2976 examples of sway in sentences

But soon the silence resumed its sway, a deathlike silence, with far off the faint tinkle of water.

Yet, were they free of this prophet, I think I might sway them, for I know their ways, and I am the son of their ancient kings.

I am still a prince among them, and will sway their councils.

"The different tribes beneath my sway Four several sects of priests obey; Now tell me which of all the four Is on the path to Heaven's door.

vi. 854. 'Be these thy arts; to bid contention cease, Chain up stern wars, and give the nations peace; O'er subject lands extend thy gentle sway, And teach with iron rod the haughty to obey.' 44.

369. 'Exert a rigorous sway, And lop the too luxuriant boughs away.' 620.

Some diseases, pre-eminently those which arise from uncontrollable causes, from sudden fluctuations of temperature, electrical storms, and similar great variations of nature, would remain as active as ever; and pneumonia, bronchitis, congestion of the lungs, and summer cholera, would still hold their sway.

This was a young relative of his,a most remarkable man,who rapidly gained an immense sway over me.

while art and science will resume their sway serene, beneath skies eternal.

Three hundred souls was a heavy weight for those thin little hands to hold sway over,to lead to hell or heaven.

If any one is inclined to doubt this, let him look at the sway which Robespierre and his few associates exercised in Paris.

A Galway man, Dr. T. J. Carr, a great educator, is now (1914) archbishop of Melbourne, and a Clare man, Dr. J. P. Clune, holds sway in Perth.

The fact that Sir Marmaduke seemed to sway visibly on his legs, as he thus stood for a moment outlined against the dark interior beyond, roused no astonishment in the minds of those who saw him.

"Aunt, aunt dear," whispered Lambert, who had pushed his way forward, and now put his arm round the old woman, for she had begun to sway, "what is the matter, dear?"

He who saw the palaces and court of the old King Tezozomoc, how flourishing and powerful was his sway, may see them now dry and withered; it seemed as if they should last forever, but all that the world offers is illusion and deception, as everything must end and die.

The sun, rayless, round, blue-white, lagged away toward the west, seeming to sway in high heaven as Nissr took her long dips with the grace and swiftness of a flying falcon.

He stood for a moment peering at Rrisa, while the hum and roar of the great air-liner's mechanism, the dip and sway of its vast body through the upper air, seemed to add a kind of oppressive solemnity to the tense situation.

But this I know; if the False-Faces are to decide for war or peace, they will sway the entire confederacy, and perhaps every Indian in North America; for though nobody knows who belongs to the secret sect, two-thirds of the Mohawks are said to be numbered in its ranks; and as go the Mohawks, so goes the confederacy.

"You see, the General believes that this young girl can sway the False-Faces to peace or war.

"As I was saying, it seems cruel to suspect Magdalen Brant, but the General believes she can sway the Oneidas and Tuscaroras....

And the circle of savages began to sway in rhythm to her chanting, answering back, calling their challenge from clan to clan; until, suddenly, the Senecas sprang to their feet and drove their hatchets into the war-post, challenging the Lenape with their own battle-cry: "Yoagh!

"The idea of money will not sway Marescotti in the least.

And so the march of commerce takes its way, And every clime contributes of its store Where once the Indian's tepee held its sway, Now stands the Golden City on the shore.

Some of the regulations by which the Government held absolute sway over its subjects are: (1) No newspaper or other printing business could be established until a heavy deposit was made with the police for the payment of fines, such fines to be arbitrarily imposed by the policein whom is vested extraordinary powerwhen anything political was written which did not please them.

She will die if she remains any longer under the sway of that inhuman monster

2976 examples of  sway  in sentences