14296 examples of summers in sentences

It was pointed out that Vincent and Rosa had been educated in the North; that Mrs. Atterbury had spent many of her recent summers there.

Oh, the host of bright-eyed children, Thronging like the stars at midnight, Faces sweet and countless, as the Rose-leaves of a thousand summers.

For two summers a great red-tailed hawk has visited the field every afternoon between three and four o'clock, swooping and soaring with the airs of a gentleman adventurer.

Therefore had he left the tribe of his adoption, and the friends of his choice, and dwelt for so many winters and summers among the Narragansetts, until he had acquired influence in their councils, and won for himself rank in their tribe.

" "Oh, no! only to little school out here summers,little school some ladies made; and Metalka tole metaught meshowed me ev'ry day after she came backev'ry day, tilltil shewent 'way.

Sir, he would reason thus: "What will it cost me to be there once in two or three summers?

He has passed 40 summers in single blessedness, and says he intends to "last it out."

The soil that erst so seemly was to seen, Was all despoiled of her beauteous hew, And soote fresh flowers wherewith the summers queen, Had clad the earth, new Boreas blasts down blew And small fowls flocking in their songs did rew The winter's wrath, wherewith each thing defaste, In woeful wise bewailed the summer past.

The artist, seizing the opportunity with the cunning of desperation, turned to Mrs. Taine, with some inane remark about the summers in California.

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And I believed that five summers on the Pacific, searching the wide expanse of ocean for swordfish fins, had made my eyes all the keener for the woods.

The employment obtained for me by the kind interest of Dr Mayhew, which the return of so many summers and winters has found me steadily prosecuting, was in the house of his brothera gentleman whose name is amongst the first in a profession adorned by a greater number of high-minded, honourable men, than the world generally is willing to allow.

It is to this cause, as well as to the preceding, that I am led to attribute the extraordinary multiplication of so many species during the three last summers, which were separated by severe winters.

14296 examples of  summers  in sentences