Do we say stylish or chic

stylish 141 occurrences

It has a stylish appearance, eh?" Mathieu then perceived a lofty modern pile, ornamented with balconies and sculpture work, which looked quite out of place among the poor little houses predominating in the district.

We had been in this new home so short a time he did not want it to be rumored that he whipped his slaves, he was so stylish and rich.

Mrs. Marmaduke was a well-preserved woman, stylish, worldly-minded, and weak.

Stylish carriages also rolled by during the afternoon, and at intervals a little green omnibus went its way at a slow jog-trot.

Without reflecting, without hesitation, he ran toward the house, and thanks to his stylish clothes and determined mien, easily secured admittance.

] I Mr. Peterson Fluker, generally called Pink, for his fondness for as stylish dressing as he could afford, was one of that sort of men who habitually seem busy and efficient when they are not.

Are THEY stylish?"

It might be more stylish, anyhow.

In her dowdy black and antiquated ornaments she was not what Undine would have called "stylish"; but she had a droll kind way which reminded the girl of her father's manner when he was not tired or worried about money.

But they both carry canes and wear tall silk hats, and part their hair in the middle, and look at you through the kind of big round eyeglasses with dark rims that would make you look awfully homely if they didn't make you look so stylish.

I wouldn't like to live with those glasses every day, even if they are stylish.

Sylvia had hoped fervently that the stylish Mrs. Hubert might see her in this brief apotheosis, and one day her prayer was answered.

Of all the faculty people who frequented the Marshall house, he and old Professor Kennedy were the only people whom Sylvia considered "stylish," and Professor Kennedy, in spite of his very high connection with the aristocracy of La Chance, was so cross and depressed that really his "style" did not count.

As she bounded down the steps and into her father's arms her flying skirts revealed a pair of long, narrow feet in stylish gray shoes and gray silk stockings exactly matching the rest of her costume.

"When I was a child, patching and darning was stylish.

Once, when he had a new suit of clothes, and stylish boots, the tops turned down with red, a young man of his acquaintance invited him to go home with him on Saturday evening and spend Sunday.

His overcoat was new, with a velvet lapel, and a stylish collar with turn-down corners, free of any coarse starchiness, had replaced the original all-round article.

The façade is stylish, in architectural fashion of half a century since.

An' Mary, she begins t' talk as if she'd bit her tongue, an' step stylish, an' hold up her dress like that, jest as though she was steppin' over a hot griddle.

But I would suggest, whether ostlers do not give their animals an extra quantity of oats on New Year's day, to make their action more stylish?" Mr. Overtop marked a quizzical expression in the widow's left eye, and was disgusted.

After proceeding two squares, they stopped in front of a stylish old mansion, and, after a furtive look up and down and across the street, ascended the steps, and opened the door.

He was tull, an had on a derby hat, an stylish black clothes.

That night when she said her prayers, she added a new petition, uttered with unwonted fervency: "And, dear Lord, please make us all very stylish.

" "You ought to have called a hansom any way," I said, "for they are a lot more stylish to go to a hotel in than in a four-wheeler.

Mrs. Locky was a handsome-looking lady, and wearing as stylish clothes as if she was a duchess, and extremely polite and respectful.

chic 112 occurrences

One recognizes the traditional womanly woman, petite and chic, who always marries the hero in stories.

Abigail had never been in such a chic place before.

[Fr.]; tour de force; chic.

[Fr.], in best bib and tucker, in Sunday best, endimanche, chic.

She was one of those women who remain trig and chic though they be slovens by instinct.

To-day they think it much more chic to hire a big barge and drive down to Esbly and have a rousing breakfast and dance in the big hall which every country hotel has for such festivities.

The waiter seemed a little surprised to hear it asked for, but it had been the only chic brand in 19.

And he summed up his enthusiasm with this affirmation: "I am fighting for France because it is a chic country.

No, war is not chic, Captain, no matter how much they talk of heroism and sublime things in the newspapers and books.

It seems that she is a chic woman,a species of lady from a novel.

"I know who she is: she is a spy who was an actress,a woman with a certain chic.

I'll tell you why, by Charles (Chic) Sale. Illus.

Chic chart reference for music teachers.



By Chic Young.

By Chic Young.

By Chic Young.

YOUNG, CHIC. Blondie, by Murat Young a.k.a Chic Young.

YOUNG, CHIC. Blondie, by Murat Young a.k.a Chic Young.

SEE Williams, Lida M. YOUNG, MURAT. SEE Young, Chic.


They think him so "chic," and he is.

No onenot even I, who so love themcould ever accuse the "piou- piou" of being chic.

It seemed so chic to travel with the consent of a big general.

Do we say   stylish   or  chic