258 examples of sunlit in sentences

And she at last glanced at Mathieu to tell him how weary she felt of all the semi-society and semi-medical chatter around her, and how much she would like to go off home, leaning on his arm, and walking slowly along the sunlit quays.

Just before entering the sunlit beech glades we overtook a noble cavalcade, consisting of three ladies on three donkeys, with a fat old woman leading the way on foot.


"I THOUGHT, BEFORE MY SUNLIT TWENTIETH YEAR" I thought, before my sunlit twentieth year, That I knew Love, and Death that goes with it; And my young broken heart in little songs, Dew-like, I poured, and waited for my end

"I THOUGHT, BEFORE MY SUNLIT TWENTIETH YEAR" I thought, before my sunlit twentieth year, That I knew Love, and Death that goes with it; And my young broken heart in little songs, Dew-like, I poured, and waited for my end

Pure-faced, pure-thoughted, folk are mine With whom to sit and laugh and dine; In every sunlit room is heard Love singing, like an April bird, And everywhere the moonlit eyes Of beauty guard our paradise; While, at the ending of the day, To the kind country gods we pray, And dues of our fair living pay.

" He nodded listlessly, rather in the manner of a man who did not give a damn what I did, and stood gazing out over the sunlit garden.

And why should they be brought low? Doors shut in the streethow I saw thema long, long street, silent, full of sunshine, and the doors shut, and no sound anywhere but the low sound of the grinding: and the mill with the wheels drowsily turning and no one there at all save one boy with fluttering heart, tiptoeing in the sunlit doorway.

I tell you whatit's only lately I've realized how I loathe the provinces!" The little interior in which they were, swept steadily and smoothly across the central sunlit plain of England, passing canals and brooks and cottages and churchessilent and stolid in that English stupidity that he was criticizing.

So rounds thy day, from maiden morn to haunted night, From larks and sunlit dreams to owl and gibbering ghost; A catacomb of dark, a maze of living light, To the wide sea of air a green and welcome coast.

The greater wonder who shall say: To make so white a soul of clay, From clay to win a face so fair, Those strange great eyes, that sunlit hair A-ripple o'er her witty brain, Or turn all back to dust again.

At last its sails of gold and brown, Of texture fine and colors rare, Came, death-struck, slowly fluttering down, No more to cleave the sunlit air; One happy, harmless being less, To bid us dream the world is sweet!

Perhaps it was astonishment that moved the big mansurely it could not have been fearyet he knelt there behind the sheltering tree grey-faced, wide, and blank of eye, as a man might look who dreamed and awoke to see his vision standing before him in full sunlit life.

The sunlit grass, already long and almost ready for the scythe, was swept by shadows of the larches, those long, shelving boughs hung with green tassels, moving mysteriously above him.

And then he wandered out of the wood, into the sunlit country, along the dusty road, trying to take an interest in everyone whom he met.

Some time after the above occurrence, perhaps a week, Nelly was sitting in her low rocking-chair, under the shadow of the portico, sewing as busily as her nimble little fingers would let her, when a shadow darkened the sunlit walk leading to the house.

All was forgotten save that moment of parting; all the old intimacies had dropped from mind, banished by the sunlit god she had met this day....

Beyond the corner of the wall, a sunlit notice-board amidst green and yellow branches reared itself above the rich tones of the first fallen leaves and announced that "Trespassers in these Woods will be Prosecuted."

The Vicar, walking down the village road some sunlit morning, would encounter an ungainly eighteen feet of the Inexplicable, as fantastic and unpleasant to him as some new form of Dissent, as it padded fitfully along with craning neck, seeking, always seeking the two primary needs of childhoodsomething to eat and something with which to play.

The Sunlit field.

"I have seen those temples," I said abruptly, and indeed he had brought those still, sunlit arcades of worn sandstone very vividly before me.

So they marched away across the sunlit pasture, where blackbirds walked among the cattle, and the dew sparkled in tinted drops of fire.

With that name the sunlit days of meeting came back again.

She loved to believe that in the making of him her own blood asserted itself by drawing him away from the tyrannical interpretation of God to the neutral investigation of the earth, from black theology to sunlit scienceso leaving him at work and at peace, the ancestral antagonisms becoming neutralized by being blended.

The laces of her nightgown dropped from her wrists to her elbows; the masses of her hair, like sunlit autumn maize, fell down over her neck and shoulders into the purity of the bed.

258 examples of  sunlit  in sentences