70 examples of superintendent's in sentences

She led him to the superintendent's reception roomthere they would be undisturbed.

The months rolled by and Evadne sat one afternoon in the superintendent's reception room reading a letter which the postman had just delivered.

By contrast the lights of the superintendent's office were subdued, so that within the walls of the police-station sounds seemed of greater importance.

The superintendent's report for 1847 shows that schools for Negroes had been established in fifteen counties in the State, reporting an enrollment of 5000 pupils.

" The change that came over the superintendent's face at this announcement was astonishing.

" "I remember him now," said Faith; "he was in the superintendent's office when I applied for my position.

She remembered that he, too, had been in the superintendent's office that evening, and that it was possible, even probable, that he knew something about the money.

That is what I want to know, and as it concerns you two as well as me, I'm going to ask you to answer it!" There was the silence of death in the superintendent's office.

He had found his voice at last, and came to the superintendent's rescue.

"There's a dangerous short circuit somewhere in the house," he announced to the superintendent's wife.

Oh, don't I wish I had seen it!" She laughed over the superintendent's probable discomfiture, and lamented Miss Crilly's illness.

* Superintendent's office, Antigua, April 4th, 1836.

* Superintendent's office, Antigua, July 6th, 1836.

* Superintendent's office, St. John's, Sept. 4th, 1836.

* Superintendent's office, Antigua, January 4th, 1837.

Mr. James was kind enough to accompany me, and it is needless to say we were treated with the utmost courtesy, and every facility afforded us for seeing everything of interest, after which we enjoyed an excellent lunch at the superintendent's.

Rachel Wiletzky, entering the superintendent's office after a wait of three hours, was Applicant No. 179.

A sense of her quiet penetrated the superintendent's subconsciousness.

A consciousness of her quiet penetrated the superintendent's mind.

By shaking this blower and breathing upon its contents the lighter grains of iron sand were propelled to the edge, as chaff is separated from wheat, and fell into a box held between the superintendent's knees.

It was the Superintendent's duty to watch his charges and keep discipline in what was, after all, a school.

" Harrigan was led into the superintendent's room.

And in the end he pointed to some telegram forms that lay on the superintendent's desk.

When his turn came he entered the superintendent's office, whom he found to be a very kindly spoken gentleman, and brought matters to a quick head by blandly asking him for employment.

He gave a tailor a "hurry" order for a trainman's uniform, and when he reported on the appointed day at the superintendent's office, he was put in charge of a conductor who quickly became his fatherly friend, because Joe did everything required of him in a most satisfactory manner.

70 examples of  superintendent's  in sentences