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498 example sentences with  succoured

498 example sentences with succoured

But instantly everyone began to talk of the May West and the Muckluck as though all along they had looked for succour to come up-stream rather than down.

Have you never seen a dog in a fight bite the hand of one who would succour him?" "Maybe, maybe," said the gentleman.

Ambrose to his feet and spake with eyes uplifted: "Now glory be to God, Who, in His mercy, hath made of thee a man, my Beltane, clean of soul and innocent, yet strong of arm to lift and succour the distressed, and therefore it is that you to-day must leave me, my well-beloved, for there be those whose need of thee is greater even than mine."

For O, dear my son, meseemeth that God hath raised thee up to succour these afflicted, to shield the weak and helplesshath made thee great and mightier than most to smite Evil that it may flee before thee.

Perhaps it is such as those, who have succoured human beings they knew not why, simply from a divine instinct, from the voice of Christ within their hearts, which they felt they must obey, though they knew not whose voice it was.

Spent all his credit for his friends; And only chose the wise and good; No flatterers; no allies in blood: But succoured virtue in distress, And seldom failed of good success; As numbers in their hearts must own, Who, but for him, had been unknown.

The Sun of Righteousness on me Hath rose, with healing in His wings; Withered my nature's strength, from Thee My soul its life and succour brings; My help is all laid up above; Thy nature, and Thy name, is Love.

The best cause had better seem to suffer a little by our reservedness in its defence, than any man be wronged by our aspersing him; for God, the patron of truth and right, is ever able to secure them without the succour of our unjust and uncharitable dealing.

For see, it is the history of a man who loved his family, who felt that family life was holy and God-appointed; whom God rewarded with honour and wealth, because he honoured family ties; because he refused his master's wife; because he rewarded his brothers good for evil; because he was not ashamed of his father, but succoured him in his old age.

One was praying; the other was the big, strong man who had first succoured the wounded traveler.

To be poor is to work for others, or to want the succour of others, without work.

The Spaniards, deprived of this assistance, harassed by the Austrians with perpetual alarms, and debarred by our fleet from the supplies which are provided for them in their own country, must languish with penury and hardships, being equally cut off from succour and from flight.

He succoured in turn the Dauphin of France, the King of England, the Templars of Jerusalem, the General of the Parths, the Negus of Abyssinia and the Emperor of Calicut.

I do beseech you, cousin, at some friend's, Or at your own house, for a week or two Give me some succour.

Ha! succour, say you?

and forsooth ye come, To have some succour here, because you sav'd My unthrift husband from the gallow-tree.

He purposed to crave such aid and succour from the Scots as would help him in his need, and made haste to get him to Scotland with all the speed he might.

Better to fight in the open at the risk of his body, than to starve behind walls, with none to bring succour.

All would have been lost were it not for those three thousand horsemen, who rode upon the Saxon in one mighty troop, bringing succour and help to the footmen when they were overborne.

Uther had no thought but to succour his city, and to rescue his friends who were shut within.

He tarried not to succour his own familiar friend.

The earl stubbornly refused to yield, for he awaited succour from the King of Ireland, whom he had entreated to his aid.

He cried to those who stood upon the wall asking why they purposed to defend the tower, since their lord was dead and his castle taken, neither could they look for succour in the realm, or from across the sea.

At Baldulph's tale the folk within the city despaired of succour, and knew not how to flee, nor where to escape.

With what men he might, Arthur came to Bath as swiftly as he was able, since he was resolved to chase the Saxons from before the gates, and succour the burgesses of his city.

Before Arthur passed across the body he cried aloud, "God aid, Saint Mary succour.

He came upon the king at Dumbarton, where he had brought succour to his nephew, Hoel of Brittany.

Might was theirs, and we were as the captive who sees no succour on the road.

Nevertheless so you see me in utmost peril and fear, come swiftly to my succour, nor let me find death at his hands."

He would have bestowed yet another buffet, but the Romans hastened to the succour of their fellow, and he dared not stay.

They were to watch diligently for the ambassadors, affording them succour, so they were beset.

At any price the Romans would rescue their captain, and the Britons were in the same mind to succour Boso in his jeopardy.

Lucius had chosen them from all their fellows, and laid his charge straitly upon them, to succour their comrades in their need.

Doubtless they had been utterly discomfited, and the captives wrested from their hand, had not Guitard of Poitiers drawn to their succour.

They ranged themselves beneath the golden eagle, and brought succour to the emperor at the moment of his utmost need.

Mordred fled through the night to London, where he hoped to find succour.

Nay, first I'll mount me on the winged wind, And fly for succour to the furthest Ind. Must I love Master Churms?

Even after Henry's party acquired the ascendant, and Lewis was in danger of falling into the hands of his enemies, it was Blanche of Castile, his wife, not the king, his father, who raised armies, and equipped fleets for his succour [o].

The letter shook her, arousing as it did the sharp sense of her indebtedness to Sarah Gailey, who alone had succoured her in her long period of despairing infelicity.

And so to go forward with my telling; for, though all this care were now taken, it had no force until afterward; and at this moment were those poor foolish youths out in all the danger of the Night Land, and no way by which they might be succoured, or called back; save that Fear or Wisdom should come to them quickly, that they cease from so wild an attempt.

And, in verity, I did mind now, how that she did look very beautiful in her bath, as I had gone to succour her from the snake; and I to be nicely wholesome in this remembering, because of my love, but yet to be knowing that I was sweetly stirred to new things; and did not know before that a maid lookt in the same moment so holy and so human.

But this danger to have been eased, because that the Watch Master did act very prompt, and set the great regiments of his men to keep back the Millions, and did send a signal abroad over all the Country, that there to be calmness, for that the Maid should be succoured.

Charles was not yet weaned from the expectation of succour from Ireland.

I cry'd for helpe, but none did succour me.

He looked unflinchingly to Allah for succour and protection, and his faith was justified.

Have you not made me miserable enough already?Despoiled of all succour and help, and of every friend, I am contented to be poor, low, and miserable, so I may live free from your persecutions.

But all is of a piece with the charge you bring against me of despoiling you of all succour and help, of making you poor and low, and with other unprecedented language.

We can get no relief, no comfort, no succour, Et nihil inveni quod mihi ferret opem.

Next morning Pacheco again attacked the Moorish ship, which at last yielded, to the great displeasure of the natives of Cananor, who had flocked to the seaside intending to have succoured the Moors; but, on Pacheco sending a few shots among them, they all dispersed.

On him he turned round with great fury, and while the Alban army shouted out to the Curiatii to succour their brother, Horatius by this time victorious, having slain his antagonist, was now proceeding to a second attack.

Let them bring succour and aid him; let them also avenge the wrongs done to them of old, the frequent slaughter of their legions, the robbery of their land.

Giles gave this place of succour, which he should have named after his companion, the commonplace name of Victoria Spring; and here the caravan rested for nine days.

As (if the Land were troubled) would with tears And knees beg succour from 'em: would that blood (That sea of blood) that I have lost in fight, Were running in thy veins, that it might make thee Apt to say less, or able to maintain, Shouldst thou say more,This Rhodes I see is nought But a place priviledg'd to do men wrong.

Some few there were who reached a friendly station, or were succoured and hidden by loyal natives.

and she herself badly wounded, escaping, however, from the murderers in a most providential manner, and finding shelter in the house of a friendly native, who had succoured her ever since.

Even Mary and Domingo hastened to offer their succour, and to weep with those that wept.

Upon which Paul flew to her succour, beat away the shepherds, filled Virginia's pitcher, and placing it upon her head, bound her brows at the same time with a wreath of the red flowers of the Madagascar periwinkle, which served to heighten the delicacy of her skin.

You will then be left alone without any person who can afford you much succour, and forced to labour without ceasing, in order to support your wretched existence.

As soon as the Saint Geran perceived that we were enough to give her succour, she continued to fire guns regularly at the interval of three minutes.

Place your happiness, as she did hers, in affording them succour.

Hennebon, when attacked by Charles of Blois, was defended by the Countess, and relieved by Sir Walter Manny, whom Edward had sent with a body of 6,000 archers to her succour.

I seek succour no more from oars and sails Safely accompanied by my loving Guardian!"

" "I have had a strange vision," replied Morgante, with a low voice was assailed by a dreadful serpent, and called upon Mahomet in vain; then I called upon your God who was crucified, and he succoured me, and I was delivered from the serpent; so I am disposed to become a Christian."

There was no doubt but that the Romans would carry succour to the Lucerians, as being good and faithful allies; and for this further reason, lest all Apulia, through apprehension of the impending danger, might go over to the enemy.

The lieutenants-general and tribunes, without being summoned to consultation, (for there was no room for either consultation or remedy,) assembled round the dejected consul; while the soldiers, crowding to the general's quarters, demanded from their leaders that succour, which it was hardly in the power of the immortal gods themselves to afford them.

Will they call to their succour an army from Veii, with Camillus at its head?

Marcellus, after bestowing high commendations on the Nolans, urged them to protract the business till his arrival by means of the same pretences; in the mean time, to conceal what had passed between them, as well as all hope of succour from the Romans.

At the same time that they delivered this intelligence, they entreated him to bring them succour, and repel that decided enemy of the Romans by land or by a naval force, since they were attacked for no other cause than that they lay over against Italy.

Cneius Scipio, setting out with a legion lightly equipped, in order to bring succour to his allies and the garrison, entered the city, passing between the two camps of the enemy, and slaying a great number of them.

He saw her as a frail, ill-succoured mother, wandering helplessly about the world.

But it went very much against her not to succour a deserted young one so far as she could.

He had also time to think how it would be with him afterwardif perchance he might not regret that he had not succoured her; or if people should some day learn of the meeting and that he had not tried to help her.

When I have received from the bookseller the price of my labour, I will not forget that you succoured me with a small coin in the time of my sharpest trial."

There was no doubt in my mind that the man I had succoured and the other one I had seen, were the convicts in question, and as we went on and on, my heart thumped violently.

Fraser's division held the heights immediately before the gates of Corunna, watching the coast road, but it was also ready to succour any point.

letters the which said: "See ye here Joseph, the first bishop of Christendom, the same which Our Lord succoured in the city of Sarras in the spiritual place.

That the eulogist of GARIBALDI should hasten to the succour of Italian soldiers was fitting, and how well he performed the task the records of the Villa Trenta Hospital, near Udine, and of the ambulance drivers under his command, abundantly tell.

It was a most cruel and intolerable idea, if I were not only myself to be an object of unrelenting persecution, but my very touch were to be infectious, and every one that succoured me was to be involved in the common ruin.

This chantry served a double purpose, prayers being said by the priest within and a beacon lit upon the roof without, for the succour and guidance of sailors.

The rector here in the days of the Parliament was ejected in the depth of winter with his wife and eleven children, suffering great hardship before succour reached them.

When the friends of the vanquished knights saw their case, they hastened to their succour; so for their rescue there was a great press, and many a mighty stroke with the sword.

The remainder of the men stayed behind to guard the ship, and be ready to afford succour if need be.

W. by E. Bearing a message across the vast Atlantic of hope and present succour from our new great Ally, the mighty Republic of the West.

But I have learned since why we did not see that spirit; for though it hovered round this house, its first thought was not for us, but for him who succoured us."

Though the outward man decay, Inward strength is daily given; Nothing can his soul dismay, Succoured by the God of heaven.

In Affection to him, and admiration of his Actions, the Crowd could not leave him, but waited near him till they were almost as faint and helpless as others they brought for Succour.

Though not so convenient as Rhodes for attacking Turkish merchant shipping, yet it had one advantage, in that it lay close to Christian shores and could easily be succoured in the hour of need.

Sick and without any work by which he could earn his living, precluded from seeking work among the printers, as his name was encircled by a halo which terrified the masters, Gabriel fell into such extreme poverty that the little help and succour his companions could afford were unable to relieve it, and he travelled from end to end of the Peninsula begging from his fellows and hiding from the police.

Our Lady of Succour.

O that I were where Helen lies, On fair Kirkconnell lee! Cursed be the heart that thought the thought, And curst the hand that fired the shot, When in my arms burd Helen dropt, And died to succour me!

In her last extremity she raised her faded eyes above for succour, and then as the figure noiselessly advanced and laid its cold hand upon her brow, the soul of Eunice Mallow left its body with a wild shriek and made its way to the Eternal.

Such acts thy lofty destiny attest; Thy mission is to succour the distressed.

We see him again amid the despair and squalor of his death-bed, warning his friends against his own example, and addressing to the wife he had not seen for years those words endorsed on a bill for ten pounds, words ever memorable in the history of English letters: 'Doll, I charge thee by the love of our youth, and by my soul's rest, that thou wilt see this man paid; for if he and his wife had not succoured me I had died in the streets.'

Hastening downstairs, he apprised his followers that succour was at hand.

We see, that weaknesses and corruptions breaking out in believers, when they are honestly and ingenuously laid open before the Lord, will not fear him away, but rather engage him the more to help and succour.

A second detachment of equal strength was sent in a different direction under Francisco de Lugo, who had not gone far when he was attacked by several large bodies of the enemy so furiously that he was obliged to fall back, which he did in perfect order, sending a swift-running Indian of Cuba to quarters to procure succour.

Happy from the fight at even, Saad told his wife at meat, How the army had been succoured In the fiercest battle-heat, By a stranger horseman, coming When their hands were most in need,

But one cannot take away the good intention, the determination to bring succour to commuters and make movement of goods and services available at affordable cost.

Many Fox News employees believe the network's ratings are likely to surge again as an anti-Biden audience seeks succour.

More than 50 helplines have been started across India to provide succour to women facing domestic violence during the ongoing lockdown, officials said on Saturday.