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2976 examples of  sway  in sentences

2976 examples of sway in sentences

But soon the silence resumed its sway, a deathlike silence, with far off the faint tinkle of water.

Yet, were they free of this prophet, I think I might sway them, for I know their ways, and I am the son of their ancient kings.

I am still a prince among them, and will sway their councils.

Marcos heard nothing of his father at Madrid, but surmised that there the talkers still held sway.

The patricians had withdrawn to the scenes of their own pleasures, or, in furtherance of that system of mysterious sway which it was their policy to maintain, they did not choose to remain exposed to the common eye, during the hours of license which were about to follow.

Very soon after, Laulewasikaw assumed the office of a prophet; and forthwith commenced that career of cunning and pretended sorcery, which always enables the shrewd hypocrite to sway the ignorant, superstitious mind.

"The different tribes beneath my sway Four several sects of priests obey; Now tell me which of all the four Is on the path to Heaven's door.

mastery, mastership, masterdom^; dictation, control. hold, grasp; grip, gripe; reach; iron sway &c (severity) 739; fangs, clutches, talons; rod of empire &c (scepter) 747.

You know that when artificial cunning of ambitious oppressors succeeds to pervert those principles, and when passive indifference or thoughtlessness submits to it, as weakness must submit: it is the noble destinylet me say, dutyof enlightened nations, alike powerful as free, to restore those eternal principles to practical validity, so that justice, light, and truth may sway, where injustice, oppression, and error have prevailed.

But I also know that the framers of your Constitution wisely discouraged the development of municipal life in the district of Columbia, lest local influences and pressure from without on the seat of the central legislature might unduly sway the national councils.

From Oxford he extended his sway almost without interruption to the extremity of Cornwall: North and South Wales, with the exception of the castles of Pembroke and Montgomery, acknowledged his authority; and the royal standard was still unfurled in several [Footnote 1: See Rushworth, v. 928-932; vi. 228; Guthrie, 162-183; Baillie, ii. 64, 65, 92-95; Clarendon, ii. 606, 618; Wishart, 67, 110; Journals, vii.

Sept. 30.] unfortunately for the interests of his sovereign, had incurred the hatred of his party: of some, on account of his enmity to prince Rupert; of the general officers, because he was supposed to sway the royal mind, even in military matters; and of all who desired peace, because to his advice was attributed the obstinacy of Charles in continuing the war.

The date of this victory was B.C. 478, nearly two years after the battle of Plataea, and the deliverance of Thebes from Persian influence and the sway of a tyrannous oligarchy.

* Northward into the silence, night and day, Through the unknown, with faith that did not fail, Into the lands beneath the redman's sway, The priest called Jean de Breboeuf took his way, Led by the Polestar and the far-blazed trail.

She reached the council chamber and there entered silently; But though the bowing wise men had been reeds the wind could sway Would have noted them as little.

The inhabitants of these beautiful islands, upon the whole, may well be considered to have lived as comfortably during the last hundred years, protected from all external enemies and governed by mild laws, as those of any other tropical country under native or European sway,owing, in some measure, to the frequently discussed peculiar circumstances which protect the interests of the natives.

The bold Bavarian, in a luckless hour, Tries the dread summits of Caesarean pow'r, With unexpected legions bursts away, And sees defenceless realms receive his sway; Short sway!

The bold Bavarian, in a luckless hour, Tries the dread summits of Caesarean pow'r, With unexpected legions bursts away, And sees defenceless realms receive his sway; Short sway!

But forced, at length, her ancient reign to quit, She saw great Faustus lay the ghost of wit; Exulting folly hail'd the joyful day, And pantomime and song confirm'd her sway.

The ling'ring hours prolong the night, Usurping darkness shares the day; Her mists restrain the force of light, And Phoebus holds a doubtful sway.

Too well you know to keep the slaves you gain; When in your eyes resistless lightnings play, Aw'd into love our conquer'd hearts obey, And yield reluctant to despotick sway: But, when your musick sooths the raging pain, We bid propitious heav'n prolong your reign, We bless the tyrant, and we hug the chain.

Regardless of the sweeping Whirlwind's sway, That, hushed in grim repose, expects his evening prey.

Without themselves feeling deeply, perhaps for the very reason that they do not, they are capable of exercising a magic sway over those with whom they come in contact; and while they attract more admirers than they know what to do with, are seldom very fortunate in their selection, or happy in their eventual lot.

Whatever affects national character and destiny, whatever accounts for national manners or confirms individual sway, is brought into the record.

Round the classic Inland Ocean, Where the Roman world held sway, Storied shores are iridescent With the splendor of decay; Persia, Syria, Egypt, Athens, Proud Byzantium, Carthage, Spain, In their mournful desolation Hear the old sea's sad refrain: "Rising, falling, waxing, waning, Men and nations come and go; Reaching glory, then declining, As the ebb succeeds the flow.

He caught the sway of the pacing figure whose shadow moved in regular rhythm across the yellow shades.

It was a waiting time, and into it the old-fashioned Dutch clock in the corner sent its voice with a monotonous, softly clanging toll of seconds, until Anthony forgot the moonlight over the outside terraces to watch the gradual sway of the pendulum.

Fascinated by the sway of the pendulum he became conscious of the passage of existence like a river broad and wide and shining which flowed on into an eternity of chance and left him stationary on the banks.

There is a cupboard underneath the stair Where moth and rust hold undisputed sway, And here is hid my old civilian wear, And my wife sits and plays with it all day, Since Peace is imminent and, I'm advised, Even the bard may be demobilised.

Amantis was brought up in total ignorance of the world and the passion-principles which sway it, but felt grateful to her guardian, and soon discovered that what she called "gratitude" the world calls "love."

The more my own views may seem likely to sway your action, the less I shall be inclined to declare them.

In vain, also, was any personal appeal which Cicero could make to the only two men who might have had influence enough to sway the popular vote.

Thee, when young Spring first questioned Winter's sway, And dared the sturdy blusterer to the fight, W a R Thee on this bank he threw To mark his victory.

Did they think that long rows of Oriental dancing-girls would sway hither and thither in an ecstasy of lament?

He had swayed the crowd also as he had always believed that he could sway crowds if only the spirit would burn in him brightly enough; he had no doubt that he could sway them again, govern them completely perhaps.

He had swayed the crowd also as he had always believed that he could sway crowds if only the spirit would burn in him brightly enough; he had no doubt that he could sway them again, govern them completely perhaps.

The Creole population had held the sway so far in the city; but now it came into competition and often into contest with a pushing, ambitious, and frequently unscrupulous native American party.

It was on Herod's natal day, Who, o'er Judea's land held sway.

That huffing medium, words, (Which in the modern Tamburlaines quite sway Our shamed souls from their bias) in your play We scarce attend to.

But when Death riotswhen, with whelming sway, Destruction sweeps a family away; When infancy and youth, a huddled mass, All in an instant to oblivion pass, And parents' hopes are crush'd; what lamentation Can reach the depth of such a desolation?

All trivial as thou art, Without dispute, Thou play'st a mighty part; And art the herald to a throng Of buds, blooms, fruit, That shall thy cracking branches sway, While birds on every spray Shall pay the copious fruitage with a sylvan song.

Fools, whom gentle manners sway, May incline to C[astlerea]gh, Princes, who old ladies love, Of the Doctor may approve, Chancery lads do not abhor Their chatty, childish Chancellor.

Nor Heaven, nor Earth, nor deepest tracts of Erebus, as Milton hath it, have power to resist your sway.

This modern product of our epoch, drawing to its end, may not love at all, or may look upon love as mere licentiousness; but if it happen that all the forces of one's life centre in one feeling, and come under the sway of his neurosis, the predilection will become as ineradicable as any other chronic disease.

Although Pompey himself had been killed, and the army under his immediate command entirely annihilated, Caesar did not find that the empire was yet completely submissive to his sway.

The younger son succeeded in escaping, but he became a wretched fugitive and outlaw, and all manifestations of resistance to Caesar's sway disappeared from Spain.

They really were under vast obligations to him; for, considering Rome as a community which was to subsist by governing the world, Caesar had immensely enlarged the means of its subsistence by establishing its sway every where, and providing for an incalculable increase of its revenues from the tribute and the taxation of conquered provinces and kingdoms.

Every one of these has in his own peculiar way (except some few of the first party) thrown aside all regard to law, and even honesty, and the Territory under their sway is ravaged from one end to the other....

The Republican government had full sway 12 years.

He who was raised to sway the Roman scepter, and consequently to govern the civilized world, abandoned his judgment to his freedmen, and gave them a complete ascendency over his mind.

The Bulgars, however, at no time brought all the Serb lands under their sway.

It was as if we were seeking out the presiding deity of the island, who had assumed the guise of a Caliban holding unearthly sway over its unnatural processes.

A few years later and, with rhythmic sway of black bodies and dip of many oars, came the barges of the river planters.

As with awakening judgment came These feelings of remorse and shame, With the throng'd crowd, the bustling scene, Did deep abstractions intervene, O'er yielding effort holding sway, As, humbled, I pursued my way.

here are some that mine obey, And, self-indignant at the sway I hold upon them, turn away!

Affection's brightly-glowing ray Shone with such strong, o'erpowering sway, That service fainted by the way!

The venal mind Can neither fit inducement find To lead their purpose or their fate To sway, to probe, or stimulate!

That love of loneliness which had haunted him from his boyhood, and which ever asserted its sway when under the influence of his passions, came over him now with irresistible power.

I would prefer not to sway the beam of the reader's judgment either way, but simply to tell the story as Plattner told it me.

"Now, I was an older mind than hers, and I could sway her to this belief or that.

'What shall I render to the Lord for all His benefits?'" The rapid moments fleet away; And on their tireless wings, Death rides, majestic in his sway, Subjecting Popes and Kings.

How would it spread and prevail, until the whole world submitted to its sway!

O that the Lord would poor out His Spirit, and bow their hearts to His sway!

vi. 854. 'Be these thy arts; to bid contention cease, Chain up stern wars, and give the nations peace; O'er subject lands extend thy gentle sway, And teach with iron rod the haughty to obey.' 44.

369. 'Exert a rigorous sway, And lop the too luxuriant boughs away.' 620.

Some diseases, pre-eminently those which arise from uncontrollable causes, from sudden fluctuations of temperature, electrical storms, and similar great variations of nature, would remain as active as ever; and pneumonia, bronchitis, congestion of the lungs, and summer cholera, would still hold their sway.

This was a young relative of his,a most remarkable man,who rapidly gained an immense sway over me.

Nor is such service merely social; through it all the Christian motive holds sway.

while art and science will resume their sway serene, beneath skies eternal.

Three hundred souls was a heavy weight for those thin little hands to hold sway over,to lead to hell or heaven.

If any one is inclined to doubt this, let him look at the sway which Robespierre and his few associates exercised in Paris.

A Galway man, Dr. T. J. Carr, a great educator, is now (1914) archbishop of Melbourne, and a Clare man, Dr. J. P. Clune, holds sway in Perth.

Myself, compacted of an earthier clay, I oil my bats and greasy homage pay To Cricket, who, with emblems of his court, Stumps, pads, bails, gloves, begins his Summer sway.

The fact that Sir Marmaduke seemed to sway visibly on his legs, as he thus stood for a moment outlined against the dark interior beyond, roused no astonishment in the minds of those who saw him.

"Aunt, aunt dear," whispered Lambert, who had pushed his way forward, and now put his arm round the old woman, for she had begun to sway, "what is the matter, dear?"

He had almost screamed with horror when de Chavasse thus brutally uttered Lady Sue's name: he had seen the young girl almost sway on her feet, as she smothered the cry of agony and horror which at her guardian's callous taunt had risen to her lips.

He who saw the palaces and court of the old King Tezozomoc, how flourishing and powerful was his sway, may see them now dry and withered; it seemed as if they should last forever, but all that the world offers is illusion and deception, as everything must end and die.

The sun, rayless, round, blue-white, lagged away toward the west, seeming to sway in high heaven as Nissr took her long dips with the grace and swiftness of a flying falcon.

He stood for a moment peering at Rrisa, while the hum and roar of the great air-liner's mechanism, the dip and sway of its vast body through the upper air, seemed to add a kind of oppressive solemnity to the tense situation.

But this I know; if the False-Faces are to decide for war or peace, they will sway the entire confederacy, and perhaps every Indian in North America; for though nobody knows who belongs to the secret sect, two-thirds of the Mohawks are said to be numbered in its ranks; and as go the Mohawks, so goes the confederacy.

"You see, the General believes that this young girl can sway the False-Faces to peace or war.

"As I was saying, it seems cruel to suspect Magdalen Brant, but the General believes she can sway the Oneidas and Tuscaroras....

And the circle of savages began to sway in rhythm to her chanting, answering back, calling their challenge from clan to clan; until, suddenly, the Senecas sprang to their feet and drove their hatchets into the war-post, challenging the Lenape with their own battle-cry: "Yoagh!

" "Don't let such considerations sway you," exclaimed Valentine rising.

There is no doubt that on some days the devil reigns with a more potent sway over people than on others.

The feathery water-weeds sway, indeed, to and fro, with the motion of the water, but the tall cats'-tails, and all the flags, stand absolutely motionless.

] A fashion in physic, like fashions in frills: The doctors at one time are mad upon pills; And crystalline principles now have their day, Where alkaloids once held an absolute sway.

"The idea of money will not sway Marescotti in the least.

But next morning, within the little cottagebeating rain on the windows, and a cheerless storm-light in the tiny roomsthe hard facts of the situation resumed their sway.

And over John's roomher husband's roomthe woman in the picture held sway.

The sombre taste of the Spanish ladies in dress, so famous and effective that the black mantillas and skirts, and the fans that do such execution in the hands of the dark-eyed coquettes, as to have sway where empires have been lost and woncontrol Cuba, but does not dominate the Philippines.

And so the march of commerce takes its way, And every clime contributes of its store Where once the Indian's tepee held its sway, Now stands the Golden City on the shore.

Some of the regulations by which the Government held absolute sway over its subjects are: (1) No newspaper or other printing business could be established until a heavy deposit was made with the police for the payment of fines, such fines to be arbitrarily imposed by the policein whom is vested extraordinary powerwhen anything political was written which did not please them.

They were long-horns, and one sway of those lowered heads could drive the hard, sharp point through and through the body of a man.

One of those impulses which sometimes sway our actions, tempted him to enter, and learn, if possible, something further respecting the habits of the man whose scheme he had been commissioned to thwart.

In its apparent laziness, in its awful deliberation, and its quick spasms of wrath, it was more like the work of waves than of men; and our high platform's gentle sway and glide was exactly the motion of a ship drifting with us toward that shore.

In a very short time the enemy was completely routed, and Dietrich was joyfully welcomed by Virginal, who, touched by his devotion, consented to forsake her glittering castle, relinquish her sway over the mountains, and to follow him down into the green valley.

She will die if she remains any longer under the sway of that inhuman monster

Yet gentlest eve, attending thee, Come meek devotion, peace, and rest, Mild contemplation, memory, And silence with her sway so blest; And every mortal wish and thought, By thee to holiest peace is wrought.

Oh gentle spirit, blending all The beauties parting day bestows, With deeper hues that slowly fall, To shadow Nature's soft repose; So sweet, so mild, thy transient sway, We mourn it should so soon decay.