126 examples of strong-minded in sentences

I am no advocate of the practices of the 'strong-minded women,' who hold their conventions and public meetings, who unsex themselves by mounting the forum, and, throwing off the retiring modesty of the true woman, seek to secure notoriety at the price of popular contempt.

I'll be cussed If I'm a-going to stand such pesky bother From you strong-minded gals.

"Well! sweet wolfs in lambs clothin," said I, puttin on one of my shrewed expreshuns, "you look as if you was a lot of, so-called, strong-minded femails, who was up to snuff, but, in an endevor to scratch somebody bare-boned, you'd lost your footin, and tumbled slap-bang into a coal-hole.

"I wondered that a strong-minded man like Dr. Whewell could tolerate such trappings for a moment; but it is said that he is rather proud of them, and loves all the etiquette of the olden time, as also, it is said, does the queen.

There is no man so strong-minded but what he may find a stronger-minded man than himself to give him counsel; no man is so noble-hearted but what he may find a nobler-hearted man than himself to keep him up to what is true and just and honourable, when he is tempted to play the coward, and be false to God's Spirit within him.

It is courageous of Mr. HOWARD to place on record his apparent belief that a total absence of the three "R's" and any number of "h's" cannot debar a strong-minded daughter of the slums from the higher rungs of the histrionic ladder.

A strong-minded man, like his brother Sir James, may be improved by an English education; but in general they will be tamed into insignificance."

enterprising, adventurous; venturous, venturesome; dashing, chivalrous; soldierly &c (warlike) 722; heroic. fierce, savage; pugnacious &c (bellicose) 720. strong-minded, hardy, doughty; firm &c (stable) 150; determined &c (resolved) 604; dogged, indomitable &c (persevering) 604.1. up to, up to the scratch; upon one's mettle; reassured &c v.; unfeared^, undreaded^. Phr. one's blood being up; courage sans peur

There was a momentary silence; for Di finely illustrated her strong-minded theories by crying like the weakest of her sex.

Strong-minded woman!

"I want your advice, Simon," said this strong-minded old lady, in a hard, clear voice.

Sorry am I to betray this weakness of Aunt 'Viny's,sorry to know how many strong-minded, intellectual, highly educated and refined women will object to this mean and jealous sentiment in a woman of like passions with themselves.

Once you are tied up with a party, you can only avoid second-handedness, taking over views ready-made, if you are very strong-minded indeed.

" "Don't mind going to the Museum alone, I suppose, and crossing ferries, and riding in the Park, and being out after dark?" "No; I'm not afraid of things," replied the strong-minded young lady; "ask Prudy if I am.

She wrote the book with intense delight, and its strange, weird-like scenes and charactersthe home in the forest; Dolman, the poor woodcutter; Cinda, his tall and strong-minded wife; Nidworth, their first-born; wandering Hidda, boding ill-luck; the hermit; these and all the restseemed to her, for a while, almost as real as if she had copied them from life.

" "I guess we won't quarrel about that," said the old woman, so immensely relieved that she was almost resigned to the prospect of a Schulze, a strong-minded Schulze and a practicing female doctor, as a daughter-in-law.

So there arethose especially who are taught to think it very "unfeminine" to be "strong-minded" enough to be independent, who deem it a fearful thing to bend mind or body to work for their own living, asserting, with an unwitting sarcasm, that "papa" or "husband" is the responsible head of the house, and that it is his business to supply their wants.

Jane was high-minded, also strong-minded; her hair was very thin and very straight, a fact for which she was sternly and devoutly thankful.

The countenance of the new year was harsh, rugged, and gloomyas of a stony-hearted, strong-minded new year, that had no idea of making his wintry aspect pleasant, or brightening the gloom of his infancy with any deceptive gleams of January sunshine.

Female persuasion: six strong-minded women.

To be sure, there are thousands of other attractions, which, if you are strong-minded, you can leave alone, but these things I have enumerated you will find that you cannot live without.

The right man must be strong-minded and masterful, and must have a will of his own; but he must be strong-minded always for good.

In view of this remarkable piece of feminine strategy, our strong-minded women in America must admit that their Siberian sisters show greater ingenuity in obtaining their rights and throwing dust in the eyes of their lords and masters than has yet been exhibited by all the Women's Rights Associations in Christendom.

Meanwhile the American strong-minded female understood herself, it is to be charitably hoped, but understood herself alone.

The best-dressed persons are not always those who are led blindfold by the prevailing fashion, nor by any means those who are strong-minded enough to defy it, and set it at nought.

126 examples of  strong-minded  in sentences