605 examples of such that in sentences

" Having for my luncheon that day suffered an up-to-date dinner at Budds's, I felt a genuine craving for food; yet the spell of my hostess was such that I left her table ahungered.

I told them that a proceeding which would certainly produce a collision with the military, could only be justifiable on two conditions: if the position of affairs had become such that a revolution was desirable, and if they thought themselves able to accomplish one.

Exhaustion forces a man to sleep sometimes when the pain which racks him is such that sleep would, under other circumstances, be impossible.

However, the emergency was such that destroyers were taken from Harwich, as the force obtained new vessels of a faster and more powerful type.

His reply sheds no light on whether his religious belief is such that it would obligate him to respect an oath.

It may have been from his morose and solitary temper, or, as is more probable, that he knew that his name upon the coast was such that outraged humanity would, against all odds, have thrown themselves upon him, but never once did he show his face in a settlement.

These being the only known edicts of France within the description of the act, and the revocation of them being such that they ceased at that date to violate our neutral commerce, the fact, as prescribed by law, was announced by a proclamation bearing date the 2d day of November.

My condition was, at this moment, such that they hourly expected my death.

It is not given to the world to be contented; the great are not such that there will be no abuse of power; the masses not such that, in hope of gradual improvement, they will be contented with a moderate condition.

There have been occasions in history and there occur still today instances when economic conditions being such that their labor was urgently needed and therefore desired, it was easy for newcomers to enter a fresh field of industry, and give to a whole class or even to a whole sex in one locality an additional occupation.

It was of such that the poor Indian was thinking, whom our host saw gazing on the shore of Nomabbin lake.

The reverse of quarrelsome, the peace of his declining years has been won by much historical fighting, and his reputation among the dogs of his acquaintance is such that it is seldom necessary for him to assert his position.

There cannot be even a question as to that, because my aunt's and Pani Celina's ideas upon that point are such that neither of them would survive the shock.

Any honourable English house would consider that the terms offered to itself and the conditions proposed by the emissary were such that the operation was suspicious, and that being mixed up with suspicious business was a luxury that it preferred to leave alone.

The business is such that even the master mind can barely keep pace with it.

And the region was such that none could behold it who had not gone through ascetic austerities, or who had not poured libations on fire.

I find her beauty to be such that it illumineth my house.

The force of the gale was such that the most steadfast monarch of them all rocked down to its roots, with a motion plainly perceptible when one leaned against it.

My treatment of my children has been such that, though I have ever intended to do them good, I must have seemed to each at different periods to have injured him.

The influence of the Capelli was such that the case was brought immediately before the Council of Ten; and Pietro Bonaventuri was placed under the ban of the Republic.

Her pride in this fact was such that Keith really began to think that a new life was about to begin for him.

At all events his hatred to "Injuns" was such that he wanted the lieutenant to kill a great many of them before his own turn came.

For a moment the relief of his going was such that the intention that lay behind it did not so much as occur to her.

"Except this dog, I had no one else to weep for me; his state was such that he rolled on every one's feet and barked.

With only two gears where roads or grades are such that the high gear cannot be used, there is nothing to do but drop to the low, from thirty miles an hour to five or six,and the engine runs as if it had no load at all.

605 examples of  such that  in sentences