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In Sumatra certain trees have special honours paid to them as being the embodiment of the spirits of the woods, and the Fijians believe that "if an animal or a plant die, its soul immediately goes to Bolotoo."

4. Marsden's "History of Sumatra," p. 301.

Ceylon was thought to be its native island; but it has been found in Malabar, Cochin-China, Sumatra, and the Eastern Islands; also in the Brazils, the Mauritius, Jamaica, and other tropical localities.

Holland was at one time second to no country in the extent of its colonies; and it still owns Java, the Moluccas, part of Borneo, New Guinea, Sumatra and Celebes, in the East; and in the West, Dutch Guiana and Curacoa.

Mr. Marsden relates, that in the island of Sumatra, during the November of 1775, the dry monsoons, or S.E. winds, continued so much longer than usual, that the large rivers became dry; and prodigious quantities of sea-fish, dead and dying, were seen floating for leagues on the sea, and driven on the beach by the tides.

Sumatra.Water Spouts.

"Then the Ophir of Sumatra is not the real Ophir, but only named after the place in Africa, because it was rich in gold?" MR.

During the 7th and 8th of October, we held our course through the Strait of Malacca, which separates Sumatra from the peninsula, and during all this time we never lost sight of land.

To our left lay a number of mountainous islands, which completely intercepted our view of Sumatra.

On the 11th of October we saw the small island of Pulo-Rondo, which appertains to Sumatra.

From the Cape of Good Hope to the head of the Persian Gulf, from Cape Comorin to Sumatra, every coast was beset by English, French, Dutch, Danish, Portuguese, Arab, Malay or other local pirates.

From their Madagascar settlements the pirates scoured the east coast of Africa, the Indian Ocean as far as Sumatra, the mouth of the Red Sea, where the Mocha ships offered many rich prizes, the Malabar coast, and the Gulf of Oman.

R650208. Pepper and pirates: adventures in the Sumatra pepper trade of Salem.

"The savage tribes of Sumatra and Celebes have a like feeling about the knee, which is always carefully covered" (Westermarck, 207).

The Malayans of Sumatra have, as Carl Bock tells us (314), a local custom allowing a wife to marry again if her faithless spouse has deserted her for three months:

Carl Bock (275) says of the Malays of Sumatra, that the men are extremely indolent and make the women their beasts of burden (as the lower races do in general).

Among other peoples to whom Westermarck looks for support of his argument are the Fijians, Tongans, and natives of New Britain, Java, and Sumatra.

The seuenth of Iuly we saw the point of the land of Sumatra, which is a verie high land descending downewarde with a long end.

We sent our Pinace to the firme land of Sumatra, there to seeke for some reliefe: for that where we lay there dwelt not any man.

Right ouer against Sumatra, on the South side of the Equinoctiall lyeth the Islande of Iaua Maior, or great Iaua, and these two Islandes are deuided by a straight commonly called the straight of Sunda, which lyeth between these two Islands, bearing the name of the principall hauen of Iaua called Sunda:

miles to sea ward within the Isle, between Sumatra and Iaua:

E. Trapobana, or rather Taprobana, is assuredly Ceylon, not Sumatra.E. SECTION II.

BENCOOLEN, a town and a Dutch residency in SW. of Sumatra; exports pepper and camphor.

COCLES, HORATIUS, a Roman who defended a bridge against the army of Porsenna till the bridge was cut down behind him, when he leapt into the river and swam across scatheless amid the darts of the enemy. COCOS ISLANDS, a group of 20 small coral islands about 700 m. SW. of Sumatra. COCYTUS, a dark river which environed Tartarus with bitter and muddy waters.

PADANG (15), a town and free port on the W. coast of Sumatra, the largest town on the island, and the Dutch official capital.

144 examples of  sumatra  in sentences