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534 example sentences with  t-shirts

534 example sentences with t-shirts

Two men wearing similar clothespressed jeans, T-shirts, white running shoes, and sunglasseswalked up and took benches closer to the water.

It uses city fashion, quick and easy to wear clothes, especially T-shirts, jeans, polos, and sports coats.

Over a period of two months, they produced four designs which were printed on t-shirts and hoodies where some of the proceeds were donated to No Kid Hungry.

The term "emo" is associated with wearing skinny jeans, as well as tight T-shirts (usually short-sleeved) or zip-up hoodies which often bear the names of emo bands.

The tubular shapes can be used for t-shirts.

While girls wear blue beads and fringed dresses, the boys wear brown-beaded T-shirts and pants.

ABC7 will donate 100% of its proceeds from Snow Commerce's sale of these t-shirts to support our 28th annual toy drive.

Acceptable cloth face masks must be made from: quilting cotton, t-shirts, denim, duck cloth, canvas or twill.

Additionally, there was no air resistance, and the particular model of T-shirt cannon being used was able to launch T-shirts to the very back of Row 100 in the audience, but no farther.

Before noon a few miles north in Wrigleyville, both sidewalks outside bars along Clark Street between Roscoe and Addison were packed with revelers, many of them wearing the green T-shirts of another pub crawl.

But, claims that extrapolate from the number of QAnon Facebook pages or the number of people with Q T-shirts to broader public support are hard to square with polling data.

But we refused to wear the t-shirts.

For now, theyโ€™ll be made out of the same material as his T-shirts (cotton), using an open-source pattern that he found online.

Fultz and Shefte explained that the T-shirts are being produced at cost, with one portion covering costs and the rest going into a โ€œfund poolโ€ for businesses that chose to participate.

He's created a variety of t-shirts to show love for the village.

He took to the retailer's Facebook page saying: 'I am appalled and disgusted that Amazon would sell and associate themselves to T-shirts with Blue Lives Murder slogans.

His fashion brand started off with everyday clothing, such as T-shirts and pants, but Oliveira later added underwear and swimwear to his collection.

Along with this, you can buy t-shirts, shoes, jeans, joggers and lots more.

Along your way youโ€™ll be able to purchase a variety of elaborate masks, beads, t-shirts and other Mardi Gras-themed paraphernalia.

โ€œI do remember the years when itโ€™s been so bitter cold that people could hardly stay out very long to deer hunt, and I remember the times when we were hunting in blaze orange T-shirts,โ€ Williams said.

In addition to the towels, T-shirts, toothpastes, shampoos, bubble baths, deodorants, backpacks and pencil cases, Paw Patrol food is absolutely everywhere.

Inside a small bedroom on the second-level of the residence, Howell located an Adidas bookbag reportedly containing Action Cycle & ATV T-shirts, Thor racing gloves and other items.

Is this why everyone from Walmart to Target cashes in on rock T-shirts to an audience who doesnโ€™t even listen to the music it proudly displays on its shoulders?

It features jogging bottoms, t-shirts and hoodies and even a tiger-themed face mask, and reportedly sold out within hours.

And consumers are still shopping, but what they are shopping for has shifted towards coronavirus related products, like loungewear and t-shirts.

It was Saturday night, and Saturday nights, I learned very quickly, are different than weeknights: People wear jeans and T-shirts, looking like hell.

Julian is known for wearing black T-shirts, having a black beard, and perpetually holding a glass of rum and coke, but less so for wearing his pants unzipped to reveal his underwear.

Lao police shut down a benefit concert this week held to raise funds for a local school after objecting to a slogan found on T-shirts sold at the site, Lao sources said.

Masala High School emerged winners of the contest and walked away with K8,000, a trophy, certificates, learning Martine and T-shirts followed by Kansenshi High School who received K6,000 and a trophy.

NEW YORK โ€“ From shoes and T-shirts to dolls and tote bags, more companies and brands are getting into the business of Black History Month but trying not to leave the impression that African American consumers are important just once a year.

No more t-shirts, backpacks, swetapants, foam fingers - itโ€™s all gone.

Other social justice initiatives on Sunday will include players wearing custom T-shirts that read โ€œBe the Change,โ€ on the front and have on the back the names of 200 individuals who have been killed by acts of racism or police brutality.

Other volunteers solely turn their efforts to cutting new cotton t-shirts into strips to create the strings for each mask, while others spend their time bending nose wire so the masks fit snugly over peoplesโ€™ face.

People come to see the memorial of flowers with its votive candles and teddy bears, admire pieces of street art, share a meal with friends, browse tents selling BLM T-shirts, stop by an outdoor food shelf or join in a pick-up basketball game.

"Pink T-shirts in October and Movember for men's health in November," Onsurez said.

Racers proudly dressed in green, yellow or red t-shirts to indicate their relationship status.

Replacing the big party on the 700 block of Bonnie Brae will be a drive-through event to see festive banners and enthusiastic kids in yellow T-shirts waving to those driving by.

She however, noted that some members of opposition parties have bought DPP t-shirts and cloth in order to carry out violent attacks and pin the attacks on DPP cadets.

Specifically, โ€œMy Eyes Are T-Shirtsโ€, โ€œLoved So Littleโ€, โ€œTake Me Out of Townโ€, โ€œAll for Nothingโ€, and even the title tune donโ€™t do quite enough to feel as individualized as they should (despite the aforementioned idiosyncrasies).

Student-athletes and coaches were wearing โ€œBlack Lives Matterโ€ t-shirts and holding posters that said โ€œBlack Lives Matter,โ€ โ€œCanes Voteโ€ and โ€œUnity.โ€

โ€œAs ANC members, we buy these T-shirts with our money.

As an interim measure, individuals are encouraged to from household items or common materials, such as clean T-shirts or other clean cloths that can cover the nose and mouth, according to the DOD memo.

The city clerk suggested printing up 500 Joe, Montana, T-shirts and selling them to raise the money for the repairs, resident Gene Nemitz told the Missoulian in 2015.

The line of white T-shirts features the logos of local New York City restaurants like Good Thanks.

The other four factories will switch from sewing cotton T-shirts for the U.S. export market to making face masks for Haitians, the Miami Herald and McClatchy reported.

At another station they customised Hanukkah T-shirts and at another, labelled the "schmooze station", they ate latkes (potato cakes fried in oil) and doughnuts from nearby Glickโ€™s bakery, learnt about the Hanukkah story and listened to traditional music.

There will also be a Saloma-themed trivia quiz on the Google Malaysia page, offering prizes of limited-edition Saloma Doodle t-shirts.

The t-shirts were sold at the game to raise money for childhood cancer research.

โ€œThe virus is going to go on, and itโ€™s going to impact a lot of countries and economies,โ€™โ€™ said Sondra Mansfield, who owners Chalk of the Town in New York City, which makes T-shirts and tote bags that children can write on with chalk.

They never leave the yard wearing short pants and t-shirtsโ€ฆโ€ she explained.

They were wearing "I Can't Breathe" t-shirts while handing out water to the protesters.

They wore T-shirts memorializing shooting victims.

This is also where we become painfully aware of our differences, based on t-shirts and introductions.

T-shirts and blue hats reading โ€œTremendously Under Controlโ€ with a picture of President Trump with his eyes covered by a medical mask were being handed out by the dozen at the Common.

T-shirts are absolutely essential to every personโ€™s wardrobe.

A witness, meanwhile, is quoted as stating that they saw three men "wearing blue jeans and t-shirts" flee on foot.

Wearing T-shirts that said โ€œBlack Lives Matter,โ€ many danced at Washington Square as speakers stood and urged them to stay involved in getting legislation passed.

โ€œWe had black t-shirts printed with Japenese symbols on them, which stood for constant improvement, โ€˜Kaizenโ€™ โ€“ excellence and hard work.

"We have decided to spice it up with the selling of our t-shirts, caps, and other items to be able to generate funds to seek the welfare of our members.

We were doing hemp T-shirts and hats, and we worked with some smaller companies that were doing bags, shoes, backpacks, wallets and stuff like that.

With Britons urged to return to work tomorrow if they can, families are being encourage to cut up old T-shirts to make their own face masks to wear in public.

With the arrival of the coronavirus this spring, the company shifted gears and is producing cloth masks and isolation gowns, in addition to a small number of T-shirts.

A great selection T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, water bottles, cards and memberships will be for sale at Christmas craft sales Nov19-20 at the Community Hall and Dec 3 at the school.

Dr. Lynne recalls T-shirts on campus that read, โ€œDonโ€™t let classes get in the way of your education,โ€ a slogan she fully embraces.

Enjoy the breathability of our dry-fit t-shirts with the stylish taper of a ladies fit.

Get kimonos, onesies, pants, t-shirts, rompers, gowns and caps in special designs and styles not sold in stores, as well as samples and discontinued prints.

He stenciled in pink the silhouette of a dachshund on a variety of surfacesโ€”newsprint, rice-paper, parchment, velvet, T-shirts, concrete, etc.โ€”and did free-standing cut-outs in plywood, and other ingenuities.

He would like to see t-shirts that say โ€œask me about motorcycle racingโ€

I bought the bare minimum, including souvenir t-shirts for all my kids which I wore for 3 weeks before coming home, laundering them and giving them their used souvenirs!

Inside, the church was full with relative strangers, all in casual clothes - jeans, t-shirts, sneakers.

Inside the gallery people placed their literature: books, magazines, leaflets, stickers, as well as red and black flags, t-shirts and vegan handmade soap.

Andrew and Karen sell Andrewโ€™s t-shirts, hoodies, bags and other items at local festivals and events.

Jake Nickell and Jacob DeHart have made millions selling unique artistic T-shirts.

Jeans, T-shirts, minis, pumps and even black leather shit-kicker boots with studded ankle straps.

Love the t-shirts, too.

Many support filtering the Internet, censoring T-shirts, disallowing student distribution of political or religious material, and conducting prior review of school newspapers.โ€

Mr. Speaker, is the President of Treasury Board now confirming that the Premier misled the St. John's Rotary Club in his speech, and is he also confirming that the buttons and T-shirts and caps that are going around this Province are actually the truth?

Another $1,800 payed for an assortment of 110 T-shirts, golf shirts, sweatshirts, most of which were embroidered with the logo: Department of Government Services and Lands.

On the clothing side we carry rain coats, "holey sole" sandals, 100% cotton t-shirts and an extensive line of Ezzewear Casual Clothing.

Our T-Shirts are printed in full color, have an 11x8.5 print area, and are made of 100% cotton.

School T-Shirts are available at the school office for $20 each.

Shirts: White long sleeves, red/white or blue/white horizontal stripe T-shirts, vests, etc.

Shorts and t-shirts are fine for class.

So the t-shirts are not a profit thing.

Suspect Video Ltd. is the re-seller of Dvds, Blu-Rays, Toys, Books, Magazines, T-Shirts and other ephemera.

The Centre also sold some miscellaneous National Office merchandise such as key rings, mugs, bumper stickers, and T-shirts.

The donation represents proceeds from a New Brunswick Day promotion ANBL participated in this summer, selling t-shirts and hats in 21 corporation stores throughout the province.

The Dravuni villagers offer all sorts of goods and services, including sweet (green) coconut milk, snacks, cold drinks, massage, boat rides around the island, and of course t-shirts, wraps, and other clothing.

The organizations that will benefit from the purchase of the special t-shirts and patches available from are Polar Bear International Research and the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

At Bertrun E. Glavin the following items are not acceptable: revealing clothing and/or beach wear and bare midriffs, t-shirts/sweatshirts with inappropriate messages and any items depicting offensive language or messages are unacceptable.

The team examined studies that used a variety of incentive items from T-shirts to coupons.

The T-shirts are all GILDAN extra/ultra Tees.

โ€œThey way I do art history is not the traditional approach of focusing exclusively on painting or sculpture, but rather looking at visual culture as a whole โ€” everything from T-shirts to posters to advertising,โ€ says Dr. Holmlund.

This is a discussion on photography t-shirts forums, part of the General category; These are always good for a laught.

โ€ข Three long-sleeved shirts, a couple of polos and three or four t-shirts are enough.

To prepare for the event, the Pink Day Club makes custom made t-shirts to sell to the student body.

We've expanded it and brought in even more wonderful holiday gift ideas which range from maps of the BC Coast, t-shirts, toys and stuffies, books, and beautiful, unique gifts to brighten your home for the holidays and new year.

When a university is designated fair trade, it means it supports fairer conditions and better prices for people in the Global South who grow and make products โ€” whether it is coffee, cocoa or cotton t-shirts.

You do not expect the church to use part of your money to print up T-shirts, CDs or DVDs.

Your child will receive one of our limited edition SFU Camps t-shirts!