775 examples of supporter in sentences

The Princess William, sister of the late King, was in warm sympathy with Mrs. Fry's prison-work, and, after the death of Queen Louisa, was a patron and a supporter of every good word and work.

He was an Oxford Tory, a firm believer in divine right and passive obedience, and a warm supporter of the new ministers.

He became, also, a warm supporter both of me and of my cause.

"In 1638 he became a stalwart supporter of Episcopacy and Divine Right, a course which proved equally fatal to himself and to his ancient Castle of Glencardine.

Of these Administrations it had been the supporter,only following, in that regard, the transmitted politics of its original, the "Gazetteer," derived from the elder Mr. Gales.

A.A slow combustion is found by experiment to give the best results as regards economy of fuel, and theory tells us that the largest advantage will necessarily be obtained where adequate time has been afforded for a complete combination of the constituent atoms of the combustible, and the supporter of combustion.

When factious rage to cruel exile drove The queen of beauty, and the court of love, The Muses droop'd, with their forsaken arts, And the sad Cupids broke their useless darts: Our fruitful plains to wilds and deserts turn'd Like Eden's face, when banish'd man it mourn'd, Love was no more, when loyalty was gone, The great supporter of his awful throne.

What does perplex us is to find in the Gospels language attributed to Christ which apparently makes Him a supporter of this mistaken view.

Ans. 'One who affirms positively; an affirmer, supporter, or vindicator.

PATIENCE, f., vertu qui fait supporter les maux avec résignation. !

It was merely that in a time of general confusion they consolidated themselves into a body which was a most effective, though irregular, supporter of the cause of law.

n'y a rien qu'un homme ne puisse entreprendre quand il est assez bien constitué pour supporter la fatigue, et qu'il possède argent et santé.

] I once believed the "Man of Kent" To be the Muses' firm supporter And only less benevolent To bards than Mr. C.K. SHORTER.

Now has he gained, As the brave tamer of the forest-beasts, The title Sarva-damana; but then Mankind shall hail him as King Bharata, And call him the supporter of the world.

Now that the good fight of emancipation has been fought, and the victorythanks to the present Emperorhas been won, M. Turgénieff has every reason for looking back with pride upon that phase of the struggle; and his countrymen may well have a feeling of regard, as well as of respect, for himthe upper-classes as for one who has helped them to recognize their duty; the lower, as for a very generous supporter in their time of trouble.

And as their trees in our dull region set, But faintly grow, and no perfection get, So, in this northern tract, our hoarser throats Utter unripe and ill-constrained notes, While the supporter of the poets' style, 60 Phoebus, on them eternally does smile.

He was a zealous supporter of the Revolution, and made sacrifices on its behalf, but narrowly escaped the guillotine; died in distress and poverty.

CINNA, LUCIUS CORNELIUS, a Roman patrician, a friend and supporter of Marius; drove Sulla from Rome and recalled Marius from exile; participated in the murders which followed his recall, and after the death of Marius was assassinated when organising an expedition against Sulla, 84 B.C. CINNABAR, a sulphide of mercury from which the mercury of commerce is obtained.

CLAY, HENRY, an American statesman, born in Virginia; bred for the bar, and distinguished for his oratory; was for many years Speaker of the House of Representatives; was a supporter of war with Britain in 1812-15, and party to the treaty which ended it; was an advocate of protection; aspired three times unsuccessfully to the Presidency; his public career was a long one, and an honourable (1777-1852).

DRUSUS, M. LIVIUS, a tribune of the people at Rome in 122 B.C., but a stanch supporter of the aristocracy; after passing a veto on a popular measure proposed by Gracchus his democratic colleague, proposed the same measure himself in order to show and prove to the people that the patricians were their best friends; the success of this policy gained him the name of "patron of the senate.

A strange sickness overpowered him and he sank back against his supporter.

[Footnote A: In this year, Elhanan Winchester, a supporter of the doctrine of universal redemption, turned the attention of many of his hearers to this subject, both by private interference and by preaching expressly upon it.]

The inevitable reaction occurred, and a movement in the opposite direction was begun; of this movement the most distinguished supporter was the troubadour, Guiraut de Bornelh.

(1211), the battle of Muret in which Raimon was defeated and his supporter Pedro of Aragon, was killed (1213), the Lateran Council (1215), the siege of Toulouse and the death of Simon de Montfort (1218).

A few days after, she met her military supporter in a shop.

775 examples of  supporter  in sentences