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257 example sentences with  swindling

257 example sentences with swindling

They want a present help in trouble; and if they will not believe that God is a present help in trouble, they will try to help themselves out of their trouble by begging, lying, swindling, forging, and all those meannesses which fill our newspapers with shameful stories day by day, and which all arise simply out of want of faith in God.

In what category, as Captain Truck would say, do you place this?" "Why does not the author reviewed expose this?" "Why does not a gentleman wrangle with a detected pick-pocket?" "It is literary swindling," said John Effingham, "and the man who did it, is inherently a knave."

"Surely they give us credit for energy, enterprize, activity" "Qualities that they prettily term, rapacity, cunning, and swindling!

He replied at once that there were twocruelty, and bilking; which, if the word is not academic, I may paraphrase as cheating the helpless, swindling a child out of its pennies, or leaving a house by the back door in order to avoid paying your cabman his lawful fare.

It was a game at Prince, a species of state swindling, a conjuring feat on a large scale; the sceptics and the knowing men said, "It is a good joke played upon those idiots."

Perjury, iniquity, robbery, assassination, erected into ministerial departments, swindling applied to universal suffrage, government under false pretences, duty called crime, crime called duty, cynicism laughing in the midst of atrocity,it is of all this that their newness is compounded.

"Your swindling client traded some bum stock in a fake corporation for Bloom's stock, which he received for bona fide services" "Like Elderberry's?" inquired Tutt innocently.

He succeeded in scrounging that Scripture-knowledge trophy over the heads of better men by means of some of the rawest and most brazen swindling methods ever witnessed even at a school where such things were common.

As, however, the cardinal's extravagance had left him with little means of supplying her necessities, Madame La Mothe conceived the idea of swindling Boehmer out of his necklace, and of making de Rohan an accomplice in the fraud.

And, I suppose, if we could, by some means, give three performances, it would only give our swindling ticket friends more chance to work their scheme.

To annihilate the trade, he said, and to make no compensation on account of it, was an act of swindling.

These poor people are sufficiently protected by law from their white employers; what they need most is protection for the newcomers against the usury, or swindling, by people of their own race, especially Hindoos of the middle class, who are covetous and ill-disposed, and who use their experience of the island for their own selfish advantage.

Men did not, if possible, steal outright; but all shifts seemed allowable in order to attain rapidly to richesplundering and begging, cheating on the part of contractors and swindling on the part of speculators, usurious trading in money and in grain, even the turning of purely moral relations such as friendship and marriage to economic account.

The path to success in love regularly lies through some sort of pecuniary fraud; and the crafty servant, who provides the needful sum and performs the requisite swindling while the lover is mourning over his amatory and pecuniary distresses, is the real mainspring of the piece.

Features far worse are, the dreadful desolation of life in which the only oases are lovemaking and intoxication; the fearfully prosaic atmosphere, in which anything resembling enthusiasm is to be found only among the sharpers whose heads have been turned by their own swindling, and who prosecute the trade of cheating with some sort of zeal; and above all that immoral morality, with which the pieces of Menander in particular are garnished.

A finale of reconciliation such as that of the -Bacchides-, where the swindling sons and the swindled fathers by way of a good winding up all go to carouse together in the brothel, presents a corruption of morals thoroughly worthy of Kotzebue.

And if a man has no opportunity to excite himself, he will do what he can to create one, and according to his individual bent, he will hunt or play Cup and Ball: or led on by this unsuspected element in his nature, he will pick a quarrel with some one, or hatch a plot or intrigue, or take to swindling and rascally courses generallyall to put an end to a state of repose which is intolerable.

He's swindling me, the robber, swindling me!

He's swindling me, the robber, swindling me!

And he's swindling me.

But there was a man who "set up fur a gentleman, named Compeyson," and this Compeyson's business was swindling, forging, and stolen banknote passing.

It's a swindle.

I will not repeat my answer to Melissa, for I fear it was offensively brusque, my opinion being that Sir Gavial was the more pernicious scoundrel of the two, since his name for virtue served as an effective part of a swindling apparatus; and perhaps I hinted that to call such a man moral showed rather a silly notion of human affairs.

Native Taste for Swindling.

The Star Culminates.Native Taste for Swindling.

There was once upon a time a French forger, named Collé, celebrated for the extent and importance of his swindling, and who possessed, it was said, a very large fortune.

We can but bow our heads in reverence of the thoroughness of German swindling.

They are very clever at making a good bargain; when they know of a rich merchant being in the place, they disguise themselves, enter into communications with him, and swindle him, ... after which they change their clothes, have their horses shod the reverse way, and the shoes covered with some soft material lest they should be heard, and gallop away."

You're von ver gran rascal to swindle me out of de l'argent.

Harry Lipscomb had insisted on investigating the riding-master's record, and had found that his real name was Aaronson, and that he had left Cracow under a charge of swindling servant-girls out of their savings; in the light of which discoveries Undine noticed for the first time that his lips were too red and that his hair was pommaded.

Everyone knows them to be sudden, hideous, and overwhelming; those who have seen them can speak also of the squalor, the filthiness, the murderous swindling, and the inconceivable absurdity of the whole monstrous performance.

This measure was taken to prevent the great land speculators from carrying on their swindling operations in Texas.

II.The Resurrection Men A year or two after the birth and christening of wee Benjie, my son, I was cheated by a swindling black-aviced Englishman out of some weeks' lodgings and keep, and a pair of new velveteen knee-breeches.

These fellows are ignorant impostors and the municipal authorities are careful to see that their drugs are harmless, while they make no attempt to prevent them from swindling the people.

FOOTNOTES: [Footnote D: This power of supervision, on the part of the guard, might also act as an effective check upon the operations of those swindling gamblers who infest many of our railroadsespecially the express trains of the Edinburgh and Glasgowin which, owing to no stoppage taking place, they exercise their villanous calling with comparative impunity.] CHAPTER IV.

But, that swindling transactions, and all other frauds that require peculiar dexterity, were prevalent about March.

"Now," she said, "troop, troop with you; walk off, walk off," motioning me towards the outer door, "and be thankful you have got off so cheaply, after swindling me out of my reckoning, and trying to injure the character of my house."

And he's been swindling me, has he?" Mr. Henry ran over the items of the account"421l, 13s.

"Like Vautrin in Napoleon's day?" "Vautrin was a brilliant adventurer; he made millions with his swindling schemes, but he had no stability, no big purpose, and he finally came to grief.

A dismal swamp, the climate of which generally proved fatal to the poor dupes who were induced to settle there through the swindling transactions of General Scadder and General Choke.

He had cheated and swindled, but he was genuinely opposed to cheating and swindling.

He was cheating and swindling now, in buying the option of Boston Copper.

Let us always remember that if an Englishman wants to swindle English people, he does not dress up in the uniform of a soldier.

If an Englishman wants to swindle English people he would as soon think of dressing up in the uniform of a messenger boy.

Amid the secret passages of the ruins, well known to Ochiltree, Lovel was to pass the night; but all rest was impossible by the discovery of two human figures, one of whom Lovel made out to be a German named Donsterswivel, a swindling impostor who promised discoveries of gold to Sir Arthur Wardour, gold buried in the ruins, and only to be unearthed by magic and considerable expenditure of ready money.

Protests against governmental swindling of these savages have been made again and again, but such remonstrances attract no general attention.

Lamb alludes to old Dorrell again in the Elia essay "New Year's Eve," where he is accused of swindling the family out of money.

He saw it all, before he was half done; he did not need Torrey's ejaculated summary: "The swindling scoundrel!" to confirm him.

You squinting rascal, do not think to swindle me out of eternal bliss by any such foolish talk!

Then he went carefully over the ground again, dwelling on the ease of making money without working for it by the simple method of swindling the public, and enlarging on the joys of life as a rich man.

But of these virtues he was utterly deficient, possessing instead a genius for that kind of swindling which keeps just upon the safe side of felony.

SEE Pratt, Joseph H. BUSSY, DOROTHY, tr. The Vatican swindle.

R107541, 16Feb53, Catherine Lambert-Gide (née Van Rysselberghe) (C) The Vatican swindle (Les caves du Vatican) Translated from the French by Dorothy Bussy.

The Vatican swindle.

Norfleet; the amazing experience of an intrepid Texas rancher with an international swindling ring, as told to Gordon Hines.

Norfleet; the amazing experience of an intrepid Texas rancher with an international swindling ring, as told to Gordon Hines.

These were mostly refugees from the Revolution, who had been taken in by a swindling land company.

The National Government possessed the disposal of the land in the Northwest and in Mississippi; and it avoided the pitfall of unlimited private surveying; but it made little effort to prevent swindling by land companies, and none whatever to people the country with actual settlers.

when old in years, master-power still though beaten in his last game of policy, appeared to all as he really was and as he had been prediscerned to be by only such eminent observers as Commynes, that is, a crooked, swindling, utterly selfish, vindictive, cruel man.

There is no such liability to repeat in homicide as there is in forgery, pocket-picking or swindling.

It purports to be the correspondence of a Hun Professor, full of an egregious self-sufficiency and humourlessness and greatly solicitous for the unhappy Alsatian who is ignorant and misguided enough to prefer the Welsch (i.e. foreign) "culture-swindle" to the glorious paternal Kultur of the German occupation.

This Penn swindle has been so carefully cloaked that it has become the basis of our whole Indian policy, the legitimate parent of a system never equalled on earth for crime committed with the best intentions.

The Woman's Journal will not accept liquor or tobacco advertisements, or any advertisements of patent medicines, swindling schemes, or matters of a questionable character.

He lives by swindling, and everyone fears him.

It will be much better if you see yourself that the business is above board, with no swindle about it.

He just wanted to swindle me into buying a lot of copies to give away, and he wanted most to bamboozle me into having a picture made, not half so good as I can get for a few dollars a dozen at any good photographer's, and pay him the price of a good team of horses for it.

Robineau was discharged on the spot, and warned that he might think himself happy to escape a legal process for swindling.

She made the suggestion with characteristic maladroitness, at a moment when Albert had been holding forth on his favorite hobby of the sinfulness of land-speculation in general, and the peculiar wickedness of misrepresentation and all the other arts pertaining to town-site swindling.

Scarcely had the rascally and unscrupulous county-seat swindle begun to lose something of its terrific and exciting interest to the people of this county, when there came the awful and sad drowning of the two young ladies, Miss Jennie Downing and Miss Katy Charlton, the belles of the village, a full account of which will be found in the Windmill of last week, some copies of which we have still on hand, having issued an extra edition.

"I'd like to prosecute him for swindling."

Mr. Whedell was about to retort in a vein of unmitigated ferocity, when Mrs. Chiffield, who had been listening in the entry, and could contain herself no longer, rushed into the room, and, brandishing a small clenched hand in the face of her laughing spouse, forcibly observed: "You sneaking, swindling, cheating, lying, black-hearted, ill-looking pauper, scoundrel, and vagabond!"

The insatiable greed of gain is the source of all the dishonesties, the oppressions, the spoliations, the trickeries, the frauds, the adulterations, the cutthroat competitions, the financial piracies, the swindling schemes,all the abuses and mischiefs which infest the world of commerce and finance.

Fetch me a list of the pious persons that have lent their names to this swindle.

His father, in consequence of his swindling transactions, made a bankruptcy, which reduced the son to poverty and filled him with grief and shame.

The most surprising thing, however, could anything surprise us in these Kansas proceedings, is, that the President, eating all his former promises, adopts the Lecompton Convention as a legitimate body, and commends its swindling mode of submission as a "fair" test of the popular will!

Such an inveterate stupidity, such a scorn for literature and art, such a hatred for all the ideas he worshipped, were implanted and anchored in these merchant minds, exclusively preoccupied with the business of swindling and money-making, and accessible only to ideas of politicsthat base distraction of mediocritiesthat he returned enraged to his home and locked himself in with his books.

CHEVALIER D'INDUSTRIE, one who lives by his wits, specially by swindling.

DOUSTER-SWIVEL, a German swindling schemer in the "Antiquary."

I cannot enter the swindle in better company than yours; but both of us were happier on the Sadower Heath behind the partridges."

there are the very words, 'Forgery, Swindling, Embezzlement!'

wot she cost me in repairs and taxes, and wot she brought me in since then, accordin' to my figgerin', I don't call a clear profit of 15,000 dollars much of a swindle.

" RECOMMENDATIONS A firm of shady outside London brokers was prosecuted for swindling.

For instance, the directors of a Prussian railway can not swindle the shareholders by false accounts, and passing off loans for dividends.

He doesn't swindle any one, but he takes good care at the same time not to let any one swindle him.

He doesn't swindle any one, but he takes good care at the same time not to let any one swindle him.

By the time he was nine, he was sent to a reformatory in and was later locked up for swindling and theft.

Every swindling contractor has been a murderer.”

However, Lavalle warned that some people are trying to swindle, steal, or catch citizens —who stay at home— by surprise, claiming to be health staff or enumerators.

In 2014, he traded down, swindling Chicago, to snag Jusuf Nurkic and Gary Harris.

Ms. Amuchienwa who admitted to an affair with the former Governor accused him of swindling her after he allegedly bought luxury goods from her without making payment.

No one is immune to falling for a con-artist,” said Bob Nygaard, a retired New York City cop who helped crack an $800,000 psychic swindling case.

One question though, where exactly was Bill Belichick when this swindling took place?

So many employers do not comply, its the same Government that they have been swindling they are now seeking assistance.

The agencies observed a rise in the use of COVID-19-related themes in attempts to harvest sensitive user data or to swindle users out of money.

"The principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale."

“Timi was certainly not seen at any polling unit in Bayelsa during the Presidential election even after allegedly swindling former Vice President Atiku Abubakar of millions of naira.

When the husband of the lady tailor got wind of the swindling, he flew in from his base in Lagos, breathed down the pastor’s neck and recovered his wife’s means of livelihood.

Adele is angry with the developers for swindling her ailing mother into selling the family land.

In Barcelona, the PSUC, the hypocritical rhetoric continues swindling the working class with false promises of change and, as always, represents only the old spirit of the counter.

The putrefaction of contemporary capitalist society—based on parasitism, financial swindling, war and looting—is once again spewing up political filth in the form of racist demagogy.