56 examples of swellings in sentences

All the valleys are traversed by rapid streams, shallow in the dry season, but subject to sudden swellings in autumn and winter.

The sequels, or after-consequences, of measles are, croup, bronchitis, mesenteric disease, abscesses behind the ear, ophthalmia, and glandular swellings in other parts of the body. 2552.

In all conditions of bruises occurring in children, whether swellings or abrasions, no remedy is so quick or certain of effecting a cure as the pure extract of lead applied to the part.

Cattle, which breathe these insects, are attacked with swellings in the throat, which destroy them, unless promptly relieved.

And anon all the people of Egypt, as well men as beasts, were full of blotches, boils, and blains and wounds, and swellings in such wise that the enchanters could ne might not stand for pain tofore Pharaoh.

The malingreux had to pay forty sous; they were covered with sores, most of which were self-inflicted, or they pretended to have swellings of some kind, and stated that they were about to undertake a pilgrimage to St. Méen, in Brittany, in order to be cured.

Yet in her eyes bubbled gaiety and fun, as successive up-swellings of a spring; or, rather, as the riffles of sunlight and wind, or the pictured flight of birds across a pool whose surface alone is stirred.

This horrible disease unfortunately does not appear to be at all rare among the Puris, for I saw many of their women, some of whom had large hard swellings, and others even small tumours on the breast.

Bruises and swellings began to appear on Diamond's face.

Usually these swellings are slow in forming, so that the size of the enlargement depends entirely upon its age.

When septic matter has gained the sheath of the perforans, and the formation of pus therein is indicated by inflammatory swellings in the hollow of the heel, it is sometimes advisable to lay the sheath open for 1 to 2 inches along the course of the tendons.

The patient rests so continually in them that alarming swellings commence to make their appearance about the rectum, or in the case of a mare about the vulva.

Another kind is said to cause swellings in those who sleep under its shade.

You know not half the dangers that attend Upon a life of wand'ring, which your thoughts now, Feeling the swellings of a lofty anger, To your abused fancy, as 'tis likely, Portray without its terrors, painting lies And representments of fallacious liberty You know not what it is to leave the roof that shelters you.

Who could sit, With these prophetic swellings in my breast, That prick and goad me on, and never cease, To the fortunes something tells me I was born to?

I want some seasonings of adversity, Some strokes of the old mortifier Calamity, To take these swellings down, divines call vanity.

But the sinkings are as deep as the swellings, and the inequality disturbs the general effect.

Mental depression, debility, syncope, petechiae, livid patches, spongy gums, lesions, swellings, and so on to things that are worse.

It comes in swellings of the heart and tears That rise at noble and at gentle deeds At labors of the master-artist's hand Which, trembling, touches to a finer end, Trembling before an image seen within.

Those people are commonly afflicted with fever and ague; and I have seen many, particularly females, who had immense swellings or protuberances on their stomachs, which they denominate "ague-cakes."

There were trees whose trunks bellied into huge swellings.

One effect of the common mistletoe is the formation of large swellings or tumors.

Boerhaave informs us, that this is the common medicine of the turf-diggers in Holland, against scurvies, foul ulcers, and swellings in the feet, which they are subject to.

WOOD SPURGE.The juice of this plant has been known to produce very dangerous swellings in the mouth and throat of persons who have occasionally put it into their mouths.

The road winds along the side of the valley, following the graceful curves and swellings of the hills.

56 examples of  swellings  in sentences