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Hatzfeldt led the conversation to some evenings when Strauss played his waltzes with an entrain, a sentiment that no one else has ever attained, and to Offenbach and his melodiesone evening particularly when he had improvised a song for the Empresshe couldn't quite remember it.

It may be remarked that Edvard Grieg has not only given Norway a conspicuous place on the map of musical Europe, but that he has influenced unmistakably composers of the rank of Tschaikowsky, the Russian; Paderewski, the Pole; Eugene d'Albert, the Scotch-English-German; Richard Strauss, the German; and our own lamented Edward McDowell, the American.

Strauss, included in the fifth volume of his Gesammelte Schriften.]

"Henry Strauss.

Henry Strauss succeeded in striking the ball, but it was caught by center field, rapidly sent to first base, before Henry could reach it, then thrown to the catcher in time to prevent Charlie Fleming from getting in.

We spent two or three hours delightfully one evening in listening to Strauss's band.

Strauss seemed to feel the music in every limb.

Harnack is a critic who is ready to give to the winds with both hands many things which are dear to us as life itself; yet this is how he writes in one of his most recent works: "Sixty years ago David Friedrich Strauss thought that he had almost entirely destroyed the historical credibility, not only of the fourth, but also of the first three Gospels as well.

Allan and Pete rushed out to quell the disturbance, but the Big Man said not to interfere; that many a dollar he had paid for an evening of Strauss or Debussy when the clamor was just as loud, and to him no more melodiousand

SEE Strauss, Johann.

Helen Sachs Strauss (C); 27Jan64; R330806. SACKVILLE-WEST, EDWARD C. Thomas De Quincey.


by Hans Strauss.


Mister Strauss.

Helen Sachs Strauss (C); 27Jan64; R330806. SACKVILLE-WEST, EDWARD C. Thomas De Quincey.


By Alfred A. Strauss & Laura E. Lehtinen.

Marie C. Strauss (W) & Laura E. Lehtinen (A); 14May75; R605573. R605576. Mark Twain: an exhibition selected mainly from papers belonging to the Samuel <pb id='233.png' />

Oscar S. Strauss, ex-minister to Turkey, Miss Ellen Terry, and scores of others.

" In 1844, when Miss Evans was twenty-five years old, she began the translation of Strauss' Life of Jesus.

I am only inclined to vow that I will never translate again, if I live to correct the sheets for Strauss.

Strauss himself was delighted with it.

With great presence of mind the famous organist thrust into the monster's gaping jaws a full score of STRAUSS'S Elektra, which he was studying between the casts, and the tarpon at once leaped out of the boat and was never seen or heard of again.

There could be no sympathy between him and the men who took their politics from Rousseau and Louis Blanc, and their religion from Strauss.

165 examples of  strauss  in sentences