153 examples of summarized in sentences

He himself in his opening speech summarized the propositions by candidly confessing "that they were not intended for a federal government" (thereby meaning a mere league of States) but "a strong consolidated union."

These essential principles of the Constitution may be briefly summarized as follows:

I have thus summarized briefly and most inadequately some of the essential principles of the Constitution.

The results which bear upon the present inquiry may be summarized as follows: The recovery of Aristotle's Poetics brought about a complete change in poetical theory, and stimulated in Italy a great body of critical writing and discussion, the results of which did not reach England until almost a hundred years later.

Vossler has summarized renaissance theories of the nature of poetry as passing through three stages: of theology, of oratory, and finally of rhetoric and philology.

The material summarized in the preceding paragraphs furnish some slight inkling of the vast dominion of Sex, in all its relations, somatic and spiritual, over which the glands of internal secretions rule.

The statistics of occupations are summarized in the accompanying table.

[Footnote 50: Dawson and DeSaussure, Census of Charleston for 1848, summarized in the table given on p. 403 of the present work.

Apart from consideration of impulses dominating the short story of 1921, impulses here summarized under the general idea of democracy, the story is different in several particulars.

They have been summarized into the statement that "all truths are alike feelings, ideally distinguishable according to the aspects under which they are viewed.

Medieval art summarized and explained.

Modern art summarized and explained.

Ancient art summarized and explained.

Haldeman-Julius Co. (PWH); 23Sep55; R156283. Medieval art summarized and explained.

Modern art summarized and explained.

The famous tale herewith briefly summarized occurs in the Mahâbhârata, the great epic or mythological cyclopaedia of India, which embraces 220,000 metric lines, and antedates in the main the Christian era.

[303] Probably no passage in any drama has ever been more widely discussed than the nine lines I have just summarized.

The investigations of the committee, the results of which have been briefly summarized, have led to the following conclusions: First.

The recommendations of the committee have, therefore, been controlled by three principles, which may be summarized as follows: First.

These laws will be found summarized in full in Legislative Review, No. 5, of the American Association for Labor Legislation, by Laura Scott ("Child Labor"), and in No. 4, by Maud Swett ("Woman's Work").

It may be summarized as follows: (1) Weekly or time payment laws.

These laws, it will be seen, differ in no particular from the early labor laws in England, which we carefully summarized for this purpose; except, indeed, that they do stop short of the old English legislation which provided that when a laborer broke his contract or refused to work he could be committed before the nearest magistrate and summarily punished.

We shall await with interest the legislation of 1911, as well as the effect of the laws we have summarized above.

It was summarized by Arnold Toynbee's War and Civilization.

I summarized the experience in The Twilight of Empire(1929).

153 examples of  summarized  in sentences