620 examples of sunbeam in sentences

Through the clear, transparent water He could see the fishes swimming Far down in the depths below him; See the yellow perch, the Sahwa, Like a sunbeam in the water, See the Shawgashee, the craw-fish, Like a spider on the bottom, On the white and sandy bottom.

Ah, my dear friends, it is custom which blinds our eyes to the wisdom of God, and the wonders of God, and the power of God, and the glory of God, and hinders us from believing the message with which he speaks to us from every sunbeam and every shower, every blade of grass and every standing pool.

His airy gayety, coming to him from a thousand sources, communicated itself to the family, and Ilbrahim was like a domesticated sunbeam, brightening moody countenances, and chasing away the gloom from the dark corners of the cottage.

Ever since my school-days, up to this houreven though I have tried to close my eyes against ita power from Christianity has like a sunbeam shone into my heart.

The smile which he gave me in answer to my glad recognition of his good luck was the sunniest sunbeam I have seen on a human face for many a day.

He entered that day in a mood that made him as good as a sunbeam, and each pupil presented her bouquet, till he was hidden at his desk behind a pile of flowers.

In all the roughness and the terrors of the sea she hath been like a little sunbeam to usyet she is so frail!"

It was a still day, with a little haze, like white sand sifted across a sunbeam on a kitchen table.

Here are to be found carved in the stone by those cunning instruments of the hands of Naturethe wind, the rain, the sunbeam and the frostcurious, often grotesque, figures irresistibly suggestive of forms of life.

A sunbeam touched a small earthen jar, holding a bunch of feather flowers.

"A sunbeam had traversed his heart; it had just disappeared.

And youyou are a sunbeam!"

It's just one trill of laughter and merriment, a sunbeam and effect.

It must have been after the first storm, for the snow bank in front of the cabin door was not high enough to keep out a little sunbeam that stole down the steps and made a bright spot upon our floor.

Great was my surprise when I carefully opened the folds and found that I had nothing to show, and the sunbeam I had left seemed shorter.

She thought how often that kind German face had been to her like a sunbeam on a dull path; how often her musical voice had spoken words of counsel, and comfort, and sympathy, to her in her hard life.

So says you to me, dropping a curtsey a la mode, 'With ineffable pleasure, sir;' and away you trip into the shade like a sunbeam.

I should not raise my eyebrows if the daily press became the Little Sunbeam of the Home, or if Cabinet Ministers struck for a decrease of wages.

Our life will be bright and beautiful as a sunbeam among roses!"

when the sensitive paper is laid in the sun under the negative glass, every dark spot on the glass arrests a sunbeam, and so the spot of the paper lying beneath remains unchanged; but every light space of the negative lets the sunlight through, and the sensitive paper beneath confesses its weakness, and betrays it by growing dark just in proportion to the glare that strikes upon it.

The Flying sunbeam.

The crab and the sunbeam.

Although the castle was old and grey, And its summer of glory had pass'd away, Though the roof had fall'n, and the walls sunk low, The rose still smiled in the sunbeam's glow.

There's a love, which born In early days, lives on through silent years, Nor ever shines, but in the hour of sorrow, When it shows brightest: like the trembling light Of a pale sunbeam, breaking o'er the face Of the wild waters in their hour of warfare.

Tomlittle Tom, now seven years old and the sunbeam of the farm-househad begged to have his cot put into the room occupied by the stranger.

620 examples of  sunbeam  in sentences
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