70 examples of superintendent's in sentences

Betty had elected to give Clover to the new superintendent's daughter, the girl who was to move with her parents into the old Saunders farmhouse.

On an early morning I was summoned to the superintendent's office.

IV Haggard and with rebellious limbs, Police-constable Bennett staggered into the superintendent's office in the early morning.

The superintendent's report for 1847 shows that schools for Negroes had been established in fifteen counties in the State, reporting an enrollment of 5000 pupils.

" The change that came over the superintendent's face at this announcement was astonishing.

" "I remember him now," said Faith; "he was in the superintendent's office when I applied for my position.

"Well, you just listen to this!" He repeated the conversation that had just taken place in the superintendent's office.

"I borrowed the superintendent's bunch last night, pretending I had lost the key to my locker in the basement.

"There's a dangerous short circuit somewhere in the house," he announced to the superintendent's wife.

Oh, don't I wish I had seen it!" She laughed over the superintendent's probable discomfiture, and lamented Miss Crilly's illness.

They came up by classes to the superintendent's desk, where they read and were examined.

* Superintendent's office, Antigua, July 6th, 1836.

* Superintendent's office, Antigua, January 4th, 1837.

Extract from the Superintendent's Report to the Commander in Chief.

* Superintendent's office, St. John's, Sept. 4th, 1836.

A consciousness of her quiet penetrated the superintendent's mind.

By shaking this blower and breathing upon its contents the lighter grains of iron sand were propelled to the edge, as chaff is separated from wheat, and fell into a box held between the superintendent's knees.

Junior closely graded church school courses, superintendent's manual)

Junior closely graded church school courses, superintendent's manual)

" Harrigan was led into the superintendent's room.

Find out all you can and have as many witnesses as you can get together, at the superintendent's office to-morrow afternoon, at three o'clock.

The assistant superintendent's scalp prickled with restrained excitement.

One day while returning from a row in the harbor, I treated my boat's crew to apples and pears from our orchard; just then the superintendent's whistle sounded, and I was called before the trustees then in session.

And in the end he pointed to some telegram forms that lay on the superintendent's desk.

I wish I had brought our superintendent's letter with me for you to read.

70 examples of  superintendent's  in sentences