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3511 example sentences with  succession

3511 example sentences with succession

It is related, that at the Council-table, when his Majesty, and his Royal Brother were both present, something concerning the succession was canvassed, when Shaftsbury, not in the least intimidated, spoke his opinion with great vehemence against the Duke, and was answered with equal heat, but with less force, by the then lord chamberlain.

From 1632 to 1637, these aids were frequent, and established a very plausible claim to the succession.

Our lives may be all a succession of romances, if we will make them so.

Then, with a succession of painful flashes, as if the pole of an electrical battery had been applied to my brain, memory returned,Margaret, Flora, Paris, delirium.

On the principle of legitimacy, she had a title to the throne superior to Elizabeth herself, and the succession of princes has ever been determined by this.

All that the English nation had a right to do was to set her succession aside because she was a Catholic, and would undo the work of the Reformation.

Yet scarcely a single woman by whom he was for a while enslaved retained her influence, but a succession of mistresses arose, blazed, triumphed, and fell.

Having done his work,the work, I think, for which he was raised up,he sets about the succession to his throne.

In Homer they are frequent, but Anglo-Saxon verse is too abrupt and rapid in the succession of images to employ the expanded simile.

(1399-1413), a descendant of John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, one of the younger sons of Edward III., and therefore not in the direct line of succession, was the first English king who owed his crown entirely to Parliament.

The setting aside of the direct succession in the case of Henry IV.

His greatest satire is Absalom and Achitophel, in which, under the guise of Old Testament characters, he satirizes the leading spirits of the Protestant opposition to the succession of James, the brother of Charles II., to the English throne.

His life was a succession of changing fortunes.

The contest with Spain was merged in the unprofitable war of the Austrian Succession (1740-1778), in which England participated.

"Ferocious hunter, who supposed there were so many wiles in your simple heart?" "Odd enough, there seemed to be a succession of warnings this evening.

A sharp, sobbing cry, striking the mist three or four times in rapid succession,hushing suddenly,breaking into shrieks like a frightened child's,dying plaintively down.

She plied the young man with two or three cups in succession of that fiery liquor, and I also bitterly swallowed half a cupfull at the importunity of the youth; at last, the shameless harlot likewise got beastly drunk, and took very unbecoming liberties with that vile youth; and the mean wretch also, in his intoxication, having become regardless, began to be disrespectful, and behave indecently.

And in this non-intercourse with the visible world there has been an apostolical succession, from Chittagutta, down to the Andover divinity-student who refused to join his companions in their admiring gaze on that wonderful autumnal landscape which spreads itself before the Seminary Hill in October, but marched back into the Library, ejaculating, "Lord, turn thou mine eyes from beholding vanity!"

History was to us a succession of facts; empire succeeding empire, and one form of civilization another, with scarcely more connection than in the scenes of a theatre;the great isolated fact of all being the existence of the Jews.

The similarity of the Indian languages points without doubt to a common origin, while their variety and immense number are indications of a high antiquity; for who can estimate the succession of years necessary to subdivide a common tongue into so many languages, and to give birth out of a savage or nomadic life to a civilization like that of the Aztecs?

His plans, wonderfully conceived, had been indifferently executed; a series of blunders, beyond his control, interrupted his combinations, and delay in important movements, added to the necessity of meeting two enemies at the same moment, destroyed the centralization on which he had depended for overthrowing both in succession.

This Church Constructant has a long apostolical succession of great men, and many nations are gathered in its fold.

When the Indian shot many fire-arrows up in rapid succession he was signaling to his friends that his enemies were too many for him.

Christian testimonies followed each other in rapid succession, interspersed by singing spiritual songs, for a full hour.

You can't get a Midway any too near the anthropological and ethnological sections; a cinematograph might be operated as an adjunct to the Fine Arts building; a hula-hula dancer would relieve the monotony of a succession of big pumpkins and prize squashes."

This is the first ridge, and from this on for fifteen miles is a succession of ridges, steep rocky hills, and precipitous declines.

Lexington Road from East Lexington to the Centre is a succession of historic spots marked by stones and tablets.

It is a physiological fact that the cells of the brain which first receive impressions from the outward organs of sense may be reduced to a condition of comparative inactivity by too rapid succession of sights, sounds, and other sensations.

p. 167], then 'She was a Phantom of delight,' [B] and finally the two sonnets 'To a Painter', should be read in succession as exhibiting the different phases of his affection to his wife."

The one which follows [A] is strictly a Reverie; and neither that, nor the next after it in succession, 'Power of Music', would have been placed here except for the reason given in the foregoing note."

As the guests arrived in rapid succession, the plebs pressed more and more forward, until at last some of the boldest stood within the threshold.

At this point Guglielmi's eyes exhibited a succession of fireworks; his long teeth gleamed, and he smiled a stealthy smile.

The six following advertisements I found in succession in the same paper, besides many more of a like character interspersed throughout the sheet.

The revolution has been marked throughout by a rapid succession of new depositaries of public authority, each supplanting his predecessor; what grounds have we as yet to believe that this new usurpation, more odious and more undisguised than all that preceded it, will be more durable?

In all ages of the world it has been attended with the least stability to the persons who exercised it, and with the most rapid succession of changes and revolutions.

That statement was correct; but he denied that, either in the letter or in the spirit of those treaties, or in any engagement or obligation entered into by Great Britain, there was conveyed a guarantee of the succession of any particular individual, or a guarantee of the existence of any political institution in Portugal.

Don John died, and the treaty was ratified; but no provision had been made for the succession to the crown of Portugal.

Don Pedro claimed the crown as king by succession, and determined on transferring it to his daughter, with the grant of a constitution.

To enter into any alliance with Brazil, with regard to the succession of the young Queen, would for various reasons, besides our proximity to Portugal, make England the principal in the war, and Brazil an inadequate sharer.

Lady Eleanor was duly united to Sir Andrew, and Walter Dixon, deprived of his bride and the succession to the Penford-bourne estate, determined to be revenged.

According to the custom which has descended from age to age among the monarchs of the torrid zone, the prince was confined in a private palace, with the other sons and daughters of Abyssinian royalty, till the order of succession should call him to the throne.

But he soon found that the lives of courtiers are a continual succession of plots and detections, stratagems and escapes, faction and treachery.

"The country consists of a succession of hills and valleys, the former for the most part well-wooded, and the latter fertile; with the climate mild upon the whole for so tropical a latitude.

In some cases a succession of cocks placed a short distance above one another are employed for this purpose, and in other cases a glass tube is placed perpendicularly in the front of the boiler and communicating at each end with its interior.

At a Coffee-house near the Temple, I found a couple of young Gentlemen engaged very smartly in a Dispute on the Succession to the Spanish Monarchy.

With eager interest we gathered about it as our master explained its operation while, with a click, click, the pencil, by a succession of dots and lines, recorded the message in cypher.

This has not been the policy of particular Administrations only, but of each in succession since the first attempt to carry it out under that of Mr. Monroe.

It is not denied that the suspension of the New York banks in 1837, which was followed in quick succession throughout the Union, was produced by an application of that power, and it is now alleged, in extenuation of the present condition of so large a portion of our banks, that their embarrassments have arisen from the same cause.

It was inevitable that, in the course of time, the new Marquise should come to understand the fundamental necessity of these things being as they were; and meanwhile the forbearance of her husband's family exercised itself, with the smiling discretion of their race, through the long succession of uneventful days.

Overhead the Russian balls sang in swift succession, sometimes knocking down a tent, sometimes throwing masses of earth into the air, sometimes bursting with a sharp detonation above them; and all this time the rain fell, and the mist hung like a veil around them.

The grocer had scarcely entered the gate when he was arrested by an appalling shriek, followed by a succession of cries so horrifying that he felt half disposed to fly.

Flash after flash followed in quick succession, and the enthusiast, who seemed wrapped in flame, extended his arms towards Heaven, as if beseeching a further display of its vengeance.

It was a painful contemplation, and yet not without deep interest, to behold the constant succession of patients, most of whom were swept away by the scourge in the course of a couple of days, or even in a shorter period.

The other companies followed in rapid succession.

Pictures, in succession or combination, it would be impossible to conceive, which more dolefully impress the mind with a sense of doom, dread, and mystery; yet every picture is in itself natural, and, while each adds to the intensity of the impression, each is in itself complete.

Scattered helter-skelter over an immense surface, cut up into scalene triangles, the oddity of its plan makes Washington a succession of surprises which never fail to vex and astonish the stranger, be he ever so highly endowed as to the phrenological bump of locality.

From the above propositions he concludes that Caspar was the legitimate child of princely parents, who was removed in order to open the succession to others, in whose way he stood.

Every one of us expected that it would create a sensation in the literary world; and we calculated upon, at least, a succession of reprints.

The snow was of just the right dampness to make snowballs, and a snow man, after all, is just a succession of snowballs, properly placed.

Mignonette was a plant of which Mr. Emerson was as fond as Roger was of sweetpeas and the girls decided to give him a surprise by having such a succession of blooms that they might invite him to a picking bee as late as the end of October.

Climb into one, and you are delighted with a succession of verdant floors spread around the trunk and gradually narrowing as you ascend.

Hastily snatching up these, I discharged the arrows in rapid succession, and killed both the deer; one of them I gave to the hunter, the other I prepared, and roasted a part of it for ourselves.

The following "announcement" is so characteristic and amusing, that we copy it verbatim et literatim:The author of "Whims and Oddities" has the honour of informing the public, that, encouraged by the popularity of the Ballads in the first and second series of that work, he intends to communicate a succession of similar vocal crotchets, to run alone without the help of an octavo.

But see what follows in swift and immediate succession.

If we cause a cord to vibrate in the water, we shall obtain a succession of waves, the velocity and size of which will be derived from the cord's size and the intensity of its action.

This succession of alterations forms a trace behind the obstacle, and in opposition to the line of the centers.

The succession of all these alterations will be found, then, upon a curve a'' d' d, whose first elements, on coming from the comet, will be upon the resultant of the comet's velocity, and of the propagation of the solar waves.

A succession of guests was constantly coming and going, and I still remember the daily drives over those grand old hills crowned with trees now gorgeous in rich colors, the more charming because we knew the time was short before the cold winds of November would change all.

During the six weeks that many of us remained in London after the convention we were invited to a succession of public and private breakfasts, dinners, and teas, and on these occasions it was amusing to watch Mrs. Fry's sedulous efforts to keep Mrs. Mott at a distance.

But she was so full of the magnetism of human love, giving the child, all the time, the most consoling assurance that the operation was to be a short one, that the whole proceeding was quite entertaining to the observer and seemingly agreeable to the child, though it had a rather surprised look as it took a bird's-eye view, in quick succession, of the ceiling and the floor.

The fair and the annual convention, coming in succession, intensified the interest in both.

But we had set the ball in motion, and now, in quick succession, conventions were held in Ohio, Indiana, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and in the City of New York, and have been kept up nearly every year since.

And it gives trouble then only if the succession of steps of change be infinitely divisible.

He perceives nothing, while running, of the mathematician's homogeneous time and space, of the infinitely numerous succession of cuts in both, or of their order.

Install yourself in phenomenal movement, for example, and velocity, succession, dates, positions, and innumerable other things are given you in the bargain.

But with only an abstract succession of dates and positions you can never patch up movement itself.

It is the general conceptualist difficulty of any one thing being the same with many things, either at once or in succession, for the abstract concepts of oneness and manyness must needs exclude each other.

In every crescendo of sensation, in every effort to recall, in every progress towards the satisfaction of desire, this succession of an emptiness and fulness that have reference to each other and are one flesh is the essence of the phenomenon.

The thirty-first of May has always been viewed in a very different light, for it was not easy to make the people at large comprehend how the succession of Robespierre and Danton to Brissot and Roland could be considered as a revolution, more especially as it appeared evident that the principles of one party actuated the government of the other.

Ricks of wheat and beans, each as large as a comfortable cottage, disappeared in quick succession through the fingers of the chattering, iron-ribbed giant, and came out in thick and rapid streams of yellow grain.

We set particular value upon this preservation of the traditions of philosophy, and upon this maintenance of a known perpetual succession among the speculative minds of humanity, with proper comparisons and contrasts.

The only time I got anything like partisanship out of him and two sentences in succession was when I mentioned the Harvard-Yale football game.

In the year 1717 an Act of Grace was passed in favour of those who had opposed the Hanoverian succession, as well as those who had been in open rebellion, but Mr. Prior was excepted out of it.

Let us suppose, further, that we do know more of cause and effect than a certain definite order of succession among facts, and that we have a knowledge of the necessity of that successionand hence, of necessary lawsand I, for my part, do not see what escape there is from utter materialism and necessarianism.

All phenomena are a succession of causes and effects.

R. [Footnote 1: of a] [Footnote 2: The death of Charles II of Spain, which gave occasion for the general war of the Spanish succession, took place in 1700.

At a Coffee-house near the Temple, I found a couple of young Gentlemen engaged very smartly in a Dispute on the Succession to the Spanish Monarchy.

I may select as examples, from comparatively recent legal history, the continuance of religious disabilities and the excessive punishment of ordinary or even trivial crimes; and, perhaps, I may venture to add, as a possible reform in the future now largely demanded by popular sentiment, some considerable modifications of the laws regulating the transfer of and the succession to landed property.

Such were the social conditions of the island when the death of Ferdinand VII gave rise to an uninterrupted succession of political upheavals, the baneful effects of which were felt here.

The story of an art is always the same,...a succession of abortive but ever strengthening efforts, a moment of supreme concentration, a succession of efforts weakening the final extinction.

The story of an art is always the same,...a succession of abortive but ever strengthening efforts, a moment of supreme concentration, a succession of efforts weakening the final extinction.

He was reading aloud"that is Aurore De Grap" At that moment he dropped the paper and blackened with wrath; a sharp flash of astonishment ran through the company; an instant of silence followed and Agricola's thundering voice rolled down upon Sylvestre in a succession of terrible imprecations.

He had a way of making some poor stumbler conjugate the same verb fifteen to twenty times in succession, so that the correct sequence might never again escape his memory.

He who had never known what it was to be sick, now developed disturbing symptom after anotherheadaches and colds and digestive troubles in endless succession.

One of the charges that have been made against the Imperial system is, that it is a stratocracy, a mere government by the sword, and that it must pass away with the Emperor himself, or be continued in the person of some military man; so that France must degenerate into a vast Algiers, and be ruled by a succession of Deys.

In one of his Sonnets he thus counts the years of human life by the succession of the seasons.

And soon the 'Magical Thimble,' the 'Magical Eye-glass,' &c., were read in succession, until I could not but exclaim, 'How pleasing is variety!'

There is a mediaeval story of a husband being asked by his wife to help her to the several parts of a fowl in succession, till nothing was left but the implement on which it had come in, whereupon the man determined she should have that too, and belaboured her soundly with it.

Walter La Vigne was dead, and the succession of Bellevue passed over the daughters of the house, to vest in a distant kinsman.

One of those terrific things that go far toward making the life of a pedestrian a nerve-racking succession of startles.