27 examples of tailor-makes in sentences

Wide-shouldered and flat-hipped, her checked suit so pressed that the lapels lay entirely flat to the swell of her bosom, her red sailor-hat well down over her brow, and the high, swathing cravat rising to inclose her face like a wimple, she was Fashion's apotheosis in tailor-made mood.

For such diction is not to be had on sudden notice, like a tailor-made suit.

"Broadcloth is so tractable, so easy to fit; and that tailor-made effect can, of course, be attained by any well-meaning beginner.

" She looked up the stairs, sighed, and raised her smart, grey, tailor-made skirt a little higher over her shoes.

Her eyes seemed to dwell upon the little strands of fair hair that escaped from beneath her smart but simple hat, to take in the slightly deprecating lift of the eyebrows, the very attractive, half appealing smile, the smart grey tailor-made gown with the bunch of violets in her waistband.

Stafford raised his hat and dismounted, and tried to speak in a casual tone; but it was difficult to conceal the subtle delight which sprang up within him at the sight of her; and he looked at the beautiful face and the slim, graceful figure in its tailor-made gownwhich, well worn as it was, seemed to him to sit upon her as no other dress had ever sat upon any other womanhe had hard work to keep the admiration from his eyes.

Dressedwhen she left me at Hullin a black tailor-made coat and skirt, and carrying a travelling coat of black, lined with furone I gave her in Russia.

She went out at about half-past three, and told me she was going to Spence's, in St. Paul's Churchyard, to try on her new tailor-made gown.

Miss Flossie Lane stood there, very becomingly dressed in a tailor-made costume of covert coating.

The tailor-made shirts and underwear bore the maker's name and Warren's initials.

It brought bonnets and pretty dresses for George's mother and sisters; it brought perhaps a hat and a tailor-made suit for himself; it brought tools and furniture, and once a yellow coach that had been made in London, for his brother.

You knowinto the jaws of death!Even so into the jaws of Elizabeth Barrett Browningand a tailor-made suit!"

She wore a tailor-made suit of dark material, a sailor hat, tan gloves with big welts on the back and stout, low-heeled Oxfords.

As a passion of the day was slumming, and as nothing could be more piquant than the West Tenth Street establishment, Joe was amused to find automobiles drawing up at his door, and the whole neighborhood watching breathlessly the attack of some flouncy woman or some tailor-made man.

A young woman of about eight-and-twenty, in tailor-made costume, with unadorned hat of brown felt, and irreproachable umbrella; a young woman who walked faster than any one in Wattleborough, yet never looked hurried; who crossed a muddy street seemingly without a thought for her skirts, yet somehow was never splashed; who held up her head like one thoroughly at home in the world, and frequently smiled at her own thoughts.

He likes to have you tailor-made.

She was no longer clad in the dark tailor-made in which he had first seen her.

And at that, a good tailor-made suit and a decent-looking hat won't spoil her disposition any...." The children, too, were what Nellie Whitehead had termed "perfect guys.

She is a woman of forty, dressed in a tailor-made costume.

"Matter of fact," went on Ronicky smoothly, lighting a tailor-made cigarette, while his companion rolled one of his own making, "we are looking for a lady who was on one of your trains.

The dark, tailor-made dress had no trinkets or attachments, but fitted perfectly.

She was tall and slender, she was young-looking and pretty, and there was a stylish air about her, from the waves of her soft golden brown hair to the bottom of her tailor-made gown, that was not often seen in this little Western village.

Bee's travelling-skirt was tailor-made, tight at the belt, and of ample fulness around the bottom.

Yet she does not always, of course, wear tailor-made costumes, for on the Sundays that she spends on the river, her impertinently poised straw hats, her tasteful ribbons, her sailor's knots, her collars, her manly shirts, and the general appropriateness of her dress, excite the envy of those who declare that they would not imitate her for worlds, merely because nature has made it impossible for them to be like her.

They are as clever at the demi-toilette as the Parisian, and the extreme neatness and smartness of their walking-gowns are very refreshing after the floppy, blowsy, trailing dresses, accompanied by the inevitable feather boa of which English girls, who used to be so tidy and "tailor-made," now seem so fond.

27 examples of  tailor-makes  in sentences