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401 example sentences with  stupefied

401 example sentences with stupefied

Not a soul but was stupefied at this new way of managing matters; they had never known anything like it before.

We stared stupefied, our thinking power blurred by the incessent whirl of motion and noise.

* * * * * About an hour later, when the pain had somehow become stupefied, he lit a cigarette, ashamed of his emotion even to himself, and rang.

An exclamation came from Kelson as he saw the object which Morriston indicated, and he turned with a stupefied look to Gifford.

This he regarded with a supreme contemptuous calm which stupefied me.

It was by the side of the "Weapons-laid-down" tope that Buddha, having given up the idea of living longer, said to ร‚nanda, "In three months from this I will attain to pari-nirvรขna"; and king Mรขra had so fascinated and stupefied ร‚nanda, that he was not able to ask Buddha to remain longer in this world.

Blood?" said Bill, stupefied by the suggestion.

He was too stupefied to act.

" "The woman I love?" echoed Donnegan, stupefied.

Naturally slow of movement on land, he stood for an instant stupefied.

Astonished and frightened at what they had seen, they stood as if stupefied.

Night, spotted with stars, like a black leopard, crouched once more upon Bumsteadville, and her one eye to be seen in profile, the moon, glared upon the helpless place with something of a cat's nocturnal stare of glassy vision for a stupefied mouse.

The men were crowded into a senseless, stupefied mob, their faces blanched with horror and dripping with sweat, too terrified, many of them, to reload their firelocks.

For the next five minutes the Cardinals remained utterly stunned, silent, and stupefied with amazement.

There, in the falling darkness, the sight that met my eyes at the spot held me rigid, appalled, stupefied.

I smiled at her in return, but it was a strange smile, I fear, for with the knowledge of that additional mystery within methe mystery of the woman lying unconscious or perhaps dead, up in the woodheld me stupefied.

For a moment I stood utterly stupefied, yet as I looked I saw the Baron, in a paroxysm of rage, shake his fist in the dead man's face, and cry with a fearful imprecation: 'You hound!

His slanders found the readier credence in the mind of the youthful sovereign as he was completely stupefied by an uninterrupted course of debauchery.

Try your drunkard's bragging on stupefied boys, but not on me!

Upon the bed, or about it, were assembled his wife and two daughters, and poor deaf Richard, his son, looking doubly stupefied.

And when he had left her, this innocent lady was so stupefied with wonder at her lord's untrue suspicion of her, that a weight-like sleep came over her, and she only desired her attendant to make her bed, and to lay her wedding-sheets upon it, saying, that when people teach their babes, they do it by gentle means and easy tasks, and Othello might have chid her so; for in good faith she was but a child when she was chidden.

And then to him or to her, it didn't matter which, "Good-bye, dear good Mr. Pitmanhasn't it been nice after so long?" II Julia floated even to her own sense swan-like awayshe left in her wake their fairly stupefied submission: it was as if she had, by an exquisite authority, now placed them, each for each, and they would have nothing to do but be happy together.

They seemed to be stupefied.

It required some effort, stupefied and tottering as he was with the effects of wine and the pleasures of the night, to say to Ditcar: "Go back to thy King, and tell him from me that my land was never his, and that I owe him naught of tribute or submission.

It was not Morange who answered; he was stupefied by the blow.

And towards midnight, while they were chatting together in undertones, they were suddenly stupefied at hearing Seraphine raise her voice, after preserving silence for three hours.

Mathieu was equally stupefied and delighted, and on noticing the surprise occasioned by the arrival of the two big brothers from Paris, he proceeded to explain the position.

They seemed rather sunk too low in body and mind,too stupefied and spiritless, to follow the example of the manufacturing districts; above all, they were too ill-informed.

' CHAPTER XVII: THE VALLEY OF THE SHADOW OF DEATH Let us pass over the period of dull, stupefied misery that followed, when Lancelot had returned to his lonely lodging, and the excitement of his feelings had died away.

The young man whose name was Felix appeared almost stupefied.

His father looked from Merton to him, and from him again to Merton, with a guilty and stupefied scowl, still holding the smoking pistol in his hand.

The master, ma'amthe master is gone with the Frenchwoman; they went in the traveling coach last night, ma'am; he is gone away with her, ma'am; that is all." Mrs. Marston looked at the girl with a gaze of stupefied, stony terror; not a muscle of her face moved; not one heaving respiration showed that she was living.

He woke as they crossed the threshold, woke and looked at her in a stupefied fashion.

Stafford sat, his head still upon his hands, as if her were half stupefied.

Ida looked at him half stupefied, and it is to be feared some doubts of his sanity arose in her mind.

They remained stupefied, stranded as it were, in the midst of a torrent, which deafened them by its roaring, but might not move them by its violence.

M. Dupin remained for some moments stupefied, bewildered and speechless.

The magistrates stare, stupefied.

M. Odilon Barrot, motionless in a corner, maintained the silence of stupefied silliness.

On seeing me cross the courtyard the porter looked at me with a stupefied air.

Some regiments seemed stupefied.

They left the corpses lying on the pavements, wild-looking, livid, stupefied, with their pockets turned inside out.

The French camp is in this crater, stupefied, affrighted, starting up from sleeping,a funereal swarming.

" After the arrival of the commission and soldiers from England, the hanging went on at a brisk pace, and Mrs. Price had lived like one stupefied on board the Despair, not daring to go ashore.

The boys who had been "corded" managed to change their positions somehow, and stood where they had got upon their feet, holding themselves together, and the girls and younger children sat stupefied in the positions they had held when coming down the hill, from the throats of the latter going up the lively wail referred to.

In the spelling contest, he had stupefied his fellow students by nimbly rattling over such words as "megatherian," "stupendous," "zoological aggregation," and the like.

So imbruted and stupefied by slavery was this old woman, that she seemed to think the selling her boy away from her a perfectly humane, Christian and proper act, while all her indignation was turned against me, who had merely afforded the boy an opportunity of securing his freedom!

For a moment he stood, stupefied, jaw fallen and mouth open.

She was stupefied to hear her own question.

At this onslaught Lulu was stupefied.

" "What miracle?" faltered Smith, stupefied.

He clapped on his monocle, and glared gleefully at the stupefied young man.

Without volition, without effort, there shot into the memory of this bewildered, staggering, half-stupefied man the one thing which could have saved himthat blind eye of which the Master's son had spoken.

said Peter, stupefied.

The stupefied faculties can hardly be aroused by any appeal.

He waited until his master was in bed, and too deeply stupefied with liquor to heed what was passing, and then came to the place appointed.

Uncle John trembled with nervousness; Arthur was mentally stupefied; the Major alone was calm.

Mr. Loram directed a stupefied gaze at the witness, and in the ensuing silence a plaintive voice came from the bench: "Is the point material?" "Certainly, my lord," replied Mr. Loram.

He seemed stupefied thunder-stricken.

I say the singularity of this coincidence absolutely stupefied me for a time.

He stopped, stupefied, distracted, on seeing that his wife was crying.

She felt suddenly stupefied with fatigue.

"Will you ask Mr. Lord if he will see me for a moment?" Mrs. Bangs was stupefied at the request, for, in her time, scarcely a single caller from the village had crossed the threshold, although there had been occasional visitors from Portland or Boston.

One is stupefied voluntarily.

He made no reply, but seemed like one stupefied; and it was only through the eloquence of one of his friends, M. Ramond, that he was saved from the impeachment with which Guadet and Vergniaud openly threatened him for quitting the army without leave.

She had never stirred since she had heard of the princess's death, but had stood rooted, as it were, to the ground, stupefied and speechless with horror and anguish.

The princess had been old enough to baffle the utmost malice of her questioners; and the boy had given short and plain replies from which nothing to suit their purpose could be extracted, till they forced him to drink brandy, and, when he was stupefied with drink, compelled him to sign depositions in which he accused both the queen and Elizabeth of having trained him in lessons of vice.

We closed our ranks like sheep, treading on the dead, stupefied, and continuing firing.

At the moment when the gunner, accepting this frightful hand-to-hand conflict, challenged the cannon, some chance rocking of the sea caused the carronade to remain for an instant motionless and as if stupefied.

I had been so young when I left my native place that it is doubtful whether, even in daylight, I should have recognised the countryside, but now in the darkness, half stupefied by my adventures, I could not form the least idea as to where we were or what we were making for.

The opium looks like treacle, and the smokers are haggard and stupefied, except at the moment of inhaling, when an unnatural brightness sparkles from their eyes.

She stopped, nevertheless, a while to laugh at them, as they all turned their stupefied faces hither and thither; then suffered them to pass her in a blind thunder of pursuit; and so, gently following at her leisure on the same road, took her way towards the East.

"The princess turned as pale as death at this story, and for a while remained stupefied.

I shook him, but he seemed stupefied.

The sisters sat in speechless surprise, while Mr. Wharton was stupefied; but the captain sprang into the middle of the room, and exclaimed, as he tore off his disguise, "I believe you from my soul, and this tiresome imposition shall continue no longer.

To reverse the rod, to spell the charm backward, to break the ties which bound a stupefied people to the seat of enchantment, was the noble aim of Milton.

Both mother and daughter had been stupefied and frightened by the boldness of the daughter's initiative, by her amazing, flaunting disregard of filial decency.

My Dear-, We are actually settled in a West Indian country- house, amid a multitude of sights and sounds so utterly new and strange, that the mind is stupefied by the continual effort to take in, or (to confess the truth) to gorge without hope of digestion, food of every conceivable variety.

Some of the Indians forced their way out; but many of them, stupefied at what they saw, and losing heart, were captured and bound.

Paralyzed with fright and uncertain what to do in the presence of such a phenomenon, I remained for a time stupefied, trembling like a person poisoned with mercury, but after a while recovered myself and, thinking that it was a vain illusion, tried to divert my attention by reading the second word.

He had consulted with Seรฑor Pasta, and Seรฑor Pasta had left him stupefied and confused, after advising him to do a million contradictory and impossible things.

The youth was stupefied.

apathetic; leuco-^, phlegmatic; dull, frigid; cold blooded, cold hearted; cold as charity; flat, maudlin, obtuse, inert, supine, sluggish, torpid, torpedinous^, torporific^; sleepy &c (inactive) 683; languid, half-hearted, tame; numbed; comatose; anaesthetic &c 376; stupefied, chloroformed, drugged, stoned; palsy-stricken.

He has stupefied his senses by living in a moist climate, according to the poet, Boeotum in crasso jurares aรซre natum.

He had supposed that some accident had happened, that some one had fallen, and he stood stupefied at what he sawhis mother on the chair, her arm still in the air, while Martine had withdrawn to one side, and Clotilde, very pale, stood waiting, without turning her head.

Then, on returning to the kitchen after a moment's absence, Clotilde and Pascal were stupefied to see Martine sitting at her table, picking some sorrel for the breakfast.

Then she stood still, stupefied with amazementthe burning tobacco had been scattered in the fall, and the cloth of the trousers had caught fire, and through a hole in the stuff, as large already as a hundred-sous piece, she saw the bare thigh, whence issued a little blue flame.

When she saw them both stupefied with grief she took charge of everything; got the ticket, registered the baggage, and installed the traveler in a compartment in which there were only ladies.

Ida seemed at first stupefied with astonishment and terror.

A story for a magazine, which it was imperative should be finished to-morrow, appealed to her already partially stupefied brain.

On hearing this, the young merchant presented me a cup of wine, and I drank it off; then the cup moved in such quick successive rounds, that in a short time all the guests in the assembly became inebriated and stupefied; I also became senseless.

For a moment Beharilal stood stupefied, then all the heroism that was in him spent itself at once.

"Stupefied, the pedant closed his mouth, and opened his eyes.

he exclaimed, stupefied by the revelation of his own lack of discernment, he who had prided himself on his acuteness, especially as to women.

To the English prelate the scene that he saw, on emerging at last into the open space in the middle, protected by the ancient yewseven though he should have been prepared for it by all that he had already seensimply once more dazed and stupefied him.

He referred to the offensive on the Somme, and said, "You may well be proud of your young soldiers; they are excellent soldiers, much superior to the Germans in every way, a most admirable infantry; they attack the Germans hand to hand with grenades or with the bayonet and push them back everywhere; the Germans have been absolutely stupefied to find such troops before them."

While we remained almost stupefied on the spot, Mr. Fannen said that he heard the cannibals assembling in the woods, on which we returned to our boat, and having hauled alongside the canoes, we demolished three of them.

It refers to the sacrifices made by the Khonds to the God of War, the victims of which, both male and female, are often bought young and brought up for this special purpose: "For a month prior to the sacrifice there was much feasting and intoxication, with dancing round the Meriah, or victim ... and on the day before the rite he was stupefied with toddy and bound at the bottom of a post.

His daughter still looked on with open mouth, like one stupefied.

Stupefied, Legionaries and Arabs alike, stared silently under the vague gleam of the torches.