4452 examples of surveyed in sentences

The maiden raised her large serious eyes, and surveyed the haughty, handsome face with that look of sober inquiry which one sometimes sees in young children, and the blush slowly faded from, her cheek, as a cloud fades after sunset.

Eleven weeks had now elapsed since leaving Port Jackson; during which time I had been able to lay down the different projections of the coast and our track within the barrier reefs between the Percy Islands and Cape York; besides having surveyed Port Macquarie, examined Rodd's Bay, and constructed our boat at Endeavour River.

"What are you dressed up in this style for?" he continued, as he surveyed her from head to foot; and then bursting into a loud laugh at her comical appearance, he released her, and she made the quickest possible retreat into the house by the way she came out.

" After they were all somewhat rested, they walked through the house and surveyed the rooms, making some favourable commentary upon each.

Dere's de lamp brokecarpet burntpots and skillets hauled out of the closetebery ting turned upside down; why dere's bin a reg'lar 'sturbance down here," she continued, as she surveyed the apartment.

This last suit formed no exception to the others, and Charlie surveyed with dismay its ample dimensions as it hung from the back of the chair.

and he shouted with laughter as he surveyed Charlie, to whom the pillow had imparted the appearance of a London alderman.

she exclaimed, as she surveyed the rough pine timbers and dirty floor; "I would not force a dog to ride in such a filthy place.

"Quite a handsome residence," said he, as he surveyed the stately house, with its spotless marble steps and shining silver door-plate.

He thrust out his feet, shapely in their well-made white shoes, surveyed them with dissatisfaction, and added with moody indifference: "And cocktails too.

Competent judges, who have narrowly surveyed the monument, say that the stones are badly put together, and the workmanship is defective in important requirements of the sculptor-mason's craft.

Resisting her fiery glances, he surveyed her calmly, looking by turns at her and the boy.

I then retired to the opposite end, and surveyed the furniture; nothing retained its original form or position;the tables and chairs seemed to loom from the floor, and my grandfather's picture to thrust forward its nose like a French-horn, while that of my grandmother, who was reckoned a beauty in her day, looked, in her hoop, like her husband's wig-block stuck on a tub.

I surveyed them both critically, but the one nearest to me having the netting arranged for entrance, I selected it, and setting the lamp upon the dresser, extinguished it, groped to the bed in darkness, and lay down upon the coverless sheet.

She surveyed the company, and her glance fell on Landers.

etc.Sir T. Malory, History of Prince Arthur, iii. 176 (1470.) EDEN (A Journey to the land of), Col. William Evelyn Byrd of Westover Virginia gives this name to a tract of Southern Virginia surveyed under his direction and visited by him in one of his numerous expeditions for the good of the young colony.

He surveyed it, a hundred poor wagons, many of them without cover, loaded to the full with such nondescript belongings as a house-dwelling people, suddenly put out on the open road, would hurriedly snatch as they fled.

Then he surveyed several bystanders who had been attracted to the group, and his eyelids were seen to work rapidly, as if in sympathetic pace with his thoughts.

"A month ago," she continued, as she surveyed the table at a glance and began to work with charming enthusiasm, "mamma was giving a very particular dinner.

"He many-languaged nations has surveyed.

The twins looked up to become aware that their late confederate surveyed them from the doorway.

He stood eating these while he leisurely surveyed the neighbouring delicacies.

The three newcomers, with a nice observance of etiquette, surveyed the revellers from a distance.

Torrance surveyed the strong, young figure with inward approval.

I seen that you was dressed in black and had on a black tie" Later, as Bud surveyed himself in the glass, trying ineffectually to dodge the barber's persistent whisk-broom, he decided that he did look a bit funereal.

4452 examples of  surveyed  in sentences