25 examples of sunnyside in sentences

Sunnyside, Irving's home, is a most interesting stone structure, whose numerous gables are covered with ivy, the immense mass of which has grown from a few slips presented to Irving by Sir Walter Scott.

That "Sunnyside" home was too inviting to those who were privileged there to allow any proper opportunity for a visit to pass unimproved.

Mr. Irving himself drove a snug pair of ponies down to the steamboat to meet us(for, even then, Thackeray's "one old horse" was not the only resource in the Sunnyside stables).

I do not presume to write of the home-details of Sunnyside, further than to say that this delightful visit of three or four days gave us the impression that Mr. Irving's element seemed to be at home, as head of the family.

Among the briefer visits to Sunnyside which I had the good-fortune to enjoy was one with the estimable compiler of the "Dictionary of Authors."

At this "Ancient Dorp" he was the guest of Cozzens, and I had the honor of accompanying the greater and lesser humorist in a drive to Sunnyside, nine miles.

Mr. Irving was never a systematic collector of books, and his little library at Sunnyside might have disappointed those who would expect to see there rich shelves of choice editions, and a full array of all the favorite authors among whom such a writer would delight to revel.

This relic was of no great intrinsic value; but, as he had written on this table many of his later works, including "Mahomet," "Goldsmith," "Wolfert's Roost," and "Washington," I prize it, of course, as one of the most interesting mementos of Sunnyside.

Arrive in Sunnyside ten in the morning."

" "What brings him to Sunnyside?"

" "No, Mary never came to Sunnyside.

"Since I left Sunnyside this morning?

" "Come to Sunnyside soon.

At Sunnyside she astonished the town hack-man by leaping into his cab and ordering him to drive her home, top speed.

"I've just come back from Sunnyside, where I spent the night.

At Sunnyside he hurried along the deserted street, where only the milkman wound his weary way in the early morning.

At first he called it "Wolfert's Roost"; afterward the name was changed to "Sunnyside," the name by which it is still known.

" He remained abroad four years, when he sent in his resignation, and hurried home to spend his last years at Sunnyside.

Washington Irving died on the 28th of November, 1859, at his dear Sunnyside, and now lies buried in a cemetery upon a hill near by, in a beautiful spot overlooking the Hudson river and Sleepy Hollow.

Her "Sunnyside" had already reached a circulation of one hundred thousand copies, and she was following it fasttoo fastby other books for which the critics and the publishers clamored.

The author of "Sunnyside," "The Angel on the Right Shoulder," and "Peep at Number Five," lived before women had careers and public sympathy in them.

Last year, owing to the pressure of other engagements, we did not mark out the tennis-lawn at "Sunnyside."

"I can hazard a guess," exclaimed Commodore Wingate, "for the Sunnyside railroad station.

" "Je-rus-a-lem," exclaimed the chief of police, a man named Applegate, pulling out a huge old-fashioned silver watch, "there's a train due in a few minutes now; if we don't make it, they'll slip through our fingers!" Faster and faster the car roared forward and suddenly as it shot round a curve the little station of Sunnyside came in sight.

He's the stranger that's buying the Sunnyside place, We all thought was willed to poor Archibald Grace, Along with the mortgage that's jest falling due, And that father allowed Archie Grace would renew;

25 examples of  sunnyside  in sentences