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11435 example sentences with  suit

11435 example sentences with suit

Not a line would he write against the French, belonging to a very extensive school of disseminators of news who fancy it is a part of their high vocation to tell just as much, or just as little, of any transaction, as may happen to suit their own purposes.

But, at whose suit am I thus pursued?"

" "And you have been arrested, at the suit of the administrator, for the balance due on the bond?" "I have, sir; and am liberated on general bail, only within an hour or two."

Daggett gave the whole thing up, on the spot,re-conveying to me Clawbonny before he quitted, though the sale would unquestionably be set aside, and subsequently was set aside, by means of an amicable suit.

Men then loved the paternal roof, and gardens, lawns, orchards and church-yards, were regarded as something other than levels for rail-roads and canals, streets for villages, or public promenades to be called batteries, or parks, as might happen to suit aldermanic ambition, or editorial privilege.

This is attended with a marvellous facility in directing readers to turn to them, and a most unaccountable talent of fixing on such as suit almost every imaginable variety of circumstances in common life.

The mother made an attempt to regain her, and was assisted by some whites with money to commence a suit for that purpose.

The master of the murdered man commenced legal process against the actors in this tragedy for the recovery of the value of the chattel, as one would institute a suit for a horse or an ox that had been unlawfully killed.

It was a suit for the recovery of damages merely.

Their clothing, (one suit,) coarse; which they received on Christmas day.

And now the man who first perceived the signs of life in the slave, and that led to his preservation, claims the property as his own, and is about bringing suit for its recovery.

A suit was commenced, and was long continued, and finally the plaintiff recovered the money out of which he had been swindled by slave-trading with his own preacher.

Sold at auction, either individually, or in lots to suit the purchaser, he may remain with his family, or be separated from them for ever.

The slave is not allowed to resist any free man under any circumstances, his only safety consists in the fact that his owner may bring suit and recover the price of his body, in case his life is taken, or his limbs rendered unfit for labor.

Sold at auction, either individually, or in lots to suit the purchaser, he may remain with his family, or be separated from them for ever.

The slave is not allowed to resist any free man under any circumstances, his only safety consists in the fact that his owner may bring suit and recover the price of his body, in case his life is taken, or his limbs rendered unfit for labor.

He insists, that it shall be judged of by that ideal system of slavery, which is lodged in his own brain, and which he can bring forth by parcels, to suit present occasions, as Mahomet produced the leaves of the Koran.

Paul, in one of his letters to the Corinthian Church, tells servantssay slaves, to suit your viewsif they may be free, to prefer freedom to bondage.

And now the man who first perceived the signs of life in the slave, and that led to his preservation, claims the property as his own, and is about bringing suit for its recovery.

A suit was commenced, and was long continued, and finally the plaintiff recovered the money out of which he had been swindled by slave-trading with his own preacher.

The difficulty we understand to have grown out of a law suit at issue between them.

That's the reason why his companions and even his particular friendsmen like Duroc, Bessiรจres, and Lannes, who were strong as bars of steel, but whom he molded to suit his purposesall fell, like nuts from a shaken tree, while he himself was never even hurt.

But the Emperor, who knew that he was the emperor not only of the soldiers but of all, remembered the bourgeois, and built wonderful monuments for them, to suit their own taste, in places that had been as bare before as the palm of your hand.

[Illustration: "Up here!" came the voice again] He was smoothly shaven, with blond hair almost ripe enough to be auburn; he wore a gray suit of rather loose and careless material, a belt, but no waistcoat; his trousers were reefed up from a pair of saddle-brown shoes, and the silk band around his small straw hat was tricolored.

"Large, quite largeblack hair, dark eyes with a glance that seems to pierce through anythinglong mustache, also blackwears much jewelryspeaks with a marked German accentwears a suit of Scotch plaidheavy military boots."

She wore a tailor-made suit of dark material, a sailor hat, tan gloves with big welts on the back and stout, low-heeled Oxfords.

She was tightly incased in a gray cloth suit, and there was no mistaking the presence of a corset underneath.

The tutor wore a traveling-suit with large British checks, a blue four-in-hand, and, instead of a fez, a rakish cap with a peak in front.

"By the way, George, this Theo will just suit you, who are fond of aristocracy.

Theo will suit you better.

I don't think Tommie would feel very happy to wake up on Christmas morning and find a pair of suspenders and a new suit of clothes under the tree.

I know that when you were to dine at Colonel Buckley's on Wednesday night you wore your evening dress, and that when leaving there early to go to the city and address the Mohawk Independent Club you asked your manager if you could go dressed as you were, and his answer was, 'Not on your life,' and you went home and put on your business suit.

Nor was he at all upset when his ingenious Library Folding-Bed, comprising a real bookcase and sofa-couch, failed to suit his practical-minded friends because, when turned down for use as a couch, all the books in the bookcase side of it fell out upon the floor.

Things hadn't gone quite to suit him during the year.

An impecunious young man with care could make one fifteen-cent chrysanthemum of the Jarley order last through a whole season, and it could be colored to suit the wearer's taste with the ordinary paint-boxes that children so delight in; but in spite of this the celluloid chrysanthemum was a distinct failure, and Jarley had had his trouble for his pains, to say nothing of the cost of the model.

As for Webster, he too had laid bare a heart full of affection before the cold gaze of Miss Flora Henderson, and with no more pleasing results to himself than had attended the suit of his handsome rival, as he had considered Dawson.

Bliss looked well in his yachting suit.

Suit of clothes is made for me, I try it on, don't like it, send it back and have it changed to fit.

In a chapter entitled "Early Discoveries in Electro-Dynamics," he publishes for the first time some interesting facts elicited during the trial, in the Supreme Court of the United States, of the suit of the Morse patentees against the House Company for alleged infringement of patent.

" "Nurse, I should see no objection to be a housemaid at all, only that I am learning so many things that wouldn't suit a housemaid; but without being a housemaid there are many pleasanter things to do than to sit in that stupid sort of way.

With poor Aurora it was not so; the childishness of the play every now and then annoyed her; there was no food for her vanity, in playing with children; they cared nothing about her beauty; the gayest and most good-natured face has always the most charms for them, and this did not suit Aurora at all, and ever and anon her thoughts wandered, and her wishes too.

Poets sing of the "golden age," the "silver age," and the "iron age," but were they to celebrate this, I think they should call it the flimsy age, for every thing seems made to suit a temporary purpose, without any regard to the sound and substantial.

After this destructive accident the corporation determined to rebuild the interior upon a new and extended plan, and to appropriate the whole of the building to the purposes of judicial and other offices for the police of the town, a mansion for the mayor, a suit of public assembly rooms, and for offices for the general corporation business.

I believe those who have once settled their accounts with that sea-deity are not more anxious to be brought into his court again, than those who have enjoyed the prolonged luxury of a suit in Chancery.

Neither would it suit the fastidious taste of those who, not being able to discern the difference between juice and blood, cook all flavour and nourishment out of their meats, and luxuriate on the chippy substance which is left.

After the first pressing, it goes to a more artistic old negro, who, with two buckets of waterone like pea-soup, the other as dark as if some of his children had been boiled down in itand armed with a sponge of most uninviting appearance, applies these liquids with most scientific touch, thereby managing to change the colour, and marble it, darken it, or lighten it, so as to suit the various tastes.

Having parted from my travelling companion at New Orleans, one of my first endeavours was, by the aid of physiognomy, to discover some passenger on whom it might suit me to inflict my society.

I'd say we twa as yet are young, Wi' monie a day to spare, An' then the suit should drap my tongue That he might press it mair.

The lord and lady attended by the steward, sword, purse, and mace-bearer, with their several badges of office, honour the hall with their presence; they have likewise, in their suit, a page, or train-bearer, and a jester, dressed in a parti-coloured jacket.

Inasmuch as the attacking party determines the direction of the attack to suit his own plans, he is able at the selected spot to collect a superior force against his surprised opponent.

He has never askedwhat would suit the times?

Besides, I've got to suit my time to his."

He was dressed like a superior workingman, in a flannel shirt, a rough, blue suit, oil-stained and dust-sprinkled, and he wore thick-soled boots.

But I moralize, and this does not well suit my present condition.

And in order to suit the action to the word, the whole four-and-twenty arose at once, and with their immovable eyes fixed firmly on the face of our herowho horror struck with the sight as he was, could not close histhey began to glide slowly but regularly towards him, bending their line into the form of a crescent, so as to environ him on all sides.

He was clad in a sombre-coloured suit which had become usual at court since the king had put aside frivolity and Fontanges, but the sword which hung from his waist was no fancy rapier, but a good brass-hilted blade in a stained leather-sheath, which showed every sign of having seen hard service.

Now, then, since thou hast rejected his suit, despising him hastily for his outward form, and since my own beauty has been slighted by his comparison, ye two shall be punished, she for her beauty, and thou for thy insolence, and through the means of that very beauty, on account of which my father and I have become contemptible.

"If the sport had been to chuck fish into the river," he had said, "that would be more in my line of business; but getting them out of it did not seem to suit me."

"There, there, Dicky-bird, keep your bathing suit on," he admonished, roughly; "of course, she'll go back, we'll all go back, a regular triumphal procession with beautiful heroine escorted by watchful husband, treacherous villain and faithful friend."

Her turn was chiefly to philosophical or divine subjects; yet could her heavenly muse descend from its sublime height to the easy epistolary stile, and suit itself to my then gay disposition.

"Which one?" "That kind of plain little one over theresensible looking, with the blue suit.

She did talk to the quiet little woman in the plain blue suit.

A curious instance of the power of man, not only in developing the pliability of an animal's organization, but in adapting it to suit his own caprices, is that of the Golden Carp, so frequently seen in bowls and tanks as the ornament of drawing-rooms and gardens.

It's grand to wear in the country, but I'm going away and ought to have an extra good suit.

Oh, there's one more thingyou're to get a new suit of clothes at Albany, and, remember, it must be very grand.

There was a comical smile about his mouth as he thought how little either Melinda or Abigail would suit him now; and then, by way of making amends for what seemed disrespect to the dead, he went round to the sunken grave where Abigail had slept for so

He did not care, either, as he deliberately began to make his wedding toilet, thinking himself, when it was completed, that he was looking unusually well in the entire new suit which his cousin, Mrs. Woodhull, had insisted upon his getting in New York, when on his way home in April he had gone that way and told her of his approaching marriage.

Scandal-mongers were wont to say that both were in love with the Queen,and that the Cardinal, though unsuccessful in his suit, outwitted the Duke and sent him out of the kingdom,and that the Duke swore a great oath, that, if he could not enter France in one way, he would enter in another,and that he brought about a war, and came himself as a commander: of this scandal believe what you will.

The bravery which finds outlet in duels they showed constantly; the bravery which finds outlet in street-fights they had shown from the days when the Duke of Orleans perished in a brawl to the days when the "Mignons" of Henry III. fought at sight every noble whose beard was not cut to suit them.

Wal, these 'ere Republicans (some on 'em) acs Ez though gineral mexims 'ud suit speshle facs; An' there's where we 'll nick 'em, there 's where they 'll be lost: For applyin' your princerple's wut makes it cost, An' folks don't want Fourth o' July t' interfere With the business-consarns o' the rest o' the year, No more 'n they want Sunday to pry an' to peek Into wut they are doin' the rest o' the week.

He could neither vote, nor sit on a jury, nor stand on a witness stand, nor bring a suit, nor be a doctor, nor be a lawyer, nor travel five miles from his own home without a permit from a justice of the peace.

"Cheerio, Parsons, old cracker," he shouted wildly; "how's the weather suit your whiskers?" Then, realising the enormity of his act, he turned suddenly pale, dashed out into the road and dived panic-stricken into the waiting taxi.

There'll likely be more, before the town wakes up and weeds out some of the cutthroat element that's running things now to suit themselves."

This Sessions purchas'd at your suit, Don Henrique, Hath brought us hither, to hear and determine Of what you can prefer.

"What color was his last suit?"

"It would just suit me!

Then Miss Fenwick's notes show that Coleridge is certainly one of the two personages of the poem, and there are points in the description of the second man which suit him very well.

Every public building was erected on a scale to suit the anticipated splendour of the colony, and in so substantial a manner, that it will be long ere another outlay becomes necessary.

There's Failer close in talk with my cousin; he's soliciting your suit, I warrant you, Sir Timorous: Do but observe with what passion he courts for you.

And would he let me proceed in my suit to her?

We arrest you, sir, at my Lord Nonsuch's suit.

But it did not suit all parties to allow one man to make too many suggestions, and so his schemes were frustrated.

I will say this to your credit, sir, that if she has not disgraced herself, it has been in some measure because you wisely forbore from pressing your suit while you were received as an instructor beneath my roof.

"You grant that I may propose a suitor to you, and you call it a wanton insult when that suitor respectfully asks the honour of your hand, merely because he is not young enough to suit your romantic tastes, which have been fostered by this wretched southern air.

"I doubt not that Benoni, who is a man of consummate tact, hinted delicately that he would not desist from pressing his suit.

"They suit you.

"And they happen to suit you.

He was dressed in a flannel suit which he wore for walking.

A stout perspiring Jew in a shabby evening suit came forward and begged for decorum.

His high, piercing collar was of course the first thing that one saw; then one perceived that his hair was brushed, his beard trimmed, and that he wore a very decent suit of rather shiny black.

He was dressed very smartly in his English black suit and a black bow tie.

But he was too noble and generous to take advantage of her loneliness to press his suit.

When he died Mr. Lorraine entered suit for his property and Judge Starkins has decided in his favor.

Various were the characters she assumed in societyassumed to suit her own purpose, made up of art; even at home she sometimes found herself seeking for design, as if it were impossible to go straightforward, to act without some reason.

"Really, Ellen, I shall incline to Emmeline's opinion, and believe some magic is at work within you," was Mrs. Hamilton's observation, as she folded up the tiny suit with very evident marks of satisfaction.

Mr. J. inquires what special branch of fiction it would suit me to undertake, as he proposes to publish a serial novel by an author of undoubted imaginative power.

Unable to free himself from Ortnit's powerful grasp, the child now confessed that he was Alberich, king of the dwarfs, and promised Ortnit a marvelous suit of armor and the sword Rosenwhich had been tempered in dragons' blood, and was therefore considered invulnerableif he would only let him go.

Wieland also fashioned a complete suit of armor for his son, gave him much good advice, and parted from him, bidding him to prove himself worthy of his ancestors, and to call upon his grandmother, the mermaid Wachilde, if he were ever in great distress.

It didn't seem to agree with Jone at first, but after he kept at it three or four days it began to suit him better, so that he could take nearly a tumbler without feeling badly.

While stars wore Chanel, Dior and Elie Saab to the Oscars, there was one outfit that stood out in particular; Sandy Powellโ€™s cream suit.