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258 examples of  sunlit  in sentences

258 examples of sunlit in sentences

For two miles the river-bank shines with sunlit canvastents, tents everywhere, as far as eye can see, a mushroom growth masking the older cabins.

My clumsy tongue would have only broken the spell which the sunlit forests had woven around us.

When we first arrived in March the snow was in full thaw, and every road a sunlit, rushing torrent.

There, as he rambled along the sunlit road, he met a lusty young butcher driving a fine mare and riding in a stout new cart, all hung about with meat.

All the air was laden with the bitter fragrance of the May, and all the bosky shades of the woodlands beyond rang with the sweet song of birds the throstle cock, the cuckoo, and the wood pigeonand with the song of birds mingled the cool sound of the gurgling brook that leaped out of the forest shades, and ran fretting amid its rough, gray stones across the sunlit open glade before the trysting tree.

Thus, mile after mile, they strode along, now across a brawling stream, now along a sunlit road, now adown some sweet forest path, over which the trees met in green and rustling canopy, and at the end of which a herd of startled deer dashed away, with rattle of leaves and crackle of branches.

They found themselves looking with her at broad sunlit spaces, where struggling hearts work out noble destinies, without any thought of heroism.

And she at last glanced at Mathieu to tell him how weary she felt of all the semi-society and semi-medical chatter around her, and how much she would like to go off home, leaning on his arm, and walking slowly along the sunlit quays.

Then it is the padre's turn, and in the cool of the following afternoon the firing party, with arms reversed, toils behind our sky-pilot to that graveyard on the sunlit slopes of Mount Uluguru, where our surgical failures are put to rest.

Just before entering the sunlit beech glades we overtook a noble cavalcade, consisting of three ladies on three donkeys, with a fat old woman leading the way on foot.


"I THOUGHT, BEFORE MY SUNLIT TWENTIETH YEAR" I thought, before my sunlit twentieth year, That I knew Love, and Death that goes with it; And my young broken heart in little songs, Dew-like, I poured, and waited for my end

"I THOUGHT, BEFORE MY SUNLIT TWENTIETH YEAR" I thought, before my sunlit twentieth year, That I knew Love, and Death that goes with it; And my young broken heart in little songs, Dew-like, I poured, and waited for my end

Pure-faced, pure-thoughted, folk are mine With whom to sit and laugh and dine; In every sunlit room is heard Love singing, like an April bird, And everywhere the moonlit eyes Of beauty guard our paradise; While, at the ending of the day, To the kind country gods we pray, And dues of our fair living pay.

Expecting to find the grey squalor of the ordinary London court, I looked out from under the shadow of the arch past a row of decent little shops through a vista full of light and coloura vista of ancient, warm-toned roofs and walls relieved by sunlit foliage.

" He nodded listlessly, rather in the manner of a man who did not give a damn what I did, and stood gazing out over the sunlit garden.

Your eyes, at this moment, are as brilliant as fireyour lips like carnationand your face like sunlit gold; recollect, I'm a poet.

My gold bedecks the sunlit cloud, Untouched by human hand; My silver is the sleeping sea, Unshadowed by the land.

And why should they be brought low? Doors shut in the streethow I saw thema long, long street, silent, full of sunshine, and the doors shut, and no sound anywhere but the low sound of the grinding: and the mill with the wheels drowsily turning and no one there at all save one boy with fluttering heart, tiptoeing in the sunlit doorway.

Foxe will be remembered always for his famous Book of Martyrs, a book that our elders gave to us on Sundays when we were young, thinking it good discipline for us to afflict our souls when we wanted to be roaming the sunlit fields, or when in our enforced idleness we would, if our own taste in the matter had been consulted, have made good shift to be quiet and happy with Robinson Crusoe.

Some of them have golden bands round their bodies, and fine spines which wave in the water like shreds of weedall to help them hide in the bright, sunlit groves of Coral.

I tell you whatit's only lately I've realized how I loathe the provinces!" The little interior in which they were, swept steadily and smoothly across the central sunlit plain of England, passing canals and brooks and cottages and churchessilent and stolid in that English stupidity that he was criticizing.

Then, trembling from head to foot at the reaction from her panic, she turned her back upon the table and sat up against the railing, holding her head in her hands and looking down at the fair sunlit river with eyes that saw it not.

There, with the sunlit waters before them, and the rippling waves making music at their feet, the old nurse crooned out many an Indian legend or exciting story about the red men of the past.

The children were placed in the center of the canoe, on a fur rug, while Mary seated herself in the stern and paddled them over the beautiful sunlit waves.

That long rainy day dragged its slow length to a close; and then came fine days, in which Molly and her fox-terriers went wandering over the sunlit hills, skipping and dancing across the mountain streamletsgills, as they were called in this particular worldalmost as gaily as the shadows of fleecy cloudlets dancing up yonder in the windy sky.

Behind them there was the empty dining-room, in front of them the sunlit panorama of lake and hill.

So rounds thy day, from maiden morn to haunted night, From larks and sunlit dreams to owl and gibbering ghost; A catacomb of dark, a maze of living light, To the wide sea of air a green and welcome coast.

The greater wonder who shall say: To make so white a soul of clay, From clay to win a face so fair, Those strange great eyes, that sunlit hair A-ripple o'er her witty brain, Or turn all back to dust again.

To begin with, the largest part of the seawhich now lay blue and sunlit, and rolled forward in glittering swellswas visible.

From the southwest billowy masses of slate-colored clouds came rolling on, obscuring the sunlit landscape beneath with an effect of lights turned down on a stage.

" V Ralph Ellsworth stalked among the trees, feverishly searching for squirrels, scarlet leaves, and the glint of a brown walking-dress, this last not being so easy to locate in sunlit autumn woods.

The green sunlit plains of wheat and barley, interspersed with bars of white and red poppies, the picturesque, happy-looking peasantry, the strings of mule and camel caravans, with their gaudy trappings and clashing bells,all this life, colour, and movement helped to give one new hope and energy, and drown the dreary remembrance of past troubles, bodily and mental.

From sunrise to sunset I lay, prone on my back, staring up at the cobwebby, smoke-blackened rafters, while the shadows shortened and lengthened in the bright sunlit yard, the monotonous silence broken only by the deep regular snores of my companion, whose capacity for sleep was something marvellous, the clucking of poultry, and the occasional stamp or snort of a horse in the stable below.

Were it not for its surroundingsthe green and smiling plains of wheat, barley, and Indian corn; the clusters of pretty sunlit villages; the long cypress-avenues; and last, but not least, the quiet shady gardens, with rose and jasmine bowers, and marble fountains which have been famous from time immemorialShiráz would not be what it now is, the most picturesque city in Persia.

The song of birds and hum of insects filled the air, bright butterflies flashed across our path, while the soft distant notes of a cuckoo recalled shady country lanes and the sunlit hay-fields of an English summer.

Bosio was willing to put off the moment of going home as long as possible, and he accompanied his friend to the door of Don Matteo's lodging, which was in a clean, quiet, sunlit street, behind the Piazzain one of those oases of light and cleanliness upon which one sometimes comes in the heart of Naples.

At last its sails of gold and brown, Of texture fine and colors rare, Came, death-struck, slowly fluttering down, No more to cleave the sunlit air; One happy, harmless being less, To bid us dream the world is sweet!

Perhaps it was astonishment that moved the big mansurely it could not have been fearyet he knelt there behind the sheltering tree grey-faced, wide, and blank of eye, as a man might look who dreamed and awoke to see his vision standing before him in full sunlit life.

And down past her shoulder, half covering the whiteness of her arm, fled the torrent of brown hair, with the firelight playing through it like a sunlit mist.

In her life of plains and prairies Sylvia had never been upon a great height, had never looked down and away upon such reaches of far valley, such glorious masses of sunlit mountain; and beyond them, giving wings to the imagination, were mountains, more mountains, distant, incalculably distant, with unseen hollow valleys between; and finally, mountains again, half cloud, melting indistinguishably into the vaporous haze of the sky.

"and of course," murmured Page finally, on another note, "of course it's rather a satisfaction to feel that you are making waste land of use to the world, and helping to protect the living waters of all that" He waved his hand over the noble expanse of sunlit valley.

She had been sailing across a sunlit sea, in a beautiful boat, her child lying on a bright-colored cushion at her feet.

Her son, she dreamed, was a fairy prince, and yonder lay his kingdom, to which he was being borne, lying there at her feet, in this beautiful boat, across the sunlit sea.

I leaned and loitered a long time on the bridge, gazing up to the craggy height, which is heavy with waving wood, and crowned by the Castle-tower, the Tees sweeping round the mountain-base, smooth here and sunlit, but a mile down, where I wished to go, but would not, brawling bedraggled and lacerated, like a sweet strumpet, all shallow among rocks under reaches of shadowthe shadow of Rokeby Woods.

Time after time I mentally conjured up the forthcoming performance of catching the train at Paddington and gliding out of the shadows of the huge station into the sunlit country beyondthe rapid express journey down home, the drive out from the station, back in my own land again!

I can only compare it to the first sight of a sunlit landscape through a prism; every object has a rainbow outline.

The cooling, sunlit air was delightful.

The village lay far belowa broken surface of tiled roofs, sloping rapidly towards the Lot, itself a broad ribbon of many blended colours, winding through the sunlit plain.

The sunlit grass, already long and almost ready for the scythe, was swept by shadows of the larches, those long, shelving boughs hung with green tassels, moving mysteriously above him.

And then he wandered out of the wood, into the sunlit country, along the dusty road, trying to take an interest in everyone whom he met.

The sunlit crests and the shadow-filled valleys roused him.

There was a boat with sunlit sails creeping across the sea.

Again her face was a faintly tinted vision of tranquil loveliness; her eyes were again like the wonderful blue pools over the sunlit mountains.

From the wagon, with its patiently trudging horse and dull driver, she lifted her eyes to the lawn, where the patches of wet shadow beneath the cedars refreshed the sunlit grass around them.

" The stranger pondered over this answer for some time as they rode on between the high, thin poplars, which threw bars across the sunlit road.

Some time after the above occurrence, perhaps a week, Nelly was sitting in her low rocking-chair, under the shadow of the portico, sewing as busily as her nimble little fingers would let her, when a shadow darkened the sunlit walk leading to the house.

Some of these had slept since the world began under their canopies of snow, and these flashed a sunlit glory into the eager eyes of the pilgrims.

Gleams of bright sunlit mountains appeared through the stratus.

It is a sweltering day, the air breathless, the glare intenseone loses sight of the fact that the temperature is low (-22°)one's mind seeks comparison in hot sunlit streets and scorching pavements, yet six hours ago my thumb was frostbitten.

I've been wandering long in sunlit bow'rs, Chasing butterflies and flow'rs; And this bright garland round my hair, Is one that I've been twining there.

None the less, Dom Manuel opened a window, at his fine home at Storisende, on a fine, sunlit, warmish morning (for this was the last day of April) to confront an outlook more perturbing than his hard vivid eyes had yet lighted on.

One or two people had gone down the lane, and he had pretended not to see them, and a couple of hedge-sparrows chasing each other along the side of the sunlit, wind-rippled field had been his chief entertainment.

Sharp was the line of dry sunlit air and gray slanting shower.

All was forgotten save that moment of parting; all the old intimacies had dropped from mind, banished by the sunlit god she had met this day....

But the mighty passionate being, that was roused to commanding actions in that high sunlit hour, died slowly and with agonies untellable.

No, nothing except birds and trees, water-lilies and such like happenings, ever happens along the old canal; and our nearest to a human event was our meeting with a lonely, melancholy man, sitting near a moss-grown water-wheel, smoking a corn-cob pipe, and gazing wistfully across at the Ramapo Hills, over which great sunlit clouds were billowing and casting slow-moving shadows.

But, the effort made, and once out of doors on a sunlit winter's morning, how soon are we finding out the mistake we were making, coddling ourselves in the steam-heat!

Yes, but a brave man who went rather well to his death through the sunlit streets of Paris, with the angry murmurs of a crowd rising in waves about him.

The sight of the man himself, standing erect in the doorway, gazing immovably out over the sunlit earth, looking and waiting, but asking no question, completed the impression.

Beyond the corner of the wall, a sunlit notice-board amidst green and yellow branches reared itself above the rich tones of the first fallen leaves and announced that "Trespassers in these Woods will be Prosecuted."

The Vicar, walking down the village road some sunlit morning, would encounter an ungainly eighteen feet of the Inexplicable, as fantastic and unpleasant to him as some new form of Dissent, as it padded fitfully along with craning neck, seeking, always seeking the two primary needs of childhoodsomething to eat and something with which to play.

It is scarcely conceivable how Boaz Negro could have come through this much of his life still possessed of that unquenchable and priceless exuberance; how he would sing in the dawn; how, simply listening to the recital of deeds in gale or brawl, he could easily forget himself a blind man, tied to a shop and a last; easily make of himself a lusty young fellow breasting the sunlit and adventurous tide of life.

Under the overcast sky the great cataract lost the deep green and fleecy-white of the sunlit falling waters.

From a rise of ground we looked back over the vast, sunlit landscape, the endless rolling stretches of low forest.

The Sunlit field.

The Sunlit field.

Little men in canoes upon sunlit oceans would come floating out of nothingness, incubating the eggs of prehistoric monsters unawares; violent conflicts would break out amidst the flower-beds of suburban gardens; I would discover I was peering into remote and mysterious worlds ruled by an order logical indeed but other than our common sanity.

His puzzled gaze wandered among the tall tree-trunks, and up into the remote sunlit greenery overhead.

"I have seen those temples," I said abruptly, and indeed he had brought those still, sunlit arcades of worn sandstone very vividly before me.

Kolahoi towered ethereala sunlit wedge of sheer rock some six thousand feet above usinto the crystal air.

Some lovely autumn day, at a watering-place, you may perchance be strolling by the sea, with crowds of well-dressed, happy people on the one side, and on the other the calm sunlit plain where boats are passing to and fro.

"Yes," she said, so simply that the Colonel's eyes turned directly toward her, lingered, then became fixed on the sunlit damask folds behind her.

His death was instantaneous; and on the bright June afternoon when he was to have taken little Madaline for a drive, he was carried home, through the sunlit streets, dead.

So they rode on through the sunlit airhe fancy free, she loving him every moment with deeper, truer, warmer love.

The blue sky overhead, with its flocks of sunlit clouds, softly bends over the gentle bosom of the earth.

He made the discovery one sunlit day beside the Manipur River.

With favoring winds, o'er sunlit seas, We sailed for the Hesperides, The land where golden apples grow;

We grieve no more for the wrinkled brow, Nor for withering locks as white as snow, For soon will we greet what is unseen now, Soon to the sunlit heights will we go.

Bold Wisdom, with her sunlit eye, Retreats when love comes whispering by For Wisdom's weak to love!

So they marched away across the sunlit pasture, where blackbirds walked among the cattle, and the dew sparkled in tinted drops of fire.

Away hence, and up on the hill where the wind blows, the sun shines, and the eye looks over the green plain, to the sunlit, dear Upsala, the student's city.

But if we had wandered momentarily, as if out of some quiet sunlit gallery of Monte Beni, I soon found it was into the frontier of our western border.

Above were overhanging precipices and a blue streak of sunlit sky.

With that name the sunlit days of meeting came back again.

Sickened by the commonplaceness of life and dull from the heaviness of the after-lunch hour, I leaned drowsily on the long, long table, the sunlit table disappearing into infinity, and I made an effort to keep my arms from giving way, my chin from dropping, and my eyes from closing.

At our request he accompanied the unbelieving botanist and myself to the spot; and there, looking down through the sunlit water, we saw great patches of that rare and long-lost plant of the Cruciferse known to science as Subularia aquatica.

Chateau and cabin, trail and forest road, soldier and civilian, lake and river, now moonlit, now sunlit, now under ice and white with snow, were of the shifting scenes in that play.

She loved to believe that in the making of him her own blood asserted itself by drawing him away from the tyrannical interpretation of God to the neutral investigation of the earth, from black theology to sunlit scienceso leaving him at work and at peace, the ancestral antagonisms becoming neutralized by being blended.

The laces of her nightgown dropped from her wrists to her elbows; the masses of her hair, like sunlit autumn maize, fell down over her neck and shoulders into the purity of the bed.