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166 example sentences with  succulent

166 example sentences with succulent

And though he occasionally shows an epicure's relish for a succulent plant or a luscious carrot, which he will discuss with all his salivary organs keenly excited, he will, the next moment, turn with equal gusto to some carrion offal that might excite the forbearance of the unscrupulous cormorant.

After a time, sliced turnips softened by steam are to be given to him in tolerable quantities; then succulent grasses; and finally, hay may be added to the others.

The common spinach has its leaves round, and is softer and more succulent than any of the Brassica tribe.

SPINACH.This vegetable belongs to a sub-order of the Salsolaceae, or saltworts, and is classified under the head of Spirolobeae, with leaves shaped like worms, and of a succulent kind.

It is larger, and is less succulent, but more acid: with a little artificial heat, the citron comes to as great perfection in England as in Spain and Italy.

MELON.The melon is a most delicious fruit, succulent, cool, and high-flavoured.

None were as fine as the beech-leaf, none succulent or fleshy; nothing resembling the blades of grass or the bristles of the pine and cedar tribes was visible.

This is above timber-line but not too high for comforting by succulent small herbs and golden tufted grass.

The virtue of it as a febrifuge was taught to the mission fathers by the neophytes, and wise old dames of my acquaintance have worked astonishing cures with it and the succulent yerba mansa.

Plants of the family of Pothos with succulent stems, Oxalises, and Orchideae of a singular construction, rise in the driest clefts of the rocks; while creeping plants waving in the winds are interwoven in festoons before the opening of the cavern.

This plant is the first that vegetates on naked rocks, covering them with a kind of tapestry, and draws its nourishment perhaps chiefly from the air; after it perishes, earth enough is left for other mosses to root themselves; and after some ages a soil is produced sufficient for the growth of more succulent and large vegetables.

A feast was going on in the house, and even into the street there passed a certain draught of air, saturated with the succulent odors of stews and confections.

Adj. eatable, edible, esculent^, comestible, alimentary; cereal, cibarious^; dietetic; culinary; nutritive, nutritious; gastric; succulent; potable, potulent^; bibulous.

liquid, fluid, serous, juicy, succulent, sappy; ichorous^; fluent &c (flowing) 348.

Adj. semifluid, semiliquid; tremellose^; half melted, half frozen; milky, muddy &c n.; lacteal, lactean^, lacteous^, lactescent^, lactiferous^; emulsive, curdled, thick, succulent, uliginous^. gelatinous, albuminous, mucilaginous, glutinous; glutenous, gelatin, mastic, amylaceous^, ropy, clammy, clotted; viscid, viscous; sticky, tacky, gooey; slab, slabby^; lentous^, pituitous^; mucid^, muculent^, mucous; gummy.

Occasionally, a mile or so from shore, my boat would startle a great amphibious ox standing in the water up to his middle, calmly eating the succulent water grass.

It burns up the old withered grass, making room for the fresh succulent sprouts to spring, and it keeps all the game in front of the line, driving the animals before us, as they are afraid to break back and face the roaring-wall of flame.

The patair is like a huge bulrush, and the elephants are very fond of its succulent, juicy, cool-looking leaves.

She gulped it down whole, and never considered that there was a string attached to it, or that, should ever the time come when Germany, the conqueror of the world, would be in a position to reward her Allies with the realisation of the dreams she had induced, the string would be pulled, and up, with retchings and vomitings, would come these succulent morsels of Russia and Persia.

The path was very steep, continually ascending, now around the barren shoulder of the mountain, now up some ravine, where the holly and olive still flourished, and the wild rhubarb-plant spread its large, succulent leaves over the soil.

When his alfalfa covered the earth with a green carpet Jack was under a spell of something more than the never-ending marvel of dry seeds springing into succulent abundance without the waving of any magic wand.

"Within," he stated, pointing to a quaint Gothic doorway, "they dispense the succulent pig's foot and the innocuous and unconvincing near-but-not-very-beer.

There, in deep burrows, lurked great succulent beetle-grubs, demanding only a tool with which they might be dug out.

[Footnote 2: The inconveniences of compulsory chastity are more or less grave according to different cases: with youthful subjects, vigorous, and fed on succulent foods, mental derangement under the most horrible forms, such as Satyriasis, Priapism, Erotomania, Nymphomania and even death may quickly result from it.

Never a moose abandoned dry-browse in the bitter woods for succulent lily-pads, full in their cells and veins of water and sunlight.

Soft, sallow, succulent, delicately finished about the mouth and firmly shaped about the chin, dark-eyed, full-throated, they looked as if they had been grown in a land of olives.

When does the may-fly come, the gorgeous succulent may-fly, that we all love so well in the quiet valleys where the trout streams wend their silent ways?

Sylvia and Judith, moreover, were required to assume more and more of the responsibility of the housework, while their mother extracted from the Marshall five acres an ever increasing largesse of succulent food.

Half a dozen Bosjesmans, will eat a fat sheep in an hour; they use no salt, and seldom drink anything, probably from the succulent nature of their food.

His fleet mare, which had been allowed to graze on the succulent grass at the rear of the building with the other horses, was brought forward and saddled and bridled, and he quickly vaulted upon her back.

The bits were slipped from the mouths of their horses, so as to allow them to crop the succulent grass more freely, while the men gave them no attention, even when they gradually wandered beyond sight in the gloom.

The men were provided with several days' rations, while the succulent grass afforded the animals all the food they needed, so there was no trouble on that score.

As men throw aside their garments, influenced by a close situation, trees placed in similar circumstances, exhibit a bark thin and beautifully green and succulent, entirely divested of that thick, coarse, protecting substance which covers the sap-vessels in an exposed position.

There are a few far-seeing persons to whom our present sudden mighty conflict may not have come as a surprise; but to all except these it is a prodigy as startling as it would be, if the farmers of the North should find a ripened harvest of blood-red ears of maize upon the succulent stalks of midsummer.

That is, the stalk grows in one month about twelve inches, and if it has support, the middle woody stalk continues to grow about an inch further, but has no green, succulent portion, in fact, looks like a stem; then the other monthly growth takes place, and ends with a stem, and so on indefinitely.

Whenever the great stalks of these cacti die, the succulent portion is dried, and nothing is left but the woody fiber.

A specimen of this cactus 3 feet high may be seen in the succulent house at Kew.

Whereupon each bought a bunch of the succulent green and red stalks.

The pig was tender, succulent, and the yams and feis finely flavored.

Crabs being in the first categorypaapaa,would cost about thirteen cents a pound, and the succulent varo the same, whereas they were then two francs, or forty cents a pound.

The Count de Buffon, whom we reckon one of our best historians, I see, says we are an omnivorous animal, and that we only seem to prefer hard substances to those which are tender or succulent.

It is sweet and succulent.

They are succulent, and of the bamboo family.

The falling light and approach of supper drives us home again with good appetites about 5 or 6 o'clock, and then the cooks rival one another in preparing succulent dishes of fried seal liver.

Boiled apart (abanda) each grain was full of the succulent broth of the stew-pot.

And the timid mollusks, trembling and succulent pulp, have fabricated for their protection the strong shields of their valves,two concave walls that on opening form their door, and on closing, their house.

Hidden between two rocks like the hunting crustaceans was the rascaza,the scorpion of the Valencian sea that Ferragut had known in his childhood, the animal beloved by his uncle, the Triton, because of its substantial flesh which thickened the seamen's soup, the precious component sought by Uncle Caragol for the broth of his succulent rice dishes.

And as the acrid odor of the strong, succulent Havana cigar persisted in the room, he searched in his dressing-case and sprinkled around the contents of various perfumed essences which he had long ago forgotten.

And Toni's hairy countenance would break into a greedy smile, seeing in anticipation the famous restaurant of the port, its twilight shadows smelling of shell-fish and spicy sauces, and upon the table the deep dish of fish with its succulent broth tinged with saffron.

This succulent morceau is now eaten fried, with a sauce of devilled lentils and oil.

At the time of my visit, the crop was just beginning to think of getting ripe, and the great lazy vines, each one creeping for several feet along the ground, were severally loaded with dozens of delicately-tinted berries, plump and fair as British beauties, which silently drew to themselves and absorbed the rays of the sun, turning them to color and succulent subacidulousness.

Succulent plants are less susceptible of the influence of light than any others.

A judicious blending of the dry teal with bits of succulent apple overcame the drought, and the half-hour for refreshment passed all too quickly.

A feeling of drowsiness steals over me; that succulent cold chikor, followed by a generous slice of cake upon which I so nobly lunched, clouds somewhat my active faculties, and the article"A Bear Battue in the Himalayas"which I am engaged in writing for the Fieldseems to flag a little.

Here comes an elephant rolling along, and the holy ones with humps discreetly retire aside, covering their retreat before a force majeure by stepping up to the nearest greengrocer's stall and abstracting a generous mouthful of the most succulent of his wares.

The real English cheese, the fresh salads, the exquisite buttereverything on the table is genuine, juicy, succulent, and rich.

The faint musical note was another little gray bird singing the delight of his soul as he perched himself upon a twig; the light shuffling noise was the tread of a bear hunting succulent nuts; a caw-caw so distant that it was like an echo was the voice of a circling crow, and the tiny trickling noise that only the keenest ear could have heard was made by a brook a yard wide taking a terrific plunge over a precipice six inches high.

A somewhat succulent genus of conservatory plants.

Cotyledon Chrysantha (Umbilicus).A choice Alpine succulent which thrives in a sandy loam, or in well-drained pots of the same soil.

The succulent pulp which the pod contains is sometimes employed in those countries instead of sugar and honey, and is often used in preserving other fruits.

In the markets, whither madame brought succulent melons, pears, and grapes with commonplace vegetables, the talk of bargaining housewives with their baskets had something of its old vivacity and

And," she added significantly, looking with ill-concealed covetousness at the succulent pasties, "where there's at least one dog or cat about the place."

The nuts, or shell fruits, as they are sometimes termed, form a class of food differing greatly from the succulent fruits.

The green legumes which are more like a succulent vegetable are easily digested with the skins on, if the hulls are broken before being swallowed.

The Scarlet-flowered Stork's bill, P. inquinans, affords a very fine flower towards the latter end of the cold weather, and approaching to the hot; it requires protection from the rains, as it is naturally of a succulent nature, and will rot at the joints if the roots become at all sodden: many people lay the pots down on their sides to prevent this, which is tolerably successful to their preservation.

The STAPELIA is an extensive genus of low succulent plants without leaves, but yielding singularly handsome star-shaped flowers; they are of African origin growing in the sandy deserts, but in a natural state very diminutive being increased to their present condition and numerous varieties by cultivation, they mostly have an offensive smell whence some people call them the carrion plant.

Great care must be paid to thinning out the buds of roses to insure perfect blossoms, as well as to rubbing off the succulent upright shoots and suckers that are apt to spring up at this period.

ALOE, a genus of succulent plants embracing 200 species, the majority natives of S. Africa, valuable in medicine, in particular a purgative from the juice of the leaves of several species.

BRAXY, an inflammatory disease in sheep, due to a change in food from succulent to dry; and the name given to the mutton of sheep affected with it.

"He won't like that," pointing to a work of fiction by a modern Russian literary lady whose heart and brain are of the succulent variety.

L. D.The recent fruit completely ripe is soft, succulent, and easily digested, unless eaten in immoderate quantities, when it is apt to occasion flatulency, pain of the bowels, and diarrhoea.

Will they dine there each day, These Lords, on a succulent dinner, Free, gratis, and nothing to pay?

Up to that time none of the Spaniards had ventured to eat them because of their odour, which was not only repugnant but nauseating, but the Adelantado, won by the amiability of the cacique's sister, consented to taste a morsel of iguana; and hardly had his palate savoured this succulent flesh than he began to eat it by the mouthful.

Their flesh is much more succulent and wholesome than that of our wild boars.

The mamei bears a fruit about the size of an orange which is as succulent as the best melon.

With fox-like astuteness these Caribs feigned amicable signs, but meanwhile prepared their stomachs for a succulent repast; and from their first glimpse of the strangers their mouths watered like tavern trenchermen.

Is it not there that we eat of the crab of Bordeaux, succulent and roseate?

He had started the evening by being very gay; he had ordered champagne and a succulent meal, and chatted light-heartedly with his companion, until presently three young women, flashily dressed, made noisy irruption into the restaurant.

But the major-domo declared that Madame's voice, as she told him this, sounded tearful and forced, and that she ate practically nothing, refusing one succulent dish after another.

it seemed indeed a lovely dream: one that lasted through an excellent and copious dinner, and which turned to delightful reality when, over a final glass of succulent Madeira, Monsieur Aristide Fournier slowly counted out one hundred notes, worth one hundred francs each, and presented these to me with a gracious nod.

It features a changing display, the flower field, and eight other gardens, namely The Baobabs, Succulent Garden, Australian Garden, South African Garden, South American Garden, Olive Grove, California Garden and the Mediterranean Garden.

The silversword is a noticeable, round-shaped rosette plant with rigid (swordlike), succulent leaves densely covered by silver hairs.

They eat seeds, fruit, succulent plants and shrubs.

They said the meat of the giant tortoise was "succulent meat and the oil from their bodies as pure as butter, but best of all, the giants could hibernate in a ship’s damp for a year or more".

Comparing Hawaii to Okinawa, is like comparing a succulent juicy mango to a natto sandwich.

Fieri said, "They might be one of the most tender, juicy, succulent, delicious wings we've ever had" on the show.

Pork has a milder flavor, and so other factors, like texture, are crucial; the succulent, fatty quality can often make or break a pork dish.

Smoked fish is usually sliced from tail to head the closer to the head, the more succulent the meat.

That was true not only of its lean and tender beef kebabs, succulent pulled lamb and surprisingly moist chunks of chicken, but also of the house-made pita bread, dips, side dishes and garnishes that came with them.

There’s no quicker way to see off a succulent than to allow it to stand in damp soil.

The Valentine (Hoya kerrii) is a slow growing, perfectly heart shaped semi succulent plant with bright green leaves that grow from a vining stem.

We recently met with Rozlan Fransen, owner of Baton Rouge Succulent Company, and asked her how she’s been freshening up the Capital City succulent scene with dried florals, and why they make a great V-Day alternative.

We recently met with Rozlan Fransen, owner of Baton Rouge Succulent Company, and asked her how she’s been freshening up the Capital City succulent scene with dried florals, and why they make a great V-Day alternative.

By Gina Makkar Mary Brown’s Famous Chicken & Taters delivers a taste of home, with warm, inviting stores and succulent homemade chicken marinated and breaded to perfection.

All plant species were colonized except for the succulent S. acre, which is commonly utilized as a green roof plant.

Our portfolio is extensive, from light, crisp whites to heavy, bold reds to succulent dessert wines.

Pruning in early autumn may stimulate lateral bud break and succulent, vegetative growth in the autumn months especially if fall temperatures are higher than normal.

There is also a tendency for the stems to be somewhat succulent, and for the 3 main branches of the inflorescence to be somewhat enlarged above the nodes and taper upwards to be much thinner just below the next pair of small leaves.

These plants are rather succulent with perfect flowers, 2 sepals and 5 petals.

This off dry ruby red wine presents succulent flavours of fresh ripe blackcherries balanced by a subtle touch of tannins.