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461 example sentences with  supposedly

461 example sentences with supposedly

But never during our stay in Versailles, a stay that included what is supposedly the gay time of the year, did we hear the sound of an instrument, orwith the one exception of the old couple, whom it would be rank flattery to term vocaliststhe note of a voice raised in song.

He then gave her in charge of Anicetus, a freedman, supposedly to convey her home on the ship that he had prepared.

Thus was Seneca forced to part with life in spite of the fact that he had on the pretext of illness abandoned the society of the emperor and had bestowed upon him his entire property, supposedly to help defray the expense of necessary building operations.

He was supposedly the head of the firm of Pubsey and Co., at Saint-Mary-Axe, but really only the agent of one Mr. Fledgeby, a miserly young dandy who directed all the aged Jew's transactions, and forced him into sharp, unfair dealings with those whom Mr. Riah himself would gladly have befriended; shielding his own meanness and dishonesty behind the venerable figure of the Jew, and keeping his own connection with the firm a profound secret.

Supposedly expert tuners were constantly being called in to do things to it and nothing they did ever seemed to afford Paula any satisfaction.

It became one of those rare moments when real things matter more than things which supposedly should matter.

They mated, and raised their young, and very likely faced on an average fewer problems than arise in modern marriages supposedly ordained in Heaven.

The way in which one wears a flower supposedly signifies many things.

Before the days of those supposedly impregnable forts in Spithead which bar to all inimical visitors a passage up the Water, the town was not immune from attack from the sea and in 1338 an allied French, Genoese and Spanish fleet sailed up the estuary and attacked the town to such good purpose that the burgesses were forced to fly and from a safe distance saw their homes burned to the ground.

It threatensthreatens a man who was murdered, supposedly by the prisoner, on June 23d.

"You searched also the flat occupied by the deceased, and you found there this envelope, supposedly in the handwriting of the prisoner, which has been produced by the prosecution?" "Yes, sir.

Then the counsel for the defence took up two blank envelopes in addition to the one already produced and supposedly addressed in the handwriting of the prisoner.

One may not be a fan of Jos, but clearly a blanket ban on an individual is something very unbecoming of a supposedly democratic society.

Then, after wasting a little necessary flattery on the noble marquis, he starts off into an unblushing eulogy of King William III., whose clemency was mirrored, supposedly, by the hero of the tragedy.

If independency is a barrier to the essence of which it is supposedly a form, if superiority shuts us off from assimilation with popular movements and delivers us over to cliques, then these churches of ours will end in a record of shame and confusion.

Picture, if you will, an insane man being choked by a supposedly sane one, and he in turn being choked by a temporarily sane insane friend of the assaulted one, and you will have Nemesis as nearly in a nutshell as any mere rhetorician has yet been able to put her.

At one side of the door was an opening a foot square with a door of its own which could be unlocked only from without, and through which food could be passed to a supposedly dangerous patient.

So, we found the supposedly excitable French digging in to receive the onslaught of the supposedly phlegmatic German.

So, we found the supposedly excitable French digging in to receive the onslaught of the supposedly phlegmatic German.

Among the Carriers, as soon as a girl has experienced the first flow of the menses which in the female constitution are a natural discharge, her father believed himself under the obligation of atoning for her supposedly sinful condition by a small impromptu distribution of clothes among the natives.

He addressed us under these misconceptions, the result being a "talking down" to a company of supposedly Latin extraction and quite illiterate.

Absinthe was often linked with violent crimes supposedly committed under its influence.

A draft of the Award was supposedly sent to Evan Jenkins, the provincial governor of Punjab by George Abell, Lord Mountbattenโ€™s private secretary, with a preliminary description of the Punjab boundary.

An interesting note is that Dub was supposedly black, nicknamed the Niger or the Vehement.

It was supposedly an independent country.

It was supposedly named after Anna Pavlova following a tour she made to Australia and New Zealand in the 1920s. citation It is eaten a lot in these countries during the summertime, including over the Christmas period.

Nico is supposedly eleven years old in this book.

The benefit of a planned economy is that the planning body has (supposedly) perfect information, and can make a better decision than in the market economy.

The tactical status monitor screens showed the first wave of the Tekken Force troops being blown out from the storage room where Kazuyaโ€™s remains were supposedly kept.

They also supposedly worshiped an icon called "Bafomet".

Caupolican supposedly won the position by demonstrating his superior strength by holding up a tree trunk three days and three nights, though this may be an exaggeration.

His death supposedly happened in 889, after he abdicated or was deposed.

Adding an element of total absurdity, more of CNNโ€™s โ€œunnamed sourcesโ€ were supposedly told that First Lady Melania is among those who want the President to surrender.

Britons were told that leaving the European Union would allow them to go back to using traditional "blue" passports instead of the supposedly EU-mandated brown ones.

But thus far, their conversations have centered on what Hope supposedly did to betray her marriage first, and Liam and Steffy havenโ€™t considered what theyโ€™re going to do about the fact that they slept together.

Characterised by increased โ€˜stack-heightโ€™ or depth, patented extra-springy foam and an embedded carbon plate which supposedly helps propel the wearer forward, Nike claims the shoe can improve running economy by 4%.

Even Jesus supposedly said when you pray, go into a closet or separate room or something and do it silently.

For decades, Social Security and Medicare have been the bugbears of centrist austerians who (supposedly) want to cut the federal budget deficit.

Haven't we confirmed that these supposedly grassroots protests popping up in nearly every state are actually orchestrated and funded by big conservative donors, with signal amplification from Russian bots?

He added that the SWS stood for Special Warfare School, which is where the veteran supposedly learned coding.

If Beyonce is supposedly retiring, someone really ought to tell her.

In 1957, the club's safety deposit boxes were supposedly robbed of as much as 100,000 pounds, in what was billed in the newspapers as Sydney's biggest ever theft.

In 1967, not long after the hex was supposedly cast, Brody and Mansfield were killed in a wreck on a highway near New Orleans.

In 1992, shell companies established by the United Kingdom managed to purchase several T-80 tanks from Russia at a generous $5 million a piece, supposedly for service in Morocco.

In the beginning, I tried taking up Muay Thai, thinking that the endorphins and supposedly healthy space to place my anger would be able to buoy me.

In the clip there is a voice message supposedly of a Bahamian national who is expressing such concern.

And face them Bielsa did, supposedly holding a grenade, threatening to โ€œpull the pinโ€ if they did not leave.

Make corrections where you already have the clout, not supposedly raising taxes on those who can afford the loophole creations in Congress โ€“ give employees pay raises, not bribes to Congress.

And supposedly Baldr was invincible too because Frigg had extracted an oath from every object on Earth not to harm her son.

News broke yesterday that a French researcher, supposedly well respected, found that hydroxychloroquine rapidly reduced the infectiousness of coronavirus patients.

On the other hand, there is the supposedly well-prepared Europeans, who continue to have to wait for a vaccine that was developed in Germany.

Pringles recently announced their upcoming partnership with Adult Swim to create limited-edition chips that will supposedly be Pickle Rick-flavored.

"Anything you see coming from Scientology and Scientologists, such as mask wearing and supposedly humanitarian efforts, is just a show.

Superintendent Wade Smith stated the Walla Walla County Health District reported the positivity rate is at 15% and supposedly 20% of their cases cannot be traced to a contact.

SUPER major stalker vibes here, even if the woman had supposedly good intentions or whatever, ya know?

Supposedly, he came to this realization watching the Claire Denis' film which saw Pattinson trapped in space as part of a fertility experiment.

Supposedly he was not going to be franchise tagged, but then he was.

Supposedly, Jackie left the Valentinos because his mother had found out, and that he also wanted to be an independent mercenary.

Supposedly, producers decided not to go with this ending because they felt having was too depressing of a way to go out.

Supposedly, reconnaissance photos depicted what appeared to be launch rails on U-Boats penned in Norway.

Supposedly, that's where the growth is.

Supposedly the neighbor has video of the step-mother and Gannon leaving the house together and step-mother returning alone.

Supposedly there was $100k in actual cash and $40k "worth" of coupons.

There have been claims of certain existing medications that are supposedly effective against the virus.

They preached the gospel of social distancing until mass Black Lives Matter protests erupted, blessing these huge, often unruly gatherings because fighting racism is supposedly a paramount public-health issue.

This isn't the first time we've looked into claims that a coronavirus vaccine will supposedly alter DNA.

This route runs from flat rice fields near Vercelli to the Biella Alps in four short legs with increasing climbs, to a basilica in Oropa, home to a black madonna supposedly carved by St Luke and brought here in the fourth century.

Twitter has suspended an account supposedly belonging to โ€œLacusta.โ€

AT least 12 congressmen are included in the list of government officials and employees supposedly involved in corruption at the Department of Public Works.

What is new, however, is that these bursts of electrons are appearing far ahead of the advancing shock wave, and that itโ€™s happening in a supposedly quiet region of space.

Why would he need to go through all these public and international embarrassment of kidnapping 300 kids from one school in order to pay terrorists a ransom of whatever peanuts was supposedly given?

You know the one: that supposedly had Jesus murdered for the sins of mankind and wants men who lie with men murdered, the greatest story ever sold, and sheer malarkey.

Even before Travolta and Clinton met, an exclusive article that Clinton supposedly wrote against drug-use appeared in Scientologyโ€™s propaganda magazine in France (Clinton, 1996).

All we have is supposedly the appointment of a chief medical officer.

For that select group of tier one โ€“ as the Premier describes โ€“ those tier-one positions that will go to this supposedly Independent Appointments Commission, it's not about making sure we get the best person for the job.

From time to time the government made tentative efforts to take away Canadians' weapons, supposedly as part of some novel and enlightened progressive departure.

Germany is not immune to this, rest stops on the autobahn have attended washrooms and supposedly if these didn't exist the toilets would be disgusting.

He supposedly changed his ways and became a model prisoner as well as a spokesman for prison reform.

Although Bill 18 is supposedly aimed at cyberbullying, it adds little to the laws already in place in the Canadian Criminal Code regarding cyberbullying.

Although interim market authorizations have been common practice since 1997 supposedly without incident, this is not to say that unsafe food products have not been prematurely authorized for sale.

A Manchester Terrier named Billy supposedly killed 100 rats in only 6 minutes, 13 seconds in a British contest!

In fact, traditionally the Speaker is dragged, reluctantly supposedly, to the Chair.

Instead I found another package that is supposedly the outdated version of pyXML, called python-xml.

It is a glimpse of what is to come: more taxation in the 1995-96 budget because they want to take from the rich and supposedly give to the poor.

And most recently this uncritical and selective approach is appearing in assessments prepared for the supposedly-independent World Commission on Dams.

It was a common feature of sideshows where it was presented as the mummified body of a creature that was supposedly half mammal and half fish, a version of a mermaid.

I will ask the minister whether he can table for us the agreement that the Premier supposedly agreed to or signed on to which left the impression with Manitobans that he would have to sign off on some document before any construction could take place.

Of course, itโ€™s especially galling to see such opacity being deployed in what is supposedly an example of the governmentโ€™s commitment to transparency.

Repo trades are supposedly secured with โ€œhigh-quality collateralโ€ (usually U.S. Treasuries).

Savannah Reid helps out her friend Detective Sergeant Dirk Coulter by investigating a shady weight loss therapist who tricked his patients into losing their money instead of their weight, and who supposedly killed his wife.

Shane and Mazzettiโ€™s treatment of the role of Twitter in the alleged Russian involvement in the election focuses on 3,814 Twitter accounts said to be associated with the IRA, which supposedly โ€œinteracted with 1.4 million Americans.โ€

Shortly after the residence opened in the 1920s, she supposedly fell in love with a professor and became pregnant, but the professor refused to help her.

Then, Mr. Speaker, we get the Minister of Labrador of Aboriginal Affairs who is supposedly dealing with the MP for Labrador in the federal government, and that creates its own set of problems.

The Office of Public Engagement was set up by this government only a few short months ago to supposedly increase access to information.

The old man dies after passing on the ruby, supposedly redemmed (and free).

There are other big problems in the Marxist framework such as the analytical separation between people who supposedly create value and those who just circulate it or consume it.

This is supposedly to pray to God, but at least as a side-effect it moves people to light trance (this is widely known in psychology) and so enables one to receive counterfeit spiritual experiences.

This is why the rebellion began in these areas and has spread to other regions supposedly most preferred as Souss where poverty also exists because there is that large who benefit.

Veolia was initially contracted by DINEPA on April 1, 2010, less than three months after the earthquake in Port-au-Prince, supposedly to assist the humanitarian emergency there.

Yesterday, January 27, 2016, the OAS decided to authorize a special mission to come to Haiti, supposedly to โ€œhelp the troubled nation find a way out of a simmering political crisis and set a new date for a runoff election.โ€