Do we say sweat or sweated

sweat 1271 occurrences

'Note,' continues the record, 'In this play, Mr. Otway the poet having an inclination to turn actor; Mrs. Behn gave him the King in this play for a probation part, but he being not us'd to the stage, the full house put him to such a sweat and tremendous agony, being dash'd, spoilt him for an actor.' To quote Mr. Gosse's excellent and classic essay on Otway:'The choice of the part showed the kindly tact of the shrewd Mrs. Behn.

Moreover, thou'rt quick and slow in thy gait, sighing gustily off and onso it is I do sweat for thee.

quoth Roger, wiping sweat from him, "yonder certes was Hob-gob!

All a-sweat was he, and bleeding from the hair, while his mighty chest heaved and laboured with his running.

"Aha, lord Beltane!" cried Ulf, wiping sweat and blood from him, "there be no moreleft to smite, see you.

A running of swift feet and Walkyn sprang betwixt them, his face grimed with dust and sweat, his armour gone, his great axe all bloody in his hand: "Master!"

"So needs must I stifle and sweat within closed casque!"

It exacts much of youmakes you, for each page you turn, pay with the sweat of your brain.

Their skin was blackened by sweat and coal dust; soaked singlets, tight like gloves, clung to their lean bodies.

However she might sweat and pant, she liked the glorious pace even better than her rider.

Thus the sweat glands of the skin secrete the perspiration as their secretion, the lachrymal glands of the eyes the tears as theirs.

It was soon found that the cells of the more familiar glands, like the sweat or tear glands, resembled the cells of the more mysterious structures named the thyroid in the neck, or adrenal in the abdomen, of which the function was unknown.

" And still they struggled hardstill sweat and blood Poured down at every strain.

" Bud saw the sweat start on his skin as he tried to pull the injured foot towards him.

Regardless of the heat Skinny had ridden hard and his horse was a lather of sweat.

Parker swung back the heavy gate at the corral entrance and the dozen colts, sweat streaks on heads and backs and bellies where hackamore, saddle and cinches told of the lessons of the afternoon, pushing and jamming and with a clatter of hoofs, whirled out to freedom, around the stable and down a lane into an open meadow.

Old Heck, Parker and the cowboys stopped at the ditch, pitched their hats on the grass and dipping water from the ditch scoured the dust and sweat from their faces and hands.

she tid not hesitate toto" The little man's face was bathed in sweat at the memory of that degradation, which his tongue refused to describe.

And Stanley relates that a watch with its constant ticking sent the bravest of Congo chiefs into a cold sweat of agonizing fear; on discovering which, the explorer had but to draw his Waterbury and threaten to turn the whole bunch into crocodiles, and at once they got busy and did his bidding.

If the exercise be vigorous and the weather hot, a profuse sweat ensues, the rapid evaporation of which cools the body.

By the skin, in the shape of sweat and insensible perspiration, there is cast out about 23 ounces, of which 99 per cent is water; and by the lungs about 34 ounces, 10 of which are water and the remainder carbon dioxid.

Now if we omit an estimate of the undigestible remains of the food, we find that the main bulk of what daily leaves the body consists of water, carbon dioxid, and certain solid matters contained in solution in the renal secretion and the sweat.

In such a sweat and such a heat, With all that mud-upon your feet!

His and a dancing-school are inseparable adjuncts, and are bound, though both stink of sweat most abominable, neither shall complain of annoyance.

A scholar he pretends himself, and says he hath sweat for it, but the truth is he knows Cornelius far better than Tacitus.

sweated 111 occurrences

A curly haired Vermont machinery salesman, who had sweated at the lathe, became factory manager for a Detroit automobile-maker.

"His Pa has been a steady-goin' man, Worked day an' night an' overtime as well; He's lived an' dreamed an' sweated to his plan To own the house an' profit should we sell; He never drank nor played much cards at night, He's been a worker since our wedding day, He's lived his life to what he knows is right, An' why should son of his now go astray?

It has starved us and sweated us to make profits out of us, and now in its extremity slobbers us with fair words."

Although I carry bluey now, I’ve sweated many a horse.

He straightened and fixed his fingers firmly on the ledge above him, waiting until his palm and the fingertips had sweated into a steady grip.

They are also very obviously inspired with the belief (similar to the illusion which is a point of honor with the male trade unionist) that high wages for women in well-paid occupations will help to raise the wages of sweated women workers in other trades.

The industrial degradation of the "sweated" workers arises from the fact that they are working surrounded by a pool of unemployed or superfluous supply of labour.

I saw Adam, after his expulsion from Paradise, weeping in the grotto where Jesus sweated blood and water, on Mount Olivet.

At the end of 24 hours it should again be cleaned, when it will usually be found to have "sweated"; that is, rust having formed under the smear of metal fouling where powder fouling was present, the surface is puffed up.

Past us, as we sweated there, the slow but surer wagon-trains ploughed forward.

I might mention too, among the Benefits of the Climate, what Historians say of the Earth, that it sweated out a Bitumen or natural kind of Mortar, which is doubtless the same with that mentioned in Holy Writ, as contributing to the Structure of Babel.

Sealman sweated and grunted under the open lid of the bright bonnet.

Amid constant dangers they sweated at a task that shamed the seven labors of Hercules.

" They gave him a drink of water and filled his pipe, joking him about easy days in the hospital while they sweated in the woods.

As the men sweated with axe and saw in the woods, so she sweated in the kitchen.

As the men sweated with axe and saw in the woods, so she sweated in the kitchen.

My brow never sweated a drop.

Forty centuries later I could trace the same aspiration for community with deity and for immortality of monument which had sweated a hundred thousand men for twenty years to rear the lofty pile of Gizeh.

Mitchell sweated the lad for further details, then nearly strained a tendon in getting to the telephone booth.

"The numerous and violent claps of the Whig party on the one side of the theatre, were echoed by the Tories on the other; while the author sweated behind the scenes with concern to find their applause proceeding more from the hand than the head.

O make him enjoy me, my friend, that Krishna so fickle, Me who sweated and moistened all over my body with love's exertion, That Krishna whose cheeks were lovely with down all standing on end as he thrilled, Whose half-closed eyes were languid, and restless with brimming desire.

At its conclusion a Creek chief taunted the mediators as follows: "You have sweated yourselves poor in our smoky houses to make peace between us and the Cherokees, and thereby enable our young people to give you in a short time a far worse sweat than you have yet had."

Clothing, regulation of by law; manufacture of, a "sweated" trade.

Here we all rested and washed such clothes as we could do without long enough to dry, and washed our faces and hands over and over again to remove the dirt which had been burned and sweated in so completely as not to come off readily.

The old aristocrat who feels like a prince and behaves like one, is more picturesque than the person who has sweated himself into it.

Do we say   sweat   or  sweated