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1115 examples of  subsides  in sentences

1115 examples of subsides in sentences

A ledge of rocks forms the lower boundary of the lake, through which the water, at some remote period, broke its way, and it goes roaring down rapids for three-quarters of a mile, then moves in a sluggish current across a plain of several miles in extent; then plunges down a steep descent for over a mile and a half to subside again into quiet, and move on with a sluggish current to plunge down the ledges again into Tupper's Lake.

These, on being put into water, rendered it cloudy like milk, and took many hours to subside.

The sensation did not subside.

"My qualities," he says, "were much more oratorical and martial than poetical; no one had the least notion that I should subside into poesy."

Having welcomed in its own existence, like the morning bird, with a shrill note of gladness, the infant ceases its cry, and, after a few short sobs, usually subsides into sleep or quietude. 2454.

When the eruption subsides, however, the face may be washed with elder-flower water, and the routine followed which is prescribed in the convalescent state of small-pox. 2543.

The tyrant passions all subside, Fear, anger, pity, shame, and pride, No more my bosom move; Yet still I felt, or seemed to feel A kind of visionary zeal Of universal love.

While, by the scene compos'd, the breast subsides, Nought wakens or disturbs it's tranquil tides; Nought but the char

An upper, called in Germany Keuper, which consists, atop, of the rich red marl, below them, of sandstones, and of those vast deposits of rock-salt, which have been long worked, and worked to such good purpose, that a vast subsidence of land has just taken place near Nantwich in Cheshire; and serious fears are entertained lest the town itself may subside, to fill up the caverns below, from whence the salt has been quarried.

When the river subsides, when its waters fall, the crop we more particularly grow is rice; there are, indeed, plains of rice, which occasionally yield two crops.

And, assuming that governments, like individuals, do not always display, while a dispute is in progress, that calmness of judgment and equipoise which are so consistent with righteous deportment, provision is made for the passion to subside and the blood to cool, by deferring the reference of such controversy to the Joint High Commission for one year.

I have often asserted, that I did not doubt but her conquests might be stopped by vigorous opposition, and that the current of her power, which had by artificial machines of policy been raised higher than its source, would subside and stagnate, when its course was no longer assisted by cowardice, and its way levelled by submission.

He urges economy in the household, and continues:'But the fury of housewifery will soon subside; and little effect will be produced, but by methodical attention and even frugality.'

In scarlet fever, this is by no means the case; and as little so in measles: the vomiting, indeed, subsides; but the cough, fever, and headach grow more violent; and the difficulty of breathing, weakness of the eyes, and, indeed, all the catarrhal symptoms, remain without any abatement till the eruption has all but completed its course.

" "Yesuntil the sea subsides a little or the devil gets tired and goes away and gives us a chance to escape.

The opposition against it from the so-called orthodox religious bodies keeps up a while, but after a little skirmishing, finally subsides.

But as you have talents, which he has not, (who, however, has, as I hope, that regard for morals, the want of which makes one of his objections to you,) I could wish it may not be owing to you, that your mutual dislikes to each other do not subside!

So, the storm subsides to calm; They see the green trees wave On the heights o'erlooking Grรจve.

" When Flora was in the boat, hand in hand with her new friend, and no one visible whom she had ever seen before, her excitement began to subside, but sadness increased.

At once their wrath subsides; tame as the lamb The lion hangs his head, the furious pard, Cowed and subdued, flies from the face of man, Nor bears one glance of his commanding eye.

Cara-cosmos, which means black cosmos, is made for the great lords, in the following manner: The agitation, as before described, is continued until all the lees or coagulated portion of the milk subsides to the bottom, like the lees of wine, and the thin parts remain above like whey, or clear must of wine.

[Sidenote: The flood subsides.]

The extreme violence of opinions subsides.

Li, however, avoided a meeting until Gordon's wrath had time to subside, and that treacherous act laid the foundation of his future fortunes.

For this reason if he has been praised, he leaves the theatre puffed up, but if he has been ridiculed, the swollen bladder has been punctured and subsides.

These are instances of over-development of the national idea, due either to some confusion between race and nationality, or to simple national megalomania, which usually subsides after a healthy humiliation, such as we suffered in England, for example, in the Boer War or as Russia suffered in her struggle with the Japanese.

But when the hard work of the day is done, and the stress of mind for a moment subsides, then the heart again claims its right, and the tender fingers of our memory gather up again the violets of joy which the guardian angel threw in our way, and we look at them with delight; while we cherish them as the favourite gifts of lifewe are as glad as the child on Christmas eve.

But among all these different feelings and thoughts that come upon me in the hour of my farewell, one thing is almost indispensable to me, and that is, the assurance that the sympathy I have met with here will not pass away like the cheers which a warbling girl receives on the stagethat it will be preserved as a principle, and that when the emotion subsides, the calmness of reflection will but strengthen it.

This range begins near the western suburbs of the city, where it is called "Marye's Hill," and sweeps round to the southward, gradually receding from the stream, until, at Hamilton's Crossing, on the Richmond and Potomac Railroad, a mile or more from the river, it suddenly subsides into the plain.

His enemies, royalists, Levellers, Anabaptists, and republicans, of every description, did not suffer the clamour against him to subside; and, to his surprise, a request was made[a] by some of the captains of another fleet collected at Portsmouth, to be informed of the object of the expedition.

"Come," added he, "let us create a dictator from whom there lies no appeal, and this madness, which has set everything ablaze, will immediately subside.

A gentle speech uttered to a man causes all his unruliness to subside, just as a harsh one provokes to anger even an easy-going person.

I hope the feeling will subside, however, in a day or two.

Their zeal, however, did not subside by the delay, for they escorted him to his house in great numbers.

When the light had increased, so that they could discriminate with greater certainty, and the Romans who survived the carnage had taken refuge in the citadel, the tumult now beginning to subside a little, Hannibal gave orders to assemble the Tarentines without their arms.

The chรขtelain waited; a moment for the little stir occasioned by the entrance of the prisoner to subside, when he pursued the inquiry.

The German Governments, which are mild and paternal, are fully aware of this and allow the utmost liberty of speech; well knowing that, thanks to that friend and ally of Legitimacy, tobacco, the romantic visionary and somewhat refractory youth will subside into a tranquil ganz alltรคglicher Mann and become totally averse to any innovation which demands the sacrifice of repose.

The smart of the disappointment caused by the non-appearance of Miss March was beginning to subside a little.

The intention of this valve is to prevent a vacuum from being formed accidentally in the boiler, which might collapse it; for if the pressure in the boiler subsides to a point materially below the pressure of the atmosphere, the valve will open and allow air to get in.

The piston in the small cylinder gradually subsides and closes the Venetians; and the rate of the subsidence of the piston may obviously be regulated by a cock, or, as in this case, a small screw valve, so that the Venetians shall just close when there is no more smoke to be consumed;the air or other fluid within the cylinder being forced out by the piston in its descent.

The oil is wiped from the wick by the projecting bridge at each revolution, and subsides into the cup from whence it proceeds to lubricate the crank pin bearing.

The music, the scenery, and the movement on the stage, were like a rich mist tempering the radiance that shot on her from every side, and giving her time to subside, draw breath, adjust herself to this new clear medium which made her feel so oddly brittle and transparent.

Bargrave subsides into his leather chair with a grunt, shuffles his papers, dips a pen in the inkstand, and looks over his spectacles at his nephew.

Worthy Dr. Johnson, who was not among the puzzled commentators on this occasion, suggests, very agreeably to common sense, that "Experience proves that any violent agitation of the mind easily subsides in slumber."

A short, ugly sea gets up very quickly after the wind begins to blow hard, and subsides with equal celerity when the wind goes down.

PHILEMON Let us, to the chapel wending, Watch the sun's last rays subside; Let us ring, and prayerful bending, In our father's God confide!

" Indeed, the whole district of the Cheviots, and the lower lines of swelling hills into which the land subsides as it nears the sea, is crowded with the memorials of an earlier race; from every hill-top and rocky height they speak with tantalising half-revelations of that race which the Romans found here when their galleys brought them to the land which was to them Ultima Thule.

No matter, he thinks the cause demands sacrifices; but he subsides, for the next fifteen minutes, into more moderate exercises, which he still makes immoderate by his awkward way of doing them.

It has certainly raised us in the estimation of other powers, if I may judge from the demeanor of their representatives here, and my own opinion is that as soon as the first excitement subsides it will operate favorably on the counsels of France.

After two days it happily began to subside, or I should of necessity have been obliged to resort to some place for relief, for we had, at one time, only four seamen to keep watch.

Successive order becomes in the ultimate simultaneous in this manner; the highest things of successive order become the inmost of simultaneous, and the lowest things of successive order become the outermost of simultaneous; comparatively as when a column of steps subsides, it becomes a body cohering in a plane.

COLUMN.Comparison of successive and simultaneous order to a column of steps, which, when it subsides, becomes a body ushering in a plane, 314.

At last, Hetty is got out of the way, Dinah comes to a clearer understanding of her feelings towards Adam, and Adam, on being made aware of this, is set on by his mother to make a successful proposal; but "quiet Mary Burge" subsides into a bridesmaid, and Seth, the "poor wool-gatherin' Methodist," is left without any other consolation than that of worshipping his sister-in-law.

Then, as suddenly as the storm had broken, it began to subside.

When brought to the boiling-point the steam is shut off, and the liquid subsides.

When riot ends, and comfort reigns, Right English comfortplayers Are fetter'd with no rhythmic chains French priests repeat French prayers.[10] When Palais Royal vice subsides, (Who plays there's a complete ass) When footpaths grow on highway sides Then!

One is to rub or wash off the coloring matter with water, allow it to subside, and to expose it to spontaneous evaporation till it acquires a pasty consistence.

The evil spirit being thus effectually banished, the mourning gradually subsides, blending into succeeding scenes of feasting and refreshment.

While the grave-diggers are filling up the grave, the friends, relatives, neighbors, and, in fact, all persons that attend the funeral, give vent to their sad feelings by making the whole pueblo howl; after the tremendous uproar subsides, they disband and leave the body to rest until Gabriel blows his trumpet.

"If you take a side channel," said the Hungarian officer we met in the Pressburg shop while buying provisions, "you may find yourselves, when the flood subsides, forty miles from anywhere, high and dry, and you may easily starve.

Let me have one bit of solid earth beneath my feet, and I can stand until it subsides.

It took some time for his rapturous greetings to subside, but finally he dropped upon the couch beside her, pressed to her, temporarily exhausted, but still wriggling spasmodically whenever her hand moved upon him.

The mournful horrors of the doleful night Melt every heart: ... and when the morning's beam Shews the sad scene, and gives an interview, Resentment, that worst torment of the mind, Resentment ceases, satiate wrath subsides.

This effect will continue while the wine is filled with bubbles of air, or as long as the effervescence lasts; but when the effervescence begins to subside, the sound becomes clearer and clearer, and the glass rings as usual when the air-bubbles have vanished.

Beyond this stream the path runs over low hills, which, however, subside into plains near the bay, where the low grounds are covered with water at high tide.

Meanwhile the waters would subside.

The fearful plunges, the wild bounds, the vicious attempts at biting, which ensue, are all in vain; in a couple of days he subsides into a mere high-spirited trotter, whom one can ride with ease after once effecting a mount.

The extreme violence of opinion subsides.

Then my aunt at last subsides, and seems to wreak the remnants of her anger on the dinner.

In his initial vision concerning the angelic horsemen he recognizes that the storms that have swept over the Persian Empire are beginning to subside, but he tells his fellow-laborers that, if they persist, Jehovah's temple shall be rebuilt and that the lands about Jerusalem shall again be sold to eager buyers, and the cities of Judah shall enjoy their former prosperity, for "Jehovah will surely comfort Zion."

Then after about two centuries the floods subside, the gloom disperses, and the Greek world emerges into view once more.

While these scenes past, the Frenchman only muttered between his teeth, and we were in hopes his passion would subside; but when our Ghost began his first speech to Hamlet, 'Mark me,' he replied, 'Begar, me vil marke you presently!'

It smokes unpleasantly now and then, splutters and rumbles as if about to obliterate all creation, but for all its bluster it only manages to spill a trickle or two of fresh lava down its sidesjust tamely subsides after deluging Leavitt with a shower of cinders and ashes.

Would the up-river breeze never subside and give them conditions that would be satisfactory to the meticulous referee? Deacon lurched heavily in his seat.

As soon as the water subsides and a footing can be obtained the Indians arrive in parties, to seek for the trees.

In those thin, helmet lids we spy, Veiling mild orbs, of changeful hue, Where auburn half subsides in blue! Lord Fauconberg, canst thou divine What is the curve, or what the line, That makes this girl, like lightning, send Looks of our long lamented friend?

As bubbles on the Ocean's breast, When gloriously calm, will rise; As shadows from o'er-clouded skies, Or some few angry waves may dance Nor ruffle that serene expanse; So lightly o'er my comfort glides Each adverse feelingso subsides Each discontentand leaves me blest!" NOTES.

When the son of Virtue met with defeat and when his wife, his brothers, his followers, and himself were all driven forth, and Duryodhana began to flourish, why did not the earth subside with all its hills?'" SECTION CXX "Satyaki said, 'O Rama!

When he can go no farther, the infant Krishna stretches out a foot, calms the river and the water subsides.

None, none to dry the falling tear, Or bid his pains subside.

External objects are requisite for them, even in a slight degree; and the momentary enthusiasm that is obtained by affecting their senses subsides with the conclusion of a favourite air, or the end of a gaudy procession.

External objects are requisite for them, even in a slight degree; and the momentary enthusiasm that is obtained by affecting their senses subsides with the conclusion of a favourite air, or the end of a gaudy procession.

So far from having any hopes at present, the rage for arresting seems, I think, rather to increase than subside.

A state of frenzy is abnormal and when it subsides the temperature not only goes back to normal, but as far below as it has been above.

At one time, no desire is felt but for military honours; every summer affords battles and sieges, and the world is filled with ravage, bloodshed, and devastation: this sanguinary fury at length subsides, and nations are divided into factions, by controversies about points that will never be decided.

First, the language respecting the universality of the flood is as strong as any that could be written: moreover it is stated that the tops of the high hills were all covered, and after the water subsides, the ark settles on the mountains of Armenia.

After many explosions, the duke's pent-up wrath found vent, and began to subside.

The opposition languishes; balls and assemblies begin; some master and miss begin to get together, are talked of, and give occasion to forty more matches being invented; an unexpected debate starts up at the end of the session, that makes more noise than anything that was designed to make a noise, and subsides again in a new peerage or two.

In the Italian sonnet and those modeled after it, the emotional feeling rises through the first two quatrains, reaching its climax at or near the end of the eighth line, and then subsides through the two tercets which make up the remaining six lines.

The extreme violence of opinions subsides.

Ef we say 'n our pletform thet all men are brothers, We don't mean thet some folks ain't more so 'n some others; An' it's wal understood thet we make a selection, An' thet brotherhood kin' o' subsides arter 'lection.

Beyond it, the coast assumes a low and treacherous character, and subsides into a deep bay, called by Captain King, not without reason, Disaster Bay. (*Footnote.

Our way thither lay over a sandy plain, into which the coast range of low hills subsides.

In Newbury, in that far-off time, a dozen families, perhaps, respectable for intelligence and morality, were zealous acceptors of the new ideas; and about these, to their great scandal, gathered the straggling, rude spirits and doubtful characters that lightly float on the wave of emigration, to be dropped wherever that subsides.

In the former case, the matter will soon subside; in the latter, it will rankle and perhaps convulse the State.

as he subsides into the next division of the ottoman to mine.

This renders the mind less inquisitive, plastic, and tractable; and deep systematic thinking is impracticable until this impulse subsides.

Today your friendship springs from compassion, but, when that subsides, might you not look on me as an inferior?" "Iola, you do not understand me.

When the flood subsides, however, a covenant is concluded and is sealed by the rainbow in accordance with which man's commission to rule over all other living things is renewed and divine permission is given to each to eat of the flesh of animals, provided only that men carefully abstain from eating the blood.

"So it is better to acquiesce till it subsides of itself.