34 examples of tabulation in sentences

Then he sighed and went back to the tabulation of his lists of wills.

In the case of the pituitary, for instance, a hint as to the method of approach is furnished by the tabulation of the traits of pituitary dominance and pituitary inferiority in children.

Arrangement N. arrangement; plan &c 626; preparation &c 673; disposal, disposition; collocation, allocation; distribution; sorting &c v.; assortment, allotment, apportionment, taxis, taxonomy, syntaxis^, graduation, organization; grouping; tabulation.

I think teachers would find it interesting to keep all data of this kind of work done by their classes, with a view to tabulation and comparison.

the fourth, a general tabulation of the constitution; the fifth, a review of some book on government, or a paper on a subject of the student's own choice.

Which states require the highest qualifications in members? Find out whether in your state there are any requirements not given in the tabulation.

Of these the most important are shown in the comparative tabulation.

Each member of the class should prepare a tabulation like this, filling out the blanks briefly.


Each pupil may make out a tabulation, giving briefly the facts called for in this outline: I. CONGRESSIONAL ELECTIONS, HOW REGULATED.

Prepare a tabulation telling: 1.

Since these ten amendments are intended for the protection of individuals against governmental oppression, it will be an excellent scheme now for the student to arrange in the form of a tabulation the various directions in which such protection is guaranteed by the constitution as amended.

No complete tabulation has been made of the total business of all these cooperative groups, but in 1921 the five largest cooperative societies among the city consumers, with an average membership of 1,800 persons, all located in New York City, did a total business of approximately one million dollars.

Here, I think, we may see traces of the Prussian instinct for tabulation, for classification, for category-mongering.

They came by rail or on foot, and, with the Prussian love of tabulation, were divided into three groups.

His expression and tone were passionless as those of a statistician proffering a tabulation: his words were fit to wring the heart of a stone.

It is true that the schools included under this heading do not account for all the school trade-training given to girls in this country, for the classification of industrial schools, where there is no general system, is very difficult, and under no plan of tabulation can there be an all-inclusive heading for any one type.

From the definite tabulation, under American auspices, in 1899, showing 1,576,797, it has been estimated that the number in 1895, was a little less than 1,800,000, the difference being represented by the disasters of the war, by the result of reconcentration, and by departures during the disturbance.

A census tabulation in 1850, ignoring any smaller units, numbered the plantations which produced annually upwards of 20,000 pounds of rice at 446 in South Carolina, 80 in Georgia, and 25 in North Carolina.

The tabulation of the laws of the several States which I have given naturally cannot be entirely adequate, because the laws are being changed constantly.

The tabulation reveals a number of cosmic typesJewish, Chinese, English, French, Irish, Italian, American.

Abridged tabulation.

Abridged tabulation.

In general, it may be said that if a man's conception of the world lets loose any action in him that is easy, or any faculty which he is fond of exercising, he will deem it rational in so far forth, be the faculty that of computing, fighting, lecturing, classifying, framing schematic tabulations, getting the better end of a bargain, patiently waiting and enduring, preaching, joke-making, or what you like.

The day, the month, and the year were obvious divisions of time, and longer periods were suggested by the tabulation of eclipses.

34 examples of  tabulation  in sentences