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92 examples of  surcharge  in sentences

92 examples of surcharge in sentences

Froebel emphasised the "crying need" for connection of school and life, pointing out how the little child desires to imitate and the older to share in all that, as Professor Dewey puts it, is "surcharged with a sense of the mysterious values that attach to whatever their elders are concerned with."

Thus do I live by curses, for, an I could not curse, then would my surcharged heart assuredly in sunder burstaye me!"

He who repeats the inspired words of the Koran is purged of all evil, and his breath alone, surcharged with the utterances of divinity, has power to cast out the devils of sickness.

IF IT WERE A MECCA" XXXVI.THE SURCHARGED MOMENT BOOK ONE SMOKE I THE HESITATING STEP To have reared a towering scheme Of happiness, and to behold it razed, Were nothing: all men hope, and see their hopes Frustrate, and grieve awhile, and hope anew; But A Blot in the 'Scutcheon.

The moment was surcharged with emotion for all but the witness herself.

" The restraint and yet the fire with which Mr. Moffat uttered these simple words, lifted all hearts and surcharged the atmosphere with an emotion rarely awakened in a court of law.

XXXVI THE SURCHARGED MOMENT For Justice, when triumphant, will weep down Pity, not punishment, on her own wrongs, Too much avenged by those who err.

Never was moment more surcharged.

And in this again the opinion of the King's great wisdom did surcharge him with a sinister fame, that Perkin was but his bait to entrap the Earl of Warwick.

In Egypt, Syria, and even the southern parts of Greece, although both white and delicate, it is so flabby and surcharged with fat, that it disagrees with the strongest stomachs.

Surcharged with emotion, the nature of which he feared, Dorn followed the corporal, stumbling and sliding over the wet boards, knocking bits of earth from the walls, feeling a sick icy gripe in his bowels.

Non-co-operation, as the speaker had conceived it, was an impossibility in an atmosphere surcharged with the spirit of violence.

But when you write in your own person you must be rigidly veracious, neither pretending to admire what you do not admire, or to despise what in secret you rather like, nor surcharging your admiration and enthusiasm to bring you into unison with the public chorus.

But intoxicants bring to it blood surcharged with a poisonous liquid, and bearing only a limited supply of oxygen.

"Sir Torm," She said in tense, surcharged tones, "Sanpeur Has told but half the story; he forgot To tell, as noble souls are wont to do, The measure of his own nobility.

Then boughs of trees they cut, with tempting fruit Of various kinds surcharged; the downy peach, 270 The clustering vine, and of bright golden rind The fragrant orange.

Displeased at this conduct, their soldiers went in a body to Caesar, and openly complained of their ill usage; and to their other charges added, that false musters were given in to Caesar, and the surcharged pay applied to their own use.

The very atmosphere which surrounded the young girl, and which she soon learned to breathe in deep, pleasurable draughts, was surcharged with the intoxicating oxygen of freedom of action, liberality, and unrestrained enjoyment.

V. keep accounts, enter, post, book, credit, debit, carry over; take stock; balance accounts, make up accounts, square accounts, settle accounts, wind up accounts, cast up accounts; make accounts square, square accounts. bring to book, tax, surcharge and falsify.

With a shout they bore down upon the Kureisch, who wavered and broke beneath this inspired onrush, within whose vigour dwelt all Mahomet's surcharged ambition and indomitable aims.

There is no Federal Reserve surcharge on the creation and maintenance of cash, and no danger of government currency depreciation due to matters that have nothing to do with actual production and consumption.

Hence may it, without the smallest exaggeration, be affirmed, that, summing up all the surcharges under which the shipments left the port of Manila, and comparing them with those which might have been sent direct from the above-mentioned points, and without so extraordinary a dรฉtour as the one prescribed by law, the difference that followed in the prime cost of the cargos was not less than 80 per cent.

[Tax only a surcharge ultimately paid by consumer.]

If the prospective sales of the produce appear unfavorable, it is then forwarded on to the king's store in Manila, surcharged with freights, exposed to many risks, and the value greatly diminished by waste and many other causes.

Surcharged with European learning, he yet remained at heart the Lexington farmer's-boy, and his whole atmosphere was indigenous, not exotic.

Pleasant little glimpses there are, too, of grey stone farm-houses, nestling among sycamore and beech; bright-green meadows, alder-fringed; squares of rich red fallow-field, parted by lines of golden furze; all cut out with a peculiar blackness, and clearness, soft and tender withal, which betokens a climate surcharged with rain.

happy was that griefe, Which hath abridg'd whole numbers numberlesse Of hart-surcharging deplorations.

He felt the atmosphere of the room surcharged with the hostility of the unknown.

It would seem as if the whole atmosphere of the room must have been surcharged with the terrific passion of her newborn and dreadful hopes.

, it will have 35 degrees of heat over that which is required for the maintenance of the vaporous state, or, in other words, it will be surcharged with heat.

Q.What law is followed by surcharged steam on the application of heat?

The circumstance of the chimney flue passing through the steam will manifestly surcharge the steam with heat, so that all the circumstances which are found to accelerate corrosion, are it appears such as would also induce the formation of surcharged steam.

The circumstance of the chimney flue passing through the steam will manifestly surcharge the steam with heat, so that all the circumstances which are found to accelerate corrosion, are it appears such as would also induce the formation of surcharged steam.

All the engineer has to do to surcharge his steam, is to reduce the speed of the pump (which is independent of the main engine).

Corrosion produced by surcharged steam.

Expansion of surcharged steam by heat.

Salt water produces surcharged steam.

Steam jacket, benefits of; Steam passages, area of; Steam room in boilers; Steam, surcharged, law of expansion by heat; Steel, strength of; Stephenson, link motion by; Stop valves between boilers; Straight edges; Strains subsisting in machines; Strain proper to be put upon iron in engines; Strains in machines, vary inversely as the velocity of the part to which the strain is applied.

Surcharged steam, law of expansion of, by heat.

Surcharged steam produced by salt water, corrosive action of.

His voice, surcharged with interest, cracked out into the room.

"Got what?" "Never mind," Carroll was surcharged with suppressed excitement.

It was long ere the numbed heart and surcharged brain had relieved themselves sufficiently for apprehension and intelligible speech.

Singing, he throbbed through it a vitality as if the melody surcharged with beauty grew from his soul, and were his breath of life, indeed.

Atmosphere murky, and surcharged with moisture, rendering it disagreeable to be out of doors.

The cold was so bitter while the fire raged that I could not long endure the open air, which seemed to be surcharged with oxygen.

The atmosphere was murky and surcharged with rain, for the wild, equinoctial storm which had held Maurice spell-bound, had been raging over land and sea for many days.

I have heard human grief expressed in many forms, but I never heard or imagined anything so desolate, so surcharged with the despair of an eternal woe.

There are multitudes of moments when the atmosphere is so surcharged with luxury that every pore of the body becomes an ample gate for sensation to flow in, and one has simply to sit still and be filled.

Still this atmosphere was surcharged with vapors which no lungs could tolerate, whether of man or reptile; and other steps must be taken to clear it of its unwholesome properties.

Occasionally she noticed with a little surprise that she seemed to have no more free time than in the laborious life of La Chance; but for the most part she threw out, in all haste, innumerable greedy root-tendrils into the surcharged richness of her new soil and sent up a rank growth of easeful acquiescence in redundance.

Yet this shrub, so simple and so useful, is delivered to the community of this country, so surcharged with duties and profits beyond its original cost, that, did it contain all the mischievous qualities that are opposed to its real virtues, it could not be more strictly guarded from general use.

These people, called in Barbary Free Masons, are nothing more than a set of canting, roaring companions, surcharged with wine and other liquors, and assembled in this holy place, for the sole purpose of giving free vent to their brutal passions.

He was compelled to admire its wintry beauty, a beauty, though, that he knew to be treacherous, surcharged as it was with savage wile and stratagem, and a burning desire for their lives.

A dusk as of twilight arrived long before sunset, but it was of an unusually dull, grayish hue, and it affected Robert as if he were breathing an air surcharged with gunpowder.

The air was surcharged with vitality and life.

The questing eyes of Tandakora and his warriors swept the waters as far as the night, surcharged with mists and vapors, would allow, but they did not see the two human figures, so near them and almost submerged in the lake.

Joe felt that life, thrilling to it, opening his heart to it, letting it surcharge and overflow his being with strength and joy.

A group of young folks, surcharged with all sorts of animal magnetism, with some capacity for belief and much more for fun, used to gather about a light pine table every evening, and put it through a complicated course of mystical gymnastics.

Stamps surcharged "Fur Belgien" were put on sale at the post office.

It seemed as if suddenly the air had become surcharged with the vitality of opposition.

"Ah!" he dropped distinctly in deliberate monosyllables across the surcharged atmosphere of the scene.

And tell my lady, when your quests are o'er, That I, away from her, my heart's desire, Yearn for the blissful hour when I shall pour Down at her feet a love surcharged with fire.

Silent her lips, her grief too deep for sound; Her fixed gaze sought the heavy banks of cloud Surcharged with lightning bolts that played around The gloomy spires and minarets; then bowed Her head upon her hands; the unwilling eyes Shed tears as heavy as the thunder-shower That trails the bolt to where destruction lies.

PUTTING THE PEAS TO SOAK Remember that unsoaked peas are hard, forcible, and surcharged with a nitrogenous amygdaloid that is in reality what chemical science calls putrate of lead.

He had a remarkable familiarity with the word of God and his mind seemed surcharged with its power.

It seemed at times fairly surcharged with love.

Added to the air surcharged with oxygen is a magnificent sunset in a cloudless sky.

They are all vigorous, robust seafaring men, weatherbeaten and seasoned in the burning beat of tropical latitudes, whose rich blood is surcharged with oxygen by the breezes of the ocean.

Neenah may have felt the magnetic current that coursed through these surcharged creatures: she was smiling mysteriously to herself.

"The opinion of plenty is amongst the causes of want; and the great quantity of books maketh a show rather of superfluity than lack; which surcharge, nevertheless, is not to be removed by making no more books, but by making more good books, which, as the serpent of Moses, might devour the serpents of the enchanters.


[Illustration] [Illustration] PART FOUR THE BOOK OF SURCHARGE TO HUGH WALPOLE Soe Manuel made all the Goddes that we call mamettes and ydolles, that were sett ouer the Subiection of his lyfe tyme: and euery of the goddes that Manuel wolde carue toilesomelie hadde in hys Bodie a Blemmishe; and in the mydle of the godes made he one god of the Philistines.

"It would seem that our earth and atmosphere," continued the Professor, "and all of the universe, probably, is surcharged with electrical energy that may be readily set in motion through the mechanical vibrations of a sensitive diaphragm much as when one speaks into a telephone.

And on the mantras being recited by the great ascetics, in order to the restoration of (Panchali's) health, Panchali frequently touched by the Pandavas with their soothing palms and fanned by cool breezes surcharged with particles of water, felt ease, and gradually regained her senses.

" CHAPTER VII To Berkley the times were surcharged with agreeable agitation.

" One could feel the very air of the room surcharged with excitement.

Would it be better to surcharge the non-privileged, the people?"

"Let the third estate," they said, cease to attack the rights of the two upper orders, rights which, not less ancient than the monarchy, ought to be as unalterable as the constitution; but let it confine itself to asking for diminution of the imposts with which it may be surcharged; then the two upper orders might, in the generosity of their feelings, give up prerogatives which have pecuniary interests for their object." . . .

But my business instinct, revivified by the commercially surcharged atmosphere of New York, soon gained sway, and within three months I had secured a position with the same firm for which I had worked when I first went to New York six years earlier.

But, besides his political and ecclesiastical occupations, and that of writing letters to the Constitutional Society, it seems this industrious Prelate had likewise a correspondence with the Agents of the Court, which, though he was too modest to surcharge his fame by publishing it, was, nevertheless, very profitable.

But, besides his political and ecclesiastical occupations, and that of writing letters to the Constitutional Society, it seems this industrious Prelate had likewise a correspondence with the Agents of the Court, which, though he was too modest to surcharge his fame by publishing it, was, nevertheless, very profitable.

Surcharged with youthful pride In my adventure, I can ne'er forget The disappointment and chagrin which fell Upon me; for a change had passed.

The car itself instructs me; we are moving O'er pregnant clouds, surcharged with rain; below us I see the moisture-loving Chรกtakas In sportive flight dart through the spokes; the steeds Of Indra glisten with the lightning's flash; And a thick mist bedews the circling wheels.

It is Christmas day in the year of our Lord, 1910; the thunder-cloud, which for many years had been increasing in blackness, now surcharged with pent-up lightnings, and overspreading our entire national horizon, bursts with the fury of a cyclone.

The narratives of the nymphs, and indeed the whole of the prose portions of the work, are composed in a style of surcharged and voluptuous beauty, congested with lengthy periods, and accumulated superlatives and relative clauses, which, in its endeavour to maintain itself and its subject at the highest possible pitch, only succeeds in being intensely and almost uniformly monotonous and dull.

For not only is romance surcharging the air, but fate gives promise of weaving an intricate pattern in the story of this maid whose life is just fairly begun and whom the luck of the road has given me as traveling mate.

The air is surcharged with mutterings.

We are inclined, on no slight grounds, to come to the conclusion, that the amount of contraband trade really carried on is here surcharged by not far short of one-half; that it cannot in any case exceed six millions sterlingcertainly still a bulk of illegitimate values sufficiently monstrous, and almost incredible.

It is not alone in Seraphael that this strength is shown; a new mould of character in fiction is given us,masculine characters which, though light and airy, are yet brilliant and strong, most sweet, and surcharged with loveliness.

Nor could lodgers be taken, for such increase of the inmates of the house would surcharge the land.

One of them, on the Pentateuch, bears the name of Onkelos, who sat at the feet of Gamaliel along with St. Paul, and another the name of Jonathan, in the historical and prophetical books, though there are others, the Jerusalem Targum and the Pseudo-Jonathan, which are of an inferior stamp and surcharged with fancies similar to those in the TALMUD (q. v.).