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1151 examples of  sturdiest  in sentences

1151 examples of sturdiest in sentences

may establish an alibi or two, Shylock and the public-school system meet over and melt that too, too solid pound of flesh, and Xantippe, herself the sturdier man than Socrates, give ready, lie to what is called the shrew in her.

On the right you see the sturdy and iron-hearted oak, while on the left you behold the modest and be-utiful ellum.

Neddy scrambled up after him, finding some help from a stunted but sturdy old apple tree that grew against the wall.

" Said Beltane, slow and thoughtful: "There be many outlaws within the green, wild men and sturdy fighters as I've heard.

Little by little, amid all these hostile forms, he seemed to recognise a certain pair of legs that went on just before: sturdy legs, that yet faltered now and then in their stride, and, looking higher, he saw a broad belt whose edges were notched and saw-like, and a wide, mail-clad back that yet bent weakly forward with every shambling step.

But in my place they had set up one Tostig, a sturdy rogue and foul, who ruleth by might of arm and liveth but for plunderand worse.

Hereupon came two sturdy rogues who, lifting the dead betwixt them, bore her to the edge of the silent pool.

Now his sturdy brains were clearing.

It was for Spain, France, and England to contend for the possession of this vast region, and to prove by the result of the struggle which kind of civilization was endowed with the higher and sturdier political life.

[Footnote 9: See Judas Maccabaeus Liberates Judea, page 245.] Had Alexander even at the moment of his greatest strength directed his forces westward instead of east, he would have found a different world and encountered a sturdier resistance.

Paul passed through the ranks of his retainers, himself a head taller than the tallest footman, a few inches broader than the sturdiest keeper.

"Let the Dutchman have the reward of his sturdier frame and steadier nerves!

So it came that Johnny, a sturdy and pretty reliable youth of his years, was left in charge of things, with strict injunctions to take good care of the baby.

Here we had occasion to remark that "It's a stupid foal that doesn't know its own mother," as one pretty little thing would persist in following our steeds, until a sturdy "paysanne" turned it back.

Now, seeing her distress, Adam all sturdy loyalty that he was, must needs sigh in sympathy, and fell, once more, to twisting his hat until he had fairly wrung it out of all semblance to its kind, twisting and screwing it between his strong hands as though he would fain wring out of it some solution to the problem that so perplexed his mistress.

Liberty lives only in the life of just principle; and as the weight of an elephant could not be sustained by the skeleton of a gazelle,as, moreover, the bones must be made stouter as well as longer,so must a vast body politic be permeated by a sturdier element of justice than is required for a diminutive state.

Even where there is, one would think, no necessity for it, as in the conversation of Sophomores, sporting men, and reporters for the press, a dialect is forthwith partly invented, partly suffered to grow, and the sturdy stem of original English exhibits a new crop of parasitic weeds which often partake of the nature of fungi and betoken the decay of the trunk whence they spring.

I hope I should have prevailed with him to omit or soften his assertion, that 'a Scotsman must be a sturdy moralist, who does not prefer Scotland to truth,' for I really think it is not founded; and it is harshly said.

Boswell a second time (ante, ii. 311) returns to Johnson's assertion that 'a Scotchman must be a very sturdy moralist who does not love Scotland better than truth; he will always love it better than inquiry.' Works, ix.

The sturdiest assailant was Charles Churchill.

Even as he sent it out into the darkness, he seemed to see the sturdy, eager little figure that had never failed to answer that summons with delight racing headlong towards him over the dim, dewy lawn.

He was a sturdy little fellow, ten years old, Irish, dirty, ragged; but he had honest, kind gray eyes, and a smile which ought to have sold more baskets than he could carry.

The American elm betrays something of both; yet sometimes, as we shall see, puts on a certain resemblance to its sturdier neighbor.

He was a stout man, with a round, bald head, short, sturdy legs, and a deep voice,a weighty voice on 'Change, though, as its owner well knew,the more, perhaps, because it dealt chiefly in monosyllables.

And there, as Mr. Godwin is about to enter, there confronts him Peter, that sturdy Puritan hireling of old Simon's.

They came out presently hand in hand, a little girl of five in a blue tam-o'-shanter cap, a pale pink frock, and a white pinafore, and a boy of three, the merriest, most sturdy little fellow I thought I had ever seen.

he said, patting my hand with his strong, sturdy little fist.

And as he stood there looking at the various placards in the window, an old gentleman, a sturdy old fellow in broad-skirted blue coat, happened to stop too.

In Florence the sturdy king bestrides his horse here.

Beyond the sturdy lighthouse that shows itself a dazzling white against the hot blue of the heavens commence the innumerable gullies.

Cyrensis describes him, a [206] sodomite, an atheist, (so convict by Anytus) iracundus et ebrius, dicax, &c. a pot-companion, by [207]Plato's own confession, a sturdy drinker; and

I do anatomise and cut up these poor beasts, to see these distempers, vanities, and follies, yet such proof were better made on man's body, if my kind nature would endure it: who from the hour of his birth is most miserable; weak, and sickly; when he sucks he is guided by others, when he is grown great practiseth unhappiness and is sturdy, and when old, a child again, and repenteth him of his life past.

Never mind; it is no nosegay, certainly as a whole: but did you ever see sturdier, rosier, nobler-looking children,rounder faces, raven hair, bright grey eyes, full of fun and tenderness?

At first we rode through thickets of scrubby cedar, but soon came to magnificent pine forests, that grew taller and sturdier the higher we clomb.

But when the fact was communicated to Peter Hofmeister, the sturdy bailiff swore fifty harsh oaths at the impudence of the knaves, at the carelessness of their keepers, and in honor of the good cause of justice in general.

How little music has to do with one's state of mind, may be seen from the fact that in his weak and complaining despair, he composed one of his sturdiest works, "Kampf und Sieg."

The majority of religious beggars in India belong to brotherhoods of this kind, and are the sturdiest and best-fed men to be seen in the country, especially in time of famine.

And the stouter and sturdier they are, the worse it is for them; they think they can do anything, and they do it.

Bishop Horsley, one of his sturdiest opponents in controversy, said, 'the patriarch of the sect is fled.

* One of the sturdiest little books in my friend's library is a thick-set, stumpy old copy of Richard Baxter's "Holy Commonwealth," written in 1659, and, as the title-page informs us, "at the invitation of James Harrington Esquire,"as one would take a glass of Canary,by invitation!

Children were less used than in tobacco and cotton production, and the men and women, like the mules, tended to be of sturdier physique.

Finally a still greater glut of labor might come, and indeed had occurred in various countries of Europe, carrying wages so low that only the sturdiest free laborers could support themselves and all the weaker ones must enter a partial pauperism.

The sturdiest frame, shaken by the blows of the sledge, then betrays emotion, and tears of penitence are at that moment almost always seen to fall.

The Furness estates covered many a square mile of Berkshire, and fifty sturdy yeomen dismounted before Furness Hall at the hour named by Sir Henry.

The delay which their sturdy resistance had made saved the city.

Rasula and six of the sturdiest men prepared to continue the journey to Aratat, transporting the chests.

Such trees are much stronger and sturdier than those that grow in a sheltered forest.

There was, therefore, in his nature a certain want of the sturdier, harder, and more robust elements of character, which, though commonly manifesting themselves in connection with self-assertion and partisan zeal, are indispensable to the man who, in any large and political way, would take hold of practical circumstances and work a purpose out of them.

We rather think of his sturdy character as having been forged into its final form through the fiery furnace of fierce struggle, as hammered out under the blows of difficulties and disasters, and as pressed beneath the weight of the nation's burdens, until was at last produced the finely tempered nature of the man we know, the Lincoln of history,

Here was a typical Alaskan, a sturdy trailsman, touched by the tender, pitiful things of life, just like a little boy that hasn't had time to become hardened.

Just behind was Pete Bernard, a sturdy French Canadian, trying to hold his uncontrollable, half-wild huskies, who were jumping and making sudden lunges toward any strangerman or dogthat wandered near; and especially toward the Yellow Peril, who was a free lance in the expedition, and as such was particularly irritating to those in harness.

It made no difference that one driver was the son of a Scotch Earl and one of a Scandinavian Peasantthey were both men in the eyes of all Alaska; and they were both, with their sturdy dogs, saluted as victors in this classic of the snows.

And Baldy, who now saw the world through different and more friendly eyes, learned that even the Woman was not wholly lacking in a certain sense of discrimination as she had proved when she had felt the muscles of his sturdy body and spanned the width of his broad chest with unqualified approval.

They were, one and all, sturdy, intelligent, and spirited; with the stamina of their wild forebears, and the devoted nature of those dogs who have for generations been trained to willing service and have been faithful friends to their masters.

Fallen boulders and innumerable mud-slides constantly forced us to get out and walk, while the sturdy little horses tugged the carriage through places where the near wheels were frequently within a few inches of the broken edge of the road, while far below Jhelum roared hungrily as he foamed by the foot of a sheer precipice.

For a minute we held our breath as one of the near wheels lipped the edge of the chasm, but the thing was judged to an inch, and in due time the sturdy chestnuts, the two ekkas, and all the luggage were assembled on the right side of what proved to be the last of the really bad slips.

" Robert looked at the sturdy young figure and the eager eyes, and he knew that the Indian lad would not be denied.

"No," said the Doctor, "this sturdy bird lays eight or ten white eggs with brown spots.

He is a small, sturdy man, with a big head, of a uniform, dull tint, as if it were carved out of a not very successfully boiled chicken.

With M. de Choiseul disappeared the sturdiest prop of the Parliaments.

The effort to do so should be made by our spiritual leaders, and when made will result in a sturdier and more thoughtful religion.

When the German cruisers bombarded Scarborough and the Hartlepools, the first to the station were not the finest and sturdiest.

My own idea is that England is fighting for it in this struggle; and starting unready against a foe which was ready, as the free peoples always have done, she was fighting for time and experience before she could strike her sturdiest blows.

o' sturdier days not easy scared, An' the same moon thet this December shines Starts out the tents an' booths o' Putnam's lines; The rail-fence posts, acrost the hill thet runs, Turn ghosts o' sogers should'rin' ghosts

The feeling with which every Texan and Arkansas bully and assassin regarded a Northern mechanica feeling akin to that with which the old Norman robber looked on the sturdy Saxon laborermust be changed, by showing the bully that his bowie-knife is dangerous only to peaceful, and is imbecile before armed citizens.

420 Suspicion ripened into dread; Yet with deliberate action slow, His staff high-raising, in the pride Of skill, upon the sounding hide, He dealt a sturdy blow.

Mike began to whistle a jig tune, his sturdy brown legs twinkling the while in time to the measure.

His brawny arms and manly chest are scored By frequent passage of the sounding string; Unharmed he bears the midday sun; no toil His mighty spirit daunts; his sturdy limbs, Stripped of redundant flesh, relinquish nought Of their robust proportions, but appear In muscle, nerve, and sinewy fibre cased.

So, when dissevered from its parent stalk, Some falling blossom of the jasmine, wafted Upon the sturdy sun-flower, is preserved By its support from premature decay.

To him thou goest, and about his neck Soon shalt thou cling confidingly, as now Thy favourite jasmine twines its loving arms Around the sturdy mango.

There was no use, as all the sturdier part of Kate knew, in holding back from the future.

Sturdy, enduring, ingenious, and light-hearted, they possessed a spirit capable of adapting itself to any emergency.

Then, when he had made all ready, our sturdy cook dished the stew into a great wooden platterrabbits, partridges, scraps of dried flesh, bits of bacon for flavoring, fresh eggs, vegetables in handfuls, all covered with a dainty-smelling sauce, deftly compounded of milk, gravy, and red wine.

As a specimen we may take a passage in which the author deliberately followed Tasso, Celia's narration of her adventure with the centaur: There, to a sturdy Oak, he bound me fast And re-enforct his base inhumane bonds With the then danglinst Tresses of my hair; Ingrateful hair, ill-nurtur'd wicked Locks!

After telling how she was seized and carried to 'the middle of a desart wood,' Celia proceeds: There, to a sturdy oake, he bound me fast, Doubling my bonds with knots of mine own hayre; Ungratefull hayre, thou ill returnst my care.

(1535) Another statute against sturdy vagabonds and "rufflers found idling after being assigned to labor," and already having their ears so slit, are punishable with death.

The year of the statute against fraudulent conveyances, and of another poor law, with provisions for the punishment of "rogues, vagabonds and sturdy beggars," who are defined to include those going about the country "using sybtyll craftye and unlawfull Games or Playes ... Palmestrye ... or fantasticall Imaginacons....

In 1539 the attempt to do without popular legislation is shown in the act already referred to, giving royal proclamations of the king and council the force of law, a definite attempt at personal government which might have resulted in the establishment of an administrative law fashioned by the executive, had it not been for the sturdy opposition of the people under weaker reigns.

" "Yes, the sturdy elements of the natural constitution of the English people have vindicated their liberty against all constitutional violations of it; and while I cordially detest them, one and all, there isn't another nation in Europe that I am willing to be descended from.

The exhausted Peck leaned against the sturdy guardian of the law and sighed.

The sturdiest swains who could be found were chosen to make the need-fire.

He was a small, sturdy, rubicund creature, with beady eyes and pink cheeks, cherubic in aspect, entirely good-natured and lively, full of not very exalted humour, and with a tendency to wild and even hysterical giggling.

He pointed out to me to-day how the most southerly of the trees, exposed as it was to the full force of the wind, grew lower and sturdier than the rest, and how as the trees progressed towards the north, each one profiting more by the shelter of his comrades, they grew taller and more graceful.

" Don Guillermo's sturdy little mustang bore him into the court-yard, shaking his stout master not a little.

"I'd do anything, sacrifice anything, to see him as well and sturdy as he looks there!"

VILLIERS, CHARLES PELHAM, reformer, brother of the Earl of Clarendon; bred to the bar; entered Parliament; M.P. for Wolverhampton, which he represented to the end; was an advocate from the first, and one of the sturdiest, for free trade and poor-law reform, and had a marble statue raised in his honour at Wolverhampton before his death (1802-1898).

Then there are the regimental babalogue, the soldiers' children, sturdiest and toughest of Anglo-Indian urchins,affording, in their brown cheeks and crisp muscles and boisterous ways, a consoling contrast to the oh-call-it-pale-not-fairness, and the frailness, and premature pensiveness of the little Civil Service.

He came from the sturdiest of Puritan stock, his father being of English and his mother of Scotch descent.

Amid the work of the household and the enjoyment that her three sturdy sons gave her, as they fairly adored their mother and did everything to cause her to forget the sorrowful past, gradually the deathly pallor of Mrs. McDonald's face and the lusterless eyes with their heavy black rings beneath them, gave way to red cheeks and the same brilliancy that were hers when she was yet the proud mother of baby Helen.

He was then in his best years, brown-haired, dark-eyed, rather short-necked, with a full strong beard, his intellectual face, an Elizabethan face, surmounting a sturdy body.

His rather outlandish clothes, pressed once for all when they left the shop of the provincial tailor, held his sturdy elbows and knees in bags moulded accurately to the capacious joints.

A sturdy noble of those days was Lord Grey of Groby, who opposed the King to the last, standing at the right hand of the redoubtable Colonel Pride at the famous "Pride's Purge," pointing out to him the Presbyterians whom the Ironside was to turn out of Parliament, in the thick of the crisis.

Then we turned to on the land of our neighbors, my time counting half, for I was sturdy and could swing the axe to a line, and felt a joy in seeing the chips fly.

Here was a sturdy young apostle without frills, but with a vigorous grip that left my hand tingling.

Removing his pipe, therefore, he rejoined on the Alderman, with that sort of freedom, that the sturdy Hollanders never failed to use to all offenders, regardless alike of rank or personal qualities.

Shaking the sturdy veteran cordially by the hand, he expressed his acknowledgments for his support in a moment so trying.

"Don't, Sedley," said a sturdy but more gentlemanlike lad of the same age, thrusting him aside.

Moll Owens, the hind's wife, a comely lass, was to nurse him, and they had him at once to her in the nursery, where was the elder child, two years old, Master Oliver, as you know well, Mistress Lucy, a fine-grown, sturdy little Turk as ever was.

"A sturdy squire of the country party," said the King.

The rest of the party consisted of Oliver and Robert, sturdy, ruddy lads of fifteen and twelve, and their tutor, Mr. Horncastle, an elderly man, who twenty years before had resigned his living because he could not bring himself to accept all the Liturgy.