8722 examples of suit in sentences

The checkered suit.

Five suit bridge.

We represent the New York Star" "Isn't it terrible enough that I should suffer so," she interrupted, "but must the newspapers hound me, too?" "I beg your pardon, Mrs. Close," said Craig, "but you must be aware that the news of your suit of Dr. Gregory has now become public property.

" "You can render me no service except to expedite the suit against that careless doctorI hate him.

Would you still want to press the suit and let the guilty person escape?" She bit her lip.

"'Still, we'll have to drop the suit against Gregory after all, in spite of what I said.

A lame Indian in a suit of gaudy red-and-white stripes opened the door.

"Peter," answered Corbogha ironically, "it is not likely that the affairs of the princes who have sent thee be in such state that they can thus offer me choice betwixt divers proposals, and that I should be bound to accept that which may suit me best.

A complete suit of armor was made to fit her.

Many of the Orleannese leaders would have liked to accept this challenge; but Joan got up from her bed, where she was resting because of her wound, put on a light suit of armor, and ran to the city gates.

Before leaving, Joan left there, on the tomb of St. Denis, her complete suit of armor and a sword she had lately obtained possession of at the St. Honore gate of Paris, as trophy of war.

Sire d'Albret, a widower and the father of eight children already, was forty-five, with a pimply face, a hard eye, a hoarse voice, and a quarrelsome and gloomy temper; and Anne, being pressed to answer his suit, finally declared that she would turn nun rather than marry him.

" "And I s'pose," said Mr. Vickers, who had been listening to these remarks with considerable impatience"I s'pose there's a bran' new suit o' clothes, and a pair o' boots, and 'arf-a-dozen shirts, and a new hat hid upstairs for me?"

" "The only thing is," said Mr. Chalk, speaking with an air of great benevolence, "that if the sea didn't suit Mrs. Stobell, she would be unable to get away from it.

The former gentleman, clad in a neat serge suit, an open collar, and a knotted necktie, leaned back in his chair, puffing contentedly at one of the cigars which had excited the encomiums of his friends.

Then not one of the monks possesses any property of his own, even of a purely transitory kind, such as a bed or a suit of clothes.

The Archbishop Valero Loza brought a suit against them at the beginning of the eighteenth century; you can see his tomb at the foot of the altar.

He lost his suit, and died from disappointment.

In my presence Lawton said to Otis that if the latter would give him two regiments, would allow him to arm, equip and provision them to suit himself, and would turn him loose, he would stake his reputation as a soldier, and his position in the United States Army, on the claim that within sixty days he would end the insurrection and would deliver to General Otis one Emilio Aguinaldo, dead or alive.

"You have everything so perfect for that suit," said Mary Leighton, in a tone of envy.

"It is a pretty suit."

I was only thinking how improbable that the gray suit would come out of the box that day, unless I should be obliged to dress to mislead the others till the last.

There could be no moral doubt, therefore, that this money was intended for Mrs. Warner's relief; and early in the morning Mr. Caleb Jennings dressed himself in his Sunday's suit, and with a brief announcement to his landlady that he was about to leave Watley for a day or two, on a visit to a friend, set off for the railway station.

I gave William Martin, but the other day, a suit of his regimentals very little the worse for wear.

such language will not suit, I'd better far have still been mute.

8722 examples of  suit  in sentences