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128 example sentences with  superintendent's

128 example sentences with superintendent's

She led him to the superintendent's reception roomthere they would be undisturbed.

" * * * * * The months rolled by and Evadne sat one afternoon in the superintendent's reception room reading a letter which the postman had just delivered.

The night they sailed a great consternation was caused on the island by the news that the safe in the Admiral Superintendent's office had been opened by expert safe-breakers, and certain most important secret documents stolen."

The superintendent was coming down the road.

The quick-witted superintendent was equal to the occasion, and, starting the ponderous machine, soon managed to run foul of a protruding rock and break the plough.

The post of lady superintendent was by no means a sinecure.

"The district superintendent is asking me to fill out the year on the Ellis and Valencia Circuitthe present pastor is going to Colorado for his health.

Betty had elected to give Clover to the new superintendent's daughter, the girl who was to move with her parents into the old Saunders farmhouse.

The superintendent was already on the ground but his family and furniture were not due for a week.

Never had thirteen been more unlucky, for the present superintendent was known to be a man determined to stamp out hazing.

A superintendent's report, written thirty years ago for one of the New England States, regrets that, even then, home government had grown lax.

Our courts have held that the superintendent is a fellow servant, or, as the law states it, a fellow employee, and that, therefore, the man can not recover damages for his injury.

On an early morning I was summoned to the superintendent's office.

It was all he said, but in that one word and in the strange excitement in the superintendent's face Howland read that which made him turn quickly to the men, giving them his first command as general-in-chief of the road that was going to the bay.

We were ushered into the superintendent's office, and found him a fine, noble-looking man, with a clear, mild eye, and an expression of great decision and energy.

"There were so many, with the superintendent's class combined with mine, I found it quite impossible to keep good order, as you probably observed."

The superintendent was not present.

A glance at the superintendent's register, as you go in, shows that the "PHARAOH family" furnish the largest number of inmates.

By contrast the lights of the superintendent's office were subdued, so that within the walls of the police-station sounds seemed of greater importance.

And at his very elbow the superintendent was speaking in that suave voice that reminded Bennett of grey velvet.

The superintendent was ambitious and therefore pompous; he, himself, was unambitious and therefore modest.

IV Haggard and with rebellious limbs, Police-constable Bennett staggered into the superintendent's office in the early morning.

" But just at that moment he heard the superintendent's footstep coming along the passage.

The superintendent's report for 1847 shows that schools for Negroes had been established in fifteen counties in the State, reporting an enrollment of 5000 pupils.

The change that came over the superintendent's face at this announcement was astonishing.

"He's the superintendent's lackey, but they call him an assistant," said Miss Jennings, with a slight blush.

If he expresses an honest opinion, out he goes into the street, and that means that not only himself but his mother would starve." "I remember him now," said Faith; "he was in the superintendent's office when I applied for my position.

She remembered that he, too, had been in the superintendent's office that evening, and that it was possible, even probable, that he knew something about the money.

There was the silence of death in the superintendent's office.

With the note in his hand he went back to the superintendent's office.

He had found his voice at last, and came to the superintendent's rescue.

He repeated the conversation that had just taken place in the superintendent's office.

"I borrowed the superintendent's bunch last night, pretending I had lost the key to my locker in the basement.

"There's a dangerous short circuit somewhere in the house," he announced to the superintendent's wife.

"The Board never interferes with the superintendent's rules" began Mrs. Beers.

She laughed over the superintendent's probable discomfiture, and lamented Miss Crilly's illness.

The superintendent was an interesting young colored man.

They came up by classes to the superintendent's desk, where they read and were examined.

The superintendent's salary, &c., is paid by the Wesleyan Missionary Society.

Extract from the Superintendent's Report to the Commander in Chief.


" * * * * * Superintendent's office, Antigua, April 4th, 1836.

* * * * * Superintendent's office, Antigua, July 6th, 1836.

" * * * * * Superintendent's office, St. John's, Sept. 4th, 1836.

" Signed, &c. * * * * * Superintendent's office, Antigua, January 4th, 1837.

They came up by classes to the superintendent's desk, where they read and were examined.

The superintendent's salary, &c., is paid by the Wesleyan Missionary Society.

Extract from the Superintendent's Report to the Commander in Chief.


" * * * * * Superintendent's office, Antigua, April 4th, 1836.

* * * * * Superintendent's office, Antigua, July 6th, 1836.

" * * * * * Superintendent's office, St. John's, Sept. 4th, 1836.

" Signed, &c. * * * * * Superintendent's office, Antigua, January 4th, 1837.

Mr. James was kind enough to accompany me, and it is needless to say we were treated with the utmost courtesy, and every facility afforded us for seeing everything of interest, after which we enjoyed an excellent lunch at the superintendent's.

Rachel Wiletzky, entering the superintendent's office after a wait of three hours, was Applicant No. 179.

A sense of her quiet penetrated the superintendent's subconsciousness.

Ten days before the formal opening of the new twelve-story addition there was issued from the superintendent's office an order that made a little flurry among the clerks in the sections devoted to women's dress.

The superintendent's office was on the ninth floor.

The grey superintendent was writing at his desk.

A consciousness of her quiet penetrated the superintendent's mind.

He is Halkett's representative, and" The door opened suddenly and Hawk danced in, followed by a man bareheaded and in his shirt-sleeves, the superintendent's chief clerk, and the two officers.

One morning while Bill was cleaning up the superintendent's cabin he noticed a tiny yellow flake of gold upon the floor in front of Slevin's bed.

Two gold pans, heaped high with the mingled black sand and gold dust, as it came out of the sluices, were drying on the Yukon stove, and the superintendent was engaged in separating the precious yellow particles from the worthless material which gravity had deposited with it.

By shaking this blower and breathing upon its contents the lighter grains of iron sand were propelled to the edge, as chaff is separated from wheat, and fell into a box held between the superintendent's knees.

Once out of sight of the mine he doubled back and came out behind the superintendent's cabin.

It almost brought a smile to the superintendent's face.

Accordingly, school-girls, like other flowers, blossomed in summer only; and this state of things lasted, with but slight modification, for some forty years, according to the School-Superintendent's Third Report.

It was the Superintendent's duty to watch his charges and keep discipline in what was, after all, a school.

Junior closely graded church school courses, superintendent's manual)

Junior closely graded church school courses, superintendent's manual)

Having become quite hardened to just such demands, at the proper date I ordered my superintendent's car on to No. 2, and the next morning it was dropped off at Trinidad.

At all events, it was not until some months later that the superintendent was informed of my treatment, when, at my request (though I was then elsewhere), the Governor of the State discussed the subject with him.

The superintendent was a man well known and much respected, and was eminently qualified for his arduous task.

Jones was taken into the superintendent's room, and a dozen other men were assembled there, waiting for the arrival of the cabman.

Harrigan was led into the superintendent's room.

Find out all you can and have as many witnesses as you can get together, at the superintendent's office to-morrow afternoon, at three o'clock.

Nick found Deever in the superintendent's presence.

The face of the superintendent was perfectly calm.

For the conduction of these researches the sanitary superintendent is allowed a competent chemical staff.

And he was just a little ashamed of his own recent impatience at Najib, when he remembered how the superintendent was pushing the relays of consignments along.

The assistant superintendent's scalp prickled with restrained excitement.

One day while returning from a row in the harbor, I treated my boat's crew to apples and pears from our orchard; just then the superintendent's whistle sounded, and I was called before the trustees then in session.

We were in Berwick at an early hour next morning, and we went straight to the police station and into the superintendent's office.

And in the end he pointed to some telegram forms that lay on the superintendent's desk.

I wish I had brought our superintendent's letter with me for you to read.

The last hour is appropriated to this purpose, with the understanding, however, that such a portion of it as is not wanted by the superintendent is to be spent in study.

Each superintendent was to have a small executive of officials, who were themselves to be councillorsa sort of small Cabinet.

When his turn came he entered the superintendent's office, whom he found to be a very kindly spoken gentleman, and brought matters to a quick head by blandly asking him for employment.

He gave a tailor a "hurry" order for a trainman's uniform, and when he reported on the appointed day at the superintendent's office, he was put in charge of a conductor who quickly became his fatherly friend, because Joe did everything required of him in a most satisfactory manner.

SUNDAY SCHOOLS "Now, Willie," said the superintendent's little boy, addressing the blacksmith's little boy, who had come over for a frolic, "we'll play 'Sabbath School.'

Fortunately for us, the archdiocesan superintendent was able to help point us in the right direction, and we found a school that fits us perfectly: smallish, Catholic to the core and one big, supportive family.

Hamburg Highway Superintendent's son accused of sexual harassment, public urination.

A new superintendent is expected to be announced and on the job by the summer.

The first day of school for students will be Sept. 14. Superintendent's Conference Days will be Sept. 8-11.

"The state superintendent is a constitutional officer and, as a constitutional officer, she stands as the governor's equal on any matters of education as his superior, in many respects.

The superintendent's take is a bit different; he tells the school has a policy that no external messages whatsoever can be on face masks.

He currently acts as a table officer for the BC School Superintendent's Association and serves as a Director on the Canadian Association of School System Administrator.

The Administration Building, Superintendent's Residence, Canalmen's Shelter, Powerhouse, and Stores/Blacksmith Shop were constructed of red sandstone and trimmed with limestone.

The superintendent may apply to the court for direction in relation to a matter concerning the superintendent's duties and powers under this Act and, on that application, the court may give direction and make any other order it thinks fit.

Work programs that are established under the regulations may be implemented and administered by the superintendent in the correctional facility for which that superintendent is responsible.