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153 examples of  summarized  in sentences

153 examples of summarized in sentences

For the very shortness of the essays and articles, in which extensive conditions were summarized for quick digestion, had met with English approval as well as Scotch.

He himself in his opening speech summarized the propositions by candidly confessing "that they were not intended for a federal government" (thereby meaning a mere league of States) but "a strong consolidated union."

These essential principles of the Constitution may be briefly summarized as follows:

I have thus summarized briefly and most inadequately some of the essential principles of the Constitution.

Shelley here describes himself under a profusion of characteristics, briefly defined: it may be interesting to summarize them, apart from the other details with which they are interspersed.

It is not our purpose here to summarize Mr. Gibson's admirable work, or to give even an outline of so well-known a history; but rather to attempt some brief criticism of the man himself, and incidentally of his views.

The results which bear upon the present inquiry may be summarized as follows: The recovery of Aristotle's Poetics brought about a complete change in poetical theory, and stimulated in Italy a great body of critical writing and discussion, the results of which did not reach England until almost a hundred years later.

Vossler has summarized renaissance theories of the nature of poetry as passing through three stages: of theology, of oratory, and finally of rhetoric and philology.

The events that immediately preceded the declaration of war, as summarized in a previous chapter, were as follows: On June 28 a Slav student who thought he was a patriot killed the Archduke Francis Ferdinand, heir to the Austrian throne, at Serajevo, the capital of Bosnia, which had been lately made a province of Austria.

"The nature of the general situation after the operations of the 18th, 19th, and 20th, cannot better be summarized than as expressed recently by a neighboring French commander to his corps: 'Having repulsed repeated and violent counterattacks made by the enemy, we have a feeling that we have been victorious.'

As far as this war is concerned they can be summarized under two heads: (1.)

It should be noted first that the smut fungus is living at the expense of its host plant, the wheat, and its effect on the host may be summarized as follows: The consumption of food, the destruction of food in the sporulating process, and the stimulating or retarding effect on normal physiological processes.

The material summarized in the preceding paragraphs furnish some slight inkling of the vast dominion of Sex, in all its relations, somatic and spiritual, over which the glands of internal secretions rule.

This is too ancient and too complicated to be even summarized here.

The facts thus briefly summarized here may be studied more at length, with the relevant documents, in Mr. Morel's book "Morocco in Diplomacy.

Such are, too briefly summarized, the experiments which have been made up to the present time.

Such are the facts, let us summarize them.

The material result of General Schwan's campaign may be briefly summarized thus: He marched his command ninety-two miles in eight days; fought two successful engagements; expelled the Spanish forces from the entire western part of Puerto Rico; captured and occupied nine towns; and took 362 prisoners, including Colonel Villeneuve, a lieutenant-colonel, and four other regular officers.

If he could have summarized his thoughts afterwards, he would have scoffed at them, as a grown man might laugh at a toy which a lunatic had offered him.

Let us now try to summarize the conclusions of this section.

The leading points only can be summarized.

Then, when you have read the necessary portion, close the book and summarize, to see if the author furnished what you sought.

Also the lives of the authors are briefly summarized; this is in answer to our natural interest in the writer of a poem we like, and in the case of living poets it brings together facts hardly to be found anywhere else.

The details of domestic economy may be summarized as follows: For cooking purposes an earthen pot is used, costing between 3 and 10 cuartos; which, in cooking rice, is closed firmly with a banana-leaf, so that the steam of a very small quantity of water is sufficient.

To summarize the result, then, thirty-five books have been saved and one hundred and seven losta most deplorable record, especially when we consider that in the later books the historian treated of times and events whereof his means of knowledge were adequate to his task.

I have summarized it up to its culminating point, because it happened to illustrate the difference between a bankruptcy, dramatic in its nature and treatment, and those undramatic bankruptcies to which reference has been made.

The problem of the authorship has been patiently studied, and the arguments for authenticity concisely summarized by Vessereau make a strong case.

The poem can be briefly summarized: "A conqueror you come, the great glory of a mighty triumph, a victor on land and sea over barbarian tribes; and yet a poet too.

Other decorations and degrees were bestowed upon the inventor from time to time, but these will be summarized in a future chapter.

For starters, let me try to summarize the lessons and intuitions I've had about ebooks from my release of two novels and most of a short story collection online under a Creative Commons license.

That which we have here summarized as the general position of deism, gained gradual expression through the regular development and specialization of deistic ideas in individual representatives of the movement.

She tried to summarize what she knew about the people next door, and was amazed to discover how little she had to draw upon.

[Footnote 21: Many of these details concerning the executive departments are admirably summarized, and with more fullness than comports with the design of the present work, in Thorpe's Government of the People of the United States, pp.

They may be briefly summarized as follows: 1.

To summarize the conclusions reached in this discussion.

[Footnote 22: The scanty materials available are summarized in B.C. Steiner, History of Slavery in Connecticut (Johns Hopkins University Studies, XI, nos.

[Footnote 36: The laws are summarized and quoted in A.J. Northrup "Slavery in New York," in the New York State Library Report for 1900, pp.

[Footnote 1: The slave trade enactments by the colonies, the states and the federal government are listed and summarized in W.E.B. DuBois, The Suppression of the African Slave Trade to the United States, 1638-1870 (New York, 1904), appendices.]

[Footnote 46: These acts are summarized in W.H. Collins, Domestic Slave Trade, chap.

The statistics of occupations are summarized in the accompanying table.

[Footnote 50: Dawson and DeSaussure, Census of Charleston for 1848, summarized in the table given on p. 403 of the present work.

The record is summarized in Ac American Historical Association Report for 1903, I, 462-464, and in Plantation and Frontier, II, 123-125.]

[Footnote 85: The debate is summarized in Henry Wilson, History of the Rise and Fall of the Slave Power in America (Boston, 1872), I, 190-207.]

The many statutes concerning slavery enacted in the several colonies, territories and states are listed and many of them summarized in J.C. Hurd, The Law of Freedom and Bondage in the United States (Boston, 1858), I, 228-311; II, 1-218.

Apart from consideration of impulses dominating the short story of 1921, impulses here summarized under the general idea of democracy, the story is different in several particulars.

The rival deputations approached the tree, cap in hand, and, on the Prince giving the order to open the case, it was stated through the head men as the Prince had summarized it.

To summarize; all punkas of the same size or surface, and going at the same speed, require the same amount of pulling.

To-day I shall say a word about another result, or group of results, which may be summarized as Social Equalization.

His philosophy was summarized in a volume published in 1871, which was entitled A Manual of Anthropology.

They have been summarized into the statement that "all truths are alike feelings, ideally distinguishable according to the aspects under which they are viewed.

Lincoln, in an Ohio speech made in the following year, addressing himself to Kentuckians, thus summarized the political forces that contributed to his defeat: "Douglas had three or four very distinguished men of the most extreme anti-slavery views of any men in the Republican party expressing their desire for his reรซlection to the Senate last year.

Ancient art summarized and explained.

Medieval art summarized and explained.

Modern art summarized and explained.

Ancient art summarized and explained.

Haldeman-Julius Co. (PWH); 23Sep55; R156283. Medieval art summarized and explained.

Modern art summarized and explained.

Ancient art summarized and explained.

Medieval art summarized and explained.

Modern art summarized and explained.

Ancient art summarized and explained.

Haldeman-Julius Co. (PWH); 23Sep55; R156283. Medieval art summarized and explained.

Modern art summarized and explained.

As part of the project, its appendix, the Harivansa was also summarized and a separate volume with fourteen illustrations all concerned with Krishna is part of the great version now at Jaipur.

236-37) are too coarse to be cited or summarized here.

The famous tale herewith briefly summarized occurs in the Mahรขbhรขrata, the great epic or mythological cyclopaedia of India, which embraces 220,000 metric lines, and antedates in the main the Christian era.

[303] Probably no passage in any drama has ever been more widely discussed than the nine lines I have just summarized.

In the Thirty-First Chapter of Numbers, in speaking of the spoils taken from the Midianites, the live stock is thus summarized: "Five thousand sheep, threescore and twelve thousand beeves, threescore and one thousand asses, and thirty-two thousand women and women-children," which Moses said the warriors might keep for themselves.

And equally, in order to be loyal, you have no need, first, to decide whether nature is or is not a mechanism; or whether the modern view of reality, as just summarized, is or is not adequate; or whether the gods exist; or whether man is or is not one of nature's products and temporarily well-knit and plastic machines.

We may summarize the well-established facts as follows: Consul-General Pratt was, or professed to be, in hearty sympathy with the ambition of the Filipino leaders to obtain independence, and would personally have profited from such a result, but he refrained from compromising his government and made no promises in its behalf.

I will not attempt to follow in detail all of its successive stages, but in closing this chapter will endeavour briefly to summarize the results obtained up to that time.

This transitional paragraph may summarize the thought of the preceding paragraph in addition to announcing a change of topic; or it may mark the transition to the new topic and set it forth in general terms.

To summarize: a narration should possess unity, that is, it should say all that should be said about the subject and not more than needs to be said.

Summary.+To summarize the preceding paragraphs, the authority we quote, the maxims we state, the facts we adduce become valuable because they appeal to general theories already believed by the reader.

Very truly does M. Taine say, "These three syllables, as used across the channel, summarize the history of English society."

In spite of Thorndyke's recommendation to study Marchmont's statement as it was summarized in those notes which I had copied, and of his hint that I should find in that statement something highly significant, I was borne irresistibly to one conclusion, and one onlyand the wrong one at that, as I suspected: that Jeffrey Blackmore's will was a perfectly regular, sound and valid document.

Attempts to summarize the nation's wealth.

#Attempts to summarize the nation's wealth.

It is needless here to summarize the plot of the 'merriment' which the ingenious author, no doubt a student of St. John's, evolved from Ovid's account in the third book of the Metamorphoses, and which runs to the respectable length of some eight hundred lines.

It may be convenient before closing this chapter to summarize briefly the results of our inquiry into the history of pastoral tradition on the pre-restoration stage in England, without the elaboration of detail and the many necessary though minor distinctions unavoidable in the foregoing account.

The investigations of the committee, the results of which have been briefly summarized, have led to the following conclusions: First.

The recommendations of the committee have, therefore, been controlled by three principles, which may be summarized as follows: First.

These laws will be found summarized in full in Legislative Review, No. 5, of the American Association for Labor Legislation, by Laura Scott ("Child Labor"), and in No. 4, by Maud Swett ("Woman's Work").

It may be summarized as follows: (1) Weekly or time payment laws.

These laws, it will be seen, differ in no particular from the early labor laws in England, which we carefully summarized for this purpose; except, indeed, that they do stop short of the old English legislation which provided that when a laborer broke his contract or refused to work he could be committed before the nearest magistrate and summarily punished.

We shall await with interest the legislation of 1911, as well as the effect of the laws we have summarized above.

This, again, is too vast a subject to more than summarize here.

The recommendations of the Commissioners on Uniformity will, therefore, be found summarized below, and there is beginning to be legislation in the direction of adopting these, or similar statutes.

The events just summarized exercised a baneful influence on the social, political, and economic conditions of this and of its more important sister Antilla.

The conclusions of the U.S. Forest Service regarding the effect of rate of growth on the properties of Douglas fir are summarized as follows: "1.

The effect of rate of growth on the qualities of chestnut wood is summarized by the same authority as follows: "When the rings are wide, the transition from spring wood to summer wood is gradual, while in the narrow rings the spring wood passes into summer wood abruptly.

The conclusions were summarized as follows: "(1) The steam at pressure up to 40 pounds applied for 4 hours, or at a pressure of 20 pounds up to 20 hours, increases the weight of ties.

It should not be summarized, abbreviated, garbled or chopped into out-of-context fragments.

Our analysis of the politics of civilization may be summarized in four general statements: 1.

We do not wish to defend or attack the ideas, but to summarize them and understand them in a way that will give a group picture of the purposes, ideas, policies and day-to-day activities of the civilizations in question.

It was summarized by Arnold Toynbee's War and Civilization.

I summarized the experience in The Twilight of Empire(1929).

The probable consequences of these five forward steps have been summarized by Barbara Ward and Rene Dubos (Only One World N.Y.

It is necessary only to summarize the characteristics of plot which are merely parallel to those of type already illustrated.

Count Von Bรผlow summarized the action of the German Government by saying: "We demanded in the first place the release of the steamers....