Do we say strategy or tactic

strategy 477 occurrences

" "Work for more strategy," whispered Page, as he held a sponge to Dave's battered nose, while Farley rubbed the muscles of his right arm.

Kate asked, keenly, disappointed by the result of all this strategy.

Again she was the pack-wolfwith all the old wolf strategy.

" The Bagdad Railway is thus acknowledged to be an instrument of strategy for the Germans and for the Turks of dominationfor "vice versâ" means that Turkish troops can be transported at a moment's notice through the tunnels from Anatolia to enforce the Ottoman pretension over the Arab lands.

But did not Miss Milligan think that, in face of such an unreasonable and violent prejudice, a little innocent strategy might be justified?

We do not read of military discipline, or of skill in strategy and tactics.

Accordingly, only a fraction of his time can be given to thinking out the problems of strategy and tactics.

Writers on the art of war distinguish between tactics, the art of winning a battle, and strategy, the art of designing and conducting the whole of the operations which constitute a campaign, of bringing about battles in conditions favourable to one's own side and of making the best use of such victories as may be won for contributing to the general purpose of the war, which is dictating peace on one's own terms.

Evidently the master art, because it dominates the whole war, is that of strategy, and for that reason it must have a seat at the Admiralty Board.

Accordingly, at sea, there is no analogy to the action of an advance-guard, and the mere fact that such an idea should find its way into the official accounts of the Admiralty's views regarding the opening move of a possible war must discredit the strategy of the Admiralty in the judgment of all who have paid any attention to the nature of naval war.

The first, that only great superiority renders possible the strategy known as blockade, or, as I have ventured to call it, of "shadowing" the whole of the enemy's forces.

He would tell of his successes, revealing the strategy and system by which they were won, finding her both understanding and sympathetic.

Its tactics may change, but its general strategy remains untouched by War or Peace.

It was difficult to make them understand that our regiment was only a cog in the huge wheel of the Austrian fighting machine and that, with a battle line extending over many miles, it was quite natural that partial successes could take place and yet the consideration of general strategy necessitate a retreat.

He approached it with commendable strategy and caution, circling first on one side of it and then on the other, every muscle in his body prepared for a quick spring backward if it should make a jump for him.

In the chase, a pack of wolves will divide into parties, one following the trail of the quarry, the other endeavouring to intercept its retreat, exercising a considerable amount of strategy, a trait which is exhibited by many of our sporting dogs and terriers when hunting in teams.

Debendra Babu was deeply annoyed by the success of the strategy.

Maybe the best strategy was to pass along the winnings, if you had any, the way he had last night.

They espoused a long-term strategy: think before you buy, and then, once having bought, continue to buy on dips and hold unless the company changed fundamentally for the worse.

(This lights a spark; and the royal mind darts into strategy) QUEEN.

Gideon was not nervous, and saw little need for strategy with this rather vagabondish fellow.

German strategy of world conquest.

So that quest proved fruitless, and I attributed the failure to the superior strategy of the enemy.

Able strategy on la belle mere's part.

I tell Cecil she should enjoy a defeat by such strategy.

tactic 4 occurrences

He had conducted an affair requiring the profoundest mystery in its prosecution, and the nicest tactic in its management, almost to a triumphant issue.

She suspected that, had she not adopted this tactic, she might have melted before him in gratitude.

There is generally some wary old veteran, who has won his spurs, or laurels, or belt, or whatever you choose to call it, in many a hard fought and well contested tussle for the championship of his little world; he is 'up to every dodge,' and knows every feint and guard, every wile and tactic of the wrestling ground.

The Vendeans, favoured by every natural advantage, had a peculiar tactic which they knew perfectly well how to apply to their position and local circumstances, and adopted a mode of fighting hitherto unknown, and practicable in that country alone.

Do we say   strategy   or  tactic