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268 examples of  stupidly  in sentences

268 examples of stupidly in sentences

For, who has not seen the nervous, pious, anxious cleric, stupidly labouring to acquire even a sufficient intention before beginning his hours?

He had been trying to think out a plan of action, and finding nothing better than to thrust a gun stupidly under Landis' nose and make him mark time, Donnegan went into Lebrun's place.

I spent at Palmanova in charge of an Artillery fatigue party which was helping the Ordnance to load and unload ammunition, and from August 2nd to 10th I was in charge of another working party of gunners at Versa, a fly-bitten, dusty little village, which our medical authorities had stupidly selected as a site for a Hospital, though there were many suitable villas in more accessible and agreeable places not far away.

"Which one is the larger?" Without in the least understanding what his friend was driving at, and stupidly wondering if he ever had noticed any difference in Joe's ears, J.W. stared with inane bewilderment.

I went out, holding stupidly the candle in my hand in the calm, frosty air; we were soon at the gate.

King had brought her here; King must take her safely back to the world which she had forsaken so stupidly.

"Downawaysafe." "No, back to them," he answered stupidly.

In the fulness of his heart he even brought out the latest Argus and read parts from his obituary of Douglas, while I stood stupidly striving to realize what I had long known must be true.

Will you let yourself be led blindfold by the first guide that offers, or run stupidly after the crowd without asking whither they are going?

We were forced to wait several days; the barometer always, stupidly enough, wanting to fall, until on the third day of the moon it slowly began to rise, and gave us hopes for a start on the following morning.

How did you get this necklace, that meant so much to me (and to one I love), and how did you hide theother thing?" "I don't know anything about this necklace," I answered, stupidly, "I didn't bring it.

And it is a perpetual puzzle to him why the public, which applauds his imperfect predecessor, stupidly fails to recognise his own obvious improvements.

" He gazed at her stupidly.

Fairyfoot went towards the hut, driving the swine before him, and suddenly he saw the swineherd come out of his house, and stand staring stupidly at the pigs.

"Somebody is a-trying to jump yore ranch, and if you'll lemme talk to him I can find out who it is." "Whohow?" said Miss Dale, stupidly, for, what with the fright and embarrassment engendered by her father's condition the true significance of Racey's remark was not immediately apparent.

"'Kick you for?'" Racey repeated, stupidly.

Thus Racey, stupidly.

Still a shock it undoubtedly did give me, and for a second or so I stood there staring stupidly at her like a man who has suddenly lost the use of his limbs.

Instinctively he dashed upstairs and, following his wife into their bedroom, stood by her side gaping stupidly at a pair of legs standing on the hearthstone.

Some are exalted,their feet spurn the earth, their heads are in the clouds; some pugnacious, walking about with a chip on the shoulder; others are stupidly happy,their faces wearing a sickly smile that becomes painful to look at; others again, like you, melancholy as a wailing tenor in the last act of 'Lucia.'

I fired a random shot from the saddle to encourage the dogs, and shouted to them; they, however, stood looking stupidly around, and would not take up his scent at all.

It has, nowadays, lost its reputation, owing to its being often stupidly cut down too early.

"No, I haven't told you," she repeated, stupidly.

In my eagerness to bag a 'rhino' I quite forgot the interdict, and fired an Express bullet into the shoulder of the animal, as he stood broadside on, staring stupidly at me.

They are very clever work-people, but they pass their Sundays and holidays stupidly enough.

I looked at them, stupidly.

I stupidly overlookd your proposal to meet you in Green Lanes, for in some strange way I burnt my leg, shin-quarter, at Forster's;* it is laid up on a stool, and Asbury attends.

For a moment I lay there, wondering stupidly whether something had happened to my eyes or whether I had come suddenly into the light of day.

" "'Tis blasphemy though, to be sayin' it to folks that can't understand," she muttered to herself as she left the room, "ef blasphemy means what Mis' Kinney sez it does, to speak stupidly.

At that moment our friend Crusoe, tired of tormenting his mother, waddled stupidly and innocently into the midst of the crowd of men, and in so doing received Henri's heel and the full weight of his elephantine body on its fore paw.

The one who had poked the rag from the window was a crow-cock named Garm Whitefeather; but he was never called anything but Fumle or Drumle, or out and out Fumle-Drumle, because he always acted awkwardly and stupidly, and wasn't good for anything except to make fun of.

" "You've brought her back to us," I said stupidly.

I say quite frankly that I admire the workmanlike way the Japanese go about their soldierly duties, but it is impossible to ignore their stupidly studied arrogance towards those who are anxious to be on terms of peace and amity with them.

Lord Spencer also called just before they came to congratulate him, but I stupidly did not think of asking him to stay.

Why it seemed an eternity; and even in that moment his companion was wondering, half-stupidly, how Mr. Ryfe would look with his throat cut, or his head laid open, weltering in blood; and when and where it would be advisable to put this finishing stroke of murder and perfidy to the crimes he meditated to-night.

It would be a stupidly wise world; there would be no sins, and, very possibly, no virtues; instead of "Everything happens," it would be "Nothing happens.

All through the work of fire-fighting Greaser Josรฉ was everywhere about the house, flinging buckets of water through the windows into the red furnace within; his wife and the two children stood stupidly, staring, dumb.

He stood in the centre of the room, stunned, staring stupidly around him.

McNamara sat propped against a rock, a clumsy, dirty bandage around his thigh; Isaacs lay prone, a stained rag twisted tightly around his shoulder; Lovel sat with his legs crossed, staring stupidly down to the steady drip of blood from his left forearm.

" "Cats?" said Rudolf, staring stupidly at the pirates.

She stared at him stupidly, while her limbs trembled beneath her.

" Faith stared at him stupidly for the space of a second, then the full situation dawned slowly upon her.

In spite of her high opinion of her own cleverness and knowledge of people, how stupidly steeped she had been in the childish, idiotic American tradition of entire disinterestedness in the relations of men and women.

" Tignol stared stupidly, scarcely taking in the words.

" "Boat!" echoed Max Tack stupidly.

The first had grinned stupidly; the second had drawn her shawl across her face, the third asked for tea!

" While I was stupidly staring at this announcement, he whipped out a big clasp knife, and in a few minutes fashioned me a practicable crutch.

In the first place, I could never have explained to him what I meant, and in the second, he would have laughed stupidly at me if I had.

It has been stupidly borrowed from the Oriental nations, who use no knives and forks, and where, though it has this apology, it has always excited the disgust of enlightened travellers.

" The Chinaman stood looking stupidly about for a minute before placing his basket on the floor, then dropped it with a jar which rattled the few dishes within and scuffled out of the door.

He is almost stupidly not interested in the mysteries of material fact, nor in the riddles and great dramatic movements of history, indifferent to any form of beauty, and pedantically devoted to the pettiness of games and clothing and social conduct.

Twenty-one livin'and me on the sands!" He wondered stupidly how he had done it.

Great Taylor stared stupidly.

and I hear you and my mind knows, but my heart hasn't sensed it yetI can feel it now going stupidly along singing its old happy song of hope and gladness, while all this is going on here outside.

I could not resist so facile and moderate demand: so scribbled out another, omitting sundry things, such as the witch story, about half the forest scene (which is too leisurely for story), and transposing that damn'd soliloquy about England getting drunk, which like its reciter stupidly stood alone nothing prevenient, or antevenient, and cleared away a good deal besides ...

Very stupidly we had not seen to our ski shoes beforehand, and it took a good half-hour to get them right; Wilson especially had trouble.

"II kissed you," he said stupidly.

Her breakfast next morning was served by Mabel Turpin, the elder daughter, a stupidly good-natured girl, who would fain have entered into conversation.

I was there for the recovery of this stone, having heard that it was in a cellar,which, stupidly enough, I had insisted should be a wine-cellar.

So stupidly ignorant was I in the ways of balls that I did not realize that we should be practically alone, or I would have remained glued to the ballroom.

I finished the knot at last, and then said, stupidly: "I have an idea I should return to my worthy guests down-stairs,'" Antony smiled.

Instead of attempting a reply, Stepan smiled good-humouredly and stupidly; and Dolly, after a flow of passionate reproaches, rushed from the room.

Farther down, on the same side, Goblin stood staring stupidly and beyond were the heads of the three brothers, Sans Pareil, Sans Peur and the famous Sans Souci who could clear seven feet of timber (and now was lame.)

Queer little luminous shapes danced through obscurity like the names from the kerosene torches around the bulletin; her ears still vibrated with the hoarse alarm of the voices; through her brain sounded her brother-in-law's words about Steve, repeated incessantly, stupidly.

He turned stupidly and opened the door, making his way out into the night.

Yudhisthira stupidly agrees and wagering first his kingdom, then his brothers and finally his wife, loses all and goes again into exile.

Peter de' Medici, son of Lorenzo de' Medici, the father of the Muses, was feebly and stupidly, though with all the airs and pretensions of a despot, governing the republic of Florence.

His head swung stupidly, swaying like a dazed bull's.

[a little stupidly].

They returned to the table, at which the chief burgomaster still sat, gazing stupidly at the wine-cup.

Would one think it was possible (at a Time when an Author lived that was able to write the 'Phรฆdra' and 'Hippolitus') for a People to be so stupidly fond of the Italian Opera, as scarce to give a Third Days Hearing to that admirable Tragedy?

He drew back still farther, and stood looking stupidly at the two girls.

The skipper dropped his arms by his side and stared at him stupidly.

A dull, tired voice had just said feebly: "Is Sir Marmaduke de Chavasse within?" Charity jumped up from the chair and stared stupidly at the speaker.

And Sir Marmaduke appeared absorbed in the contemplation of his left shoe, whilst Adam Lambert repeated stupidly and vaguely: "Fifteen thousand pounds a year?

" The men and women looked on, stupidly staring, not understanding yet, what new tragedy had suddenly taken the place of the old.

Squire Boatfield, almost paralyzed with astonishment, had murmured half stupidly: "Adam Lambert ... dead? ...

Donovan stood gazing stupidly at Quigley.

"Too bad your horse fell," he remarked stupidly, gathering up the handful of shavings he had whittled from a piece of pine board.

It was a forty-feline-power hurricane, while it lasted; and drops of perspiration trickled down my nose on to the chicken, at which I sat stupidly staring.

Some little crack, or unseen worm-hole, would keep one still, while its companion would pop off, away from it; some would take flight together, and land in like manner, without ever parting company; these were to go some long way off; some never moved from where they began, but burned up, stupidly and peaceably, side by side.

And somehow, there was that in the man's eyes which made me think, there and then, that he was not reflecting on any murder that he had done, but was sullenly and stupidly angry with himself.

Self, and after self a friend; the rest may go to the devil; and be sure that when any man is more stupidly vain and outrageously egotistic than his fellows, he will hide his hideousness in humanitarianism.

" I stand stupidly silent.

Talk of the earth moving round the sunhe himself the while stupidly stock-stilllet them believe it who like; is not he now placidly sailing through the turquoise sea?

"'The Last Days of Pompeii,'" say I, stupidly, and yet laughing again; not because I think my witticism good, which no human being could do,

exclaim I, stupidly.

I either keep walking restlessly to and fro, or I sit by the casement, while the cold little wind lifts my dusty hair, or blows against my hot, stiff eyes; or I stand stupidly before the glass; bitterly regarding the ruins of my one night's fairness.

Humanity has increasingly upset this balance of nature, ignorantly and often stupidly, without pausing to determine the resultant changes.

With the Comte de Falloux, the episcopal style, so stupidly handled by the prelates, recruited new strength and in a manner recovered its masculine vigor.

In painting, one now beheld a deluge of silliness; in literature, an intemperate mixture of dull style and cowardly ideas, for they had to credit the business man with honesty, the buccaneer who purchased a dot for his son and refused to pay that of his daughter, with virtue; chaste love to the Voltairian agnostic who accused the clergy of rapes and then went hypocritically and stupidly to sniff, in the obscene chambers.

And now, stupidly enough, when I try to recall exactly the steps that led up to the catastrophe, I find it difficult to see things clearly.

He was stupidly, foolishly afraid to look within.

If they confer perfection like an academic degree at St. Agathaโ€™s, thenโ€”โ€ I had never felt so stupidly helpless in my life.

An elaborate doll seemed the red-and-white and stupidly-staring Euphemia.

Them the strapping lass in charge seized roughly, and at the risk of dislocating their little limbs, tossed into the air and caught, one on each of her own robust arms, and carried them off stupidly irritatedfor want of a grain of humorat the good-natured laugh this caused, and looking as if she would like to knock their little heads together.

* It may possibly enter into the mind of some one of those who never enjoyed the privilege of knowing Mrs. Browning the woman, to couple together the stupidly calumnious insinuations to which she refers in the first letter I have given, with the admiration she expresses for the third Napoleon in the second letter.

#bรชtement#, stupidly.

It is stupidly worded, but the meaning is obvious.

On the estate there is a bad smell, and bad taste; the trees are planted anyhow, stupidly; and away in a remote corner the lodge-keeper's wife all day long washes the guest's linenand nobody sees her; and the owners are allowed to talk away whole days about their rights and their nobility.