1898 examples of strolls in sentences

He strolls or saunters if he goes along in an easy, aimless, or idle fashion.

You mean that anything in the shape of mixed bathing and moonlight strolls she conducted solely in your company?" "That's right.

Do you remember our strolls in the morning along the oak-tree walk?

Here meet the young and the gay, fashion displays its gaudiest colors, and lovers take their "moonlight strolls.

He often watched the troops of nursemaids and children whom he met during his afternoon strolls.

He strolls about to markets and fairs, where he mounts on the top of his shop, that is his bank, and publishes his medicines as universal as himself; for everything is for all diseases, as himself is of all placesthat is to say, of none.

Should you spy, as he strolls across some flowery umbel, a scarlet beetle peppered with black dots,the stroller take, but spare his strolling-ground.

In the meantime, Paris of the boulevards, the elegant and fast-living Paris, lounges, strolls, and smiles.

But now this dreary day had shut his door and put an interdict upon strolls across the grass.

On one of his long strolls through the downtown section of the citydaily walks which helped him to think connectedlyDavid Carroll felt a hand on his arm and heard an eager feminine voice in his ear: "Gracious goodness!

In the evening they often took pleasant strolls together or sat and chatted in a beautiful park near their future home.

She did not need to consider the hay-strewn floor and her clothes; for although she wore a very tasteful and becoming costume, it was one she had selected with reference to barn explorations, field strolls, and anything rural and dusty which any one else might be doing, or might propose.

Someone strolls at Brighton, not very much incog.

Mr. Prentiss sits in a chair with an umbrella over his head, and pulls up a weed now and then, and then strolls off with a straw in his mouth; he also drives off sometimes on foraging expeditions, and comes back with butter, eggs, etc., and on hot days takes a bath where a stream of cold water dashes over him; "splendid" he says, and "horrid" I say.

His friend has business in the city, and so our poet strolls off to the Park, and takes a turn in the Mall with his hat in his hand, prepared for an adventure or a chat with a friend.

Don Andrés alone was successful in amusing the child, with his tales and his strolls through the orchards, picking flowers for him, making whistles for him out of reeds.

The captain in all his strolls invariably felt attracted by the famous Cannebiere, that engulfing roadway which sucks in the entire activity of Marseilles.

As Toni lacked occupation during this enforced idleness, he accompanied him many times on his strolls.

He has a bundle of cheques, drafts, &c., in his hand, and after a few words with the grave senior at the desk, strolls across to the bank.

This seems to be one of the greatest pleasures of the labourer, noting the growth of a cabbage here, and the promise of potatoes yonder; he does not work, but strolls to and fro, discussing the vegetable prospect.

When the battle is over, he strolls calmly back to the cowherds' tents.

In his strolls through the Cathedral Gabriel greatly admired the screen before the high altar, a wonderful work of Villalpando, with its foliage of old gold, and its black bars with silvery spots like tin.

By taking frequent strolls about the premises, including of course the quarter and stock yards, during the evening, and at least twice a week during the night, you will put a more effectual stop to any irregularities than by the most severe punishments.

He does not appear, like the Leprechaun, with a purse in one of his pockets, but with his hands in both of them, and a dudeen (short pipe) in his mouth, as he lazily strolls through lonely valleys making love to the foolish country lasses and "gostering" with the idle "boys."

And she was heartsome as the lark's song up the blue lift, and of late was never to be found in those two hours when my mother kept her room at mid-day, and was over-fond of long afternoon strolls down the river-bank or away in the woods by herself.

1898 examples of  strolls  in sentences