Do we say swatch or swath

swatch 8 occurrences

Here some are thinkin on their sins, An' some upo' their claes; Ane curses feet that fyled his shins, Anither sighs and prays; On this hand sits a chosen swatch, Wi' screwed-up grace-proud faces; On that a set o' chaps, at watch, Thrang winkln on the lasses To chairs that day.

Swatch, sample.

"It will be dead out by the time we get to Southend; but we only draw about three foot six, and we can cut across through the Jenkin Swatch.

We passed Leigh and Southend, the former with its fleet of fishing-smacks and the latter with its long unlovely pier, and then nosed our way delicately into the Jenkin Swatch, that convenient ditch which runs right across the mouth of the Thames.

" We reached the end of the Swatch, and leaving Queenborough, with its grim collection of battleships and coal hulks, to starboard, we stood out to sea along the coastline.

Color-aid Swatch book.

Color-aid Swatch book.

} Second of thirdlyPray take heed, Ye's get a short swatch of my creed.

swath 35 occurrences

Houses, barns, haystacks, fences, trees, everything were prostrated, and to this day its track is visible in the swath it mowed through the old woods, from sixty to a hundred rods wide, plain and distinct still, for miles and miles.

The men are filling their cartridge-boxes; new regiments are gliding into the gaps where death has cut the widest swath.

It implies that the victim cut a wide swath even in death.

They do say he's just got a bunch of money from the old country, and he's cuttin' a wide swath with it.

Fire never got across that swath of cut barley.

It fascinated him to see the wide swath of nodding wheat tremble and sway and fall, and go sliding up into the inside of that grinding maw, and come out, straw and dust and chaff, and a slender stream of gold filling the bags.

Obsessed with his own emotions, he had actually helped to cut the wheat and harvest it; he had seen it go swath by swath, he had watched the huge wagons lumber away and the huge straw-stacks rise without realizing that the hours of this wonderful harvest were numbered.

" Bolivar went out in the street and mowed a wide swath, with pa after him, hooking him all the time, but he paid no attention to pa.

Of all the nations in Europe, she has cut the biggest swath in the development of world trade, industry, and influence.

Time was when Mr. Carteret cut what is called a wide swath, when indeed he was kowtowed to as Lord Carteret, who drove tandem, shot pigeons, and played all the games, including poker and faro.

The sturdy mower, that with brawny arms Wieldeth the crooked scythe, in many a swath Cutting the flowery pride on velvet plain, Lies down at night, and in the weird folds Of his wife's arms forgets his labour past.

I stuck my whetstone in my hip-pocket, bent forward and cut the first short sharp swath in the clover.

I can compare the action to nothing so well as to the manner in which the tongue of an ox licks up the grass of the field, or to the action of the mower cutting swath after swath.

I can compare the action to nothing so well as to the manner in which the tongue of an ox licks up the grass of the field, or to the action of the mower cutting swath after swath.

"It has mown a swath through history," he said, "like a discharge of grape.

For the rice harvest, beginning early in September, as soon as a field was drained the negroes would be turned in with sickles, each laborer cutting a swath of three or four rows, leaving the stubble about a foot high to sustain the cut stalks carefully laid upon it in handfuls for a day's drying.

Nearly 600 miles across, it was the largest body in the ring of planetary debris that swirled and turned in a large swath between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.

In his own feverish day Dick Savage cut a literary swath more wide than enviable, but when he is viewed from the unsympathetic light of the present he seems merely a clever vagabond.

Its unseen dew Distils on folded swath and mound, Where grass is deep or sods are new, And branches shake without a sound; Where, numberless and low and grey, The furrows lessen to the sky; There sleep the sons of England, they Who died that England should not die.

You shall tell us of your adventures, Mr. Lennox, and about that Quebec in which you and Mr. Willet seem to have cut so wide a swath with your rapiers.

A jungle there, a cave here, bred six And a million years, Sure and strong, mate for mate, such Love as culture fears; I gave you clear the oil and wine; You saved me your hob and hearth See how even life may be ere the Sickle comes and leaves a swath.

I remember they furnished me with a little wooden fork to spread the heavy swath of grass my father cut with easy swings of the scythe, and when it was dry and being loaded on the great ox-cart I followed closely with a rake gathering every scattering spear.

Diego Estenega stood before the Mission in the broad swath of moonlight.

An', gentlemen," he added, bridling with an air of mock gallantry and laying a hand on his heart, "if anythin' fu'thah is required in the way of a puffect encomium, we all know that there isn't anothah man among us who cuts as wide a swath among the ladies.

"It's cut a swath wider 'n this river.

Do we say   swatch   or  swath