415 examples of swoop in sentences

A few small lakes unfortunately situated are extinguished suddenly by a single swoop of an avalanche, carrying down immense numbers of trees, together with the soil they were growing upon.

The branches swoop outward and downward in bold curves, excepting the younger ones near the top, which aspire, while the lowest droop to the ground, and all spread out in flat, ferny plumes, beautifully fronded, and imbricated upon one another.

The snow bends and trims the upper forests every winter, the lightning strikes a single tree here and there, while avalanches mow down thousands at a swoop as a gardener trims out a bed of flowers.

Lastly, down with a swoop came a Steller's jay out of a fir-tree, probably with the intention of moistening his noisy throat.

Springing down from the platform, he made a swoop upon Andy.

They could have understood readily enough some shots out of the shadows or a swoop down upon the camp to stampede and run off the saddle horses.

We can swoop down on the inns along the main roads now and then, rob whom it is convenient to rob, and live like noblemen!"

But like the hawk, having soared with a lofty flight to a height which the eye could not reach, he was wont to swoop upon his quarry with wonderful rapidity.

An oily gleam in the sea tells the knowing fisherman that the shoal is there; or he may see a Gull swoop down and carry off a Herring.

As the troops are withdrawn, the squaws swoop down upon the deserted camps, and rapidly glean them of all that is portable, for use in their domestic economy.

Now it would swoop toward Jimsy and then would dart, only to return.

He had not wished her to swoop down upon the man, but only to inform him of his whereabouts.

Had this man come down from New York to swoop upon her cousin?

Further than this, I hear that one man has made an unjust fortune by withdrawing from the firm and that another partner is watching like an eagle for an opportunity to swoop down and settle his talons.

Scarcely had he grown familiar with his new centre of action when the troops of Morillo were turned westward for the purpose of curbing the rebellious spirits in the neighboring Vice-Royalty,when, quicker than thought, Paez was once more over the mountains, and recovered by a sudden swoop the Llanos of Barinas.

There were not many people who saw the "Taube"the German dovemake its swoop and hurl its fire-balls.

Nana was in a hurry, and it was too much trouble to hunt for china dogs at bedtime, so she simply looked about her, and seeing that the toy cupboard door stood open, she made a swoop.

They grew longer and longer, and stronger and stronger, until with one great swoop they sprang forward and cut the ugly old Ogre's head from his shoulders.

With a last long swoop, an abandonment of all the furious energies that for so long had been hurling her over burning sand and black crag, Nissr slanted to the grassy sward.

BOOMERANG, a missile of hard curved wood used by the Australian aborigines of ft. long; a deadly weapon, so constructed that, though thrown forward, it takes a whirling course upwards till it stops, when it returns with a swoop and falls in the rear of the thrower.

Sir Giles seems to hover over you as a rapacious vulture might do before making his swoop.

As the distance lessened between boat and ship, they were again lost in the downward swoop of another squall.

Father and son and infant in one house, wife and imbecile daughter in another, at last fell at one dread swoop.

The volume was rather dull, and very unimportant; but it happened to appear at this particular moment, and Voltaire pounced upon it with the swift swoop of a hawk on a mouse.

Swift and noiseless as the swoop of a monster bird the motor glided on its way; now rushing, now slackening, but never halting.

415 examples of  swoop  in sentences