1151 examples of sturdiest in sentences

may establish an alibi or two, Shylock and the public-school system meet over and melt that too, too solid pound of flesh, and Xantippe, herself the sturdier man than Socrates, give ready, lie to what is called the shrew in her.

It was for Spain, France, and England to contend for the possession of this vast region, and to prove by the result of the struggle which kind of civilization was endowed with the higher and sturdier political life.

[Footnote 9: See Judas Maccabaeus Liberates Judea, page 245.] Had Alexander even at the moment of his greatest strength directed his forces westward instead of east, he would have found a different world and encountered a sturdier resistance.

Paul passed through the ranks of his retainers, himself a head taller than the tallest footman, a few inches broader than the sturdiest keeper.

"Let the Dutchman have the reward of his sturdier frame and steadier nerves!

Liberty lives only in the life of just principle; and as the weight of an elephant could not be sustained by the skeleton of a gazelle,as, moreover, the bones must be made stouter as well as longer,so must a vast body politic be permeated by a sturdier element of justice than is required for a diminutive state.

The sturdiest assailant was Charles Churchill.

How little music has to do with one's state of mind, may be seen from the fact that in his weak and complaining despair, he composed one of his sturdiest works, "Kampf und Sieg."

The majority of religious beggars in India belong to brotherhoods of this kind, and are the sturdiest and best-fed men to be seen in the country, especially in time of famine.

Bishop Horsley, one of his sturdiest opponents in controversy, said, 'the patriarch of the sect is fled.

* One of the sturdiest little books in my friend's library is a thick-set, stumpy old copy of Richard Baxter's "Holy Commonwealth," written in 1659, and, as the title-page informs us, "at the invitation of James Harrington Esquire,"as one would take a glass of Canary,by invitation!

Children were less used than in tobacco and cotton production, and the men and women, like the mules, tended to be of sturdier physique.

Finally a still greater glut of labor might come, and indeed had occurred in various countries of Europe, carrying wages so low that only the sturdiest free laborers could support themselves and all the weaker ones must enter a partial pauperism.

The sturdiest frame, shaken by the blows of the sledge, then betrays emotion, and tears of penitence are at that moment almost always seen to fall.

Rasula and six of the sturdiest men prepared to continue the journey to Aratat, transporting the chests.

Such trees are much stronger and sturdier than those that grow in a sheltered forest.

There was, therefore, in his nature a certain want of the sturdier, harder, and more robust elements of character, which, though commonly manifesting themselves in connection with self-assertion and partisan zeal, are indispensable to the man who, in any large and political way, would take hold of practical circumstances and work a purpose out of them.

With M. de Choiseul disappeared the sturdiest prop of the Parliaments.

When the German cruisers bombarded Scarborough and the Hartlepools, the first to the station were not the finest and sturdiest.

My own idea is that England is fighting for it in this struggle; and starting unready against a foe which was ready, as the free peoples always have done, she was fighting for time and experience before she could strike her sturdiest blows.

The sturdiest swains who could be found were chosen to make the need-fire.

He pointed out to me to-day how the most southerly of the trees, exposed as it was to the full force of the wind, grew lower and sturdier than the rest, and how as the trees progressed towards the north, each one profiting more by the shelter of his comrades, they grew taller and more graceful.

VILLIERS, CHARLES PELHAM, reformer, brother of the Earl of Clarendon; bred to the bar; entered Parliament; M.P. for Wolverhampton, which he represented to the end; was an advocate from the first, and one of the sturdiest, for free trade and poor-law reform, and had a marble statue raised in his honour at Wolverhampton before his death (1802-1898).

Then there are the regimental babalogue, the soldiers' children, sturdiest and toughest of Anglo-Indian urchins,affording, in their brown cheeks and crisp muscles and boisterous ways, a consoling contrast to the oh-call-it-pale-not-fairness, and the frailness, and premature pensiveness of the little Civil Service.

He came from the sturdiest of Puritan stock, his father being of English and his mother of Scotch descent.

1151 examples of  sturdiest  in sentences