carried to his bed, and a few simple remedies restored him to consciousness.

Captain Fallon also had two hundred and twenty-five dollars in gold coin taken from concealment on Keseberg's person, and two hundred and seventy-five dollars additional taken from a cache that Keseberg had disclosed after the Captain had partially strangled him, and otherwise brutally treated him, to extort information of hidden treasure.

He grasped her by the throat with all his strength, strangled her, and flung her to the ground, where she lay motionless.

She never let a conscious thought dwell on itand like all other repressed and strangled currents of thought, it grew swollen and restive, filling her subconsciousness with monstrous, unformulated speculations.

"Another potential romance strangled at birth.

But this time I had hardly advanced twenty steps, when I heard a frail and strangled cry, apparently in mid-air behind me, and glancing, saw the creature lying at the gateway, a white thing in black stubble-ashes.

For night-mare rides on my strangled sleep: The lord of my bosom is doomed to die: His valorous heart they have wounded deep; And the blood-red tears shall his country weep, For Wallace of Elderslie!

Is the right of petition strangled and forgottenor is it increasing in strength and force?

True, it has been strangled here; but gentlemen will find themselves in great error if they suppose it also strangled in the country; and the very attempt, in legislative bodies, to sustain a local and individual interest, to the destruction of our rights, proves that those rights are not dead,

True, it has been strangled here; but gentlemen will find themselves in great error if they suppose it also strangled in the country; and the very attempt, in legislative bodies, to sustain a local and individual interest, to the destruction of our rights, proves that those rights are not dead,

Immediately Fanny hurried in, and looked around for her babe, she could not see it, she looked at the tubthere her babe was floating, a strangled corpse.

One morning he found that his donkey had nearly strangled himself over-night with the halter, and Decros could not shake off the impression that this accident was an omen intended to convey some message from the other world.

Her senses were alert, for a friend of hers had been strangled by burglars in similar circumstances, and she had never overcome her own terror of the cold, dark house in these early hours of a winter morning.

I have known her to pity people who deserved to be strangled; but I never knew her to be attracted by any unworthy person except myself; and even I have my good points.

Other danger awaits him, for "to be strangled was not much better than to be starved; and certainly with half a dozen highly respectable females clinging round his neck, he was not reminded, for the first time in his life, what a domestic bowstring is an affectionate woman."

They seldom travel, and have very little wish to be informed of the state of their own, or any other country; when a minister of state is turned out of his place, or strangled, (which is a frequent custom,) they coldly observe that there will be a new one, without inquiring into the reason of the disgrace of the former.

He uttered one short, half-strangled cry.

But he had been effectually plucked from further sleep, sleep had been strangled, and he got out of bed and went to the window.

And I suppose if we strangled the children and poleaxed the husbands it would leave women free for higher culture.

The crime of coining the King's money is still treated as treason, and women, for the commission of this crime as well as that of murdering their husbands, were sentenced to be strangled, and afterwards publicly burned.

Roses's work, which promised to be a giant, dwindled down to a miserable pigmy; and that under "The Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge" was strangled in its birth.

Our conversation is such that, if we were taken literally, we deserve to be strangled.

She'll be found strangled in her own work some day.

Nay, children may be strangled, but deeds never; they have an indestructible life both in and out of our consciousness; and that dreadful vitality of deeds was pressing hard on Tito for the first time.

But there are many people besides Mr. Smith who have gained this victory,who have strangled their higher nature and buried it, and built over its grave the structure of their life, the better to keep it down.

And as Antรฆus was slain at last, when Hercules lifted him from the earth and strangled him while raised aloft, so can the soul slay the enemy (the desire, the passion, the evil, the earth's offspring), when bearing it from earth itself and stifling it in the higher air.

She has scarcely returned, and again taken up the slip of cambric, or square of half-wrought canvas, when Tartar's bold scrape and strangled whistle are heard at the porch door, and she must run to open it for him; it is a hot day; he comes in panting; she must convoy him to the kitchen, and see with her own eyes that his water-bowl is replenished.

There is a certain vindictiveness about the portrait of Ginevra Fanshawe, a touch of that fierce, intolerant temper that caused Blanche Ingram to be strangled by the hands of her creator.

Ginevra is not strangled.

Terrible to see I'll gallop towards the house, singing in a strangled voice, without loosening my grip, for He must stop his scratching to admire me, and She must give chase with distracted cries: "Wicked, savage cat!

Diving cautiously under him, I pulled him down, strangled him, and dragged the body into the hole; then swimming to the steps, I boldly came forth, to the astonishment of the attendants, who, though they had expected a miracle, were scarcely prepared for such a great change.

It seemed extraordinary, almost impossible, that so broad a river could in so short a space of time contract its dimensions to the width of the strangled channel through which it now poured its entire volume.

Such a question evidently answers itself, for if only those borrowers were allowed to come into the market whose credit was beyond doubt, the growth of young communities and of budding enterprises would be strangled and the forward movement of material progress would be seriously checked.

he stammered, half strangled in the smoke, trying to master his terrified mount with rein and knee and heel.

In Fiji, for instance, to quote Westermarck's summing up (125) of several authorities, widows "were either buried alive or strangled, often at their own desire, because they believed that in this way alone could they reach the realms of bliss, and that she who met her death with the greatest devotedness would become the favorite wife in the abode of spirits.

A Fijian considered it a mark of affection to club an aged parent (157), and Williams has seen the breast of a ferocious savage heave and swell with strong emotion on bidding a temporary farewell to his aged father, whom he afterward strangled (117).

In one a child aged ten was strangled by her husband.

"Seditious madman, rebel, and son of a rebel," said Charles, "if within three days you do not change your language, I will have you strangled."

A trolley load of rations held the middle of the road; the ration party was, I believe, in the ditch upon the left; and a strangled voice exclaimed after each burst, "Oh crummy!

But every noble impulse was strangled at its birth by the iron bands of a religion that taught the crucifixion of every natural feeling as the most acceptable offering to a stern and relentless God.

The prologue, which was 'written by himself in a manly strain, soothed the audience, and the play went off tolerably till it came to the conclusion, when Mrs. Pritchard, the heroine of the piece, was to be strangled on the stage, and was to speak two lines with the bow-string around her neck.

Thus Abishag has strangled an Administration that had lasted fourteen years.

He strangled the half-formed resolutions as they rose, and trusted to the time when, by leaving school, he should escape, as he idly supposed, the temptations to which he had yielded.

The mother's frantic efforts to reach the little boy were rendered ineffectual by the two girls, who at the moment of the first alarm had been strangled by the salt water and were now clinging desperately to her arms and attempting to climb up to her shoulders.

If she strangled when I was gonewith no one to help hershe would die!

Roseen glanced down, apparently wrestling with some inward emotion, and presently observed in a small, strangled voice: "Sure, he is twenty year older nor me."

Kate strangled down, "The best thing that could happen to you"; and said instead, "You aren't going about the thing in the best way to succeed.

I feel as if I were being strangled" she was choking in the grasp of hysteria.

I tried in vain to hire men nurses, and I sympathized with Paolo Orsini, who slipped a cord around the neck of Isabella di Medici, and strangled her; I almost envied Curzon of Simopetra who had never seen a woman.

The bill was promptly strangled, but the next year, and the next, and still the next, it obstinately reappeared.

Not with shout and cheer did it rush forward, nor yet with venomous gases that gave the alarm, that choked, that strangled, that tortured.

One lasso caught his neck, another his hind foot, and he was speedily strained and strangled to death.

Her heavy loins are strangled in a cast-iron breast-plate.

EPICHARIS, a Roman lady who conspired against Nero and strangled herself rather than reveal her accomplices after undergoing the cruellest tortures.

LAOCร–ON, a priest of Apollo, in Troy, who having offended the god by, for one thing, advising the Trojans not to admit the wooden horse of the Greeks within the walls, was, with his two sons, while engaged in sacrificing to Poseidon, strangled to death in the coils of two enormous serpents sent to kill him, a subject which is the theme of one of the grandest relics of ancient sculpture now in existence and preserved in the Vatican.

" "'The Only Way,'" said Peroxide, in a prim strangled voice.

His voice sounded strangled; it pierced her oddly.

We look for Shells, for Mussels and Barnacles, for Crabs, for Shrimps, for Marine Worms, for Star-Fishes and Sea-Urchins, and we may find here and there a fish stranded on the sand or strangled in the sea-weed.

Ministries, if not strangled at the birthas was the "Clean Shirt" Cabinetusually last for three years.

The monkey, beside itself with rage, sprang upon the boar, winding its tail about him, and with the one arm its conqueror had left him, seized the boar by the throat and strangled it.

Then after a second she said in a strangled voice, "I wish that the marriage shall take place.

He was so mad with rage that if she had come into the room at that moment he would have strangled her, there and then.

" I would have thrown myself on him and strangled him with glee, but that the minions of the law had me by the arms and dragged me away out of the hateful presence of that traitor, despite my objurgations and my protestations of innocence.

Wellthis devil of a railway is strangled at last....

It is referred to in accounts of the Second Catiline Conspiracy, where conspirators were strangled with a laqueus.

Either you would have been best friends, or you would have strangled each other."

Broussard, 33, and the couple's infant daughter, Margot, had been missing for a week before the young woman was found strangled to death in the trunk of the car of her close friend, Magen Fieramusca, on Dec. 19, according to officials.

Canadian authorities have identified a person of interest in the murder of billionaire pharmaceutical magnate Barry Sherman and his wife Honey โ€” nearly three years after the couple was found strangled in their Toronto mansion.

It is alleged that Duncan pinned the woman down, strangled her, knocked her unconscious and raped her.

The dad went into protection mode and strangled the coyote," Cain said.

The dad when into protection mode and strangled the coyote,โ€ Cain said.

Trump withdrew the US from the deal in 2018, arguing that it was too lenient on Tehran, and reenacted punitive measures that have strangled the Iranian economy.

If necessary, put up gates to keep pets out of hazardous areas of the home, and do a thorough inspection to look for potential dangers that could lead to an animal becoming choked, strangled, electrocuted, suffocated or poisoned.

In May of 2012, Laura Jessome was strangled to death.