77 examples of succinct in sentences

Another means of acquiring succinct expression is to practice the composition of telegrams and cable messages.

" He stopped at my look, despaired, and became succinct.

[Hawkins himself elsewhere (in his "General Introduction") remarks:] As the piece which follows, called "The Return from Parnassus," is, perhaps, the most singular composition in our language, it may be proper to give a succinct analysis of it.

I shall now proceed to give a succinct account of what took place from April 14, when the new acts received the Royal sanction, to December, 1848.

It was a clear, succinct, and practical statement of common daily duties, and the principles upon which they rest.

According to the succinct definition of Jussieu,and that of Linnaeus is identical in meaning,a species is the perennial succession of similar individuals in continued generations.

As these works, however, are too numerous to be consulted by the layman, the writer has endeavored to present in succinct form the leading facts as to how the Negroes in the United States have struggled under adverse circumstances to flee from bondage and oppression in quest of a land offering asylum to the oppressed and opportunity to the unfortunate.

Theirs can have been no easy task at the outset, for it devolved upon them to lay down, in a succinct and practical form, leading principles for the guidance of future enthusiasts.

The policy of the United States in regard to the Indians, of which a succinct account is given in my message of 1838, and of the wisdom and expediency of which I am fully satisfied, has been continued in active operation throughout the whole period of my Administration.

" A popular clothier in New York, understanding this trait of his fellow-men, voices this same sentiment in his advertisement in this succinct way: "Seriously now.

In this picture there are no accessories to the figures, and the attendant angels are Tuscan lads half draped in succinct tunics.

But a perusal of Mr. Balfour's suggestive lecture on "Decadence" has put me upon making a very succinct diagnosis of the condition of the patient whose life and habits I have been describing.

In short, every fact bearing on the disposal of the dead; and correlative customs are needed, and details should be as succinct and full as possible.

There is, in many of our popular grammars, some recognition of the principles of this analysissome mention of "the principal parts of a sentence," in accordance with what are so called above,and also, in a few, some succinct account of the parts called "adjuncts;" but there seems to have been no prevalent practice of applying these principles, in any stated or well-digested manner.

"Livy and Herodotus are diffuse; Thucydides and Sallust are succinct; yet all of them are agreeable.

While making some researches in the evolution of women's rights, I was impressed by the fact that no one had ever, as far as I could discover, attempted to give a succinct account of the matter for English-speaking nations.

Above her knees she drew the robe succinct; Above her breast, and just below her arms.

" The nineteen propositions here announced contain a brief but succinct view of the progress of Freemasonry from its origin in the early ages of the world, simply as a system of religious philosophy, through all the modifications to which it was submitted in the Jewish and Gentile races, until at length it was developed in its present perfected form.

He had, not unnaturally, boundless confidence in his argumentative powers; they were subtle, piercing, nimble, never at a loss, and they included a power of exposition which, if it was not always succinct and lively, was always weighty and impressive.

The reader cannot fail to see the elements of a system of philosophy in this succinct statement, this outline to be filled up: "The principle of the system lies in the statement that there is in the world a universal formula which may be applied to all sciences, to all things possible: this formula is the trinity.

'What the blazes,' he began with affected unconcern, 'dae ye dae at a tea pairty?' 'Eat an' jaw,' came the succinct reply.

In this little volume the author, who does not give his name, has drawn together in a succinct compass the collateral information which will help to render the following pages more luminous and interesting.

" Mr. Mortimer's daughter came the next day to call on the relatives from Melcombe; she brought his step-daughters with her; and these young ladies when they returned home gave their step-brothers a succinct account of the impressions they had received.

We gave likewise a succinct account of the military establishment and religious observances of the natives, an enumeration of the articles of treasure we had transmitted to his majesty by our agents, and that we had sent over four natives, whom we had rescued from the cages at Chempoalla, where they were fattening for victims to the false gods of the country.

[Footnote A: For a succinct guide to whist, loo, vingt-et-un, speculation, &c., &c., &c., see Routledge's "Card-player," by G.F. Pardon, price sixpence.

77 examples of  succinct  in sentences