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775 examples of  supporter  in sentences

775 examples of supporter in sentences

The doctrine of the aerial formation of meteoric stones, receives, too, a passing notice from our author, who is clearly no supporter of it.

William Smith was its strongest advocate, Carleton its most cautious and judicious supporter.

4. Explain to (a) a supporter of the winning team, (b) a supporter of the losing team why the baseball game came out as it did. 5.

4. Explain to (a) a supporter of the winning team, (b) a supporter of the losing team why the baseball game came out as it did. 5.

I am the slave of Cais, and am his property; I intend to be the supporter of him whom I love, and the enemy of whosoever resists him.

The Princess William, sister of the late King, was in warm sympathy with Mrs. Fry's prison-work, and, after the death of Queen Louisa, was a patron and a supporter of every good word and work.

A tough fowl and an old goose are sad triers of a carver's powers and temper, and, indeed, sometimes of the good humour of those in the neighbourhood of the carver; for a sudden tilt of the dish may eventuate in the placing a quantity of the gravy in the lap of the right or left-hand supporter of the host.

" "He does not deny it," said another, "he'll tell you the whole storyand believe me, Peter is an enthusiastic supporter of the women's cause now.

7. I was happy to produce so judicious and elegant a supporter of a doctrine, which, I know not why, should, in this world of imperfect knowledge, and, therefore, of wonder and mystery in a thousand instances, be contested by some with an unthinking assurance and flippancy.

"The Prince Galitzin, who had been her father's minister and was now Sophia's main supporter in all her autocratic designs and actions, found himself obliged to leave Moscow to attend to his private affairs on his great estates, and to be absent for more than a month; and after his departure the princess depended on me more than ever.

By some accident this "ladies' day" meeting had for its chief speaker a man who is an ardent believer in and supporter of no-license.

they've got the letter itself, what can they want with you?" said her ladyship, vigorously propelling her supporter out of reach of possible interruption.

" Though Mr. Crawley was so loyal a supporter of the regent of Barracombe, yet John's projected improvements were far too thorough-going to gain the approval of the pottering old retainers of the Crewys family, though they were unable to question his knowledge or his judgment.

He was an Oxford Tory, a firm believer in divine right and passive obedience, and a warm supporter of the new ministers.

One of these is called oxygen, [Footnote: Oxygen gas is the chief supporter of combustion, as well as of respiration.

The leaders of the Church welcomed him as the supporter of Roman discipline.

The prominent supporter of this movement was Ivar Aasen (1813-1898), the author of an excellent dictionary of the Norwegian language.

He confirmed Alva's consent to the confiscation of the domains of the noble Romans who had espoused his cause; and thus gained a stanch and powerful supporter to all his future projects in the religious authority of the successor of St. Peter.

Was there not the late chancellor of the exchequer, who has been severest in his censures of lord North, and the lord advocate of Scotland, who was his principal supporter, and was for pushing the American measures, even to greater lengths, than the noble patron himself?

He became, also, a warm supporter both of me and of my cause.

His future rival, Gladstone, though five years his junior, had already been in Parliament three years, and was distinguished as an orator before Disraeli had a chance to enter the House of Commons as a supporter of Sir Robert Peel; but his extraordinary power was not felt until he attacked his master on the repeal of the corn laws, nor was he the rival of Mr. Gladstone until the Tory party was disintegrated and broken into sections.

Supporter of Washington's administrations, and leader of Federal party.

Member of Congress from Virginia (1799-1800), and supporter of President Adams's administration.

His personal relations with Jackson, who had been his warm friend and supporter, became strained after his second election as Vice-President.

That we may proceed without interruption to the end of Johnson's political career, it should here he told that he published (in 1774) a short pamphlet in support of his friend, Mr. Thrale, who at that time was one of the candidates in a contested election, and a zealous supporter of the government.

Of that School of Arts and Trades, of which I have been the most enthusiastic supporter and the realization of which I shall greet as the first streak of dawn for these fortunate islands, of that School of Arts and Trades the friars have taken charge" "Or the cat of the canary, which amounts to the same thing," added Pecson, in his turn interrupting the speech.

[for women], brassiere, corset, stays, corsage, corset, corselet, bodice, girdle &c (circle) 247; stomacher; petticoat, panties; under waistcoat; jock [for men], athletic supporter, jockstrap. sweater, jersey; cardigan; turtleneck, pullover; sweater vest.

[person active in politics] politician activist; [specific politicians: list], candidate, aspirant, hopeful, office-seeker, front- runner, dark horse, long shot, shoo-in; supporter, backer, political worker, campaign worker; lobbyist, contributor; party hack, ward heeler; regional candidate, favorite son; running mate, stalking horse; perpetual candidate, political animal.

Paine was an enthusiastic admirer of the American Constitution and a supporter of the French Revolution (in which also he was to play a part).

Coleridge was a supporter of the Church, and he contributed to the foundation of a school of liberal theology which was to make itself felt after the middle of the century.

Deeply concerned for morality and religion, a supporter of the Established Church, he took the Bible under his special protection, and in three works, St. Paul and Protestantism, 1870, Literature and Dogma, 1873, and God and the Bible, 1875, he endeavoured to rescue that book from its orthodox exponents, whom he regarded as the corrupters of Christianity.

I sent his letter to the Bishop of Bath and Wells, saying I should be much obliged to him if he could make the arrangement, Lord Cleveland being a faithful and powerful supporter of Government.

"In 1638 he became a stalwart supporter of Episcopacy and Divine Right, a course which proved equally fatal to himself and to his ancient Castle of Glencardine.

"If any accusations should be made and proved against it, if any charges should be substantiated, it would, indeed be proper for the ministers to resign; and if, in such a case he were afterward to continue in office, he would suffer himself to be stigmatized as the champion of prerogative, and the unconstitutional supporter of the usurpation of the crown.

Such an assertion of indefeasible right was so totally at variance with the Whig doctrines which Pitt, equally with Fox, regarded as the true principles of the constitution, that Pitt at once perceived the advantage which it gave him, by enabling him to stand forward as the supporter of the supreme authority of Parliament, which Fox had by implication denied.

Fired by these words, the patricians from that time held their consultations not in public, but in private houses, and remote from the knowledge of the majority, at which, when this one point only was agreed on, that the accused must be rescued either by fair means or foul, the most desperate proposals were most approved; nor did any deed, however daring, lack a supporter.

But like Volero, the originator of it, so his colleague, Lætorius, was both a more recent, as well as a more energetic, supporter of it.

Of these Administrations it had been the supporter,only following, in that regard, the transmitted politics of its original, the "Gazetteer," derived from the elder Mr. Gales.

At Adrianople was drawn up the Treaty of San Stefano, creating an independent Bulgarian state, and, in the opinion of Great Britain and Germany, giving Russia far greater influence in the Balkan Peninsula than was agreeable to that disastrous supporter of Turkey, the Balance of Power.

In politics it was a supporter of Lord Liverpool's Government; but public distress, the currency, trade and commerce were subjects of independent comment.

In 1774 was a member of the Continental Congress, and in 1776 was the adviser and great supporter of the Declaration of Independence.

He is an Old School Presbyterian, and a supporter of the Colonization Society.

In the great age of democracy, a fool had come and asked him if he were not a supporter of the house of Stuart, a Jacobite of charades.

You that are carefull of your countries weale, Fellow compere, Supporter of the State, Let us imbrace in steele, our cause is good.

Henceforward, whenever the question of Reform came before the House, Lord John was recognized as its most prominent supporter.

He was also an ardent supporter of the Catholic Relief Bill.

Mr. Harding Cox was years ago a great supporter of the variety.

Mr. Thomas J. Pickett, of Newcastle-on-Tyne, was perhaps the earliest supporter of the breed on a large scale, and his Tynedale and Tyneside in especial have left their names in the history of the Bedlington.

A.A slow combustion is found by experiment to give the best results as regards economy of fuel, and theory tells us that the largest advantage will necessarily be obtained where adequate time has been afforded for a complete combination of the constituent atoms of the combustible, and the supporter of combustion.

" Though a hearty supporter of authority in principle, Johnson was distinguished through life by the strongest spirit of personal independence and self-respect.

The very unpopularity with which his uniform endowed him seemed to him to express a severe criticism of the system of which he was an unwilling supporter.

The most recent supporter of Brentano's claim is Eduard Thorn (1913), who reasons as follows: Heine knew Brentano's works in 1824, for in that year he borrowed Wunderhorn and Trösteinsamkeit from the library at Göttingen.

Schreiber has only one supporter, despite the fact that the evidence, external and internal, is as strong as it can be without Heine's ever having made some such remark as the following: "Yes, in 1823 I knew only Schreiber's saga and borrowed from it."

"The first prize," he went on, "is a silver-plated coffee-set, presented by our ardent and lifelong supporter, Mr. Joseph Croke, proprietor of the celebrated grocery store, who now occupies the chair.

He was a firm supporter of Anthony Benezet, and was made president of the Abolition Society of Philadelphia which in 1774 founded a successful colored school.

Above him a brass head of curious workmanship held in its clenched teeth the canopy that overshadowed the bed; and as the light occasionally flickered and brightened, the curiously carved face seemed to light up with a sort of sardonic grin; and the grating of the curtain-rings, as the sick man tossed from side to side in his bed, would have suggested the idea that the odd supporter of the canopy was gnashing his brazen teeth at him.

In sparkling wit, keen sarcasm, and humorous pleasantry, it is rivalled only by another volume, entitled "The Fudge Family in Paris," published in 1818, the hero of which is a distinguished poet, and a zealous supporter of the present administration.

Adieu, my dear sister, until your return Sweet home will be dreary, and almost forlorn; May God be your guide, your supporter and stay, Directing your footsteps, wherever you stray.

Publius Clodius, a young man of noble family, once a friend and supporter of Cicero against Catiline, but who had already made himself notorious for the most abandoned profligacy, was detected, in a woman's dress, at the celebration of the rites of the Bona Deaa kind of religious freemasonry amongst the Roman ladies, the mysteries of which are very little known, and probably would in any case be best left without explanation.

He was once a zealous supporter of the Colonization Society, but when convinced of the evil character and tendency of that scheme, he withdrew from it, and became a warm and able advocate of the immediate abolition of slavery.

The very young man of good family, the subsidised barrister, the respectable nobody, the rich supporter of the party would be ousted by known men.

I saw in the paper some days ago that the well-known leader of a certain religious party wrote to a supporter of his the following curious words: "I have not forgotten the talented way in which you held up the banner at Birkenhead."

It was a season of unparalleled enthusiasm and rejoicing, when General Lafayette, the friend and supporter of American Independence, responded to the wishes of the people of the United States, and came to see their prosperity, and to hear their expressions of gratitude.

The average Catholic became a hard-core, if later disillusioned by the subsequent twist of events, supporter of the Konkani camp, without quite understanding the unstated issues involved.

Some days later, a gleeful Rajan informed that it was just as well he had taken up that suggestion, since the UNI write-up had, in turn, provoked a series of lengthy polemical responses from the Panjim-based Konkani hardline supporter Datta Naik written to project the Konkani cause.

The Konknni agitation was at its peak and I was a staunch Konknni supporter.

He is Sir Walter Resant's best supporter in his noble efforts to protect authors and to advance their interests.

When factious rage to cruel exile drove The queen of beauty, and the court of love, The Muses droop'd, with their forsaken arts, And the sad Cupids broke their useless darts: Our fruitful plains to wilds and deserts turn'd Like Eden's face, when banish'd man it mourn'd, Love was no more, when loyalty was gone, The great supporter of his awful throne.

What does perplex us is to find in the Gospels language attributed to Christ which apparently makes Him a supporter of this mistaken view.

Ans. 'One who affirms positively; an affirmer, supporter, or vindicator.

A few were drunk, and one man, who was apparently a supporter of my own, clung to my neck while he tried to tell me of some vaguely tremendous fact which just eluded his power of speech.

The abbey was founded in the thirteenth century by Madoc-ap-Gryffydd Moelor, who was a supporter of Llewelyn in the cause of Welsh independence.

Beside this, in their own little church, she reflected with alarm, that Simeon Brown, the richest and most liberal supporter of the society, had been, and was then, drawing all his wealth from this source; and rapidly there flashed before her mind a picture of one and another, influential persons, who were holders of slaves.

Though Moussa was unaware, in his abysmal ignorance, of the interesting fact, the great two-handed sword so effectually wielded by the supporter of his captor, was exactly like that of a Crusader of old.

"Je dois vous dire tout d'abord, lui dit-elle, que je puis tout supporter, excepté qu'on me répliqueMadame est exactement comme moi, répondit la domestique, nous nous entendrons très bien.

PATIENCE, f., vertu qui fait supporter les maux avec résignation. !

It was merely that in a time of general confusion they consolidated themselves into a body which was a most effective, though irregular, supporter of the cause of law.

n'y a rien qu'un homme ne puisse entreprendre quand il est assez bien constitué pour supporter la fatigue, et qu'il possède argent et santé.

] I once believed the "Man of Kent" To be the Muses' firm supporter And only less benevolent To bards than Mr. C.K. SHORTER.

Belonging to the aristocratic party, he became a friend and supporter of Pompey, and, after holding a naval command under him in the war against the Pirates in B.C. 67, was his legatus in Spain at the beginning of the civil wars and there surrendered to Caesar.

Now has he gained, As the brave tamer of the forest-beasts, The title Sarva-damana; but then Mankind shall hail him as King Bharata, And call him the supporter of the world.

Now that the good fight of emancipation has been fought, and the victorythanks to the present Emperorhas been won, M. Turgénieff has every reason for looking back with pride upon that phase of the struggle; and his countrymen may well have a feeling of regard, as well as of respect, for himthe upper-classes as for one who has helped them to recognize their duty; the lower, as for a very generous supporter in their time of trouble.

The sight of too many trophies will convert a friend into a covert enemy, who, without being treacherous, will nevertheless betray a great cause by his jealousy of its great supporter.

And as their trees in our dull region set, But faintly grow, and no perfection get, So, in this northern tract, our hoarser throats Utter unripe and ill-constrained notes, While the supporter of the poets' style, 60 Phoebus, on them eternally does smile.

He was a zealous supporter of the Revolution, and made sacrifices on its behalf, but narrowly escaped the guillotine; died in distress and poverty.

CASSAGNAC, GRANIER DE, a French journalist; at first an Orleanist, became a supporter of the Empire; started several journals, which all died a natural death; edited Le Pays, a semi-official organ; embroiled himself in duels and lawsuits without number (1806-1880).

CAULAINCOURT, ARMAND DE, a French general and statesman of the Empire, a faithful supporter of Napoleon, who conferred on him a peerage, with the title of Duke of Vicenza, of which he was deprived at the Restoration; represented Napoleon at the Congress of Châtillon (1772-1827).

CINNA, LUCIUS CORNELIUS, a Roman patrician, a friend and supporter of Marius; drove Sulla from Rome and recalled Marius from exile; participated in the murders which followed his recall, and after the death of Marius was assassinated when organising an expedition against Sulla, 84 B.C. CINNABAR, a sulphide of mercury from which the mercury of commerce is obtained.

CLAY, HENRY, an American statesman, born in Virginia; bred for the bar, and distinguished for his oratory; was for many years Speaker of the House of Representatives; was a supporter of war with Britain in 1812-15, and party to the treaty which ended it; was an advocate of protection; aspired three times unsuccessfully to the Presidency; his public career was a long one, and an honourable (1777-1852).

de Staël, for denouncing the military ascendency of Napoleon; lived for a time at Weimar in the society of Goethe and Schiller; translated Schiller's "Wallenstein"; returned to France in 1814; declared for the Bourbons, and pled in favour of constitutional liberty; he was a supporter of Louis Philippe, and a rationalist in religion, and declared himself opposed to the supernatural element in all religions (1760-1830).

DRUSUS, M. LIVIUS, a tribune of the people at Rome in 122 B.C., but a stanch supporter of the aristocracy; after passing a veto on a popular measure proposed by Gracchus his democratic colleague, proposed the same measure himself in order to show and prove to the people that the patricians were their best friends; the success of this policy gained him the name of "patron of the senate.

W. P., Premier of the Cape Parliament, brother of preceding; bred to the bar, favours arbitration in the South African difficulty, and is a supporter of the Africander Bond in politics.

A strange sickness overpowered him and he sank back against his supporter.

Fenwick slipped into the battle as a supporter of Lord Findon's argument, and his host with smiling urbanity welcomed him to the field.

Sir John Hall, however, its consistent friend, brought it up in the House, and Ballance, an equally earnest supporter, at once accepted it.

[Footnote A: In this year, Elhanan Winchester, a supporter of the doctrine of universal redemption, turned the attention of many of his hearers to this subject, both by private interference and by preaching expressly upon it.]

The inevitable reaction occurred, and a movement in the opposite direction was begun; of this movement the most distinguished supporter was the troubadour, Guiraut de Bornelh.

(1211), the battle of Muret in which Raimon was defeated and his supporter Pedro of Aragon, was killed (1213), the Lateran Council (1215), the siege of Toulouse and the death of Simon de Montfort (1218).

"Weel-a-wicht!"was the shrewd clever rejoinder of the farmer, who was a keen supporter of the old parish church, "I wad na wonder at that.

A few days after, she met her military supporter in a shop.