11 examples of studying abroad in sentences

He was a graduate of the University and had studied abroad.

The officers of some of the universities, as Tübingen, for instance, are very particular in enforcing all the rules, inquiring of the applicant, whatever be his age or nationality, whether he has a written permission from his parents to study abroad and in their university, whether he has the money necessary to pay the debts he may contract, and such other minute questions as will strike an American especially as particularly impertinent.

"You are an artist?" "I had just completed my three years study abroad when mother's illness brought me home.

She wrote them during the last year of my study abroad."

Backward from that day when he had for the first time set his face toward the hills, his mind traveledalmost from day to dayuntil he stood, again, in that impoverished home of his boyhood to which he had been summoned from his studies abroad.

They are introducing universal military service in Paraguay; the officers, many of whom have studied abroad, are growing to feel an increased esprit de corps, an increased pride in the army, and therefore a desire to see the army made the servant of the nation as a whole and not the tool of any faction or individual.

There she gained a prize which entitled her to study abroad during four years.

Yet the supply never failed; the colleges flourished; and those who returned diffused around them not only learning but the urbanity and refinement which were a striking fruit and mark of their studies abroad.

In the last-mentioned year he obtained leave of absence to travel on the Continent, and for four years he pursued his studies abroad, mastering the French, Spanish, and Italian languages.

Don't you know how you always said, if you could study abroad a bit, what good it'd do you?

He had been compelled to forego for himself as a student the highest university training, and afterward to win such position as the world accorded him without the prestige of study abroad.

11 examples of  studying abroad  in sentences