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46 examples of  sun-dry  in sentences

46 examples of sun-dry in sentences

Brigades were on the move each day in country which was one continual rise and fall, with stony beds of wadis to check progress, without a tree to lend a few moments' grateful relief from a burning sun, and nothing but the rare sight of a squalid native hut to relieve the monotony of a sun-dried desolate land.

Together they fortified themselves strongly with sun-dried brick walls and blockhouses, and, living safely through the winter, were able to reap crops that yielded ample provision for the ensuing year.

Six or eight years ago the hospital was a building of sun-dried brick, with a mud floor and accommodations for about seventy-five patients.

The sun-dried grapes are sweet, the oven-dried of an acid flavour.

" Olsen's sun-dried and wind-carved visage was as hard and rugged and heroic as this desert that had resisted him for years.

Properly equipped it is possible to go safely across that ghastly sink, yet every year it takes its toll of death, and yet men find there sun-dried mummies, of whom no trace or recollection is preserved.

There were others besides Mr. Fanshawe who had walked out of Mr. Harte's demesne to Jimville and wore names that smacked of the soil,"Alkali Bill," "Pike" Wilson, "Three Finger," and "Mono Jim;" fierce, shy, profane, sun-dried derelicts of the windy hills, who each owned, or had owned, a mine and was wishful to own one again.

He hass to meimmer" He choked, turned away, and began fussing with the pith flowers; but not before Rudolph had seen a line glistening down the sun-dried cheeks.

Among them flew sticks, jagged lumps of sun-dried clay, thick scales of plaster.

The flying cinders of burning hay or wood, as they alighted upon the sun-dried shingles of the roof, needed to be swept off as fast as they fell, before they had time to fulfil their errand of mischief.

The choice material for building is brick, mostly unbaked or sun-dried.

Drusilla seated herself in the sun-dried grass and watched her sister.

Sometimes it was from a coaster, which had found a waterless Bahama cay littered with sun-dried bodies.

Once the valves were turned, the acetylene gas forced out by a pressure of a thousand pounds and united with oxygen as an accelerator would produce a shooting flame that burned metals as if they were sun-dried pulp.

Cosy little hamlets nestle in most of the valleys; the houses built of sun-dried bricks, and much more substantial than those we saw yesterday, &c., where the walls generally were made of matting, probably because of the inundations.

After the Fishing, Gnob and his people, with great store of salmon, sun-dried and smoke-cured, departed for the Hunting on the head reaches of the Tana-naw.

And what of the moose meat and the sun-dried salmon, the man and dog took strength to themselves; and what of the strength they became big and unafraid.

On the roof the spaces between the canes are filled with adobe, sun-dried mud.

Their walls are built of sun-dried adobe, and so are the walls of the little grass-thatched huts of the majority.

It is incredible that for at least five hundred years a wall of sun-dried clay should have been able to defy severe rainstorms.

Instead, I beheld a small, thin man, with eyes as tired as any of the poor sun-dried bureaucrats, and a wide mouth with a humorous twitch at the corners; a man one couldn't imagine wanting to touch anything so silly as the Heart of the People.

The streets are narrow and dirty, and the houses, which are never more than two low stories in height, are built of sun-dried bricks, coated with plaster.

It was a shriveled up little chap, with a weazened face that looked like a sun-dried apple.

Those who live in villages build their houses of sun-dried bricks; those who wander from place to place live in tents.

Add yellow camels, gray horses, striped robes, long rifles, and a searching sun-dried smell.

Where there is no timber and no stone, they are built of earthsometimes in its natural state, sometimes made into bricks and sun-dried, but more often made into bricks and burned.

Their bricks, it is believed, were entirely sun-dried, not burnt to fuse or vitrify them as ours are, and they have consequently crumbled into mere mounds.

He, soon as he descried the sun-dried skin Of the grim lion, made at Heracles (Whose eye was on him)fain to make his crest And sturdy brow acquainted with his flanks.

To his right, behind him, ahead of him was not a tree nor a shrub nor a rock the height of a man's head; only ungrazed, yellowish-green sun-dried prairie grass.

Before them on the one hand, bordering on the river, stretched a range of low hills, dun-brown from its coat of sun-dried grass.

Instead of drops of dew, tiny particles of sun-dried grass flew away from beneath the leaders' feet, mingled with the dust of prairie, became a cloud shutting the leaders from the sight of those in the rear.

The straining of leather, the music of steel in bit and buckle, the soft swish of the sun-dried grass proclaimed them very near; then across the trampled corn patch, into the open where had stood the shanty, where now was a thin grey layer of ashes, came the riders, and drew rein; their weary mounts crowding each other in fear at something they saw.

The air was still and sweet with the scent of sun-drying herbs.

It is the clay of the potter: which, bake it and paint it as he will, remains clay, separated by artifice, and not by nature, from the commonest brick or sun-dried clod.

While the first pyramids were a-building beside the long green ribbon of the Nile and the star-gazers of Mesopotamia were reading future events from her towers of sun-dried bricks, Dravidian tribes were cultivating the rich mud of the Ganges valley, a slow-changing race.

The rivers were patched and barred with sun-dried pebbles; the logs and loggers were drought-bound somewhere up the Connecticut; and the grass at the side of the track was burned in a hundred places by the sparks from locomotives.

Rogers now began looking around the house, which was built of sun-dried bricks about one by two feet in size, and one end was used as a storehouse.

The material of the houses was sun-dried bricks, two feet long by one foot wide and four to six inches thick.

Sun-dried grapes make the best raisins.

" Out across the plain he peered, over the sun-dried earth, out into the distances shrouded with purple mists.

In 1513 he disposed that the colonists were to build houses of adobe, that is, of sun-dried bricks; that all married men should send for their wives, and that useful trees should be planted.

The chief buildings are of stone, but all the ordinary dwellings are of sun-dried brick and without chimneys.

The thick walls of sun-dried bricks looked cruel; the massive Venetian casements mocked her.

There was no slime on stone or sun-dried brick.

These pueblos were huge buildings of stone and sun-dried clay.

She will find riches on the surface, in shallow diggings; she will find them in the sun-dried banks of rivers; it will suffice to merely sift the earth.