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670 examples of swain in sentences

Do you object to your swain that he is a seaman?

Here the coquet has surprised, and the love-sick nymph has sapped the heart of the unwary swain.

After an hour of this, Captain Monk, on the bridge with Mr. Swain, arrived at a decision of exasperation.

Mr. Collison relieved Mr. Swain, and the latter came down the companion-ladder just in time to save Lanyard a nasty spill as his feet slipped on planking greasy with globules of fog.

There's no telling how bad a fall he might not have suffered had not Mr. Swain been there for him to catch at; and for a moment or two Lanyard was, as Mr. Swain put it with great good-nature, all over him, clinging to the first officer in a most demonstrative manner; and it was with some difficulty that he at length recovered his equilibrium.

It appeared that Mr. Swain had unaccountably mislaid his keys, and he wanted to know if the steward had seen anything of them.

Sensitive fingers located the key-hole in the pedestal, the one key saved from the ring which Mr. Swain had so unfortunately and unaccountably lost opened the doorthe key, of course, that Mr. Swain had used under Lanyard's eyes when demonstrating the functions of the binnacle to Liane Delorme.

Then Swain came charging down the steps to find out what all the row was about, and to reportwhich he did as soon as Monk was sufficiently recovered to understandthose outrageous and darkly mysterious assaults upon the helmsman and Mr. Collison.

For plainly he, too, was prepared to act upon the instantthat is, if I understand Mr. Swain's report correctly.

Swain consulted the tell-tale compass affixed to the deck-beam overhead"sou'west-by-south, sir.

" Mr. Swain withdrew.

He was cheered to think that his labours at the binnacle were bearing fruit, and grateful that Monk was so busy being an invalid waited upon and pitied by a beautiful volunteer nurse that he was willing to trust the navigation to Mr. Swain and had no time to observe by the tell-tale whether or not the course he had prescribed was being followed.

In confirmation of this conclusion, Lanyard heard, from the deck above, the resonant accents of Captain Monk, clearly articulate in that riot of voices, apparently storming at hapless Mr. Swain.

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By Helen Cody Baker & Mary Swain Routzahn.

By Ralph B. Swain, illustrated by Suzan Noguchi Swain (Suzan Noguchi Swain Firmage) © 10Jun48; A23244.

By Ralph B. Swain, illustrated by Suzan Noguchi Swain (Suzan Noguchi Swain Firmage) © 10Jun48; A23244.

By Ralph B. Swain, illustrated by Suzan Noguchi Swain (Suzan Noguchi Swain Firmage) © 10Jun48; A23244.

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Also the girls throw the wreaths across the flames to the men, and woe to the awkward swain who fails to catch the wreath thrown him by his sweetheart.

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