391 examples of stupefied in sentences

It was by the side of the "Weapons-laid-down" tope that Buddha, having given up the idea of living longer, said to Ânanda, "In three months from this I will attain to pari-nirvâna"; and king Mâra had so fascinated and stupefied Ânanda, that he was not able to ask Buddha to remain longer in this world.

They seemed rather sunk too low in body and mind,too stupefied and spiritless, to follow the example of the manufacturing districts; above all, they were too ill-informed.

"It is not enough to debase them; they must be so stupefied that they wish to be debased.

Messer Bongiano and other knights, with whom I was conversing, were stupefied, one fled hither and another thither, loud shouts filled the building, and the hands of friends of the Pazzi and Salviati all held gleaming weapons....

Selkirk remains stupefied, overwhelmed.

By this time I had wholly recovered my consciousness, but remained silent, stupefied by the extraordinary scene.

The rest of the company remained as if stupefied.

Imagine to yourself what a sight it was, all of us standing round, pale, stupefied, without a word to say!

For a moment I felt more bewildered and stupefied than pleased.

"I have often thought," she wrote to a friend, "that while so stupefied by sickness I should not be glad to see my own mother if I had to speak to her."

It is a dreadful shock to us all, and I feel perfectly stupefied.

I either am stupefied by ill-health or sorrow, so as to feel no interest in anything, or am absorbed in whatever business, work or pleasure I have on hand.

Long before five, the stupefied survivors stood slowly recovering their faculties of speech and motion.

At a moment when everything trembles before the approaching horror, crouches in terror almost stupefied, faith alone has no fear; it defies, and rings a bell.

In the meantime the carriage was prepared, to which they were obliged almost to carry Venetia, feeble and stupefied with grief.

One wakes up the heart and viscera and leaves the brain stupefied, one gets at the brain champagne fashion, and does nothing good for the solar plexus, and what I wantand what, if it's an earthly possibility, I mean to haveis a stimulant that stimulates all round, that wakes you up for a time from the crown of your head to the tip of your great toe, and makes you go twoor even threeto everybody else's one.

These my brothers that are to procure fruits and roots and the deer (of the forest) are stupefied with grief arising from their afflictions and on account of the distress of Draupadi and the loss of our kingdom!

And men like unto thee are never stupefied, on the accession of poverty or an affliction overtaking their friends, through bodily or mental uneasiness!

And it was a time of apathy, acquiescence, stupefied incredulity; a time of dull faith in destiny, duller resignation.

While we remained almost stupefied on the spot, Mr. Fannen said that he heard the cannibals assembling in the woods, on which we returned to our boat, and having hauled alongside the canoes, we demolished three of them.

Stupefied, Legionaries and Arabs alike, stared silently under the vague gleam of the torches.

But Rama, stupefied, stood stock still where he was stricken, and stared, till his eyelids stiffened, at the desolate hut, at the desolate hearth.

He was evidently becoming stupefied by the deadly chill, which struck through the heaviest furs, and which was constantly making insidious advances from the extremities to the seat of life.

The vaquero crossed himself in stupefied alarm.

" "And Cecil!" "Cecil is too much stupefied to know anything about it.

391 examples of  stupefied  in sentences