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415 examples of  swoop  in sentences

415 examples of swoop in sentences

A few small lakes unfortunately situated are extinguished suddenly by a single swoop of an avalanche, carrying down immense numbers of trees, together with the soil they were growing upon.

The branches swoop outward and downward in bold curves, excepting the younger ones near the top, which aspire, while the lowest droop to the ground, and all spread out in flat, ferny plumes, beautifully fronded, and imbricated upon one another.

The snow bends and trims the upper forests every winter, the lightning strikes a single tree here and there, while avalanches mow down thousands at a swoop as a gardener trims out a bed of flowers.

Lastly, down with a swoop came a Steller's jay out of a fir-tree, probably with the intention of moistening his noisy throat.

But he swung up the scuttle with a swoop, rattling coal freely down into the red-jowled orifice.

Lusty Labour, with tired stoop, Levels low, at every swoop, Armfuls of ripe-coloured corn, Yellow as the hair of morn; And his helpers track him close, Laying it in even rows, On the furrow's stubbly ridge; Nearer to the poppied hedge.

"Suppose," said the intoxicated brain, "another big storm should swoop down upon you and the bay should break up, and you and Samuel should be imprisoned on the beach for two or three months with a handful of men-folks!"

Rousing himself to something like temporary consciousness, Mr. BUMSTEAD slowly climbed to his feet, and, with a wild kind of swoop, came heavily down with both hands upon the shoulders of his questioner.

I have seen one aeroplane swoop down out of the blue to attack a formation of six enemy machines, sending one crashing to earth and dispersing the remainder.

That will be the plan, to my notionthe money and the girl in one swoop; then a quick sail to the southward.

Jerry also swept by, and the others were coming so fast on the heels of the two leaders that the bewildered roughs could not pull their wits together in time to make any successful swoop.

At one swoop More than a thousand fell by his own hand.

"They're making so much racket," murmured Dave, lingering by his own door, "that, the first thing we know, a duty officer will swoop down and rag the bunch.

And there I wait the while the sacrifice Is slain before me; then down with a swoop I get me from my skyey throne, and dye Deep in the ruddy stream my talons grey Hurrah!

But what is not feasible is to demolish at one swoop everything that has been created and preserved in the course of a whole century.

Our alarm now was lest we should get within the clutches of this fell swoop, for the port once past, it would have required us weeks to bear up again, whilst this wind lasted.

At the very nethermost point of his downward swoop Solon Denney was raised to a height so dizzy that even the erstwhile sceptic spirit of Westley Keyts abased itself before him, frankly conceding that diplomacy's innocent and mush-like surface might conceal springs of a terrible potency.

Some of the larger girls hesitated, but Billy especially was earnest in his pleading that the trip should be the big one of the winter, and that they must see how many the Red Revenger could carry at one swoop.

Springing down from the platform, he made a swoop upon Andy.

Great was the wonder at the sudden and simultaneous disappearance of so many "prime hands," roughly estimated, though probably with considerable exaggeration, as worth in the market not less than a hundred thousand dollars,and all at "one fell swoop" too, as the District Attorney afterwards, in arguing the case against me, pathetically expressed it!

There was, no doubt, an excitement out of doors,a natural excitement,at such an amount of property snatched up at one fell swoop; but was that to justify the suggestion to a jury of twelve honest men that they were not to act the part of a mob?

They could have understood readily enough some shots out of the shadows or a swoop down upon the camp to stampede and run off the saddle horses.

Nor could he complain of injustice if they did; for his attack was so wilful, that the rage of it can only be explained by supposing he was instigated to "the one fell swoop," by a resentful conviction, that his impillory in the Edinburgh Review had amused them all.

We can swoop down on the inns along the main roads now and then, rob whom it is convenient to rob, and live like noblemen!"

Soon it swooped, and a yearling in the rear, weakly, and probably frightened by the swoop, turned a complete somersault, and when it recovered its feet, stood still.

But like the hawk, having soared with a lofty flight to a height which the eye could not reach, he was wont to swoop upon his quarry with wonderful rapidity.

His eyes are keen enough, as you will know if you have watched him swoop down on a piece of bread in mid-air, and catch it neatly in his beak.

Nothing save the interminable, thundering swoop of the boat downwards, and then the halt and upward hurl, and the occasional plunges and surges to larboard or starboard, occasioned, I can only suppose, by the indiscriminate might of the seas.

The sisters had lived in such extreme seclusion, that when sorrow came upon them, like the sudden swoop and swift destruction of a tropical storm, they had no earthly friend to rely upon but Madame Guirlande.

He had also lost at one fell swoop the large fortune which Lady Donaldson had been about to assign to him.

we've started to swoop down on them!

The water seemed rushing up to meet them; so it looked to Andy, whose anxious gaze was fastened upon the lower depths, as they dipped down in that terrific swoop.

"Swoop down and let me give them a volley!

Doubtless all that had occurred had been noted by him as he sat, waiting for anything that might happen; and the swoop of the American plane, as well as Jack's firing, had of course told him help was near.

Occasionally one of the Yankee pilots, provoked because none of the enemy dared to accept the gauge of battle he flung before them, would swoop down and try to make a target of these marching columns.

The lull came, then with a swoop, like a wild duck seeking water, they hovered, settled, then touched the surface.

At last, with a terrific swoop, it seized them and sent them whirling upward.

In the down-swoop, they were all but crashed on a towering pile of ice, but escaping this fate, once more they were away.

Presently, when the plane nearest him seemed about to swoop down and touch the ice, he moved to a position beneath it, and, with tongue lolling, stood on his haunches again and swinging his giant paw to accompany the swing of the plane, struck out as it approached him.

But at that instant there came a fresh swoop of wind that set the plane gyrating more violently than ever.

An oily gleam in the sea tells the knowing fisherman that the shoal is there; or he may see a Gull swoop down and carry off a Herring.

The Scout Officer soliloquises: The lights begin to leap along the lines, Leap up and hang and swoop and sputter out; A bullet hits a wiring-post and whines; I wish to Heaven that I was not a Scout!

at one fell swoop.

On the shores of Norway the ruler of the Sclavonic race will hang over Scotland and England, like a bird of prey about to swoop upon his victim.

He being like unto the roaring lions in courage taketh unto him their spirit to be his own in the struggle: but in sleight he is as the fox that spreadeth out her feet and preventeth the swoop of the eagle: for all means must be essayed by him that would prevail over his foe.

I'll make one swoop, and that's an end to it!

They'll jest swoop down on Lieutenant Boggs and gobble him up.

Then they'll swoop down on Lieutenant Skaggs on Pigeon and gobble him up.

Then they'll swoop down on me and gobble me up.

Eagles and kites dart and swoop down, bearing off a captive fish in their talons.

As the troops are withdrawn, the squaws swoop down upon the deserted camps, and rapidly glean them of all that is portable, for use in their domestic economy.

Jodoque did not instantly rush forward to re-arrest this prisoner; but it struck him there must be a reward for the recapture; so, determining upon taking the prisoner and the basket at one fell swoop, he tore away to the burgomaster's to inform him of the discovery.

Suddenly there was a swoop, a dark flutter of wings, a startled squeak from G., and our cake was gone.

Now it would swoop toward Jimsy and then would dart, only to return.

Once or twice, large black clouds drove across the opening above them, resembling heavy-winged vultures sailing in the void, preparatory to a swoop upon their prey.

He had not wished her to swoop down upon the man, but only to inform him of his whereabouts.

Had this man come down from New York to swoop upon her cousin?

At length o'er Sana, in the act to swoop, I stood like a young eagle on a crag.

With sudden swoop, a brutal boy Caught in his cap its fans of gold, And forced them down with savage joy Upon the path's defiling mould; Then cautiously, the ground well scanned, He clutched his darkened, helpless prey, And, pinched within his grimy hand, Withdrew it to the light of day.

Further than this, I hear that one man has made an unjust fortune by withdrawing from the firm and that another partner is watching like an eagle for an opportunity to swoop down and settle his talons.

The sawyers would drop lightly from their springboards, crying: "Tim-ber-r-r-r!" The earthward swoop of the upper boughs would hasten till the air was full of a whistling, whishing sound.

Goodness!" From the donkey they could see a shower of ragged splinters and broken limbs fly when a two-hundred-foot fir smashed a dead cedar that stood in the way of its downward swoop.

THE EAGLE, THE JACKDAW, AND THE SHEPHERD One day a Jackdaw saw an Eagle swoop down on a lamb and carry it off in its talons.

Would that(and the wish is expressed more in sorrow than in anger)would that your entire species were condensed into one enormous bluebottle, that we might crush you all at a single swoop!

Our Fowler, whose proud bird would brook erewhile No rival's swoop in all our western air! Gather the ravens, then, in funeral file, For him, life's morn-gold bright yet in his hair? "Leave me not hopeless, ye unpitying dames!

They went a week ago Tuesday, and you lost your ghostly adviser and your political stage manager at one fell swoop.

Then from behind her came the hoot of a motor-horn, and she glanced back to see a closed car that glittered at every angle swoop through the open gates and swerve round to the churchyard.

The saints know it isn't for my happiness to put her out of my old arms; but I can't last forever,my old back grows weaker every year; and Antonio has strong arms to defend her from all these roystering fellows who fear neither God nor man, and swoop up young maids as kites do chickens.

They then swoop down with great impetus directly at one's head, lifting again when within a foot of it.

In fact, it seems gradually to be getting confidence, for it no longer attempts to swoop at the intruder.

Scarcely had he grown familiar with his new centre of action when the troops of Morillo were turned westward for the purpose of curbing the rebellious spirits in the neighboring Vice-Royalty,when, quicker than thought, Paez was once more over the mountains, and recovered by a sudden swoop the Llanos of Barinas.

'Twas here he gained the strength the wing to plume, To swoop upon the Arno's classic plains, And drink the noblest blood of Europe's veins His eye but glanced and nations felt their doom!

There was a quick swoop, and in another moment Pomona had the child.

There were not many people who saw the "Taube"the German dovemake its swoop and hurl its fire-balls.

Quickly, with a sudden swoop, he seizes a single fish from an unsuspecting shoal, and announces his success by the peculiar sound of his rattle.

Nayrather must our own treasure be removed lest some night the devil, in command there, swoop upon it, driving ye off like sheep and carrying back with him" "Flesh and blood cannot face a machine-gun, Moulvie," said the squint-eyed Hindu.

* "Let there be no mistake then," said the burly Havildar Nazir Ali Khan to one Hidayetulla, squat thick-set Pathan, "at the first shot from the hill your party, ceasing to crawl, will rush upon the picket, and mine will swoop upon the gate bearing the tins of kerosene oil, the faggots and the brushwood.

And after the swoop and its joy and its glory, when Johnnie should come marching home, whose Johnnies, and how many, would never return?

Nana was in a hurry, and it was too much trouble to hunt for china dogs at bedtime, so she simply looked about her, and seeing that the toy cupboard door stood open, she made a swoop.

The Doctor's repast was a substantial one; he seemed resolved, at one ample swoop, to repay Lady Annabel for all her hospitality; and he really took such delight in their participation of it, that his principal guest was constrained to check herself in more than one warning intimation that moderation was desirable, were it only for the sake of the strawberries and cream.

Among their own hills and forests and for their own work, they were literally unequalled; and they were ready enough to swoop down from their strongholds, strike some definite blow, or do some single piece of valiant fighting in the low country, and then fall back as quickly as they had come.

The Prince of Conde was for taking up arms at once and swoop down upon the Guises, taking them by surprise.

The Knights were never seriously threatened financially till the French Revolution wiped out half their revenues at one fell swoop.

The great, rawhide hoop whistled and shot down aslant like the swoop of a nighthawk.

They grew longer and longer, and stronger and stronger, until with one great swoop they sprang forward and cut the ugly old Ogre's head from his shoulders.

With a sudden, plunging swoop, she dived at the Eagle of the Sky for all the world like a hawk stooping at quarry.

With a last long swoop, an abandonment of all the furious energies that for so long had been hurling her over burning sand and black crag, Nissr slanted to the grassy sward.

He felt the delicious contrast of hill and valley changing imperceptibly into each other, tasted the beauty of the gentle swell, or concave swoop, and remarked how loose groves crowned an easy eminence with happy ornament, and while they called in the distant view between their graceful stems, removed and extended the perspective by delusive comparison.

Cheered and emboldened by this thought, I swoop down like a sudden eagle to the rescue.

But now, at the magic name no pleasant garrulity overcomes me; only the remembrance of my worries; of all those troubles that I mean now to transfer from my own to Roger's broad shoulders, swoop down upon me.

BOOMERANG, a missile of hard curved wood used by the Australian aborigines of 2ยฝ ft. long; a deadly weapon, so constructed that, though thrown forward, it takes a whirling course upwards till it stops, when it returns with a swoop and falls in the rear of the thrower.

Near is the vulture's swoop; The serpent coils to stoop For the stroke; Then watch and pray Until the day Your swords be sharpened for the fray!

Sir Giles seems to hover over you as a rapacious vulture might do before making his swoop.

In November, after a three months' lull, he made his swoop on his hated enemies the settlers in Poverty Bay, and in a night surprise took bloody vengeance for his sojourn at the Chathams.

As the distance lessened between boat and ship, they were again lost in the downward swoop of another squall.

"Your estatemineMabel'sall swept away with one fell swoop, Miriam!

Father and son and infant in one house, wife and imbecile daughter in another, at last fell at one dread swoop.

I was only grieved for Angรจle who would spend a night and a day, perhaps more, in agonized suspense, knowing nothing of the events which at one great swoop would free her and her beloved mother from the tyranny of a hated brother and send him to expiate his crimes.

The volume was rather dull, and very unimportant; but it happened to appear at this particular moment, and Voltaire pounced upon it with the swift swoop of a hawk on a mouse.

Swift and noiseless as the swoop of a monster bird the motor glided on its way; now rushing, now slackening, but never halting.